Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Washi in the House ;)

If you know me then you know I have a bit of an addiction to washi tape.
When it first came out, I thought whats the big deal.
I thought why not just cut a thin piece of pattern paper and adhere it to your page.
Then I tried my hand at making my own, and thought I would make it if I wanted it and why would anyone buy it?
Then I found some for a great price and thought, what the heck, I'll try it.
And I was hooked.....hook, line and sinker ;)

Now to my defense I do use it almost everyday.
I use it in my day planner, my cards, my journals and just for fun :)
Here are the tapes I purchased while I was on my trip last week :)

I had to go out today and heard a while ago that Toys R Us carried washi tape. We have just recently got a Toys R Us here in town. I have no reason to go into this store as my girls are way past the age of toys...but apparently, I'm not, lol.
I found these near the posters.
I usually know all the supplies I have...but I see a green washi with lady bugs in the photo above, oops ;)

Tonight being Thursday, Wayne and I get our groceries for camp for the weekend.
We always get them from Superstore.
I had heard from other crafter's that they had picked washi tape up from there.
After asking, and trying to explain what washi tape is to the sales girl (decorative tape with patterns on it, it is small rolls, no... not like duct tape, it is re positionable, crafters use it) I was then directed in the direction on where it might be. I think next time I will bring a roll with me ;)
I found these rolls at Superstore in with the barbie stickers and crayons :)

I store my Washi tape in inexpensive floss containers.
I now have 4 containers, but need a 5th :O
I need the portability and like that I can separate it in colours.
One thing I am finding out, is not all washi is the same size and some don't fit in there as well.
I may be looking for a better storage solution.

I will try and refrain from posting anymore washi tape posts..but I can't make any promises, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your washi collection looks so pretty. Love all the colorful washi tape.

  2. Tracy, I am impressed with how you find washi tape in the coolest places! And I love your selections :)

  3. You need a 12 step program I am thinking! Glad you are having so much fun with your Washi tape! Have a fun weekend!

  4. It looks fun and FABULOUS! Looking forward to seeing what you create with it :)

  5. I want to come to your house and can have the Barbies to play with...I will force myself to play with the tape! lol

  6. Awe I LOVE Washi Tape! I see a few of your Washi Tape I would like to get! Have fun with all those Washi Tape!!! Hugs!!! : )

  7. okay now you move to washi tape from 6 x 6 pads. LOL Oh we are both greedy scrappers. LOL
    Okay refraining from shopping.

  8. WOW fabulous collection of tape and who would have thought - ToysRUs and Superstore! Hmmm - will have to check when I do the shopping this week :-) Have a great weekend.

  9. Oooh!! What a fabulous collection! So many pretty colours! :o)

  10. That is a great collection....I think I currently have one roll. So far I have only used it on one project, but I loved it, so I am sure there is more in my future!

  11. Your addiction to washi tape is so funny. Enjoy the new rolls!

  12. Looks like you're well into your addiction! Great collection though and love all of the different colors and patterns


  13. I love all of your new additions of washi! It's so much fun to use, isn't it? I have a new idea for using it in my composition notebook, similar to how we use it in our planners :)


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