Saturday, January 30, 2021

Week #2...Defunkifying my paper scraps

 We all have them, we all love them and we can't part with them...yup, I'm taking about our paper scraps.

I have a few ways of dealing with my scraps and how I store them.
First off I share them!
When I have my Friday Night Scrapbooking nights...I would encourage my friends to use my scraps. I would even keep pieces of white and black cardstock on my large table for my friends to grab easily.
But sadly we haven't been able to get together since last March, so my scraps have been accumulating.

My scraps are actually spilling out of my holder.
I use coloured  hanging file folders, each colour of paper has its own file.

Once I took out the file folders the bottom of the holder was also full of papers.  
While I was on our virtual Friday Night Scrapbooking, I asked my friends if they wanted my scraps. My friend Lynne was up to taking bonus, here comes a curbside drop off to you soon Lynne, teehee.

Now how pretty and organized does this look 💕

I have a few other ways I keep my scraps organized.
I like to keep the scraps with the paper pads if possible.
So I keep them in a bag with the paper pack...both 6x6 and 12x12 papers.

I have also added envelopes on the back of the paper pads to put the scraps in there.

I also do this with my 12x12 paper packs.
But now that I have a lot of the bigger clear bags, I like the bags even more so than the envelope method.

I just had to share my nicely organized files just makes me happy.
I have been storing my scraps like this for many years and it works perfectly for me.
I do go through them at the beginning of each year and give away or recycle my older scraps.

But the best way to organize our scraps is by using them up 😁

I will post a video I did a few years ago on organizing my scraps for more detail...just click on the link.

I hope you all have a very safe and creative day.


Friday, January 22, 2021

Defunkifying the Desks

I am doing a total room organization again.
I am running out of space in my small craft room, so figured since we are in Lockdown with a stay at home order, now is the perfect time to do it.
I am going slow and steady and will post my progress and would love if you joined in!!

I am starting with my desks. 
The reason being that I we will need a nice area to organize and tackle all of our other supplies on.
Plus the desk is the first thing you see in my room and a clean desk screams "Lets create!"

I have 2 desks in my room and even though my room is tiny, I wouldn't have it any other way. Each desk serves its own purpose.
If the desks were cleared off, you would be able to see them both in this photo, lol.

This is my stand up desk.
I made this desk out of 3 bookcases and a large piece of melamine board for the top.
I like to stand up when I craft, so this desk is used for  when I scrapbook, art journal or make mini albums.
I have too much on this desk...not only do I need to put my supplies away but I also want to only have things I need at hand on here.
So I had to find another place to store all of my journals that I don't use daily.

I also have this tool holder that I picked up from Ikea a couple of years ago when I was in Winnipeg (sadly we don't have an Ikea here and the closest one, is 8 hours away).
I pulled everything out, and boy did I have a lot of pens and pencils. I took out the extras and reorganized the tools that I am keeping.

I had also added black foam core "X's" to the bottom cubbies so the tools wouldn't fall over and get lost. (I did his when I bought it... if it looks familiar).

Now look how clean and inviting this is!!
It's just screaming "come and create on me!!"
Plus a perfect area to organize my other supplies when I get to them.

Now onto my second desk.
This is an old teacher's desk. I love this desk as I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up 😁
Plus this desk is perfect for when I work on my writing journals or when I colour, as I like to sit down when I do these things. 
Again I had to move my journals to another area in my home as they were taking up to much space on this desk.

Look how great it looks!!
I love colour and love to be surrounded by it.
So I kept out all of my colouring mediums because they just make me happy💗

Now here are both of my desks side by side.
How inviting!!!

I have created a few projects since I have cleared and re-organized my desks and they look just as great now as when I did this last week....go me, teehee.

If you would love to follow along and share your progress, let me know on here, or come over to my FB group "Tracys Treasures Shares"! 

I hope you all have a safe and creative day
Tracy 💗💗💗