Saturday, July 31, 2010

We lit up the sky

We finally had our fireworks. Hubby and Jim went to down to the beach and shot them over the lake. So pretty.
Good Job Guys :)
I went for my morning walk down the pipe line...alone.... this morning. I also went for my walks around the motel 4 times. Such a nice day.
The camp neighbour (Wayne) is from Wisconsin, he has a family farm. He brought us 14 ears of sweet corn. He has been bringing up corn and sharing it with everyone for a couple of years now. It is the best, sweetest corn I have ever tasted.
We gave Jim and Ashley the job of husking it.

Yumm, warm corn with butter and a touch of salt.

Jim and I went to pick some blueberries down at the rapids. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there by quad. Jim brought his up and I used ours. It is the first time I took it out this year. I forgot how much I enjoyed driving it. The berry picking sucked. I use a 4 liter ice cream bucket and got it only 1/4 of the way full.

The lake was well used today. It was pretty hot out. Wayne, Kristy and Ashley swam across the lake. Heather and I took the kayaks.
Doreen, David and Amanda played cards most of the day, under the shade of the big pine tree. Little Tom enjoyed the water and all the attention my girls gave to him.

Had a nice camp fire. We roasted some marshmallows, made some smores and enjoyed some banana boats. Are wondering what banana boats are? What you do is take a banana, cut a sliver length ways out of it, cut up a marshmallow and some chocolate slivers. Now put them in the banana and put back the piece of banana you cut out. Wrap it up with tinfoil and put it in the fire. Oh ya you keep the peel on the banana. Yummy.

Hope your Saturday was a relaxing one.


Friday, July 30, 2010

The Gangs all Here.

Oh crap its starting to drizzle.
I am at our camp/cottage. I finally got up to the motel to use the WIFI and now its starting to lightly rain.
I also tried to upload some pictures but it didn't work. GRRR.

Well we got here earlier then usual yesterday as Hubby had to get his tooth done. As that turned out they couldn't finish it. The dentist said she has never seen a tooth like his before. I always knew there was something not right with him LOL.
My dad and Doreen were already here when we arrived.

I went for my early morning walk down the pipeline. My water boy (teehee) followed me on the quad. Hubby is always worried a bear will get me.
David, Amanda and baby Tom came out this morning. Baby Tom has been in the water in a little star shaped floaty thingy, he sure loved that.
We mostly sat around, chatted while baby Tom has kept us amused. Check out his hat. Hubby and his brother's got these company hats made last year, and there were a few youth sizes.

Ray and Joy arrived later in the afternoon.
Sharon and Jim will be coming tonight.
Then the Gang's All Here.
My girls and I made this memory garden in honor of my MIL (their grandmother), Cil. Hubby and I picked some more rocks and added them to the border. I really like how it turned out.

Ohhhh funny story.

Early this morning I got woken up at about 5:00am to Hubby asking me to turn the light on. So I did. He was standing up facing the wall. I guess he forgot where he was LOL. He said to me. " I can't find the door and I'm going to piss myself. I have been laughing all day when I think about this.
As you can see I reuploaded the pictures and they worked.
Hope you all have an excellent weekend.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting ready for the long weekend

Just a short post as we are heading to the cottage early today.
We are having my dad and Doreen, David, Amanda & Tom, Sharon & Jim, all up there this weekend.
We are going to have some fireworks and enjoy some yummy food.
This is my MIL Cil's Blueberry cheesecake recipe. It is sooooo good. The container isn't the nicest but it travels well.

Her is also my MIL's recipe for broccoli salad. Yummy.
I am all over the place today.
1st I got woken up at 5:00am by some kids setting off fireworks in the back park.
Then ran out because I needed to do laundry and I didn't have any laundry soap.
Went to get a couple groceries and ribs for camp
Did some laundry.
Caught up on all my work tickets
Made my cheesecake...yum
Made my salad
Now I have to clean up and pack for camp. Looking forward to a fun, relaxing weekend.
Oh I priced out insurance for Ashley to drive our jeep. It will cost her $947.00 a year as occasional. She is not impressed. Especially because she can only use it when I don't need it.
Maybe she will be looking for her own vehicle soon.
Ashley also got that job that she interviewed for yesterday. She starts on Aug 12th.
Thankful Thursday
1. Family
2. Getting everything on my list completed
3. Happy mail...but I will share that on Tuesday
4. Internet

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It was a Tom Day today :)

Today I spent most of the day with this cutie.
No not my brother David, teehee. My nephew.
This is my nephew Tom, I made the name book for him,
Isn't he a cutie. You don't have to answer as I know he is :)
My girls had a ball with him. You would think he was a star in the tabloids as he was getting his picture taken left and right. Hey Tom feet off the table, teehee.

When you were younger, and you would sit on the table, did your mother ever say this....."Tables are for glasses, not for ass's". LOL. My mom said that all the time, I guess I sat on the table a lot LOL. Oh I got off topic teehee.
The girls just adored him. Ashley had an interview so when I took her to it. Kristy and Heather had to watch him. They did a very good job. When he got sleepy, Ashley and Kristy rubbed his legs until he fell asleep. You think they would do that for me tonight? Nah, I didn't think so.
We all went to the Prospector for supper tonight. It is a steak house here in town. I am not a big red meat lover (I think I had 3 bites of my prime rib), but let me tell you their dinner buns are the best I have ever tasted.
From left to right....Hubby (Wayne), me, Ashley, Heather, Kristy, Darrell (my brother), Darlene (Wayne's sister) (my brother married Wayne's sister), David (my brother), Amanda (my SIL) and baby Tom.I woke up early this morning with high hopes of getting a lot done today.
I had to take my dad to get his blood work, then get him groceries.
I then took care of Tom most of the day.
Dinner out.
Did 1 day of tickets.
Now I am exhausted.
How did I take care of 3 little ones when looking after Tom all day I am so tired. The girls didn't leave his side all day. Boy I am sure glad I had my kids young. LOL.
Hope you had a great Wednesday.
Oh Ya I had some of my blueberry was delicious. I am so impressed. I am bringing some to camp to give out to my family.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stay off the sidewalks

Ashley got her driver's licence today. She was so nervous. We went driving for most of the day.
She still has to take one more test though.
Here you 1st get your G1 (which is your written test) you have to drive with someone who has driven for 5 yrs. Wait one year.
Next you go for your G2 (which is a road test). Then you can drive by yourself, but there are also limitations. Wait one year.
Lastly you go for your G (another road test). Where you drive on the highway. A very long process.

I love these cards I made. Ya I like to toot my own horn, LOL.

I made them on a type of shiny, photo paper. My uncle got a whole stack of them and he thought I could use some. Both sides of the paper are shiny.
I masked off the moon and its reflection. Shaded it with many colours of blue. Took off the mask, then stamped the top image. For the reflection to be perfectly mirror image. I had to first stamp on a piece acetate, then quickly press that stamped image on the card front, upside down. I rubbed it with my hand, I think the warmth of my hand helped it transfer. Then I sponged the brown reflection (land) in the water.

Ok I have a confession to make. I didn't make this today. I made it last year for my FIL's birthday card. I have done no crafting lately and am getting a little testy.
Between running around, working (it is our busy time of year), getting ready for camp, company (which I love), and helping my dad out. I have no time.
I haven't even got any thank you cards out in the mail for my goodies I had won. Tsk, tsk.
For the next 4 or 5 weeks I will be either working or out of town.
Hope your day was a creative one.
I figured out my background. But I think it is stretched as I don't think I can see the vines as much.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Me, Martha Stewart?

This is what 24 jars of Blueberry Jam looks like. My girlfriend calls me Martha Stewart LOL.

You all know my love of picking blueberries. You also know my battle with my freezer. Well actually with (Someone?!?) the freezer door being left open.
This happened again this past weekend. I was so upset as all my blueberries from the last couple of years semi defrosted. So I had to do something with them.
This is only 1/2 of the berries. I still have the same amount to make tomorrow. Guess what everyone is getting this weekend :)

This does this look like a Martha Stewart moment, LOL.
I thought I had the day to myself today hahahahaha. Oops sorry reality check.
Drove Ashley to work.
Ran to Safeway to pick up lunch stuff for the girls
Drove Heather and Kristy to work
Came home and had to send out some faxes
Did some book work
Ran to Home Depot for more paint for the girls.
Picked up the girls
Picked up Ashley
Came home for supper
Took Ashley driving
Came home and Hubby and I made Jam all night
Talked to my Girlfriend till 12:30 am.
Watching Intervention now :)

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?
1. Making 24 jars of jam
2. Washing my jeep seats
3. I think that's it

Does anyone know how I put my background back on here. I know my old one was discontinued. But it is still on the site. My blog looks so plain without one.

I so want to Thank everyone for your wonderful Birthday Wishes to me. You all put a smile on my face. Thank you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where is my pretty background?

Imagine my surprise when I opened up my blog to find my pretty background had vanished. I don't even remember how I got it up here. I guess I will be asking Ashley for some help.

Remember the old rusty gas can I found last weekend. I wanted to make it into a planter. Hubby and a certain blogging friend (Marlene) thought that there was no hope for this and it should just be put in the trash.

Well I had to prove them wrong, and I think I succeeded. LOL.
Wait until you see what I found for next weekend. Ohhh I can't wait!!!!!

I finished this book on the ride home from camp. Nope I didn't crochet this time, teehee. This book is really good. Actually all her books are good.
This one is about a girl who's raised in a very religious and abusive family. She questions their way of life. And because of that she is sent away. I would give this book a 4.9 out of 5. I read it in about 4 hours.

Here are the baby robins from my neighbour, Sonja's camp. Ugly little things aren't they.

When Heather went to work tonight, we had to check on the nest under the truck trailer. The nest is still there and there is only one egg in it. I really don't think it will hatch as the mama can't go on the nest all day as the truck is on the road. But she was sitting on the nest when Heather went to grease a different truck.

I took this picture at camp today. I don't think you can tell by this picture, but the bee is lifting its are/leg up in the air. It seemed like he was trying to wave at the camera LOL. Remember a couple of weeks ago when one of my (not me) children left our freezer door open and we had to eat chicken breasts all week. Well one of them did it again. Of course no one will admit to it. Luckily I didn't stock up on meat, but all my blueberries from last year have thawed out. I am upset about that. Ashley was upset that her Dairy Queen Birthday cake thawed out. That sucker was $35.oo. And only 1/4 of it was eaten. GRRRR
Does anyone have a super easy/fast recipe for blueberry jam/jelly? I don't want those suckers to go to waste.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its My Birthday, goin party like it my birthday

The only thing is I don't party LOL.
Today is my 43rd Birthday. Wow where have all the years gone. Awww aren't I cute. Ya I still have that cowlick.
How did I spend my birthday you ask?
Well I woke up (we were at our camp/cottage) and hubby and I went blueberry picking. What better way to start my day.
We had to watch out as there were wasps all over. We realized that a bear had torn into two nests that were in the ground. The bear was there not that long before we got there.
Joy (my FIL's wife) and Ray (FIL) went picking the day before and told us about this great place to pick. Joy found some nice berries but they were by a wasps nest. Well no wasp is going to get the better of me. So I picked right beside it. Then looked to my right and I was in between 2 nests. But the berries were so big how could I not get them :)
After picking and cleaning my berries. Hubby and my girls gave me my gifts. They bought me a heart rate monitor watch, I have wanted one of these for a long time. They also gave me a $100.00 gift card to Micheal's. Yeah.
Then we went to Ray and Joys for some cake. Yumm. Joy knows I love carrot cake so she got this to celebrate Ashley, Ray and my birthdays. Since our birthdays are all a day apart we usually celebrate it at camp all together.

Then my brother David and my SIL Amanda came by on their way to Kakabeka. They are staying there for the week, then coming to our camp for the long weekend. This is the first time I got to see my nephew Tom. Oh my what a cutie.
Tom couldn't stop staring at Wayne. For some reason all little ones love to stare at him. I think it is because he doesn't make a fuss over them and they can't understand that, LOL. Tom had so much fun playing in the lake.

I had a good birthday. Just right for me.

Hope you have a good weekend.


Friday, July 23, 2010

I got a Delivery

This morning these were delivered to my door.

Pretty aren't they. They are from my dad. He sends me flowers for my birthday every year. I will be at camp tomorrow so he sent them early. He said that I'm the only person who he has sent flowers to. But I reminded him that he did send some to my daughter Ashley as he jokingly teased her that she was getting chubby. Yup I reamed him out (when Ashley wasn't there) and he apologized and sent her flowers.

I am so excited my little (he is well over 6 ft.) (I am well under 5 ft) brother is coming here this weekend. He is the brother that him and his wife Amanda had a baby boy. I will give him the book I made for baby tom .
They are going to drop by camp on their way to their camping spot here near town. Then for the long weekend my dad &Doreen, Sharon & Jim, Amanda & David will all come to our camp for the weekend. So much fun and laughs.

Well hubby is home for supper, then time to depart.

Hope you have a good weekend.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Ashley

Today was Ashley's 21st Birthday. Wow 21. What was I doing at 21? Oh that's right having Ashley. I had her 2 days before my 22nd Birthday. How times have changed. That was one of the happiest times in my life.
She was a difficult one. 36hours of labor. They had to finally get the doctor to sleep at the hospital. LOL. I remember seconds after I had her the doctor said "Well I'm going home and going to bed". I was thinking, I Just Had A Baby.... How could anyone sleep...We should all be celebrating.
She was 6 lbs.10 oz. And the most beautiful baby in the nursery. You don't have to take my word for it, every nurse told me that :)

Then as a toddler she was the sweetest. Very caring and gentle. She was the perfect big sister. Heather was born 18 months after Ashley.
Ashley wasn't scared of anything. My sister couldn't watch her play on the swings, as she would be flipping around the rungs.

She loved to dress up. The fancier the better. Barbies and dolls were her favorite toys. That and her stuffed doll "Baby", which she still has. She loved, and still does, to play video games. It was something that her and her dad bonded with.
Her and her sisters and cousin made the biggest Barbie town, it took over our whole basement. They sure had good imaginations.

Then she became a teenager. Now if you have teen daughters I don't need to explain these days with you LOL. Yes she was and still is a cheeky teen. I have said she should be a lawyer, she will argue her case, and in the end you agree with her. But I never wanted my daughters to keep quiet and don't ask questions. I want them to always ask questions and don't do something because someone thinks you should. I may have explained this one better to her LOL.

This layout is of her and her (then) boyfriend (they are still very close friends), going to their Semi Formal.
She is such a jokester. She loves to make faces and she seems to never be embarrassed.
She is very, very family oriented. Loves to spend time with her sisters. I think that is why they don't worry to much about having lots of friends because they have each other.

And this brings us to my Ashley at present. Not only is she a beautiful girl, she is smart and caring. If I was a teen I would be so proud to be like her. She is everything a mother could want in a daughter (actually all my girls are). I just wish she wouldn't worry so much. She worries about her future so much, I hope she is loving life as of right now.

Happy Birthday Ashley We all love you.

Now onto my day.

Drove Ashley to work.

Drove Heather and Kristy to work.
Hubby phoned with a tooth ache, so picked him up from work. Remember me washing my jeep yesterday. Well they watered the road, so now my jeep is muddy :(
Picked up lunch for Ashley and I. Montana's dip Yummy.

Went and had lunch with Ashley.
Cleaned out my whole jeep. A bucket of crusher fines fell in the back....messy.
Did some book work.
Picked up Heather and Kristy from work.

Picked up Ashley from work.
Picked up Subs for supper.
Went to Canadian Tire and Superstore with hubby.
Dyed my hair..Thanks Ashley :)
Hope your Thursday was a creative one.
Thankful Thursday. What are you Thankful for.
1. My daughters
2. Antibiotics for hubby's abscessed tooth.
3. Take out food
4. Vacuums
5. Hair Dye

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All my girls at work....check

All my girls were working today.
Yes, Ashley is still at her job. We know she is going to quit soon, just waiting for the day, lol.
But today Heather and Kristy went to the pit and worked. They have to paint the old garage.
There are a lot of other odd and end jobs for them to do. I dropped them off at 9:00am and they got a ride back with their Aunty Sharon at 5:00pm.
Kristy wants to quit already, LOL. Heather...well she likes money in her bank, so she will go as long as they need her. Heather won't let Kristy quit until the painting job is finished.
I forgot my camera so I don't have a picture :(

Now you would think that because all the girls weren't at home that I would get lots of time to myself. Well you would be wrong.
My day...
Took Ashley to work.
Picked up paint and tools for the painting job.
Took Heather and Kristy out to the pit.
Did my dad's banking.
Picked up dad's groceries.
Went to Meat shop and picked up dad's steaks.
Visited dad.
Went and did some errands for hubby.
Went to DQ for Ashley's BDay cake for tomorrow.
Came home and took a shower.
Returned some business calls.
Did some billing
Tidied up a tad.
Went and picked up Ashley from work.
Made supper.
Got gas and a car wash....seagull crapped all over my jeep.
Went to Safeway for munchies as Sharon and Jim came by.

Maybe I will get in some time for me tomorrow.
How was your Wednesday, hope you got some crafting in.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I love pick'in

I love to pick blueberries. I don't know why?
Maybe its the peacefulness of being in the outdoors.
Maybe is hearing those first few berries as they are hitting the bottom of my bucket.
Maybe its the accomplishment I get in picking a bush clean.
Maybe its just watching as my bucket gets full.
What ever it is I love to pick blueberries.
Luckily for me we have many places around our cottage to pick. Hubby and I get going before it gets to hot out. My FIL would scout out good spots for us to pick, before the picking season. When it was prime picking time, Hubby, my FIL and I would go out and pick for hours. My MIL would stay behind and watch my girls (I think she preferred that).
But times have changed. My dear MIL Cil, passed away over 7 yrs ago. My FIL's knees are bad so he hasn't picked with us for a couple of years. Even when my dad and Doreen (stepmom) came down, they would pick, but not for a few years.

Well this last weekend, Hubby and I took the quad and went a pick'n. It wasn't very good. I don't think we got enough rain this spring. We were out for about 1/2 hour and only got 8 cups. Not bad, but we have done way better.
We saw bear tracks. This is nothing new, we have even seen bears when we have gone picking. I have always said I would never give up my berries to a bear, I think hubby and FIL believe me too LOL.
This time not only was there a bear near by but all I heard was buzzing. There were hornets nests everywhere. I didn't see a nest but the buzzing was all around us. No matter where we went we heard the high pitched zzzzzz of them. Mind you I only saw a few hornets.
There were also a lot of black flies. They buzzed all around me, but didn't bite me. They sure got the best of hubby though.
I told him the bugs know my blood is bad, it has no nourishment for them LOL.
Hubby said, Ya they (the bugs) are going after the fat guy as they know he has lots of nourishment. LOL. What a jokester.

Hope you had a creative day today.
What have you done to make you feel proud?
1. Tidied up the house
2. Did some bookwork
3. Took my girls for lunch
4. Only had 2 cookies :)


Monday, July 19, 2010

Its Monday Again ?!?!

Today I was dragging my @ss. I should have gone for a nap after I drove Ashley to work, but I talked myself into going for my early morning walk.
That did perk me up though.
Kristy and her friend wanted to go to the movies today, so I drove her and her friend there.
Then I took Heather driving. She doesn't want to drive through town yet. Today was only her 3rd time driving. So we took some back roads. She is doing pretty good.
I got a bit of groceries and cooked supper.

Because hubby works and I am a supposedly stay at home mom. I like to have supper on the table when he gets home. So I timed it perfectly put the food in the oven at 4:00, pick up Ashley from work, and supper should be ready for 5:15 when Wayne get home.
I wondered why I didn't smell the food cooking when I got back, but didn't think about it again.
Well when it was time to take it out of the oven, I got nervous as the oven wasn't even warm. But the light was on. Guess what I did.....Turned on the timer, so the light was on, but no one was home teehee.
So I made hubby a sandwich to tie him over until supper was ready :)

I received some happy mail today. Yeah.

Thank you Jamie. This is some fun goodies, I can't wait to play with them all.

Tonight is a new "Obsessed". I really love this show. I can relate with most of these people. I can really understand how you can talk yourself into believing your obsessions. I have had to talk myself OUT of certain things. I remember making sure that the fringes on the rug were even and straight before I went to bed. Besides moving the carpet out of the dining room, I realized right then, that this was a problem. Thankfully.

Hope your Monday was a crafty one.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had just got home from camp, quickly ate and then took Heather to her job. She greases the trucks for hubby's business. She worked late. She wanted to finish the job and not go back tomorrow, so we were out there until 10:30 pm.
I hate when she greases this part of the dump truck. I keep thinking that the dump box is going to drop and chop her in half. You do see the block of wood there, but still.
As she was greasing she found a robins nest. It was under one of the trailer frames. I know the eggs won't hatch as mama bird can't go on it during the day, as it is being used. I feel bad. I wanted to move it else where but mama bird wouldn't know where. So she can sit on her eggs at night. Poor thing.
I got to work in my new shoes during my walks at camp. These are so very comfortable. I have weak ankles and these shoes help keep them straight. The only thing is because they are waterproof they don't let my feet breath. I think these will just be for my walks at camp and I will get a pair of regular runners for my walks at home.As I was kayaking this weekend I saw a flash. I looked ahead on the shore and two men took a picture of me (not this pic. hubby took this one). They told me I looked so serene so they took a picture. That was okay, because luckily they didn't hear me singing, LOL. I was listening to my music and I can't help but sing.Now you might wonder WTH is this.
Well this is one of my favorite treats. It is a marshmallow with pieces of potatoe chips stick in it. Judge all you want, but before you do just try one. They are so good. Now I am getting lazy as now I make a chip/marshmallow sandwich. LOL.
I love to eat my food oddly. Well everyone else thinks its oddly, I think it is just fine. My daughter Heather is the same as me. Mind you I don't think I have ever seen her eat a chip/marshmallow sandwich before LOL.

My neighbour Sonja has a robin's nest up on her porch of her camp. She asked me to take a peek, her ankle is bothering her. So I got up there and snapped a picture. As you can see she has 3 eggs in the nest.
Our robin has had her babies and they have flown away. Actually I took our nest down and there was an egg in there. I noticed when I took my last photo of the inside of our nest, that there was a blue piece of shell in the nest. When I took it down it wasn't until I picked up the shell that I noticed it was an egg. There was a hole in the bottom of the nest (as there was a hole in the 4x4 post that she build it on) and the egg slide partially in the hole. So I guess it never got warm enough to hatch.No baby loons again this summer, so sad.

I love to find uses for old objects that I find around our camp, or things I find during my walks. Well during my walk I found this old gas can. It was in the ground part way. I didn't realize that the side was rusted out. I know I can use this somehow. Hubby disagrees so I have to prove him wrong teehee. I was thinking of using it as a planter of some kind.Hope you all had a good weekend.
I was planning on getting some of my camp journal completed this weekend. I even ran out on Friday to develop some pictures. Well guess what. Not one page was done. I guess there is always next weekend.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

I see me

I am posting this at camp, outside. So I am getting my reflection off the screen, scary, LOL.
We had perfect weather for our drive up here last night, (got 4 more butterflies crocheted :) about 3 minutes before we pulled into our drive it just started to pour.
I was going to stay in the truck until it stopped, but it let up enough for me to make a run for it. When I got inside Kristy was in the process of going outside to bring me an umbrella. What a sweetie.

I was going to try and post some pictures (Internet is slow here) but I forgot my camera cord at home.
Today is another beautiful day. I just love the fresh smell of the outdoors here. The lake smell is relaxing.
Went for a couple of short walks today. My new runners are real comfortable. Guess they were worth the price.
Might be able to have a fire tonight as it has rained, we will see.
I visited my neighbour Sonja. We lend books back and forth. Well she has a robin's nest on her porch. It has 3 eggs in it. Our baby birds have already flew away.

Well I should get going. Hubby and the girls are swimming and I am off to take a walk.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend


Friday, July 16, 2010

I know what those chickens feel like without their heads

Today I have been running around like a crazy woman. Ok I don't need to hear from the peanut gallery. LOL.
Drove Ashley to work
Walked....nope didn't get that in.
Took Heather to Intercity for a swimming shorts
When I say took Heather shopping, What I mean is we went into every store.
Brought my pictures to Blacks to get developed. Couldn't remember what size I used to my camp journal, so got both developed. It took awhile.
Heather and I went for a bite to eat.
Ran to the Meat store for ribs on the BBQ this weekend.
Did a few other errands.
Returned some bussiness calls.
Picked up Ashley from work.
Now I am packing up to go to our cottage for the weekend. I think I need the R & R.

I received some blog candy from Stacy

Check out her blog. She has some neat ideas and some really good $ saving tips for us crafters.
Thank you Stacy

Ok Just a quick post as I have to get laundry off the line and make supper as hubby is going to be home very soon.
Hope you all have a very nice weekend :) Get some crafting in, I hope to.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to make my Mini Book 3x3

Here is the video on how to make the mini book out of a 12 x 12 paper. Finally :)

Here is part 2

I really don't like second parts to video's but believe me I tried to make it only in one part, but just couldn't do it.

Well this morning my bed won, teehee. After dropping Ashley off at work I when I came back home I snuck back into bed instead of going for my walk.
But I did go for a walk with my neighbour so I don't feel guilty :)

Heather and I met Ashley for lunch today. Kristy was far from ready, so she stayed home. Ashley only has a half hour lunch. We went to Mr. Sub, we got there just before she got off of work and I ordered everything before she got there. Her work is less than a block from it.
Ashley hates her job. I don't mean she doesn't like it, I mean she Hates it, with a capitol "H".
Hopefully she will find a different one soon.

Today was beautiful. Not only warm and sunny, but there was a beautiful breeze blowing as well. We did get rain later on in the evening. Boy do we need some. It didn't rain for long though. We haven't even been able to have a fire yet this year because of the fire warnings. As much as I love this warm/hot weather we need some rain.

Thankful Thursday.
1. Going out for lunch with my girls, even though Kristy didn't come :(
2. Heather reminding me what I had to do as I forgot my list, teehee.
3. Finally getting my video up.
4. Walking with my neighbour Lynn.
5. Air conditioning :)

Hope your Thursday was a crafty one.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tiny Mini albums

I think something sucked all the energy right out of my body, unfortunately it wasn't Edward, or better yet James, oh isn't he a hottie.
Oh right...back to my day.

I was planning on making a video tutorial for my tiny mini albums. Really I was.
I even started taping. Then realized that I cut the pages without video taping. Good thing I'm cute eh. Well at least that's what Wayne says teehee.
So I made two of them. As I cut them both out off camera DUH. So I pledge to make a tutorial for it tomorrow. I only embellished the one album so far.
I go for at least a half hour walk every morning at 7:45am. The only reason I am up that early is because I drive Ashley to work. I soooo didn't want to go for my walk this morning. I was actually debating with myself.
Ohhhh I don't want to go for a walk.
Just put on your runners and go.
But the bed looks so comfy, I think I need to lay down.
Oh but once you are out there, you will enjoy it.
But the bed, so tired.
Just Do It!!!
The good intentions won. But I did take a nap after my walk ;)

I had to get my dad groceries today.
When I entered his apartment the heat almost knocked me over. So I repositioned his fans, then opened his apartment door as the hall has air conditioning. We can not understand why his place gets so warm.
I visited until it was cooler in there, I didn't want him in there alone with the door wide open. Luckily it poured today, so it has really cooled down.
You may ask why he doesn't have an air conditioner. Well he said he didn't want one, as soon as he bought one it would get cool. Well now he wants one, guess I'll be shopping for an apartment air conditioner tomorrow.

Hope you had a crafty Wednesday


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I think I broke my bum.

Don't these look tasty. This was the perfect gift to the end (hopefully) to my not so good last few days. Thanks Cory :)

Ashley's friends Cory and Michelle came over to hang out with Ashley. Cory brought me these. What a sweetie.
Between the "Mean Lady", a heated discussion with a close family member, a couple spats with hubby, not crafting and teens with attitude. I hope me week gets better.
Oh ya and this.....
See that big crack in the glass? Well I fell on it, yup. I saw a spider on the wall, got some paper towel to pick it up with. I put one foot on the couch arm and the other foot on my mirrored end table. You see this table doesn't have 4 legs, it has a pillar in the middle. So when I put my weight on it, it toppled and I toppled with it.
I have a large spider lamp and I grabbed it on my way down. I knew I was going down but couldn't do anything to stop myself.
Kristy watched the whole thing. She had to help me get untangled from the mess. I am pretty much OK (thanks for asking as my family didn't) my butt is bruised along with my pride and I hurt my toe.
I didn't like that table anyway. Can you say ugly 80's.
On a good note my daughter's, Ashley and Kristy made a lovely dinner. I didn't have to lift a finger. My SIL/friend Sharon and I went out for lunch today. We went to Montana's. I was upset as they got rid of my favorite meal, the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. Time for a new restaurant.
We also went to Michael's. I bought 2 paper packs "Life Stories" by My mind's Eye and "Life's Journey" by K & Company. Sharon let me pick out my birthday gift. It will be "Lost and Found" by Tim Holtz paper pack. I for sure don't need any more paper, but they keep making beautiful papers :)
I went for a half an hour walk this morning after dropping Ashley off at work for 7:45am. And you all know how much I love waking up early.
It was another beautiful day.
Hubby Kristy and I went and did some running around. When we came back home my neighbour, Lynn came by and asked me to go for a walk. So we went for an hour walk. Over 12300 steps today :)
So what have you done today to make you feel proud?
1. Got over my 10000 steps in today, my daily goal.
2. Enjoyed a day out with my friend
3. That I didn't break any bones when I fell.
4. That I didn't eat one of those cupcakes....yet.
5. Washed all my floors.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Surprise Visit

Today hubby came and visited us from work, LOL.
Imagine our surprise when I heard a large machine driving down our street and looked out the window and saw hubby getting out of the loader. So of course I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures.

He was on his way to get his loader's hydraulics cylinder repaired. And if you know what that is then you are one up on me LOL.

I worked today, I had to do some odds and ends.
I have walked everyday except for today. I step into my runners instead of tying them up, and I bent the backs. Well because of this, I have a not so nice cut on the back of my heel. I was still going to go for a walk, but Ashley talked me into letting it heal today. So I took her advice and went back home and took a nice long nap LOL.
I did do a bit of walking around the house in my slippers mind you. Hubby ordered me a nice new pair of shoes off the internet These are waterproof, so perfect for walking at camp when the dew is on the ground. I hope I get them by this weekend.

OMG I just saw the price! Is he crazy?!?! He never told me the price, he just told me about them, and asked me my shoe size. He figured that they would be perfect because I walk on uneven terrian at camp. Holy crapola.

Hubby and I are watching Shaun of the Dead. Thanks Lana :) We have watched it before but felt the urge to watch it tonight.
Wow I think this is the shortest post I have ever done.
Some of my comments on your blogs are longer than this, teehee.

Hope you Monday was a crafty one. I wish mine was. I think I complain about not crafting then I actually craft. I think I need to change that.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recap of our Weekend at the Lake

Today was the first day this summer that I had taken my kayak out. I love my "Miss Tracy". That is what my hubby named it. He even put that on the front side of it. I love to either just paddle around the lake and look at the view. Or if I want a work out, then I put on some tunes and paddle strong.
Every year I notice more and more garbage in our little lake. It just upsets me that we live in such a beautiful environment and people throw their beer cans (Canadian and American labels), golf balls, pop cans, and plastic bags in the lake and river. I am forever bringing home garbage as I hate to see it pollute our area. Ok my vent is over until next time teehee.

During my paddling around the lake I went under the highway. It is neat under here. The sparrows make their nests under here. The picture is a tad blurry, it is hard to keep the kayak still. I didn't post the picture of the inside of the nest as it was very blurry as I had to stand in the kayak to get it. Ya not the smartest thing to do, but at least I didn't fall into the water LOL.
Here is what I go under in my kayak. It was kind of freaky the first time I did this. The transports and other vehicles drive right on top there. This is the Trans Canada Highway.

One thing we are really excited about every year at our cottage on the lake, is the return of the loons. Every year we anticipate the arrival of the baby loons. For many years our loons have 2 babies. But for the last 3 years our loons have not had any babies. What usually happens is they build their nests and then we get a rise in the water and their nests get flooded.
Well this year we were so happy to discover they had a nest with some eggs, and we didn't get high waters.
We figured that the babies hatched and mama and papa loon take them out of the nest early and then hid them at the edge of the lake. We can never see them. But we knew they had at least one baby as when the predator bird flew close they would try and deter them from the baby by making a certain call so the predator bird would pay attention to the parent loon.
I noticed they were really calling out, so I went to the dock and watched a bald eagle flying low along the shore line. I was so hoping that he didn't see the baby.
Later that night hubby and I wanted to see the nest, remember the babies are gone or we wouldn't have gone near it. I saw that the shells of the egg were there so that looked promising. But then I saw a loon egg in the water by the nest. I was so upset, I wanted to put it in the nest hoping that the mama would go back to it. But when I touched it, it was cold. It also smelled rotten. So sad.
Later I noticed 3 adult loons on the lake. If they had a baby they would not allow another loon on the lake, they would chase it away. So I am wondering if the eagle did get it. I so hope I am wrong. Here are some birdhouses the girls painted years ago. They were in the camp and they wanted to display them outside. The moose birdhouse I made years ago for my FIL Ray. I saw a small picture in a magazine and thought, I could make this (as I always do). So I did, I just think he is adorable.
When we got home from camp, hubby and I ran to Canadian Tire and Michael's. I know what you are thinking Crappy Tire for hubby and Michael's for me. Nope Wrong. Hubby wanted frames and I wanted a sealer for the loons egg.
After that we brought Heather to the pit to finish greasing the trucks. Well it started to pour buckets as soon as we got there, so she couldn't work on them (they are outside). So we headed home for supper. But we did return and she finished just after 10:00. I walked around the property as she did this and hubby showed her where the fittings were that needed to be greased.
I sure have been walking a lot this weekend.
Friday almost 18000 steps
Saturday over 17000 steps
Today over 13000 steps.
I really hope you had a nice weekend. I did. Unfortunately I forgot my camp journal at home so I didn't get to do that. But I did crochet some butterflies on the way to and from camp.