Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Word book finally finished!!!

Hello fellow bloggers. I have finally finished my nephew Tom's word book. Whew.
I seriously don't know how some of you finish your projects so fast.
I really love how it turned out. Yup tooting my own horn here, LOL. Considering I wasn't even sure if it would work. I didn't see any tutorials until I posted mine, don't know where they were hiding. Well here it is enjoy.

Did you notice the band aid on my finger. Now you may think that it is from using the exacto knife, or maybe the scroll saw, nope. Well maybe any one of the numerous power tools that I enjoy using. But nope you would be wrong again.

I cut myself on a knife, in the kitchen. I decided to make a stew today. Remember my easy meals so I could finish my album. I figured I would get the stew in the crock pot and then I wouldn't have to worry about it all day.

You think this is bad? This is nothing. I sliced my hand open (a couple years ago)needing 7 stitches. Guess how I did that. Hand washing a glass. I didn't know it broke in the sink and put my hand in it, turned the dishcloth get the picture. See I shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen, it is dangerous for me in there. Now I just have to convince hubby of this. LOL.

I am planning on doing some tags tomorrow. After I put up my tag swap video that I received on YouTube I have a few ladies that want to do a swap with me. I have never done a decorative tag before, so I hope they are not disappointed when they receive mine. I have warned them though LOL.

Hope your Wednesday was as creative as mine.



  1. Thank you mommy of three for coming to visit me and comment :) It means a lot when I am going through emotional days :)

    Sorry I am not staying to read, but everything looks very exciting around here, I am going to follow to remind myself to come back and read :)

  2. love all your little pockets for stuff. I love that about your books. Want to try some of those.
    ouch! be more careful girl. You did it cause you don't wanna cook huh? J.K.
    Have a great weekend

  3. Ooooo Tracy, you've made me cringe with that wound on your hand, hope it feels better real soon.
    Now you album book is so gorgeous and interesting. It's a work of art and i'm sure it will be treasured for a long time to come.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. Tracy,
    I LOVE LOVE it. It looks so good. Your brother and sister n/law are going to love it.
    Congrats on a great first one, looking forward to seeing many more.
    OUCH about your finger!

  5. You did not dissappoint on you wordbook. It is fantastic! You do a fantastic job with inking it looks stunning. I have to get my butt down to my dungeon to do something creative, you've inspired me once again.

  6. Yikes! I hate crafting injuries! I stabbed myself with a needle last night and it actually bled! I do it all the time, but not usually bad enough for it to bleed! LOL! The book looks great!

  7. For the record, these injuries occured in the kitchen, no crafting involved.
    See I am not meant to be in the kitchen, LOL

  8. I just cringed at your hand! Wow! That looks terrible (the 2nd photo)!!!

    Your book looks good though.

  9. OUCH! I hope your hand heals fast. The book came out great!!

  10. Love the finished product! I'm surprised you finished it as soon as you did with all the little details. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. The book looks great. Sorry about your injury though.

  12. The mini is awesome! You always do such detailed work...I love it!

    Funny, about your finger, I seem to be the same way...the only time I cut myself badly is in the kitchen! Must be a sign!

  13. Wow - you are one FAST woman!!! Fantastic book!

    Ok the cuts...not so much. OUCH.

    My mom cut her hand the same way you did a few years back....on the inside of a glass while washing in the sink. Nasty...she needed stitches, then too. I say DISHWASHER all the way!

  14. My goodness you need to be careful!! Although I'm sure painful it's a good excuse to have your hubby or daughters handle the cooking and cleaning of the kitchen :-)

  15. Oh my goodness, I'm weak in the knees looking at these pictures. Don't cook ever again, that's the lesson you learned!!! lol.

  16. It goes to show you, we really should NOT be cooking and cleaning.

    Just an observation.

    Love the album, although I keep reading "Tom Brady"

  17. Tracy...I banish thee from the kitchen! You are now able to hire a personal chef to take care of all your cooking and washing up needs! Ha!


  18. Ouch! I linked from Robyn to you and now am going to follow you.... love the book, I am just starting out on the mini books am mainly a card maker but so want to do the mini's. thanks for your tutorial, I am off to find the Utube video's you referred to. Love the star tabs but I guess they won't be available here in the UK!!!

  19. Awesome book! I hope my sister-in-law doesn't see it because her kid will probably graduate from college before I'd finish anything like this! Love your book!

  20. Your word book is brilliant Tracy!...Ooouch that looks sore...a great excuse to saty away from the kitchen! lol
    Debbie x


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