Sunday, May 16, 2010

Altered Clipboard and our cat with Alopcecia

I will start with a project I did at the crop I went to yesterday.
This is a project I made for Ashley's friend Michelle. She is moving into her own apartment in July and asked if I could make her something to put a grocery list on for her fridge. At first she wanted a outdoors theme. Then changed her mind to an East coast theme.

I used fine sand paper for the sand. It took me forever to find a lighthouse. This one has so much dimension to it. I used alcohol ink for the clip. I wanted to change the colour and paper just wasn't going to cut it.For the note pads I just cut a regular one in half with the exacto knife.
Just a question here. Can a cat have alopecia? Our cat Rose has been showing some major signs of hair (or I should say fur) loss. She is 13 yrs old and eats, sleeps and uses her kitty box. She doesn't show any other signs of being sick.
Rose is an indoor cat. But lately the girls have been carrying her outside (to get some fresh air they say). I don't know if that was such a good idea, and I was correct. Now she meows at the door. And if someone goes outside she tries to sneak out.
I just worry that she does sneak out when we are going to camp. She couldn't survive outside. If a bird flies by and startles her she runs back in the house.
Her are some pretty flowers that came up. I don't know what they are called though. I am not a gardener, but I do still appreciate looking at them.
Hubby and I went to the "Pit" to get some topsoil for my flower beds. We forgot to bring the tops for the containers that we were hauling it back in. So I only got one bucket. Oh well.
I pulled dandelions. We bought the Fiskars weed popper thingy. We tried to get one last year and they were sold out every time. So when they came out in April (with snow still on the ground) hubby scooped one up.
It is so fun to use this thing. You put the prongs in the ground in the center of the weed, then step on this solid lever, then lastly, you use it like a shot gun and put the weed in the weed basket. It is so fun.
Hubby and I ran to Home Depot for some screws for my racks to hold my punches on. I had bought 5 racks and hubby thought that 3 was enough "Wrong" LOL.
For some reason hubby didn't think that the screws that we bought would work. Funny how they worked for the other 5 he put up last year...DUH.
Well we got those suckers up. Tomorrow I (and when I say "I" I mean him) will put up the last 2 racks and two shelf units that my dad made to display my girls Beanie Babies. They will soon display my stamps :)
Watched Survivor tonight. I so wanted Russell to win. I knew he wouldn't even get a vote though. But he worked his butt off to get to the end. See hard work doesn't always pay off kids LOL.
Hope you had a good weekend.


  1. Your clipboard is so cute.

    I'm not sure about your cat. Can cats get mange? I know almost zero about animals.

    You should post a picture of your stamp racks.

  2. Wow! That is a rockin' clipboard!

    Tell your husband that by hiring a cook/package opener that he will save $ on doctors bills! Ha! Ha!

  3. I love the clip board, too cute. I don't have a cat, so I can't help ya there.
    Oh, and I am with you, I wanted Russel to win so so bad, but at least he got the 100K. Now, I am just crossing my fingers that Bret will win Celebrity Apprentice.

  4. That clip board looks so good! I really love the dimensional lighthouse that you used!

  5. Love the clipboard! Beautiful job!

    About the cat - I had a cat that had something similar happen once. It was an allergic reaction to having been bitten by a flea, believe it or not. I have another friend whose cat has the same issue - has to get a steroid injection when it happens.

    Ummm....Russell? I'll agree he played the game well. (He wouldn't have lasted as long if he didn't). He's nasty, though. Glad he didn't win!

  6. I like the clipboard, very cute! In never know what to do with the darn things. lol.

    We had dogs when I was a kid that had the SAME PROBLEM. They were allergic to fleas, so if your cat has been outside, I'd wonder about that. I agree with marlene and I bet a steriod shot would fix it.

  7. Thanks for the input ladies about our cat Rose. I was researching in the net and I think it is stress related. As she hasn't been scratching and everything else about her symptoms seem to head in this direction. I moved her litter box in a different area of the basement and have read that even moving a piece of furnature can cause stress in cats.

  8. A Fabulous Clipboard the nautical east coast theme.
    I hope you get Rose's problem sorted soon..bless her....and I hope hubby put up the racks for you!
    Debbie x

  9. Hi Tracy,
    Just wanted to know I really enjoy your blog!

  10. Hi Tracy! I think that clipboard is fantastic. I gotta make one of those! About the cat. Could be stress, or could be an allergic reaction to just about anything. A coworker has a dog that is allergic to grass (seriously! she had the allergy scratch test done on the dog to figure it out) and I have a dog that gets ear infections that my vet and I are pretty sure are pollen related (again, I-kid-you-not and I'm not one of those crazy my-dog-is-my-child people). I've also had cats that start to lose hair when they get old, but that's usually when they are over 18 (I've had a LOT of cats in my life). Good luck!

  11. come walk with me anytime - especially bring that clipboard as a gift for me ;)

  12. Found it I thought I had seen it and I had but was just checking.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, I am new to all this but getting there and enjoying it.


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