Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Firstly I want to wish all the Mother's out there a Happy Mother's Day.
Mother's Day is a day to celebrate all the women out there that are a positive influence in a childs life.
I am not a materialistic person. I came from nothing. I grew up with not very much and everything I earn in life I don't take for granted. With that being said. All I wanted for Mother's day was to sleep in, to craft all day, and to not have to cook today.
Well all my wishes were granted.
I woke up and went on the computer. My wonderful daughters tidied the house and came up to me and gave me a hug and wished my a good mothers day.
Hubby kept asking me "I thought you were going to be in your scrap room all day".
So I go down and figure I had better clean my desk. I was in there for about 20 mins. Then saw that the girls made me a card, (Oh how sweet). I pick up the card off of a box that was on the floor and then....."What the F---, are you F---in Kidding me"!!! Those were my exact words when I saw this.....

Can you believe this. I actually had tears in my eyes. The sad thing is that my room was so messy that I didn't see this big box. As I was cleaning up my desk I walked by this and put things away close to this box. I think I even had to step over it.
Hubby and the girls heard me scream....Yup sorry for the language. LOL. They couldn't believe that it took me so long to notice it.

When I had Ashley I was in labour for 36 hours. They had to keep calling the doctor in and then finally he just slept at the hospital. When Ashley finally decided to come into this world, the doctor said I'm going home to bed now. I was ready to party and show the world my beautiful baby daughter. She was born July 22nd. Now I hate hospitals. So I begged the doctor to let me go home on my Birthday as it was on July 24th. He let me. :)

Heather was a walk in the park. I only had 4 hours of labour. The nurses were upset with me as I refused to take anything for pain. Heather was born Feb 27th. My in-laws came up to visit after supper , then I went home the next day. :) Ashley was 18 months old and I wanted to be with her and show her, her baby sister. I still remember bringing Heather home and Ashley's reaction to her.

Kristy was stubborn just like her older sister, I was in labour with her for 34 hours. She just wouldn't turn, doc had to do that OUCH. Again the nurses were upset with me for not taking anything. They said to hubby, Is she always this stubborn. I had her in early in the morning. Everyone came to visit in the hospital as they knew I would be out soon. And I was. I got out the next morning :)
Heather and Ashley were so happy to have a baby sister.

To this day these girls are so close. They don't worry about having lots of friends as they have each other. I have always told them that "Sisters are forever, friends can come and go, boys can come and go, But sisters are there for life.
I am sure glad that they like each other LOL.

Here are some of my photo's from camp yesterday.
Hydro cut some trees down that were close to the wires. Instead of just letting the wood rot, Ray (Wayne's dad) cut the logs up for fire wood. I found an interesting piece of wood that I thought would work perfectly for a table around the fire pit. I want to put some kind of coating on it to protect it from the weather.
The last picture in this collage is of Joy (Wayne's dad's wife) bringing her cat up the hill in the wheel barrel. Her cat, Molly, is getting on in age and was slow coming up the hill. Ya Molly getting old sucks LOL

These pics are of our lake. The girls are across the lake taking pictures. This is a spider that was in the solar lights. I take them in at the end of the season, this little guy was in there all winter. My girls artwork. See you are never to old to play.That is how I celebrated my Mother's Day. Relaxing and got to create for a bit.

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.


  1. WOW, so did you get the carts or the Expression as well? If you got all that CONGRATS!!!! Happy Mothers Day! I spent the day getting pampered and my daughter and I crafted together:)

  2. that spider...dead?

  3. I had to giggle when you wrote about this surprise in the comments on my blog. What a wonderful surprise and even more fun that you were totally taken by surprise by it!

  4. Tracy,
    What a sweet story, So glad you enjoyed your Mothers Day

  5. YAY!!!! You are going to have SO much fun with the Cricut!!! I love mine!!!!

  6. Awesome! You are going to have a blast!

  7. What a fantastic gift! You got one of the pretty ones, too! Mine is just plain white. Happy Belated Mother's Day!

  8. Wow, what a great surprise! They did great, and a pink one too! Have fun with it!

  9. Just saw that you became a follower!~ So glad you did, because that brought me to your awesome blog! Lucky you with the circut! I really like you videa tutorials! Have a great day...Tab

  10. What a lucky lady you are! 20 minutes Tracy??? LOL!

  11. What a great surprise from your family! My husband put my gift next to my computer and I just happened not to even go in that room on Sunday so I'm right there with ya LOL.

    My kids are still very little but they love each other a lot. I hope they stay close forever.

  12. I love that surprise your kids and husband gave you. What a sweet family :)

  13. Love the Pink Cricut!! Lucky girl!

  14. awww... They did good!!
    Sorry you're so sLoW tho. lol.


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