Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pink Lady Slippers

I slept in this morning. So nice. There is something about sleeping in that I just love. I am not a morning person. Life makes me a morning person. If I could have it my way I would stay up until 3:00 in the morning and sleep until noon.

Ashley and Wayne were out taking pictures today at camp. Here is Ashley :)

Here is Wayne :) You may be wondering what they are taking a picture of.....

These are Pink Lady Slippers. These are the Ontario wildflower. I think they are an endangered flower. They are almost impossible to transplant as they need the perfect soil and surroundings. They are part of the orchid family.
It took me minutes to take this with my tiny Sony Cybershot. Point, click and there you have it. They have change their lens's, turn the dials, and then make sure whatever they do is correct and then take some more pictures at different settings.
Let them work hard for their pictures. I will just use my point and shoot camera. And if I don't like my picture..well then I will take one of theirs LOL. This one is mine.
We came home, took our showers. I didn't want to take a sauna (steam bath) at camp this weekend. Then got pizza for supper for the girls. Hubby and I went to A&W. Teen burger YUMM.

Tomorrow is my new day to eat healthy, again. I was telling hubby and Ashley that I kind of feel like I lost my zest for life right now. I need to get back to my walking and eating better. I keep saying this, but haven't done anything about it, seriously anyway.
I think Ashley took this to mean that I am depressed. So when we got home and I went on the computer she kind of gave me a talking to. She was like...."Get off the computer, go in your craft room and do something that YOU want to do. Scrapbook, organize or make something that you have wanted to do for awhile, now!" Wow I raised her right, LOL. Instead hubby and I went out and got us some A&W. LOL.

So anyway, hubby and I are watching "Outbreak" and eating chips and dip.....I said "tomorrow" I am going to eat healthy. I am doing some paperwork and then going to bed. Tomorrow is going to be my new beginning to a new, healthier me. Care to join me? I would love for us to encourage each other.

Hope your Sunday was a creative one.



  1. I will jump om my treadmill and join you. Since I got back from my vacation I haven't been on it and my jelly belly SUCKS! I like to be in shape for wakeboard, you know to avoid injury. Although my husband says I'm not allowed to wakeboard since my elbow is still healing. I mentioned my right arm is super strong:p

  2. Oh sure, I'll join you. I have a wedding dress to fit into in less than a month, after all. :-)

  3. I've never seen a pink lady slipper - very pretty. I need to work at being healthier as well. I need to join your challenge. I need more exercise. I don't want to give up any food though.

  4. I have never seen a pink lady slipper either or ever heard of one, lol, but me with flowers names isn't that good anyway. I will join you with the excercise, well walking as I hate exercise I find it so boring.... but need to go for more walks and take the camera with me and see what I can snap on the way.... (mine is point and click too)

  5. Oh I haven't seen a pink lady slipper since I was little and my mom and I found one by accident. I LOVE your picture! Doesn't tomorrow always seem like the best day to get on the exercise wagon. I know it's my favorite day to exercise. LOL!

  6. i plan to join in on this.. i had decided to cut back on the junk food once i moved into the new place.. but i should start earlier :)

  7. What?! You mean the Trillium isn't Ontario's flower anymore? When did that happen? Man I am getting old...or stupid. :(

  8. No Marlene you are correct. The Pink Lady Slipper is an Ontario wildflower. Plus it is prettier than the Trillium :)


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