Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Scrapbooking :)

You may look at this picture and think "Is she going on a trip?"
The answer would be "No".
You may think "Is she leaving her husband?"
The answer would be "No".
You may think "Is she moving her scrap booking room?"
The answer would be "No".
The right answer is I am on my way to my SIL/friend Sharon's camp and we are going to scrapbook and create all weekend. Girls only. So it will be my 3 daughters Sharon and I.
Can you say Heaven :)

We took 2 vehicles as Kristy has a birthday party sleepover tonight, so I am going to come back into town tomorrow and pick her up (and the scrap booking stuff I forgot, lol).
We went to KFC and picked up some chicken. Because when I say we don't cook. I Mean I don't cook! LOL.

I did do a few projects tonight.
I finished my nieces book journals that she wanted. I had a bit of trouble with my spacing in my Bind It All. But between Sharon and I we figured out it out. I will show pictures later to show my booboo gone right teehee.
I also made a card at about 1:00 in the morning. I hope I still like it when I wake up.

I hope you are having a great weekend and get lots of creating in there.



  1. Have a great time, Tracy! Can't wait to see the projects you create during your time away.

  2. Have a really great crafting time.
    Happy craftibng
    Tracy x

  3. Sounds amazing, Tracy! Have a great time! And I definitely appreciate your comment on my blog--so true to focus on the enjoyment, not the public side:)

  4. sounds fun, I went away scrapping too

  5. Hope you had fun at your crop. I expect we'll be seeing LOTS of goodies in the next few days.

    Oh - I have a coupon for 60% off any $69.99 Michael's cricut cartridges. You should let me know if there is one you've been looking for (besides the one I already know about - which I went looking for today, and did not find....still keeping my eyes open for you though!)

  6. Oh, I hope it was awesome!!!

  7. so happy u had a great time.. my sb retreat weekend is this weekend.. I can't wait.. I leave thurs morning thru Monday. ! Yay!


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