Monday, July 19, 2021

Sawyer & Dawson's Mini Album

I have another mini album to share!!
I made this one back in March, but I am late in sharing ( as usual) I really need it to be fall so I can have internet at camp.

I created this mini album with the March SCT Sampler.
I vowed to use up this sampler each month as I receive them...again I am behind, teehee.

I made this album for my grandson's as they love to look at photos of themselves. 
I kept it simple as I wanted the boys to look at it without ripping off the flaps or losing any tags, lol.

You can see I used prong fasteners to put this album together.
I had these on hand as I used to do the book work for the family business and this is how I kept the invoices that I'm retired, I found another use for them 😉
I also purchased some book binding tape to attach the binding together.

I also made a video of the completed mini album.
If you would rather watch it on my YouTube channel..just click on the link 😁

I really hope you all are having a wonderful summer (if it is summer where you are) and are keeping safe and well ❤️❤️
We have a lot of wild fires around here and the smoke and haze in the air is a bit scary...I feel for all of those close to the fires..take care ❤️❤️

Tracy ❤️❤️❤️

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Love You & Me mini album

I have been enjoying the summer at camp!
Our summers are short here in Canada (Northern Ontario) so I make the most of them by being outside as much as I can....which means my craft suffers.
But we have a very long cold winter outside I will stay until I hibernate for the winter.
With that being said, I am going to share with you a project I made in February.

I have a yearly subscription with Scrapbook & Cards Today for their SCT Sampler.
I have been getting them since they started in January 2018...but I really haven't been using them.
This year my friend Deborah and I made a pact with each other to use each Sample as they came...we are a few months behind 😳

We made a mini album with the February's sampler.
Here is the one I made.
I made it for my youngest daughter Kristy and her boyfriend.

I also did a video explaining (not very good I might add) on how I constructed this mini.
I have been getting requests to do a tutorial on this that is in the far off future, lol

I hope you enjoyed my mini album.

Tracy ❤️❤️❤️

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Winnings from the Scrapbook Cottage

Last month I joined a virtual event put on by The Scrapbook Cottage.
I has so much fun and completed 6 double page scrapbooking spreads and 2 single page layout.
I also completed 8 cards.
Not only that, but I had such a fun time using my supplies.

And for an incentive, The Scrapbook Cottage gave anyone who completed their challenges a piece of 12x12 pattern paper and 12x12 cardstock to match.
If you completed any of their card challenges we received a 6x8 piece of pattern paper and a piece of 8.5x11 matching cardstock.

I had so much fun and the papers were just an added bonus...I was just happy to be able to join in and get so many layouts completed!

I posted a video with more details as well as the prize I won for getting my name drawn for participating.

I am having issues with YouTube and this blog is not uploading frustrating.

Thank you for visiting me today.
I hope you are all safe healthy and are having a creative day 💕💕


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

# Love You Layout

  I don't post for months and then "Bam" a post every day for like a week, lol.

If you have read my posts from this week and last week, then you know that I attended a virtual Creative Gathering put on by The Scrapbook Cottage.
They had 7 sketches for cards and 7 sketches for scrapbook layouts (which I completed thank you very much, teehee)....But they also had classes!
Because they are located in Winnipeg and Steinbeck and I am from Ontario, I wasn't able to pick up the kits for these Class kits. Sharon would have mailed them out, but I was a bit late in hearing about this, and the kits wouldn't have got to me in time.

So what is a crafty girl to do....but make up her own kits with her supplies.
Sharon and Kathy shared what was in their kits, so I just tried my best to make them work.

I was only able to do 2 of the classes as this event was jammed packed!
I still have my makeshift kits put aside to work on these classes at a later date, as the classes are still up on their Facebook page .

Here is my take on Sharon's Class
What I loved about this one is the heart shape with the 2x2 papers.
Sharon used a cut apart paper, where I had this stack of 2x2's.
Another difference is that Sharon had a pattern paper for her background where I used white cardstock and added paint splatters.
And one last change I made was that she had cut her photos in 2x2 sizes and added them to the 2x2 squares.
This was a really fun take on a layout! 

Then I did one of Kathy's classes.
I was shocked that Kathy coloured and cut all of the tiny images in her kits....not only that but there were 4 cards in each kit!
I found some cute images that were coloured and some I had to colour that night to put on my card.
Even though our images are different I used the same concept as Kathy for my cards.
I only got 1 out of the 4 cards completed.

I also did a video on these 2 projects.
I would love if you visited my YouTube channel and send me some love...If you have a channel, I will return the love right back to you ❤️

Thank you all so much for visiting me today 
I hope you are all well, safe and are having a creative day.

Tracy 💗💗💗

Monday, April 19, 2021

The Scrapbook Cottage's Challenge #7 "Mission Marsh Walk"

 This is the last challenge that The Scrapbook Cottage put on. 
They had quite a few classes as well, but I only had time to complete 2 of them.....which I’ll show in another post.  
This was the hardest challenge for me...not the challenge itself, but these papers.

There is a cluster I made with some of the pattern papers and a punch.
I just love this deer head punch!

I was really undecided about if I should add this deer head border to the top and bottom of my photos.
At first I thought the photos didn't stand out from the background paper, so added these deer head boarders to the top and bottom of my photos.
But then I thought the boarders took away from the photos even more so.
What do you think?

Here is the card I made with the left over papers.

This is the last sketch from these challenges!
I had such a great time coming up with my layouts from these sketches.

I did a video of all of my layouts from all 7 of the challenges.
I would love if you visited me at my YouTube channel and gave me a thumbs up on my video.
Here is a link to my channel "Tracy's Treasures24", if you would like to see more of my videos of my completed projects, tutorials and organizing videos ❤️ 

Again I want to thank Sharon, Kathy and their team at The Scrapbook Cottage for such a great event and I can't wait until you do it again!!!

I hope you are all well, safe and have a very creative day. 

Tracy 💗💗💗

Friday, April 16, 2021

The Scrapbook Cottage’s Challenge #6 "Camp Birthdays"

So many layouts so little time! 
Here is my layout and my card for The Scrapbook Cottage’s challenge. 
These photos are from my oldest daughter Ashleys and my birthday.  Our birthdays are 2 days apart in July and we celebrate them up at our cottages. 

I found this paper in my stash and thought it was perfect for this sketch. 
Sharon actually fussy cut her flowers from floral paper. At first I was going to use die cut flowers, but when I came across this floral paper I figured it went perfectly. 

When I see a sheet or two of paper I really like, I try to make a mini kit with it right there at the store. 
I want to say I picked this apart up at Archivers (I sure miss that store, it was the highlight of our trips to the States). 
The floral paper had a diamond patten paper that matched, so I bought them both (2 of each sheet!) and also the cardstock to coordinate. 
I then tore the diamond pattern paper to layer on the floral paper. 
On the second page I flipped the floral paper for interest. 

Here is my card with these left over papers. 

Here are the sketches I followed. 
I really had such a great time during this virtual crop...I would love to go to one of The Scrapbook Cottages in person events as this one was so much fun!

Thank you Sharon, Kathy and team for making these days so much more enjoyable.

Tracy 💗💗💗

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Scrapbook Cottage’s Challenge #5 "Birthday Beauty"

Yup more layouts from The Scrapbook Cottage's virtual crop!
I am just so impressed with the amount of time in between challenges that not only did I complete every challenge...but I also got photos put on my layouts!!
Here is a layout of my youngest daughter, Kristy's 26th birthday. 

I went deep into my stash and grabbed these papers...I really love the colours.
I love contrast. 
As much as I try to stay in a soft colour pallet, I end up using darker colours in my art.

I love these letters.
I wish I could have taken a better photo to show off the sparkle in them.
They are like a soft resin with the sparkle inside of them.
And I was so happy to have found these in my stash.
I love that they are subtle as they are close to the back ground paper, yet they are easy to see.

I used some left over papers and cut apart from this paper pack to make my card.
It actually turned out better than I thought it would.

Here are the sketches that I followed for these layouts and this card.

Thank you so much for joining me today.
I haven't blogged in so long, I feel like I am just starting out again.

I hope you are all well and safe and have a creative day.

Tracy 💗💗💗

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Scrapbook Cottage’s Challenge #4 "Young Love"

Here is the 4th layouts and card challenges I completed for the online event that the Scrapbook Cottage put on. 
If you read my past posts on these, you will know how much fun I had!! 

These photos are of my youngest daughter Kristy and her boyfriend, of  over 10 years, Blake. 
I fussy cut these beautiful butterflies from this gorgeous paper collection. 
I have to thank my friend/table mate (from a couple of years ago) Julie for this paper. She was going to discard it (I was flabbergasted when she told me that!) as these were her discarded pieces from a mini album she was working on. 
I also fussy cut this flower cluster from the papers. 
I was debating on adding journaling to this layout. 
The photos and papers are so beautiful and don’t want to take away from them. 
My oldest daughter, Ashley, is a photographer, so Kristy and Blake are used for her models quite a bit. Lol. 

There was a card sketch as well. 
Here is my take on the card! 
I used my stampinUp tag punch for the top of this handmade tag. 
This is an old paperback (go me for using my stash!). 

Here are the sketches we used for the challenges. 
Thank you again Sharon and Kathy for putting on such a fun filled, jam packed virtual event! 

I hope you are all safe and well and having a creative day. 

Tracy 💗💗💗

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Scrapbook Cottage Challenge #3 "Chilled Boys"

 I had so much fun at The Scrapbook Cottage's virtual scrapbook crop.
I usually attend crops with my group of friends, but with us being in Lockdown/Stay at home order, that hasn't happened since a year ago.

I really enjoyed doing their challenges and working on the sketches they provided.
This was a 1 page spread and I really enjoyed playing with my own supplies...some really old supplies.
I had to turn the sketch sideways to accommodate my photos.

These photos just get to me, lol.
My oldest daughter Ashley is a photographer and has such great ideas on photoshoots.
Which this would have been such a great photo shoot of her boys, that is if it wasn't so cold out.
My husband, daughter and I put up the our old Christmas tree and decorated it, while my daughter staged the area. But my poor grandson's were freezing...Sawyer (the oldest of the two) tried so hard to help his mommy out with getting the perfect photos. He tried so hard to smile. Dawson my youngest grandson, wasn't having any of it, lol.

We also had a card challenge with every scrapbook challenge.
Here is my take on this challenge.
I used scraps of this beautiful paper my friend Julie was going to dispose at a crop a year or 2 ago.

Here are the sketches we followed for the 3rd challenges of the day.

Thank you again Sharon and Kathy for putting on such a fun event...and for helping us all with our online shopping ;)

I hoping you are all healthy and safe and have a wonderfully creative day.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Scrapbook Cottage Challenge #2 "Christmas Eve"

This past weekend I attended a free virtual scrapbooking crop. I had the best time scrapbooking solo...but still chatting with my friends through FaceTime. 

Sharon and Kathy put on classes (which you could purchase kits for) and challenges. It was so jam packed full of fun that I only had time to follow the challenges. 

Here is my layout for the second sketch challenge of the day. 

I’m still working on my Christmas pages. 
But you know what I’m proud of....that these are from last Christmas....go me!

Another thing I am proud of, is doing these sketches with my own supplies.
For this one I used my old Graphic45 papers that I have been hoarding for years.
As beautiful as they are in their paper pack....I think they look even more beautiful on a layout of my family❤️ 
The Scrapbook Cottage also had card sketch challenges.
Here is my take on that sketch.

Here are the sketches I followed. 

Thank you Sharon and Kathy for putting on such a fun event!

I hope you are all safe and well and have a very creative day.

Tracy ❤️❤️❤️

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Scrapbook Cottage Challenge #1

 I attended a Free virtual event this weekend.

A local scrapbooking store from Manitoba called The Scrapbook Cottage put on an awesome event.
Before Covid they held the event in person but times are changing.....I have to say I was so thankful they did it virtually or else I couldn't have attended.
This event was spectacular!!!
If you were local to the store you could purchase the materials for the classes in kit form, if not local you could purchase the kits and have them shipped to you.
I am not local to them and it was to late to get them shipped to I have so much product I wanted to use my supplies.

They also put up sketches and we had a certain time line to get them completed.
If we completed our layout in time, posted it on sketch album on their Facebook album, then we were put in a draw to win a prize!

Here is my layout for the first sketch of the day!

The sketch they showed had strips of paper on a diagonal from the top corner of the first page and the bottom corner of the second page.
I decided to change it to strips of paper on the top of my 1st page and bottom of my 2 page layout 

I am trying to catch up on my past layouts. I'm started with 2020, so here are some of my Christmas photos.
They also had card sketches.
I actually used my scraps for the cards....well actually these gorgeous papers were from a friend named Julie. She was going to discard them at a crop (a few years ago) as they weren't big enough for the project she was working on. I kind of freaked she gave them to me, lol.

Here are the sketches that they gave us to work with.

Thank you Scrapbook Cottage!!!
I was so excited to join this event and they did not disappoint...actually they went above and beyond what I expected.

I hope you all save and have a very creative day 

Tracy ❤️❤️❤️