Sunday, April 11, 2021

Scrapbook Cottage Challenge #1

 I attended a Free virtual event this weekend.

A local scrapbooking store from Manitoba called The Scrapbook Cottage put on an awesome event.
Before Covid they held the event in person but times are changing.....I have to say I was so thankful they did it virtually or else I couldn't have attended.
This event was spectacular!!!
If you were local to the store you could purchase the materials for the classes in kit form, if not local you could purchase the kits and have them shipped to you.
I am not local to them and it was to late to get them shipped to I have so much product I wanted to use my supplies.

They also put up sketches and we had a certain time line to get them completed.
If we completed our layout in time, posted it on sketch album on their Facebook album, then we were put in a draw to win a prize!

Here is my layout for the first sketch of the day!

The sketch they showed had strips of paper on a diagonal from the top corner of the first page and the bottom corner of the second page.
I decided to change it to strips of paper on the top of my 1st page and bottom of my 2 page layout 

I am trying to catch up on my past layouts. I'm started with 2020, so here are some of my Christmas photos.
They also had card sketches.
I actually used my scraps for the cards....well actually these gorgeous papers were from a friend named Julie. She was going to discard them at a crop (a few years ago) as they weren't big enough for the project she was working on. I kind of freaked she gave them to me, lol.

Here are the sketches that they gave us to work with.

Thank you Scrapbook Cottage!!!
I was so excited to join this event and they did not disappoint...actually they went above and beyond what I expected.

I hope you all save and have a very creative day 

Tracy ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Lovely double page layout, and a great take on the card sketch. So glad you got those scraps it would have been sad to see they thrown away.


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