Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lost Blogger

I had lost my blog!!!
Last night after I posted my blog post, I couldn't get on any other blogs.
When I tried to sign in, I couldn't. So I thought it was just a glitch.
Then this morning I couldn't sign in again. They asked for my cell number to give me a verification number.
I was really leery about this, but it was the only way.
After I put in the verification number I was able to sign in.
Then I checked my blog and it was gone!!!!!!
It was disabled.
I then get a text from hubby telling me that my blog is gone.
Then Dena gives me a YouTube message that my blog is gone.
Then I panic.
Is Tracy's Treasures Lost in the cyber world?

I LOVE my blog. I put my heart and soul into my blog.
I have almost 2 years invested in my blog, I have documented my family's stories in my blog. My blog is an extension of me.
I text Ashley to tell her about what happened. I was really upset, I mean really upset.
She texts me on and off through out the day to try and help or give me some more suggestions.

I had a lunch date with my friend Debbie, but had an hour to waste before I then. So I went to Michael's, came out with 1 sheet of paper. This just shows how upset I was ;)
As I was in Michael's I get a text from Ashley
"I have an idea! Just don't worry about it mom :) enjoy lunch! I love you"

She almost made me cry with her text.
So when she came home for lunch she went on her Google Reader and started to copy all my posts starting from my very first one. She got a few months done before she had to go back to work. Then Heather continued after she left.
She was so happy when I told her I got my blogger back.
She told me she almost cried when I told her I had lost my blog, because she knew how much I put into it and how much it means to me.
I love my girls.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Help with a friend

Tonight I went to see the movie "The Help". I just have to say I really, really enjoyed this movie.
I haven't read the book yet. I usually read the book first before I see the movie.
But my friend Lynn, invited me to see a movie with her. This is the first time I have seen the movie without reading the book first.
In my opinion the book is always better then the movie. So I am sure to LOVE this book.

Today was a "I hit the wall" day.
I did unpack my suitcase though ;)  I also did a load of laundry and hung it on the line to dry.
I also took a wee nap today as well :)
It was a beautiful day today. I had the windows open all day and let the fresh breeze sweep through the house. I also opened up all the basement windows to let in the fresh air.

I have a bit of a creative dilemma. I am doing this He-Art Journal challenge, we are on week 6, I think.
Well this week is to cover your page with text. If you had seen the one I did last week "Layers of Me", then you know that I have already did a page full of text.
I don't want to repeat myself, even though the text will be different. I have a couple ideas going though my head, I just hope they end up how I picture them.
I am actually really liking this art journal process. Especially considering I wasn't one for art journals.

Hope your Tuesday was a creative one.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Princess Dreamer

I thought I would share with you I card I had made on my girls getaway earlier this month.
I had coloured the princess girl awhile ago.
Remember I thought the bottom of her dress looked like teats on an udder, teehee.
I think I will colour the skirt a different colour next time ;)
The pretty background paper has sparkles on the butterflies and flowers.
I really like how this card turned out.
 The black paper that I mounted the image on is all sparkly. So are the black swirls I used on the corner.
It wasn't until I posted this picture that I noticed that the sparkle gem is between her legs, its suppose to be on her crown.
I checked the card and it is on her crown. So in between me making the card, photographing it, and putting it away, the gem has moved around, its a magic gem ;)
Onto my Day:
I had planned to sleep in this morning. Well it is kind of hard to do that when your next door neighbour is getting new shingles put on their roof.
I had a long list of things to do today, but I was just drained. Even my eyes were tired, lol.
I did get my scrapbooking treasures put away.....well.... lets just say they are in my scrap/craft room ;)
Then we Needed some groceries. Being away for a week, we had nothing. So I took Kristy and her boyfriend Blake with me to the grocery store.
They really didn't want to come, so I bribed them with some subs. That worked, they even brought all the groceries in by themselves.

When we were eating our subs, we noticed that there was a car with writing on it (in marker) with 4 young people around it, with their dog. They had a sign that asked for money for gas as they were traveling and ran out of money. They were either heading to BC or coming from BC. I thought to myself, wow they sure didn't prepare for this trip if they are out of money already.
Then I noticed they were parked in a handicap zone.
Then I noticed that the one girl had plugged her cell phone in the outlet from the Mikes Mart store, as the other 2 were making out in the car.
They did receive quite a bit money from a few people walking by. Then the owner from the store told them to move along.
Well I guess they weren't totally out of gas as they drove right by the pumps. LOL
That was my entertainment through the huge glass window as I ate my sub.

I still have to unpack my suitcase. Yes I know I am lazy.
Tomorrow is another day, and I plan on getting a lot more done.
And sleeping in.

Hope your Monday was a creative one.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thank you to all of you. We made it home safe and sound.

We made it home safe and sound. Its so nice to go away, but it is so nice to get back home as well.
As soon as we came home, I brought our luggage in the house, then headed to my bedroom to lay in my bed. How I missed my bed. But then I fell asleep for bit, such a nice nap.

I made this card, and I want to give it to you all.
It is for all of you who have followed me and my family on my journey this last week.
Thank you for all your encouraging and comforting words.
Thank you for all your support and kindness.
This card is for all of you. Hugs to each and everyone of you.
  This is again, a card I made with my embossing powders.
All the white is heat embossed with white embossing powder, and then the blank parts are coloured with Stampin' Up markers.
 Again thank you.
I could never have thought that people I have never met, could make such an impact on my life. You have all done that, and for you all I am grateful.
My SIL and friend, Sharon, and her Husband Jim came by tonight.
I was surprised to see them.
But she told me that she missed me and wanted to see us. I was so touched and happy.
So I had to pull out all the goodies I had bought and show them to her.
I think she was just as excited as I was when I bought them. But then again, when it comes to scrapping goodies, whats mine is hers and same with her. Well except for copics and stamping, she doesn't do that.
I didn't realize until later that every time I showed her something, I would say "look what I got us". LOL.
Once I put it all out on the floor for her to look at, WOW, I got a lot of stuff.

Hope you all had a creative Sunday.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 8- Minneapolis MN Mall of America

Today was a full day of shopping.
It was so nice to sleep in and not have to pack all our stuff up to move to another hotel :)
I guess there is a big foot ball game and the Minnesota State Fair is going on here this weekend. We didn't know this when we booked our rooms. Luckily we found adjoining rooms in the hotel we always stay at when we come here.
Unfortunately it was a smoking room :(   So we picked up a bottle of Febreze and sprayed it all over. Funny thing is the smell isn't to bad. Reminded me of my younger years, lol.
 Years ago I had a non-smoking room that not only smelled like smoke, but had ashes and butts hidden behind the night stand, gross. It wasn't this hotel.
I think the smoking rooms get the short end of the stick though. The bedding is butt ugly, the furniture is worn and the shower has little pressure. We kept joking about this most of the weekend.

Now what you all are waiting to shopping purchases.
I was so excited to go to Archiver's. Sadly this is all I found, 4 sheets of paper, some smash book jounaling tags. I used my coupon and think I spent about $15.00 .
Wayne just shook his head. I think I disappointed him, lol.
 The girls were still shopping, so Wayne told me go back in and see if there is something else you may want.
I picked up some chipboard shapes, mini bags and some pretty flowers.
 Then we went for supper at Red Lobster.
Wayne found me a Blicks store (some one in Archivers told me there was one in town).
I had never been in one before. So we dropped the girls off at Burnsville mall and went to Blicks.
OMG this store is a must for all Copic lovers. Wow.

I went through my book and started pulling out markers. Wayne asked me if I was close to filling my collection.
All but the florescent colours, I don't think I would ever use them.
He told me well the price is real good here you might as well get all the ones you are missing then.
Do you even have to ask me why I love this guy so much :)
So I bought 34 of them today.
Picked up the girls from the mall. Then they all went into Best Buy, I stayed in the jeep to colour in my copic chart.
Sad thing is I missed getting 8 colours. How The Hell did that happen. I think I must have forget them in the basket :(
Plus the store was closed.
 Well the girls wanted to go back to Mall of America.
So I figured, what the heck, I will do one more walk around Archivers.
I guess I was a little sad about the marker episode, so I picked up these goodies.
Love those wooden shapes, especially the wings.
I also bought sticky back canvas, I have never played with this before.
I am looking forward to be heading home tomorrow. I get my own bed, my own shower and I am so excited to play with all my new goodies.
I brought some of my markers with me and some images that I had stamped. I have not coloured once. I thought I would have a lot of down time in the hotels....wrong. I so want to colour.
Sadly we are leaving real early in the morning, so I won't be able to check out that gem of a store on the way to Duluth, The Pine City Scrapbooking Co. I am trying to get Wayne to take Monday off of work to relax (then maybe we wouldn't have to leave so early). Yes I have an atrial motive ;)

I have to get the receipts ready for when we cross the border, I dread this part. I think Wayne will be putting some of my purchases on his list :)
Plus I have to put away all my goodies. Yes I take everything out and look at it, lol. I feel like that Gollum from Lord of the Rings..My Precious', lol.

Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday, and was able to be creative today.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 7 Minneapolis MN

I feel so special today..look they names an Avenue after me, teehee.
 I have been looking for these all over the States. I couldn't find them last time I was here.
They are my favourite snack. Good thing I can't find them in Canada.
Hubby found these at a gas station. The only thing is, these ones have cinnamon in them, so I don't like them as much.
But at Target we found them without the cinnamon, just the caramel. So I bought 2 bags :)    I am planning on giving one to my BIL, Jim. He loves caramel corn. I am sure he will enjoy these as well.
If they last till we get home ;)
 You may ask, Are you tired of shopping yet? My answer Never. lol.
But when I get home I may have to reorganize my scrap/craft a bigger one :)
We went to Scrapbooks Too.
Got some Magnolia stamps. These stamps are hard to find. So when I see them I grab them as they are so cute.  Yes!!!! I got some more copics. 12 of them actually. It was buy 3 get one free, so if you think about it they were cheaper then full price or I got 3 free :) Sounds like a deal to me.
 Ran into Michael's.
Those Halloween stamps are to cute, plus I can colour them.
I have a couple Halloween mini album swaps I am in. One is with a young girl so I think these would be perfect for hers.
Seriously how fun are those hologram stickers on the right. I have never seen them before.
 Then we went to Joann's. I love JoAnns, they took my Michael's coupons, and not just one of them, but all 4 of them. I called Hubby over to use one, but she said I could use them all at once :)
 These treasures are also from JoAnns.
Isn't that cherry blossom branch just beautiful.
 Then we went to Archivers. Not the one in Mall of America (that is for tomorrow).
I love the stamp of that Gothic girl, and the headstone stamps are to cute. I don't make Halloween cards, but I may just for the fun of it, and to justify these purchases, lol.
I think Cabela's needs to rethink their displays. LOL

"Hey mommy can I shoot dad?"
"What was that dear, mommy is trying to see how fashionable I look in these camo's"
 Here is another angle, look at the little boys smile. LOL.
Yes we had to go to Cabela's. That is Wayne's favourite store.
He puts up with my scrapbooking stores with a smile on his face. Plus I get fudge out of the deal :)
I wish there were more stores like this for him, it just doesn't seem very fair.
We found out today that Wayne's dad and his wife lost their cat. Molly seemed fine, but they noticed that her litter box was empty. So took her to the vet, thinking she was just constipated.
They were shocked when they were told that Molly had a large mass in her, they operated and found out it was cancer. So sad. They said she was playing the night before.
I phoned them when we got to the hotel. Hugs to them both.

Since the internet hasn't kicked out on my yet. I think I will try and visit some of your blogs. Then if I am still awake I may work on my Smash book.
Hope you all had a creative Friday


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 6 Sioux Falls, SD. Zoo, shopping and My HeArt Journal challenge

I was worried about this challenge. As I wasn't home, so I don't have all my supplies with me.
So I used what I had.
I used the backs of recipe cards (I brought them for daily journaling for my smash book). Inked everything up as I bought one colour of distress ink with me.
I showed you paper packs I had bought earlier in the week, so I used the letters from them.
Here was our challenge.

WEEK 5 - Pieces of Me (layers & paper piecing)

Assignment: Create a spread or a page using layering and paper piecing techniques. Use any stamps you want, colors, etc. Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!

 I think I did pretty good with the supplies I had on hand. I really believe the less you have the more creative you I believe that, but I don't live that. LOL
 I put the letters on the backs of the recipe cards after I inked the cards. Then I tore around the words and put more layers of ink around edges.
 This is layered in different ways.
1. the papers are layered on top of each other.
2. the stickers and punch out letters are layered on top of the paper.
3. These are the different layer of what makes me who I am.
 We went to the Great Plains zoo in Sioux Falls, SD.
I was pretty upset during our visit. I am not an expert on animals, but I do know that a large bear should have some water to cool down in when it is hot outside, and no shade. There was a little area around him that looked like water was suppose to be in , but not today. Today it was bone dry.
The other bear was laying flat, down on its side panting like crazy, and this one was sitting on this rock roaring. It was almost as if he was trying to get someone to pay attention to him to help the other one.
 I know that when the monkeys land on the concrete floor it isn't the same as when they land on the earth in their own environment.
I have been to a few zoos and the monkey swing and seem to tease each other. These ones just stayed put not moving to much.
A jail for animals came to mind when seeing this.
I did put my opinions down on paper and sent them in.
I am sorry if I have offended anyone who loves this zoo. But this was my impressions from my one and only visit.
 On a happier note, I got to shop today.
I looked up this scrap booking store before we got here.
It is a beautiful place inside. Lots of room to move around in. Many areas to scrap in.
Lots and lots of product. Plus the layouts they have on display are awesome.
 Unfortunately this is all I found for myself.
I either had what they had to offer, or they didn't carry the brand or style that I like.
I was surprised that I wasn't greeted when I entered or asked if I needed any help.
 Next hubby found me a Tuesday Morning as I have never been to one before.
Here are the goodies I got from there.
I was happily surprised on the price of the xyron package. You know I love my xyrons :)
 Then to make me really happy we found a Hobby Lobby. Again I have never been to one. It kind of reminded me of JoAnns.
I loved this store.
Wayne came in with me. I had my arms full of goodies. Then he tells "Its time to go".
Why I ask. He tells me "When your arms are to full to carry anything else, its time to go. That's the rules".
"Get me a Cart". I tell him. lol.
I can't find that red tape at home. And it is 3 times the price at home if I can find it.
 This is one of my happiest treasures. Look at these stamps.
I got some House Mouse stamps. They are so cute.
I also love the Christmas stamp.
Who am I kidding I love them all.
 The girls wanted to run into Target.
I found a JoAnns beside it :)
Picked up a few Christmas goodies :)
 Then I went into Target to see what the girls found.
I spotted this purse. I had my eye on it the last time we were at a Target. So I thought I would carry it around for awhile and see if I still wanted it.......well, I carried it right out the door, teehee.
 See the size difference between the one I bought yesterday to this one.
Then Ashley reminded me I had bought a purse at the beginning of our trip.
I usually make my purses. I like to tailor my inside pockets to fit certain things. So I hope I like these ones.
Well that is all (enough) for now.
We are heading to Burnsville in the morning. The girls want to go to Burnsville Mall and Mall of America.
That is like our home away from home, lol.
Sad thing is our hotel we always stay at is booked up :(

Hope you all had a creative day, and I will visit your blogs soon, if I haven't already.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday, Day 5- Mount Rushmore, Keystone SD

Here is my Smash book pages for Glacier National Park
We took 100's of pictures. It was so stunning.
 This page I have the map of where we drove through the mountains. I just adhered the 3 edges and kept the top open to store some photos and other goodies we collected.
 On this page I backed this magazine photo with some card stock to make it more sturdy and again, I just adhered the 3 sides so I can store my journaling of the day behind it.
 Here are the pages before I worked on them.
 You knew there were going to be some pictures right.
The entrance into the Memorial.
 I was very surprised how close this was. I don't know why I thought it was further away.
 Kristy took a couple pictures with her camera and then it died, she forgot to charge it the night before. So being the sweet mother that I am, I gave her my camera to use and told her to take some good ones. Well she took a few and then came to me "Mom your camera is dead too". LOL
Good thing Wayne, Ashley and Heather had their cameras.
Ashley, Heather, Kristy and I did the hike around the trails. Wayne had enough hiking from yesterday, so he just sat it out and waited for us.
 We went back at night for the light ceremony.
They had audio playing about the presidents, you could hear it as soon as you walked up to the entrance of the monument.
They had a movie playing amphitheatre. I am not American but it brought tears to my eye, especially when the National Anthem was played. When ever I hear Canada's or the States National Anthem I get a swelling of pride in my heart.
 Here are my beautiful daughters :)
Look all their eyes are open and no one is making a funny face :)
 Keystone is a cute town. We all loved walking through all the shops. And I mean "all" the shops.
Wayne stayed in the jeep and played with his GPS and got on the Internet.
 In one of the shops, Ashley called me up the stairs to look at a purse that she thought I would like. Seriously this girl is like my personal shopper, teehee.
I loved the purse, but I thought it was to big for me. I like tiny purses....tiny person, tiny purses.
But when ever we go away I end up collecting so much shit I mean stuff that my purse gets to full. So I bought it anyway.
Ashley and I bought cowboy hats. She looks so much cuter with hers of course. But this will be perfect for camp :)   No I didn't wear it around like a tourist, lol.

Onto my day:
Hubby slept in a tad, which was OK. We were still to early for the continental breakfast. I think we have only had it at one hotel so far.
So we went to McDonald's for breaky.
We saw some "real" cowboys there. They had their cowboy hats on and even spurs on thier cowboy boots.
Let me tell you, they were pure eye candy first thing in the morning.
I guess from riding all those horses, it sure tightens all their muscles, cause man they had nice asses :)

When I was in the washroom at McD's, Ashley comes in and says "I went in the "Men's" washroom by accident. I wondered why there were urinals in there".
I replied "Would have been funny if a guy was in there. Ohhhhh or maybe those cowboys"  LOL.

I did laundry in the hotel. It was nice as they were just across from the girls room.

Hope you all had a wonderful, creative day today.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Day 4 Lewis and Clark Caverns

Now I know why I am confused on the days. My blog posts (besides missing some because of hotel internet) don't match my smash book days. I am always a day or 2 behind. I am always a day late, but never a dollar short ;)
Here is part of my pages for Day 3.
I made a pocket to put my post cards in. I bought some beautiful post cards along the way. I wanted to put them in the book so I could still read the backs of them. On the back of them I have journaling about things that have happened during this trip, or funny things my family says.
 Here is the page undone. Oh I didn't have white out to fix my mistake, I will get to it when we get home.
 When we went shopping, Victoria Secret had these wrist tassels (hubby wanted me to get 2 of them, but he called them a different name, lol). What they are really for is to spray your favourite scent on. So I did that and then attached it to my spiral rings.
I may not have the nicest smash book, but I will have the nicest smelling ;)
 Remember the fire from yesterday's post.
Well when we left the hotel to get to the next part of our trip, this is what it looked like. You can see the flames still burning.
 Today we went to Lewis & Clark Caverns.
Here is the scene before you get there.
I took this picture out of the moving jeep. Look at the reflection in the water, beautiful. See I get a good shot in once in a while :)
 These photos are Wayne's.
They are from inside the caverns. I loved this part of the trip, it was so cool being down there. Our guide had a few funny stories along the way.
Our tour started at 10:00. We had to walk 3/4 miles straight up the mountain.
Poor Wayne he was huffing and puffing, and had to sit quite a bit. But as he pointed out to me, He wasn't the last one to the top. He has been having a bit of problems with his alergies (asthma) durning this trip. I think its from all the farms. Plus when we got into the caves, he was coughing. I told him it was from either the dampness, or the bat droppings.
 Here is another photo Wayne took.
There were some pretty tight spots in here. Sometimes there is an advantage of being tiny, lol.
 Have you ever been in a foul mood where everything irks you?
This was me when we got to the hotel.
First the hotel is across (the dug up road) from the lobby.
We have outside stairs to get up to our 2nd floor rooms.
Bathroom floor has hair on it....not going to go into detail on this one.
Outside view is of a dumpster.
One ply toilet paper. For the price I am paying for these 2 rooms, you think they could have splurged on some 2 ply.
Internet works for everyone, but me.
K Mart doesn't carry craft supplies. And is the only store in town open.

But then we went out for supper at Perkins. I had their shrimp alfrado and loved it.
Then when we came back, I finally got some internet for a couple of 1/2 hour intervils. Went on Facebook and my SIL, Darlene (Wayne's sister, who is also married to my brother) chatted with me and told me how my mom and dad would be so proud of me and how amazing Wayne and I are for doing this.
My heart swelled with love. I am just amazed at the outpour of love I get. I am such a lucky person.

Today was the last errand I will ever do for my dad.
I spread the last of his ashes today, overlooking a beautiful mountain.
Afterward, I was fine at first then I realized, Thats it, I'm done, its final. I don't have him here anymore, I will never hear his voice again. I will not get anymore phone calls during the day or night, for him to discuss current affairs with me.
I have done the last errand for me dad. He is at peace and I can breath and know I did everything I could for him during his life and after.

But on a lighter note. A word of advice. If you ever have to spread a loved ones ashes, pay attention to which way the wind is blowing, Oh ya and don't wear lipgloss.
I will leave you tonight (after this long, long post. Ya I had some pop before bed. It is 4:00am my time) Here is a picture that Wayne took of the falls in Glacier National Park.
Hope you all had a creative day today.

PS I did a post earlier today, if you want to see some beautiful photos.