Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I found my treasures.

I found my quilt wall panels from my trip :)
They were under some papers on my dresser. Told you my home is turned upside down from the last couple weeks.

The Halloween one is adorable. I was thinking of adding some cute spider buttons hanging from the tree and maybe some dimensional leaves on the ground.

I have a wall quilt for summer and winter but I wanted one for fall. I never found one for so long. Then I found this one. It is pretty, I personally like brighter colours, but I figured if I frame each scene in a burgundy (my favourite colour) hopefully it will brighten it up a bit.
Here is my spring/summer quilt wall hanging. I love Debbie Mumm's fabrics and totally adore her angels.
You can't tell but I quilted around each angel and the watering cans and around each scene. I just love this. I love this so much that I painted one of my bird housed exactly like the yellow one in the bottom middle scene. I also painted the top middle angel on a tin bucket.
I drove Ashley to work this morning, did banking, then picked her up for lunch. I told her to take the jeep to work for the afternoon, because I didn't want to go and pick her up after work.
I got to spend the rest of the day at home, Yippee. I stayed home and cleaned the house, I loved it.

Its Tuesday, what did you do to make you feel proud.
I relaxed and cleaned my home.
I also checked out some of my favourite blogs :)


Monday, August 30, 2010

I love Quilt shops

When my daughters and my SIL and I went to the States, I was so looking forward to shopping at some quilt shops.
I know there were 2 on the drive up. But I didn't know about this little treasure.
I should have got a photo of the whole building. It was cute and had a porch on the side. Inside was just loaded with quilts, fabric and patterns. They even had quilts hanging on the ceiling. The staff was so helpful and friendly. I purchased a Fall wall hanging panel from here. Can't wait to go back.
I missed one of my quilt shops I wanted to check out. Sharon was driving and drove right on past it. I guess she forgot it was there.
I did get to my second quilt shop though. I just love quilt shops they are so cozy. I also purchased a wall hanging panel for there. It was a Halloween theme.

I also found this adorable little guy. They didn't have a pattern for it, but they let me take a picture of him. Since I love figuring out how to make things on my own, I can't wait to try to create him. He is a Santa Bag.
Not sure what you would use him for? Maybe for your Christmas cards or maybe to hold candy canes or my Snowman soup packages I make for guests.
I was going to share the panels that I purchased but I can't find them. My home has been turned upside down these last couple weeks.
Today I went and totally finished cleaning up and out my dad's apartment. I handed in the keys. I also talked to the landlord again, and he said he will write out the check on Monday.

My SIL Sharon and I went out for lunch today. We went to Kelsey's. I had the shrimp Alfredo, not the best.

Hope you had a wonderful Monday


Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a mess

I got this planter at my dad's apartment. They have an area where you put things and anyone can take them. We put a lot of my dad's stuff there and they were grabbed in minutes.
Well I saw this planter but it was plain wood.
Hubby didn't' want me to get it. He has no vision LOL.
Well we painted it up. Unfortunately I got the wrong colour paint. I got cherry red instead of burgundy. Hubby says we should keep it like this, I think he just doesn't want to paint it again.
But it doesn't match my other things, so off to Canadian Tire to get some burgundy tomorrow :)

Here is my baby Kristy. She says she doesn't like coming to camp. Sure.
Doesn't she look like she is enjoying herself. She says she doesn't want to come up, but her and her sister's have such a great time. Teens LOL.We left camp early today as we had to get this couch out of our basement. I think this couch is over 25 yrs old. It was my in laws before we got it. The thing is we had to chop it in half to get it out of the basement. We finished the basement while this was down here. Now it won't fit around the staircase. But I think Hubby had fun chopping it up. Mind you it was a big mess. There was foam chunks all over the place.
And he kind of scratched the sh1t out of our door and stairs :(
There were a lot of hidden treasures in the cushions. The biggest was a phone. LOL. My girls played "Comfy Couch" and would clean up by stuffing things in the couch. Now I know where all their socks went LOL.
We then went to the "Pit" so Heather could grease the trucks. It took longer than usual for her, she said it was because she was so hot.
I went down to the scale shack to do my paper work....there is air conditioning in there :) I did bring her cold juice and some munchies in between my work.
We didn't get out of there until after 8:00. So we ordered Chinese food for supper. Why is it so expensive?

Busy day tomorrow.
When do I get to be creative again? I miss my crafting.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

I got to be creative :)

Today was a beautiful day.
I finished my projects that I was working on a few weeks ago.

Here is the before and after of the twirly roof thingy. Turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.
Here is the distributor cap. There wasn't a good selection of flowers to choice from. Actually these were the only summer flowers left.
Here is the before and after of this.It was so nice I even went swimming. Then I soaked up the sun with my girls.
Then I started on another book.
We had a camp fire tonight. So relaxing.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to Reality

I finished this book tonight. I really liked this one. Actually I have really enjoyed every one of Ellen Hopkins books.
This one is 625 pages about 5 teenagers from different walks of life and how they get involved in selling themselves. Let it be for love, money or drugs.
I would give it an 8 out of 10.

Today was a busy day. I ran around most of the day
I drove Ashley to work for 8:30am.
Came home and typed up a letter for the landlord at my dad's apartment. He doesn't want to give back the last month's rent my dad paid.
I was just going to let it go, but then thought "no" who else has he taken advantage of. So I phoned the Landlords and Tenants Board to make sure I "was" in the right. Which I was. So I typed the letter and dropped it in his letter box. Then I phoned him.
I don't think he liked that I knew what my rights were...or should I say what my dad's rights were.
I also cleaned up my dad's apartment. I am going to finish it up on Monday and then hand in the keys.

I took Ashley out for lunch.
When the waitress asked about the bill. I told her "I'll take it, I guess moms treating again."
She was shocked. She said she would never have guessed I was her mom. She couldn't believe it.
You heard that right Ashley LOL.
And yes I am telling everyone, teehee.

I donated my dad's walkers to the Arthritis Society. The girl there thanked me for donating them. I told her my dad would have wanted that as he had rheumatoid arthritis. She started crying, which made me cry. She said she lost her mom. When I asked her when she told me 2 yrs ago. So much sadness even after 2 yrs.

Well we are off to camp. It is suppose to be a beautiful weekend.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a fun few days

We tried to cram a lot into the 3 1/2 days of our girls vacation.
We enjoyed the hot tub, boy did we love it.

We scrap booked a lot. I think I did 8 pages, which it quite a bit for me.
We enjoyed our reading, in the sun.We even got in some crocheting.
And some practical jokes..OK I was the only one that did the jokes teehee.
This blow up moose head was hanging in her bedroom, don't know why. So anyway Debbie didn't like it so we put it in her closet. When she was out BBQing I snuck it in my bedroom closet. Then early in the morning I put it in the bathroom. Then in the evening I put it in her bed, so it looked like it was going to sleep beside her. LOL. Godfather anyone.Debbie hated this thing. Believe me LOL. She said they were morbid for putting a bug decoration in the cabin.
So I put it on her night stand, so when she went to bed that night she would see it. Ya she saw it, called me a few choice names and put it back LOL. She didn't even want to touch it LOL.Ya you have to be a special person to be my friend and put up with me teehee.
Check out time was at 11:00. We were packed up and ready to go before that, even though we didn't want to go. So we sat on the deck and read till the last second.
When I got home, I unpacked all my stuff, then puttered around the house.
I checked out all your comments. Thank you again you are all so kind.
I then read my posts from the last few days, and when I got to my post about my dad with all the pictures of him. I just broke down and sobbed. It will get better, I know that. But I have been so busy with getting his affairs in order and getting ready for this get away, I guess I didn't really get all my crying out.
Thank you all again.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take a Hike

We had a little chipmunk visit us. It loved my popcorn twists. Debbie complained that they had too much salt in them and the little guy would have a heart attack. So she wanted to give him a healthier choice, some of her rice cakes. I told her that the little guy likes junk food more......I was right LOL. He bi passed her healthy treat for my treat teehee.
We went for our hike today. That is one of the reasons we like it here. They have major hiking trails.
We wanted to take our cold water and some TP (never know when you need to go and leaves just don't cut it LOL). Neither one of us had a fanny pack. So I was looking around and came up with a solution. The oven mitt. Both of the water bottles fit in it and it had a little loop on it for Debbie's camera strap.
This is at the 3 hour hike. Don't I look like I can walk forever.Still raring to go here. Yes it was a 3 hour hike but a lot of it was climbing up the mountain. There was even a rope to help pull yourself up the steep rocky parts. I Loved It.This is the view from the top of the mountain. I think it is over a 600 foot drop.
After our walk we went for a hot tub. Tanned on the deck, read some of our books and I refreshed Debbie on how to crochet, as she wanted to make some dish cloths.
Debbie then cooked chicken breasts for supper and then we went in the hot tub again.
Then we scrap booked all night long.

What a fun day


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mink Mountain!!!

We made it.
My girlfriend Debbie and I went to out yearly girls getaway. There are a few cabins and this year we picked Falcon's Ridge. And what a good pick it was.
After we lugged in all our scrap booking supplies and unpacking them, we take over the kitchen table, we set out to check out the view.

Here is the front of the cabin. It has a two tier deck with a hot tub!!

This is the view from the deck looking down. To the left of the rock trail is a fire pit. That is a deck overlooking the lake. It is on Lake Superior.
This little guy was sitting on the railing. When we came back from one of our walks he was wedged in between this pipe and the outside wall.
We scrap booked all day and all night. We also went for a few walks. Last night Debbie BBQ'd some pork chops. Today we went to the Neebing for supper.

Here is to friends. Phone one of your good friends tonight. They are important to your well being.


Monday, August 23, 2010

A get away

Just a quick post.
First I would like to thank you all for your kind words and condolences about my dad.
Thank you also to those who sent me personal messages on my email. I am truly touched.

Now not to alarm anyone, but I will be gone for most of this week. But it is for happy reasons.
My girlfriend Debbie and I go away every year for a girls retreat. It is just her and I. We rent a camp or a room or a loft and scrapbook all weekend. We also go for walks on the hiking trails and chat... alot. LOL.

We planned this months ago. She is on her way here to pick me up. She is taking their truck and is worried all out supplies aren't going to fit LOL.

I am looking forward to live having some normalcy to it. And getting back to check on every one's blogs.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, I know I will for sure.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hi ho Hi ho. It time for work I go.

We came home early from camp.
I needed to catch up on my book work. I haven't done any this month.
Heather needed to grease the trucks.
So I brought my work to the pit and finished it all.

We were late getting home, no time to cook. So I ran to A&W for some take out. I am so sick and tired of take out. I think the whole family is.
I have been so busy this last week. I think we have hit up every fast food place in town.
After I finished my book work I finshed reading this book. My FIL's wife Joy lent it to me. Very good book. It has lots of twists and turns in it. I would recommend it.
A teenage girl wakes up after a night of drinking and having a fight with her parents. Only to find out that they are all gone.

Pee Break Fail

I finished this book a few days ago.
I was a bit confused at the beginning. Were they twins, did she have a split personality?
It was really good. I would recommend this book.

When we were at camp Kristy and I went for a walk. This is what we saw. We went and got the quad and out camera's.
What happened was the trucker pulled over to go pee, and his truck slid off the soft shoulder. No one was hurt. Mind you I would rather see this than bottles of pee all over the side of the highway.
Seriously how long does it take for a trucker to get out of his truck and go pee. They don't even have to get down LOL. Why do they have to pee in bottles and then throw them in the ditch.
Funny thing is there is a pull off area for truckers not 5 minutes before here.
I walk this part of the highway many times a day at camp. Guess I should walk more on the side.

I went swimming again today. Hubby, Joy and I went across the lake.
Hubby and I picked blue berries. This will be the last weekend for this though. Not too many left. And no I didn't pick them all LOL.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I have a swelled head

Hubby and I enjoy riding our quads at camp. My helmet is a bit big. It was my MIL's.
So we were at Canadian Tire and we just happen to walk down the isle that the helmets were in. So I thought I would try some on. Now I really love my hubby's helmet, it has the mouth piece with the mesh so no dust goes in your mouth.
I found one like it to try on. When I put it on it felt a bit snug, but it had lots of padding inside it.
I said to Wayne I think it is to small, and its a medium.
He starts to chuckle as my cheeks are squished up to my eyes.
Well guess what I couldn't get the dam thing off. I was pulling at the edges and Wayne was pulling from the top.
It felt like I had rug burn on my cheeks.
Checked out the size it was a Youth Medium, LOL.
I said to Wayne, what if we couldn't get it off. I would have had to bought the darn thing then went to emerg. to get them to cut it off LOL.

We are going to camp tonight.
Ashley is staying home, she says its because she worked all week, but I think it is because she wants to spend time with her new boyfriend :)

Hope your weekend is enjoyable.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

a tribute to my dad

Dad, You were there for me more than you know.

When I wanted my training wheels off my bike, you weren't sure I would succeed but you let me learn on my own. And you were proud that I did.
When I climbed trees and got something in my eye, you were there to take it out.
When I took jumps on my bike a cut up my knee, you were there to bandage me up.
When it was said that I should have braces on my teeth and I got upset, you were there to tell me that they gave my face a special character.
When I had a broken heart, you were there to tell me there were other fish in the sea, way better than him.
When we drifted apart because of family issues, when we say each other again you just grabbed my and hugged me and didn't let me go.
When ever I needed advice you never gave it until I asked for it.

Thank you for being my dad. Some may say but he is only your step dad...He is a step up from many dads I know.

This is a picture of my dad when he left Scotland and went to South Africa

I love this picture.
My dad loved photography. He was going to show me how to take photographs when I was younger but for some reason that didn't happen. He loved that my family was interested in photography.He did a bit of hunting and fishing. But left that to my brother Calum.Here he is with my middle daughter Heather. 19 yrs ago.My dad and I at my sister Julia's wedding. I think this is the first and last time I danced with my dad.

My dad came into my life when I was about 2 yrs old. He said he had a soft spot for me. He liked that I was independent (maybe he ate those words when I was a teen). He taught me to pay my own way in life then you owe no one. Take pride in yourself and your belongings. Don't keep everything inside you as it is not healthy (still working on this one).

There are many more lessons he taught me, and they all helped me be the person I am today.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Post Dated:

My dad didn't want a funeral. He didn't want anything actually. He said if no one could visit him while he was alive why would he want them there when he was gone. Loved his logic :)

But my sister said she wanted something. So I suggested we all go out to dinner. But she wanted something more than that. So I suggested that we have a small gathering at my house for a little tribute to dad.
The grand kids put a memory board together.
I ran out and ordered a meat tray and some dainties.
It was nice, I am sure he wouldn't have objected to it.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My eyes are wide open

Post Dated:

Today we finished going through my dad's things.
My sister just has to come back and get the things that she wanted. She doesn't have a truck.
A few things were said to me by one of my siblings that made me see another side of them. It shocked me and broke my heart. I heard of these things happening to others when a parent passed away, but I didn't think it would happen here.

This sibling also lied to me. I know they did. I didn't call them on it, as they have to live with themselves knowing what they did or didn't do.
Yes I know life isn't all rainbows and unicorns as Ashley likes to tell me, but still, I like to think the best in everyone.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Post Dated:

Today my siblings (the 4 of us) and I met at dad's apartment to go through his things and clean it out.
Wayne and I have been there almost every night to clean the rug and to air it out. Because dad passed away in the apartment it needed some tending to. My hubby is so awesome.

There are so many things that need to be canceled and you can't do it over the phone, you have to go down in person. I did a few today.

We did a pretty good job today. Tomorrow we need to go back and finish it up.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bringing dad home

Post Dated:

Today my oldest brother, Darrell, and I picked up my dad. He wanted to be cremated. He wants his ashes to be scattered. I don't think I can share what or where he wants to go, as I am not sure of the legality of it all :)
But he would love to have pulled one over on the legal system.

Darrell took me out for lunch and we went to my dad's apartment. Darrell said he thought that he might feel different. But like I told him I just look at the apartment and think of dad being in the hospital, as he was last year.
I am sure once it is empty, it will hit us then.
Tomorrow my other siblings and I are going to go and clean out my dad's apartment.
This may be hard.

I had a talk with the landlord about us moving dad's stuff out and we could be out of there by the end of the month. He said to me that he needed 60 days notice, but would make an exception in our case. Oh thanks, sorry we didn't inform you sooner. It wasn't until I got home and started thinking that my dad paid 1st and last months rent.
So I went through some papers I had copied when he moved in there. I have the receipt of this and he signed a monthly lease.
I may need to talk to him again.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Such a peaceful day

Post Dated:
It was a beautiful day today. The weather was perfect.
I even went swimming. I usually like to kayak or float around on the air mattress. But I actually went swimming with Wayne. He loves to swim. I like to swim too but in a heated pool.
We also got to pick a few berries. I find berry picking so relaxing.

There was an accident on the highway near our cottage. A transport truck tipped over and spilled some diesel fuel. So the highway was closed down for 4 to 5 hours. When we went to check out what happened (we went on the quad) a gentleman asked us if there was a way around the accident. So hubby and I went to check out where it was. As it turned out it was past the pipeline trail. So we escorted the guy (he had a 4x4 truck) down the pipeline to the other side of the highway.
When he drove up the bank an older lady got excited....There is another road she asked.
She and her hubby had a compact car. Wayne told her that you needed a 4x4 to climb alot of the sandy hills.
Her hubby said.. I'm to old and my car is to new to even try it. LOL.

We were debating on spending another night at camp, but I got a bit anxious and wanted to get home. So we left camp at around 8:30 and got home at 10:00pm. My older brother phoned me to tell me how much he liked the obituary of my dad.

Once hubby and I went to bed, I couldn't sleep. Wayne says to me.. You want to go through the rest of those papers don't you.
Man he knows what I am thinking. So we got up and sorted through my dad's papers and finished about 3:00 am.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Need to Breathe

Post Dated:

Today was crazy. I not only was on the phone most of the day. I was running around as well.
Being the executor of his will, there is a lot to do.
As I was running around today, I was at a set of lights and thought how peaceful our camp is.
The lake
The fresh air
Not having to drive anywhere
I am going up there tonight.

Hubby came home from work and I told him we need to go to camp. He was surprised as he didn't think I would want to go this weekend. But I need to escape from the phone. But there is no escape as everyone has our camp number.
My younger brother phoned out there and we talked for about an hour. He had just got into town.
My older brother was away on a holiday. He was scheduled to come home some time tonight.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Bye Dad

Post Dated:

Today is the day that I had to make the arrangements for my dad. My sister wanted to come as well.
After I made the arrangements I asked to see him. I "needed" to see him. As I was looking at him I thought to myself, good thing you coloured your mustache and shaved your head dad. He liked to be put together.

Here is his obituary

Later that night Wayne and I went to his apartment and cleaned the rug again and aired the place out.
I took every piece of paper I could find out of there to look at, at home. He never threw any papers away, not even the envelopes. Because I am taking care of everything I wanted to to through the papers at home.

I made lists of things that needed to be taken care of and places that I needed to call.

I don't know what I was thinking today. As I was running around I thought "Oh dad would have laughed at what the girls did on our trip". He loved to hear of all the silly things we do or say.
When I got home I had to make a phone call...can you believe I dialed my dad's number.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rest in Peace Dad

Post dated

My dad has passed away. He wasn't doing so good the last couple weeks, but this was a shock and still is. The last week has been a blur. I am keeping this blog as an online journal. Which means I post about the good and the bad.
Here is how I found out:

On our way home from our mini girls vacation, Ashley gets a text (I forgot my cell phone) and I hear her gasp in the back seat.I asked her what was wrong and she didn't tell me. At first I thought it was personal and she didn't want to share it with her aunt. But when I turned around and looked at her the look on her face and her eyes told me it wasn't something good.
"Is something wrong with one of your friends?" I asked.
"No". she replied.
"Is something wrong with daddy?"
"Is my dad in the hospital?" Now I am panicking
I knew then "Is My...dad... dead?" I ask in tears.
She shakes her head Yes and reaches for me.
That is how I found out my dad died today.

You may wonder why it was sent this way. My hubby works in the middle of nowhere. He rarely gets cellphone sevice, and sometimes his two way radio doesn't get single either. They had to send a trucker to tell him someone called to say that my dad died. He didn't want me to come home from my trip to messages on our machine. Ashley wanted me to enjoy the last 15 mins of our trip.

I came home made some phone calls. I had to find out where my dad was., what happened and my worst fear how long was he laying alone before some one found him.
First they tell me he is at the funeral home, I call there, they tell me he is back at the hospital. So I made arrangements with the funeral home to get him there and I will be there tomorrow to make the arrangements.

As it turned out my dad died of a heart attack. The coroner figured he got up and had a massive heart attack and died right there. He also figured my dad was there for a day or two before my sister found him.

No one checked on him or phoned him while I was away. Am I angry YES. Is it going to change anything No.

Wayne and I went to his apartment that night. We had to open up the windows and put the fans on. Wayne cleaned the carpet where my dad was found and I picked out his suit for the next day.

Rest in Peace dad.
I hope your pain is gone.
I am going to miss our daily phone calls and me sharing my life with you.
I love you dad.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How many laughs are too many???

Whenever my SIL, and friend, Sharon and I get together we really do Laugh Out Loud.
And this is what we have been doing all week. My girls walked away at times but most of the time they are just right in there with us.

Guess where we had lunch today.
Yup this is what we ate for lunch, Yummy.
Look at this girl hard at work. I am sure you get some nice arm muscles doing this most of the day.

I had Peach/ banana something or other. Sharon had Blueberry something or other. What ever the name was it was delicious.
How sad that all my pictures today are of this LOL. We went to the mall most of the day. Then to Michael's. One thing that ticks me off is that here in the States everything at Michael's is at least 40% cheaper then at home. Our dollar isn't 40% less then theirs. I just don't get it.

Funny Story:
When we were at Michael's, the girls came by while Sharon and I were looking at stuff. Sharon let out a little yelp. I looked at her, then at the girls. At first I thought that my girls had a water gun and squirted her. Nope nothing and no one was giving anything away. So I turned away from them to check out the punches. Then what did I feel, but a hand on my Boob. That's right "A Hand on My Boob"! I screamed. Sharon, and my precious girls were laughing so hard, I think Sharon peed her pants again. It turned out that Ashley got a fake arm from the Halloween dept. and copped a feel with it. I was going to buy it to scare the sh1t out of my girls tonight in their sleep. Now that would have been funny.

We enjoyed the hot tube tonight. I also found a quilt and wool store tonight. The owner was very nice. I think that they were closed but their door was open because they had a knitting and quilting class going on. She invited me in and encouraged me to go and check out what everyone was working on. Everyone was so sweet. So, We go home tomorrow :( But I get to check out some quilting store on the way home. I always find the good in every situation.

Hope you had a few laughs today.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Too much of a good thing isn't always good

We got an early start this morning. Sharon picked us up at 8:00 am. It took us less then an hour to reach the US border. It took about 4 hours to get here.
We did make a few stops on the way. I love stopping in on the cute shops along the way. But because we left so early most of them weren't open yet. We will check them out on the way home. I love the quilt shops
When we came into town the first place we stopped at was this store.

It is a scrap booking store. I really enjoy browsing in here. It has a lot to offer. Unfortunately they don't have any Tim Holtz stuff.

We did Miller Hill mall and a few other stores so far. We are staying at the Bridgeview in Superior. We always stay here.
We went to Red Lobster. We always get one meal here, as we don't have one back at home. We love it. We also ate way to much. I brought my left overs back to the hotel. I just finished eating the rest and am stuffed so full its not funny. I don't even want to move. LOL
Sharon and I ran into Menards so she could get some dog treats to bring back for her dog (don't even ask LOL). Well there was a worker there, I assume she was on her break as she was sleeping at a high table. I went up to her and pretended to shake her awake and bang on the table. Sharon almost went pee pee in her pants. Good thing the lady didn't wake up I would have felt a bit silly LOL.

We are just going to relax the rest of the evening and watch TV. I will check in on some of my blogging friends. Maybe read a bit of my novel. And if I have time maybe crochet a bit, as I picked up a couple new colours (oops I'm in the States.....colors) of crochet thread.

Having a good Monday, hope you do to.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

It looks like trash, but it will be my treasure

Thank you for you kind and sweet comments yesterday.

Look what I found at our tiny cottage dump. Oh you might look at this and say what the heck is this piece of junk. Well, roofers will tell you that this is a twirly roof vent. I will tell you that it is something that will be transformed next weekend.
Ohhh you may wonder what I am going to do with this.... but you have to wait until next weekend to see :)
During one of my many walks this weekend I found this little treasure. What you may ask is this well I thought it was a carburetor. Hubby chuckled at me (this is nothing new teehee) it is a distributor cap from an old scout.
Again you may ask what is she going to do with this hunk of junk...as my hubby and FIL Ray asked LOL. Yet again you have to wait until next weekend when I (when I say I, I mean Hubby) paints this puppy up and makes it all pretty and useful.
I had some trouble with our chipmunks at our cottage this weekend. This little guy was being a bully. He wouldn't let any other chipmunks come and share the millions of sunflower seeds we put out for them.
I would yell and stomp my foot at him. He actually ran into my foot chasing a tiny one. Finally I had to stand in between them for them all to get their fair share. I don't like to see bullying LOL. But in the end he calmed down and let me pet him. He wouldn't share the blueberry rejects that I threw on the ground though LOL.
Our friendly bunny. He comes and greets us as we pull up to the cottage every weekend.
Hubby puts out sunflower seeds and peanuts for the birds and chipmunks, Bunny loves the empty peanut shells. He gets very close to us. I guess he knows that we are not a threat to him.

We had to leave camp a bit earlier as Heather had to work. We are going to Duluth tomorrow, girls weekend. I needed to do some laundry and pack. I sure am excited. I will bring my laptop, but I will only be on it in the evening. Mind you, because Ashley's laptop is in getting repaired, I guess mine will be shared with all my girls.

Hope your weekend was as enjoyable and relaxing as mine was.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Its all fun and games until someone gets stung

Today was an excellent day at camp.
We got to see a friend. Dave is from Edmonton, he lived here for awhile taking care of his dad. Then he moved back there. Last time we seen him was in 2008. He is such a sweet guy. We all enjoyed the camp fire tonight.

I think I planted my Sweet Peas and Morning Glories to late in the year. They are still growing I hope I get to see them bloom before the weather changes. I made this planter many years ago. It was in Kristy's room under her window. Her room was a garden theme then. Hubby painted it my favorite colour and it now is beside the outhouse. We only use the outhouse in the winter when the water is shut off.
Ohhh do you see a ghost? Yup its me glowing in the sunlight. I am so white I could give Edward a run for his money LOL.
I enjoyed a swim. Hubby and I swam across the lake, while Kristy and Heather played on the large air mattress.
I haven't laid in the sun and enjoyed the warmth of it for sooo long. I know how bad it is for you, but it is sure relaxing.
Now please do not click on the picture to make it bigger, you will scare yourself.
I went for many walks today. I really did enjoy the day.
Hubby and I went and picked some more blueberries.
My luck ran out picking to close to the wasps nests. Yup I got stung, and boy did it Sting. I yelled to hubby "I got stung!" as I was running towards him. He yells "Are the following you?" Luckily only one flew up my Capri's and couldn't get out I guess.
If you look closely at the sting it looks like tiny lines are coming out from the spot. It reminds me of movies when they are infected.

But look at all these scrumptious berries. I think it was worth it. Don't you?

I enjoyed my Saturday, I hope you enjoyed yours as well.