Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I found my treasures.

I found my quilt wall panels from my trip :)
They were under some papers on my dresser. Told you my home is turned upside down from the last couple weeks.

The Halloween one is adorable. I was thinking of adding some cute spider buttons hanging from the tree and maybe some dimensional leaves on the ground.

I have a wall quilt for summer and winter but I wanted one for fall. I never found one for so long. Then I found this one. It is pretty, I personally like brighter colours, but I figured if I frame each scene in a burgundy (my favourite colour) hopefully it will brighten it up a bit.
Here is my spring/summer quilt wall hanging. I love Debbie Mumm's fabrics and totally adore her angels.
You can't tell but I quilted around each angel and the watering cans and around each scene. I just love this. I love this so much that I painted one of my bird housed exactly like the yellow one in the bottom middle scene. I also painted the top middle angel on a tin bucket.
I drove Ashley to work this morning, did banking, then picked her up for lunch. I told her to take the jeep to work for the afternoon, because I didn't want to go and pick her up after work.
I got to spend the rest of the day at home, Yippee. I stayed home and cleaned the house, I loved it.

Its Tuesday, what did you do to make you feel proud.
I relaxed and cleaned my home.
I also checked out some of my favourite blogs :)



  1. These are all cute, but that Halloween one is amazing!!! I love it! What are you going to create with it? Something for me, I'm assuming! HA! Kidding! But I really can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. You've got some amazing stuff there, girly, and I agree with Jingle - the Halloween one is amazing!

  3. The panels you got are really neat! Love your angel quilt hanging you made!

  4. Your hangings are beautiful, really gorgeous Tracy.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  5. I love the wallhangings and panels. How cute! Now you have me wanting to dig into my fabrics and put together a quilt. Thanks for sharing!:-)

  6. I love the wall hangings! On Tuesday I helped my 6 year old cousin with homework and that made me proud of him and ME!


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