Friday, April 30, 2010

TV Dinners, I don't remember them tasting so bad

I haven't been on the computer much today, and I missed it. LOL
It did rain and thunder early this morning, but because I slept in (Kristy had a PD day) I missed it. I love thunder storms.

I had to do banking today. Property Taxes= BLAH, Visa=BLAH, Paycheck=GOOD, but it all went to bills=BLAH.
Then grocery shopping. The girls wanted to come with me. Bad mistake. I spend more when they are with me as I get things that they want which I normally wouldn't if I was by myself. For example. I bought TV dinners for supper. I would never buy them, to much salt and not really nutritious. I remember loving them when I was a kid. They were plain gross. I didn't even finish mine, I only ate the potatoes. That's probably why I am hungry right now.

I did work on the mini a bit today. I cut out the book/chipboard. The ugly orange letters are just a template, they are not part of the album. Don't get excited. LOL. I put them on with reposition able glue.
I am video taping as I go. So hopefully it will look good enough for me to share. LOL. I guess you can't really tell but each page is cut out around the one side of the letter.

I didn't finish my book. Actually I didn't have time to read at all today. I am so close to finishing it. I will just smudge the date when I write it down in my Reading Journal I made, you can see them in this post.

My SIL Sharon didn't come over for scrap booking tonight. But Wayne's cousin Myra did. She just started a couple months ago. Ya I think we got her addicted, LOL. She is working on her daughter's baby pictures. Her daughters are in there middle 20's.
I didn't scrap book at all. I helped her with her pages. Myra just got knee surgery about a month or so, and I didn't want her going down the stairs (that is where my scrap/craft room is). So we stayed upstairs in the dining room. I didn't want to lug all my stuff up, plus I enjoy helping others with their projects.

Ashley drove for a bit today. She is really nervous about backing up, so she pulls through in parking lots. She also parks way far away from the store. She says we need the exercise anyway.
So we get out of the store and there is a note on the windshield. The girls are like MOM what did you do. I was like I didn't do the parking.
After I read the note, I knew exactly who it was from.
Jacob. I laughed. Ashley always asks us to rate her after she is finished driving. LOL. Then who pulls up Jacob. Then he came to our house and him and Ashley went out for supper. Lucky she didn't have to eat a TV dinner. Bleech.

We were going to go to our camp/cottage tomorrow morning, but it is suppose to rain all day. So we will be staying home. I hope it does rain all day. We really need it, and I want to work on this album and I will have an excuse to stay in all day if it rains.

Hope you had a nice Friday and here is to the weekend


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog candy, just what the doctor ordered.

I had to go to my Gastrologist today. I have Ulcerative Colitis. I have had it since the age of about 18. This was a scary time for me as I didn't know what was the matter with me. I lived on my own, didn't have a relationship with any of my parents. So I had to go and get all the tests by myself (well that isn't totally true, my boyfriend, now hubby was with me). And because I probably looked about 14yrs old, none of the doctors or nurses told me anything, guess they thought my parents were with me.
During one test I got so mad I refused to cooperate until I talked to the doctor. I'll tell you the nurses weren't to happy. But the doctor explained what was going on and why I needed these tests.
One time when I had to go to the hospital as I was so sick. A stupid doctor said there was nothing wrong with me, I had hemorrhoids. Seriously!?!? I would love to see that old fart and tell him a thing or two.
Well anyway, my doctor told me today that I should be taking my medication all the time. I only take it when it is active, or I have a flare up. I soooo hate taking medication.
Because of my moms addiction to prescription pills, I think it is a weakness to take medication. I know this is silly, and I get mad at others if they don't take their perscribed medication. But to me I feel it is a weakness for me to take meds. Well I will start because he said it could spread and get really bad if I don't'. Urrggg guess I have to bite the bullet.
See I told you I was the runt of the litter. LOL

Onto some fun things. I got my blog candy from Twyla.

It is the end of the month tomorrow and I have some goals I wanted completed.
One was to finish a book a month. Well I am not quite finished my book. Guess I will be reading tomorrow. I planned on reading it while waiting for the doctor. But I ran into my Friend/Sister Shirley. I have known Shirley since I was about 5 or 6. Actually she lived with us, some of her brothers did too. Her dad was a single dad, him and my dad worked together. They had a lot of shutdown jobs out of town. So when they went out of town to work Shirley stayed with us. I loved it she was like an older sister I didn't have. Imagine your best friend living with you, how much fun is that.

Ashley had an interview today for a year internship. She was so nervous. She said as they asked her the questions she didn't know what her mouth was doing. She said the answers were in her head but her mouth didn't agree LOL. She probably did fine. Hopefully she gets it, if not oh well there will be better and bigger things out there for her.

I worked a bit on my nephew's mini. I will start to tape a tutorial on it tomorrow. Lets see if it will be published though, because if it doesn't turn out, no one will ever see it LOL.

Tomorrow is a day off school for Kristy. So I am hopefully going to sleep in, Catch up on my work, work on the mini, and get ready to scrapbook with my SIL. Oh ya and finish reading my book. Maybe I should scrap the sleeping in part....nah.

Hope your Thursday was a creative one.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have proof I do have a heart.

I forgot I had to get an ultrasound on my heart this morning. Luckily I did remember though. When I went for my last ECG the doctor said my heart was acting up again LOL. So he wanted me to get another ultra sound of my heart. This took about 45 minutes. The technician gave me a picture of my heart. She scrapbooks also so she understood LOL.
Well this is my left ventricle or something like that. She wasn't allowed to reveal how it was though.

Ashley and her friend Michelle made plans to come and BBQ lunch today. I offered to pick her up. Michelle made the burgers and I cooked them on the BBQ. Now if you read my blog you know I don't care to cook. But what you don't know is that I am not allowed to BBQ. LOL.
I get bored and then start weeding the flower beds, or I take a book out with me and start reading, then the next thing you know there is smoke or flames shooting out of the BBQ. LOL.
Because Wayne was at work I had to cook them. They were really good, a bit crispy though, Sorry Michelle if I ruined your burgers.

These are just as big as the ones Wayne made. You would think we live in Texas or something. Get it Everything is bigger in Texas. LOL

Tonight Heather and I went to see "How to train your Dragon". It was really good. the animation was outstanding. It was in 3D. Heather didn't want to see it in 3D but it was the only one playing. We both really enjoyed it.I didn't get a chance to work on my mini today. I am hoping to cut the book board tomorrow. It is suppose to rain all weekend (we really need it). So I want to cut it out before then. As I have to go outside to my work shed because I want to cut it out with my scroll saw.

I had a little anxiety today, as my jeep was running low on gas and the indicator beeped. Why do I let it get so low. I know how I feel when this happens. I should fill it up when it hits half a tank.

Today was recycle day. We get to put out our recycles every second Wednesday. We always have a lot of recycles, usually those huge clear leaf bags full. One for paper and either one or two for plastics. Well since I quit drinking pop our plastics sure have gone down. Actually Wayne hasn't bought any diet pop either. He isn't quitting (as he had some at Sharon's BDay), but he has just been drinking water and Crystal Light. I don't like Crystal Light as it gives me that gross after taste. I would rather just drink water or Kool aid.

Hope your Wednesday was more creative then mine was.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Start on a mini and a dead squirrel

I started my mini album for my nephew. He is my brother's new baby. They don't live near me so I am not sure if I should mail it when I am done or just wait as I will see them in July or Aug. when they come to our cottage.
Well I have never made a name or word album so this is new to me. So I am not sure if I am doing this right, but I guess it doesn't matter as long as it turns out in the end.
What I did was cut out the letters on my Cricut (had to dust that baby off first). Then I glued them on old file folders. This is just a template and I didn't want to waste my card stock so I used these. That is why it looks like crap...i mean not very nice.
The letters are cut at 5" and each letter is on a new page. I am sure most of you know what these books look like. His last name is vertical and then I have a plain last page. There will be 5 chip/book board pages in all. I am not sure if I will add other pages in between, or an envelope. I will decide as I go, as I always do.

I figured if I posted it then it would give me the push to actually finish it before July LOL. I was thinking of making a video to show the steps, but if it looks like crap or doesn't turn out......hey then I just wouldn't post the video DUH.

Ok so what was my day like today, because I am sure you are all just dying to find out (insert sarcasm here).
I found a dead squirrel on my roof.
When I went out this morning I noticed something on the roof. At first I just thought it was those huge fluff balls that come from the poplar trees out back.
Then I went out with the girls and it was still there, but was flipped over, and I noticed something that looked like a tiny leg bone.
When Jacob came over I asked him. He is over 6' tall and I am under 5' so I figured her could check it out better than me. At first he thought it was a rat. WTH, we have killer rats here. ( I thought of the book Domain) I have never seen a rat here. As it turned out it was a very dried up, decomposed squirrel. The tail didn't have any fur left on it.
So Jacob went behind the fence and gave it a proper burial. I asked him why he didn't just chuck it over the fence (that is where the crow got it from). Well the girls go back there to take pics and they didn't want to run into it.
Wow that was a long paragraph about a dead squirrel. LOL

I took Ashley driving again. She drove Heather and I around so Heather could drop off some resume's and fill out job applications. She did 5 today.
I brought my dad groceries.
Kristy and her friend Allison missed the bus coming home from school. I picked them up and then got them to carry my dad's groceries up to him. Payment girls, welcome to the real world. Hahaha.

Thats all for today. So what have you done today to make you feel proud.


Monday, April 26, 2010

A layout

Happy Monday everyone.
I finally finished this layout. I was working on it last fall and it just didn't work for me. The paper wasn't the right shade. I couldn't get the layout together.
Then last Friday my SIL was teasing me because I don't scrapbook as much, I am making more mini albums and such. So I pulled out my "pages in progress" container and took out this layout.
I found the perfect paper. I think those are suppose to be snow flakes, but then I remembered Stamp'n Up has a Medallion stamp that looks similar. Think outside the box right?
I stamped the background on the purple paper and then cut it out in that funky shape, then inked the edges.
Oh my baby. Isn't she beautiful? You don't need to answer that LOL.
Well what did I do today. I went and picked up a few groceries. I caught up on some of my work.
Watched House oh ya.
I also made a template for my nephew's baby album.
I will try to cut out the chipboard for it tomorrow. I have never made a letter or word book before so I hope this works.
Ashley and her friend Tim drove over the border to the States today. Tim ordered something and they went to pick it up. Ashley bought one of her favorite chocolate bars "Nutroll". We don't have them up here. She also picked up some Tyraki Beef Jerky for Heather.
How was your Monday. Hope you had a good one.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Closet Organization

Today was my SIL (and friend) Sharon's 54th Birthday. I would have thought this to be old when I was younger. But the closer to that number I get the younger this seems. LOL. She had so much goodies to eat, I didn't want to leave, LOL.
I made this card for Sharon 3 yrs ago and their is a story behind it.
Sharon and her hubby Jim regift their cards to each other. I thought this kind of tacky and cheap. Well guess what Sharon did for my birthday the following year. Not only did she regift me a card she regifted me My card I made her. She just changed the inside sentiment with a post it note.
Well then I did the same to her and added a flower to the envelope. For the last 3 yrs we have been doing this but adding to it. It will look tacky as the tears go on. LOL

This is what I added this year. I made a mini envelope to go inside the card See the sticky note peeking out, I didn't even take it off LOL.
And a pull out sentiment. Now I think regifting a card is tacky, I don't find regifting unopened gifts as tacky.
I also organized my linen closet today. This is the top of the closet. All those towels on the top-right of the closet are our beach towels. They are to go to camp. But when the towels get low the girls have used them for bath towels. Then next shelf holds our sheets, and an afgan my grandma made.This is the middle part of the closet. I like to keep candles in my closets as when you open the closet it smells pretty. See how I fold the towels. I was taught how to fold them like that when I worked in the hospital in the laundry when I was a teen. Liked the work, didn't like the people, the women were mean there. Next shelf I keep my face cloths, hand towels and tea towels .The bottom holds some new pillows, hot water bottle and hair dying shirts and dying towels. I could still use some improvement on it though. I would love to have all the same coloured towels, less stressful when it comes to putting them away. I need like colours together.I am so proud of myself. Kristy showed me how to a collage and text on my photos. I used Picnic. I know it is a small thing for others but for me it is a biggie LOL.
What else did I do today, oh ya MORE laundry. I never want to hear my girls tell me they don't have anything to wear.
Last night I had so many creative ideas going through my head it was crazy. I finally got up, grabbed a note pad and wrote them down with diagrams.
1st. My nephews baby mini. I think I am going to put his last name (4 letters) down the last page. So there will be 4 pages total.
2nd. Ashley's friend is moving out of her parents house and asked me if I could make her a grocery pad holder for the fridge. Where she could change the note pad. She would like an East coast theme.
3rd. I was thinking of making a 3x3 mini albums (with the pages made with one 12x12 pattern paper). I want to make them for Ashley and her friends that she has become close to during college. They are done their courses. I would put the pics in it as well. They are here so often that I have pics of them all.
I think this post is long enough. So I hope you all had a great weekend.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Laundry and DQ

I didn't get up until about 11:30 this morning. NICE.
I was up late last night. I watched Terminator, Judgement Day, Terminator Salvation was on also but I was to tired to stay up and watch it. Actually the TV was on but I was on the Internet, I think I was just to lazy to turn off the TV. I think I went to bed at about 4:30am.
I love my weekends.
Well except for this.I did 5 loads of laundry and I have one in the washer yet and one in the dryer and one ready to go. Crazy eh? The girls have been doing it, but until I realized I had no more clean undies did I realize that they stopped. Brats.
I figured since the linen closet is almost empty I will organize it tomorrow. I love an organized closet. My mission this week is to reorganize my closets.
Like I said the girls have (were) been doing the laundry so the towels were folded, but not to my perfection, LOL.

I want to make a mini album for my brother's new baby. I want to make a book with his name. You know the ones that each page is a letter of his name.
So I took a scrap piece of my thick (1/8") chipboard/book board and cut it on my scroll saw. It cut like butter. I wasn't sure as I thought that the blade may plug up being paper as opposed to wood, but it cut beautifully.
I need some suggestions on this book. The baby's name is Tom. So that would only be 3 pages. I want a couple more pages. So I was wondering if I should just put extra pages in it, smaller than the chipboard so you can't see them when the book is closed. Or cut out an object for the back cover, like a baby bottle or something. Let me know what you think. I want to bind it with my Bind It All.
I didn't get to my layout today, well I looked at it and cut out a journal spot, but that's it.
During mine and hubby's errands today, we wound up at Dairy Queen. Funny how that happens sometimes. LOL.
He got a milkshake, he always does. I got a Banana Cream Pie Blizzard. Yummy
Every time I start talking about eating more healthy, this happens. Oh ya we ordered pizza for supper too. I don't even like pizza, but I ate it.
OK right here, right now, I vow to eat only the most saturated fat , high in sugar, fattiest foods I can possibly eat. There now lets see what happens, LOL.

Hubby and I just finished watching "The Others" with Nicole Kidman. Love those kind of movies. Actually I love all types of movies, and books for that matter.
Talk about books, my goal this year is to read a book a month. In the summer I will read a few books a month. Right now I am just finishing up "Plum Spooky" by Janet Evanovich. This series is so funny. I do actually laugh out loud reading her books.

Here is to the weekends. Hope your Saturday was full of yumminess.


Friday, April 23, 2010

New Video and an Award.

Did a video today as I had to make a gift card holder, so I figured I'd do a tutorial. I have no idea why but the video is kind of shaky.

I also got a blogger award from Nicole at Thank you Nicole
Now doesn't this look yummy.
I have to come up with 10 things that I love.
1. My family. I know everyone says this. But I adore my girls and my hubby ain't to bad neither.
We are a fun bunch, at least I think so.
2. Being Creative. I have always been creative ever since I was a little girl. But now I have so many different things to play with besides paper bags and crayons.
3. My blog. Okay I admit it. I started out doing this for me, just to record the every day. But I so love getting comments. I am a bit obsessed with it actually.
4. Our summer camp/cottage. We bought our camp in 2007, It should be paid off this summer Yeah. The beach is just a few yard away from the front of the cottage. It is our piece of Paradise.
5. Coming up with ideas for photo shoots with my girls and getting them ready.
6. Road Trips. I love to travel by vehicle and stay in hotels. I think it would be fun to travel by one of those big trailers or a motor home. Hubby disagrees LOL.
7. Lists. I know this one sounds odd. But I love to make lists, I have enough of them.
8. Learning. Not textbook or school learning. I enjoy learning and watching what others are doing
9. Organizing. Now I don't stay organized, I love to reorganize. No wonder no one can find anything around here.
10. Girls weekends. Even though I love to spend almost every second with my family, I really do love a weekend with a friend.

I am also to post 5 blogs to share this award with. I will do this tomorrow as I want to share them with blogs that I haven't done before.

I just wanted to share this picture with you. This is of my baby Kristy. Ashley took this photo of her. Notice the tutu? We haven't done the other two tutu's yet.

Sharon came by to scrap book tonight. Wow I actually started a layout. It is of Kristy's grade 8 grad. from last year. I started this layout last summer and it didn't feel right. So I totally started new with it, and I love it so far.....oh I guess that would be # 11. LOL

How was your Friday, hope you got creative today.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day, I failed.

Hello fellow bloggers. What did you do for earth day today.
We did some photo shoots with my girls. So in reality we actually we did bad for the environment today, as we had to drive into the country for a couple of these pictures.
These 1st two pictures are from Ashley. Actually they are all of Ashley. Humm I do have 3 daughters not just Ashley LOL.
As I had mentioned before the girls are doing Project 365. They take a picture a day. Ashley also journals a bit on her flicker, Heather Kristy't journal, but they do the photo's a day.

Ashley did these two photos. I was only suppose to put one on here but I couldn't decide which one I liked better. I like the way the sun's rays shine down on her.
This one is of Ashley but it was Heather's concept and she also took the picture. It was fun putting the bird nest on her head. And yes that is a real bird nest.As I was getting them ready for this, I said to the girls "How many adult kids get to say I played dress up with their mom and then we took some pictures". LOL. The thing is now I am obsessed with different photo shoots. I have some ideas on making some cool dresses and such for this. That is just what I need more creative things going through my mind. Now I know why creative people are so crazy, they have too many ideas in their heads and not enough time to do them. Don't worry I won't cut off my ear LOL.

My dad has a nasty cold. He phoned me at 8:30am to inform me of this. So I picked him up some stuff for that. The lady at the checkout asked if someone had a cold. I told her my dad. She then had to point out my cold sore I have under my nose, saying "Oh I thought it was you, you have like a cold sore there", as she points under her nose. Oh thanks lady I never knew that. Then took Ashley driving. See another bad move for the environment. Double Fail.
Don't worry she was at a red light, so I didn't distract her.
I had so many plans for today. I was going to paint the basement wall that we just did. I was going to organize my closet. I was going to clean the whole house (Thank you Heather for vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen while I was gone). I was going to tidy my scrap/craft room (as I want to video the this tiny room, to share as some of you have asked). I was going to make some food to take to my nephew and niece. WOW. I didn't do a lot, mind you I really don't think I would have had time to do it all. But when I am laying in bed at night with millions of thoughts going though my head, tomorrow is full of endless possibilities.

So what were your big plans for today.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

yummy Lunch

Today I got a little crafting in. Unfortunately it wasn't something that I looked forward on working on. It is a sympathy card for my nephew and his wife, for the loss of their baby.
As I was working on it I had so many thoughts going in my mind. I didn't want the "in sympathy" to stand out, even though that is what the card is. I felt like if it wasn't prominent that maybe it wouldn't be as sad. Then I realized that I did it in pink. Maybe it should have been in a different colour. But I just grabbed the colour without thought.
I had to walk away from this for a bit as I started to really cry, and get upset. I said to myself, I should be making a Congrats on your new baby girl, not a sympathy card.

I was debating on sharing this on here today, but this blog is also about my life and these were my thoughts and feelings today.

On to some happier thoughts.
I did go out for lunch with my SIL, Sharon. It was delish. Love Montana's. I brought my camera in order to take pictures of our meals. But I forgot. I guess when I saw the food all thought flew out of my mind and focused on eating.
After lunch we went to Michael's. I got a green distress ink as I don't have this colour. Actually green and orange are not my favorite colours. But for some reason I want to make a mini book in greens. Go figure.

Ashley and her friend Lisa did another photo shoot today. I have no idea what the pictures are, but I can't wait until she uploads them.

I did a boo boo today.
Kristy had a dentist appointment at 4:15 today. She gets home at 4:10. I forgot to tell her I was picking her up from school. I asked Ashley what time high school gets out. Well Ashley was incorrect. LOL. I phone Kristy, thinking she is waiting for the bus. She answers the phone and I tell her that I am coming to pick her up. She whispers "Now". Yes I reply.
Well it turns out she still had about 20 mins of class left. Ooops.
So after school I phoned to apologise to the teacher.
Teacher giggles. And tells me she is the last person I have to apologise to, as she also checks her texts in class. Oh Okay.
I know Kristy should not have had her phone on in class, let alone answer it. Believe me I do not condone that. I hate cell phones in general. I know they have there place, but it seems that there place is more acceptable everywhere and at any time.
Ok rant over. As I could go on and on and on. LOL

So that was my Wednesday, hope you had a good one.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Its Tutu time

My daughters wanted to make some tutu's for a photo shoot. I am not sure where or when they want to do it. But today we made one of them to make sure it worked. I did these when my girls wanted to play dress up, but I sewed them on body suits. This one was way easier, but I think it probably took more time.
Here is how they are done.
1st gather your materials. We used 6 yrds, which is 8+ meters of tulle. Remember this is for an adult not a toddler. We used ribbon as the waist band but you could use elastic. Scissors and a ruler or measuring tape.
Decide how long you want the tutu to be and then double it and then add 2" for the knot. Next we cut the tulle in 24" strips as it was easier to move it around.Next we rolled up up and cut it at 4" strips. We rolled it just for easier cutting. I like easier.Next you measure your daughters waist and add enough to tie a bow. Knot each end where the ribbon meets around her waist. If you are using elastic take off 2". Then here is the L O N G part. You have to tie each strip to the ribbon. You can either tie it, or what I did was loop it. Take your strip of tulle, half it, then at the half way mark take the ends of the tulle and pull them through the opening (your ribbon will be in between this) pull gently until it is tight around the ribbon.Here it is all done. It took about 2 hours to complete. If you look closely you can see where the knots are on the ribbon.

And here it is on my model.

Ashley wanted white, Heather wants black and Kristy wants purple and white. We only did the one tonight. I think I will get the girls to do the knotting on the next ones. Cute eh?

Besides making this I took my dad to get his blood work done. He wasn't feeling very well so I brought him back home, picked up Ashley and her and I went and got his groceries. Then brought them back to his apartment, and unpacked them for him.

My SIL has done my dad's income tax for the last 3 yrs. She refuses to take any money for it. So my dad makes me take her out for lunch. So tomorrow Sharon and I are going to Montana's for lunch and 4 cheese spinach dip and I get Chicken Alfredo. I think it would have been cheaper for dad to pay her LOL. But this way I get lunch too. Yummy.

I think I am getting another cold sore under my nose. Hate those things. Gross.

So what did you do today to make you feel proud?


Monday, April 19, 2010

Compliments and Put downs.

This morning I had to take Heather (my middle daughter) to the neurologist. Heather has a slight tremor in her middle fingers. The neurologist says that Heather has Benign Essential Tremor. It is nothing to worry about, thankfully. The doctor was very talkative. He told us that his colleague treated Katharine Hepburn who has the same thing but on a higher spectrum as Heather.
He also told us it could come out more when she was nervous. My Heather is always nervous. Actually it is hindering her from getting a job.
His advice....sometimes having a nip (drink) can help that. Oh Nice, telling my daughter to have a drink. "Oh Ya" I said, "That would look good have a nip before a job interview." LOL.
Actually all my girls are pretty shy. My worst fear was them turning to drugs or alcohol to try to overcome their shyness. Thankfully they don't like the taste of alcohol (like me). Plus they aren't into the party scene. They like to stick close to home.

As we came home from the doctor we took a few pics.
I didn't have my camera so Heather took these for me.

This is of the Sleeping Giant. The way the fog was on the lake it looked so cool. Look no ice on the lake Ya.

My oldest daughter Ashley has had her beginners drivers licence since fall of 2006. Wow, and I thought I was a procrastinator. It will expire fall of 2011. She decided that she should get her G2 soon. She is so worried that she is going to get in an accident and kill someone. Ya we all have our own anxieties.
She drove quite a few times but then she just stopped. So today she started driving again. I told her the more she drives the more confident she will be. She is going to drive everyday until she takes her driving test. She is a good driver. Just a little jumpy.

Oh ya 3rd day in a row and I got complimented on how young I look, only to be shot down by my darling daughter.
I was telling Ashley how the doctor wanted to know who I was when I took Heather today. I told him I was Heather's mother. He just looked and said you guys look about the same age (ya right). He was either you look really young for your age or Heather looks old for hers. Ya my daughter doesn't look 40+ years old.
I tell Ashley this and her response was...wait for it.... What with all those wrinkles.
What a sweet heart eh.

I got to tidy up my scrap/craft room for a bit today. I still have a long...long way to go.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Giant Burger

Today was pretty much a relaxing Sunday. Hubby and I went out and got some groceries, then we spent the rest of the at home doing absolutely nothing LOL.

Yesterday during our outing we stopped in at Home Sense. Hubby loves that store. I do to, but I don't care to cook (I dream that one day I will be the female version of Jamie Oliver lol) hubby likes to cook and likes to buy kitchen gadgets to boot.
Well he makes the best homemade burgers. So he bought "Ajust-A-Burger. What it is is a plastic sleeve thing that you put the meat in and it makes the same size patty each time. You can make 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 lb burgers. Hubby decided to make the 1/2 lbs patty.

Seriously this is one big sucker of a burger. Told you he was like Fred Flintstone.
I cut the patty in half, it was to darn big. But they were awesome though.

I wanted to clean up my scrap/craft room today, but I just didn't have the umph to do to much today. I did tidy up the yard a bit as hubby BBQ'd. I don't BBQ as I get side tracked and burn everything. I spent most of the day checking out crafty women on YouTube. Wow you ladies are talented.
I think I need me some Coca-Cola, well I guess I will settle for some chocolate. LOL.

Hope you had a relaxing Sunday.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Circle mini album

Finally its finished and posted.
I am still not sure how I feel about this mini, but Ashley likes it and that is all that matters, right.

Hubby and I went out to do some running around and landed at a corner store that sells food. Its called Carrie's Corner. Actually it sells more food than some restaurants. We both ordered a cheese burger, we haven't been there for years. We actually had to wait for about 10 mins as there were about 5 people in front of us. There burgers are hand made. No bought patties, they are delish. I ordered chocolate milk with mine. It was odd to not have a coke with my burger.

I also ran into Michael's. Came out of there with nothing. But when I get my coupon, I plan to get some green distressing ink.

No matter what I did today, I kept thinking of our nephew and niece. I still can't wrap my head around what happened. There are no answers. Its so unfair.
I want to thank everyone for their kind comments.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Life Isn't Fair

Today was a slow day for me. I would have liked to stay in bed today, needless to say that didn't happen LOL.
I was suppose to take my dad out to get his blood work done, but he wasn't feeling well. So I ran and did his banking, picked him up some groceries then visited him and tidied up his apartment.
As I was gone I told Ashley and Heather that I wanted the house totally clean. Actually I told them I wanted it "Company Ready" LOL. It was nice to come home to a spotless house, and I didn't have to do it.

Here is a layout I did earlier. The photos are from 2006. Ya I am a bit behind, the story of my life.
Here is Heather, Ashley and Kristy fishing with hubby. Ya they are like me, not really outdoor type of girls. Sure we like the outdoors, I was raised in the country. We just don't care to fish, and definitely don't hunt. Poor hubby.
So when I go fishing with hubby, I usually bring a book. While the girls bring their camera. I love these pictures and if you look at Wayne in the background he is pretending to pick his nose, stick out his tongue, and give the girls the bunny ears. LOL.

I love that these girls have a sense of humor. I have another layout where they were fooling around in the boat.
Sharon came by tonight for scrap booking. I did finish that mini album. I will tape and upload it tomorrow.

It is a sad day here today. Our nephew and his wife lost their baby. She was pregnant and had only 3 weeks left to go. She had a twinge and noticed that the baby wasn't active. She went to the doctors and they discovered that the baby didn't have a heartbeat. She had to deliver this precious baby by cesarean. I find this so unfair. This young lady wanted a baby so bad and tried so hard to have a baby and finally her dream came true. She is such a sweet girl and I hurt so much for her. 3 weeks that's all she had left to go 3 weeks! It seems so cruel. I can't stop thinking about the pain they are going through right now. My heart aches for them. Our thoughts and love go out to them.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 3 no Coke.

Today is my 3rd day with no Coke (pop, soda for you Americans). I am totally addicted to Coca-Cola. Love it, Love it, Love it. Well I know it isn't good for me. We know all the health reasons not to drink heavy amounts of it. Heart palpation's, robs your bones of much needed calcium, gives you a burst of energy and too much sugar.
So I again am going to quit this habit. Now I am not saying that I will never drink it again. That is just unrealistic for me. I have done this before and was successful, well I guess not totally successful or I wouldn't be doing this again.
As I shared with you yesterday, my iron levels are very low. When the doctor told me that, I thought well I am not tired. Well now I know what was keeping me alert. Coca-cola. Today my 3rd day with none, I slept a lot of the day away. I woke up with a killer headache. It felt like a rail road spike was being slammed in my head. And if you know me, then you know I wouldn't take anything for it. I just slept it off.
I feel good now. But I tell you I sure would like a nice tall glass full of coke and ice. YUM.

Well today I thought that I would share with you a layout I did. It is of my family at our camp.
This picture is of my FIL and my MIL. This woman was so awesome.

I just cut this pattern paper to slip threw the embellishmentI cut this flower with my Cricut and embossed the sticky part of a dimensional pop dot.
Here is the journaling for the layout.
I moved out of the house when I was 16 yrs old. I lived with my older brother and his GF (now wife) for a few months, then they moved to Saskatchewan. So I kept the apartment and was totally on my own. I was dating hubby during all of this. Well his mother was so sweet. She would offer me supper when I was there and asked about me when I wasn't. She treated my like one of the family.
She was very shy but her and I could talk the day away. Cil adored her grandchildren. We would spend every weekend in the summer with her and we would visit her at least once a week.
Unfortunately she had to go to Hamilton to have an operation on her heart and passed away during the surgery. It seemed like she knew her fate, as she cancelled the surgery until she went to all the grand kids birthdays. She would almost warn me by telling me "if I make it through this". I would always tell her Cil you will be fine. Sadly I was wrong. She will be remembered forever. I loved this lady, I hope she knew that.
Here is to appreciating your family on this Thursday.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doctor say I have a Heart

Well today was my yearly visit to my cardiologist.
First I had to get a ECG. The girl that did it was about 25. I complimented her on her hair and asked her how she did it as I like to do my girls hair. She asked me how old my children were. When I told her (20, 19 and 15) she just stopped. I was like What am I having a heart attack or something. She just looked at me and asked my age. I told her that I am 42. She was shocked she thought I was in my 20's. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. Now its one thing to have older people think that I am younger than I am, but this girl thought I was close to her age. WOW, and thank you very much.

Ok now to the appointment. I am doing fine,with the exception that my iron levels are non-existent. LOL. They are not even on the chart, he actually showed my the chart, My line was under the lowest. So of course he wants me to take iron 3x a day. I also have LBBB, and it was acting up during my ECG so I have to go for an utra sound. One other thing, and you can give me your opinions on this. He would like me to take a cholesterol pill (Lipitor). Now get this my cholesterol is fine, no worries. But with my family history of heart attacks (grandfather died at 32 of a heart attack.grandma had a triple bi-pass, mom and dad both had one at 50, brother had one at 42.) Lucky me eh. But the doctor wants me to take it for a prevention. I hate to take medication, vitamins are even a task. He even told me that because it is only for preventative measures I could take it 3x a week instead of everyday. So I am not really liking this. He told me to put the prescription in my back pocket and think about it.

Ok now onto the fun stuff. I know I said that I would post that mini album that I am working on, well things have changed LOL. Its not totally finished yet and I am not staying up late tonight to work on it. Actually I would like to scrap (as in chuck) the whole thing and start new.
So because I can't share with you the mini I will show you a layout I did last year about Spring.
See I do scrapbook LOL.

This is a cute bunny that wandered into our camp yard. It would come by the campfire every night.

Here are some baby robins. The mama bird made her nest under the underside of the boat. I wouldn't let hubby use the boat until they flew away LOL. Luckily he had a different one to use to go fishing with.Here is to another over the hump Wednesday.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've got Shineshine

I won another award. Seriously. I honestly didn't think anyone would read it let alone follow me on my everyday life on this blog. And here I am with my 3rd award. This is unbelievable. I truly feel honored. OK enough of Halle Berry speech lol
I received this "Sunshine Award" from Meg at House Notes I love that she decorates her 1st house and brings us along for the process. She is awesome at decorating on a budget.

Like with all these awards comes some rules. They are to pass this award on to 10 other blogs that you enjoy. I love all the blogs that I follow. But I will give a shout out to some of the new ones that I have come across. I still love my tried and true bloggers (you know who you are ;)
1. Ashley I love this girl Literally. She is my daughter and she is an awesome photography. I like the story behind her pictures.
2. Lana I came across her blog last year. I didn't know how to put things in my favs and lost her blog. Well I am happy to say I found it. She is an awesome photographer and I so want to copy her Project 365 days from last year Exactly.
3. Christine because she loves my blog, LOL. She does it all scrap booking, cards and photography. Plus she hearts me.
4. Stephanie honestly I love the name of her blog. Don't we all want to be a bit like Martha, then reality hits, LOL. I like that she is honest and bares it all. Like me, but she is a better writer
5. Keshka This girl has 2 blogs, busy girl. I like both of her blogs. She has a little bit of everything on there.
5. Jennifer I just love her passion and excitement for starting her blog and her love of card making.
6. Robyn This lady rocks at making mini albums. I had just found her and am in awe of her creativity.
7. Tonya Her doll making skills blows me away. I have dabbled in this area, but she hits it out of the park.
8. Debbie This lady dabbles in everything. I like this as I do the same.
9. Emily She shares her everyday life and she takes lots of pictures along the way.
10. Sara I love that she (like me) is not afraid of power tools. Her and her husband makes and refurbishes all types of furniture.

I visit all of these and many other blogs daily. See I am a blog stalker. LOL. No wonder I never get anything done during the day.

Here is some proof that Spring is finally on its way. When I check out everyones blogs and they are showing off all the pretty blossoms and flowers and here we got snow last Saturday.
Yes I did work on this mini album for Ashley's friend. I am just not feeling this one. It is for more for pictures and I think I should have used a different shape album. Plus Ashley told me to keep it simple. You would think this kid should know me by now....keep it simple. Ha. But it is what it is. I will share it with you tomorrow.
Here is to another Tuesday, hope you all had a good one.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Please Tell Its Burnt

I love plain chips. I love them even more with dip. Well one of my favorite brands of chips lately has been Ms Vickie's Original. They have a harder texture to them, and sometimes, when I eat to many, the roof of my mouth gets sore. But that is fine, because then, hopefully I won't eat to much (Ya Right).

I am a picky eater. I (like my daughter Heather) like to saviour our food. We eat our stuff differently then others. We inspect our food. Like with a Kit Kat chocolate bar for example. We don't just eat it, no we eat it in layers. Every type of food we have we eat a certain way. I love to watch Heather eat. Mind you many people (my parents) hated this. I remember my GF said to me one time "Remember that girl that would eat her Persian from the bottom up? She drove me crazy at lunch." Well I didn't say anything because that girl was me. Ya she realized it as she then said "That was you wasn't it?"

Well because of the way I eat, I came across this chip as I was digging into the good stuff.

OK seriously now, please tell me that is a burnt part of the chip. Please don't tell me that it is a mouse dropping. I love these chips. I DID NOT eat this one. Actually I couldn't eat the rest of the bag. We have had a few rodents as pets in the past, and this sure as h3ll looks like mouse crap to me.

I have to see my cardiologist on Thursday. So I am eating as much junk and sugary stuff before I see him. Why you may ask? Because after I see him I am going to go all healthy and hopefully quit my Coke (pop) habit and really try to eat really healthy. I notice that I am slowing down and I am hoping a change in my eating and activity will help me here. As I don't want to go back on my heart meds.

Today Heather and I did some running around. 1st we went and dropped off a resume for Heather.

Then we had to bring some paper work to the hospital. Heather has an appointment to go and see a neurologist. Her fingers tremble sometimes so our doctor wants her to see one. I found it odd that one of the questions on the paper work was-What is your religion and which church do you attend- Seriously what does that have to do with seeing a doctor.

Went to the bank

Came home and did laundry.

Humm maybe tomorrow I will stop off and get me a persian. They are awesome after a day and then you slice them in have length ways and then put some margarine. in a pan and fry them. Oh ya I am getting one of these baby's tomorrow. Oh ya they originated here in my town, I have tried others but these ones are the best. I will leave you with a picture of some. Salivate while thinking of me eating one of these yummy chunks of sugary pastry.Hope your Monday was a good beginning to you week. House was new tonight oh nice.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coke Is It.

Today was a somewhat stay at home day. I did go to McDonald's to pick up some supper (Ya I know but we needed to throw something down our throats). Then I brought and then picked up Kristy from her friends house. As I was bringing Kristy back home, my jeep's gas tank beeped, for the third time. I have anxiety sometimes and this one of the things that sets it off. I think that we would run out of gas before we get to our destination, then we will be stranded, my stomach gets upset and I start to panic a bit. I don't know why I let it go so low, I know I get freaky about it. But my procrastination wins over every time.

I am trying to kick my Coke addiction (Coca Cola just for the record). I have quit it before a few years ago. When I mean quit I mean we didn't have it in the house. I would only drink it every once in awhile, like maybe once a month. Yummmmm doesn't that look good.

You might think "Whats the big deal its just pop". But let me ask you, Could you stop drinking your coffee. I didn't think so. I hate coffee, I don't even like the smell of it.
Some have advised me to drink diet pop. I would rather starve then eat or drink anything with artificial sweetener. It leaves an awful after taste in my mouth. I am picky on what I put in my mouth ;) I never drank alcohol because I didn't like the taste. I figure if you have to acquire a taste for something, its not for me. So Yesterday I didn't have any pop until noon. Today I didn't have a glass until about 3:30. I have to wean myself off of it or else I get wicked headaches and get really tired.

Now today was spent checking out every one's blogs and commenting on them. I love reading blogs but oh my they sure take up the day. I think that I am only on for a bit and next thing I know the day is almost done.

Things I should have done instead of the Internet.
1. Laundry... I think I have about 5 loads.
2. Tidy up the house.....I would be embarrassed if someone came to visit right now.
3. Finished my mini album...I did work on one page, but I should be finished.
4. Put my scrap supplies away....because of #3 this didn't happen.
5. Paint the wall of the basement....I think I know what to do there now.
This little screen just sucks me in. But I do love it teehee.

Hope your Sunday was more productive then mine was.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tutorial-Envelope Flip Pocket Book

I should have stayed in bed a bit longer this morning, as this is what I woke up to. Ya Snow!

Hubby was up early and told me if I wanted a picture of the snow, I'd better get up as it wasn't going to last. So I did, then I crawled back into bed. teehee.
By the time I woke up the second time most of it had melted.

I was going to say that I stayed home all day, but I remembered that I ran to Safeway to get some "soft" food for Ashley (the poor girl is starving). I also had to go out and bring Kristy to a friends house and then pick her up. Maybe tomorrow can be a stay at home day.

I worked on Ashley's mini album. Well actually I only worked on the envelope flip pocket book. So many people have asked me to a tutorial on how to make it. So I figured what better time to do it as I wanted to put one in this mini. 24 takes later LOL. Seriously I should have done it during the day. I sooo need to learn how to edit better.

Actually I should make a video on all of my screw ups, now that would be entertaining. LOL.

I was so chilled today, I took a tub in the middle of the day, just to warm up. Guess my iron is low again.
I love my tubs. I love to run a hot bath, turn off the lights, light up a candle and read a book. I don't know how many times I have fallen asleep in the tub. Don't worry I won't drown. I am to paranoid about my book getting wet. As soon as I feel the book slipping I wake up. I have yet to get a book damp. LOL.

Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend.