Sunday, April 25, 2010

Closet Organization

Today was my SIL (and friend) Sharon's 54th Birthday. I would have thought this to be old when I was younger. But the closer to that number I get the younger this seems. LOL. She had so much goodies to eat, I didn't want to leave, LOL.
I made this card for Sharon 3 yrs ago and their is a story behind it.
Sharon and her hubby Jim regift their cards to each other. I thought this kind of tacky and cheap. Well guess what Sharon did for my birthday the following year. Not only did she regift me a card she regifted me My card I made her. She just changed the inside sentiment with a post it note.
Well then I did the same to her and added a flower to the envelope. For the last 3 yrs we have been doing this but adding to it. It will look tacky as the tears go on. LOL

This is what I added this year. I made a mini envelope to go inside the card See the sticky note peeking out, I didn't even take it off LOL.
And a pull out sentiment. Now I think regifting a card is tacky, I don't find regifting unopened gifts as tacky.
I also organized my linen closet today. This is the top of the closet. All those towels on the top-right of the closet are our beach towels. They are to go to camp. But when the towels get low the girls have used them for bath towels. Then next shelf holds our sheets, and an afgan my grandma made.This is the middle part of the closet. I like to keep candles in my closets as when you open the closet it smells pretty. See how I fold the towels. I was taught how to fold them like that when I worked in the hospital in the laundry when I was a teen. Liked the work, didn't like the people, the women were mean there. Next shelf I keep my face cloths, hand towels and tea towels .The bottom holds some new pillows, hot water bottle and hair dying shirts and dying towels. I could still use some improvement on it though. I would love to have all the same coloured towels, less stressful when it comes to putting them away. I need like colours together.I am so proud of myself. Kristy showed me how to a collage and text on my photos. I used Picnic. I know it is a small thing for others but for me it is a biggie LOL.
What else did I do today, oh ya MORE laundry. I never want to hear my girls tell me they don't have anything to wear.
Last night I had so many creative ideas going through my head it was crazy. I finally got up, grabbed a note pad and wrote them down with diagrams.
1st. My nephews baby mini. I think I am going to put his last name (4 letters) down the last page. So there will be 4 pages total.
2nd. Ashley's friend is moving out of her parents house and asked me if I could make her a grocery pad holder for the fridge. Where she could change the note pad. She would like an East coast theme.
3rd. I was thinking of making a 3x3 mini albums (with the pages made with one 12x12 pattern paper). I want to make them for Ashley and her friends that she has become close to during college. They are done their courses. I would put the pics in it as well. They are here so often that I have pics of them all.
I think this post is long enough. So I hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Your card looks great and so does your closet! Impressive!

  2. I need to clean up my hall closet...I don't know if I'm brave enough to post a before picture :)

  3. Ha ha - regifting the card is a hoot!!!

    Ok - you've got me beat on closet organization. I love how you put "like colors" together. Anal bunny. LOL.

  4. Awww...I think the regifting of the card is cute! Lets put it this way, she is saving you money and bringing out your creative juices, as I see in the hall closets :-P

  5. I just love a tidy closet. It speaks to my crazy inner need for organization! Have great afternoon.

  6. Wow! I never heard of re-gifting a card before, how funny :) Love how you organized the closet :) I need to do mine!

  7. Can you come to my house? We are always debating who's who, but I drew it so I claimed Jack!

  8. I need to go clean my closets. Your closets look so nice.

  9. Your card is beautiful (and your closet looks great too)! :)

  10. What a great idea with the cards, it's better than not getting one at all! Maybe I will buy a card or make one for hubby to give me each birthday and just get him to add a new tag in the inside pocket... Yep... that's what I am going to do and I will do a link back when I have it done.. love the closet so many towels....


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