Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day, I failed.

Hello fellow bloggers. What did you do for earth day today.
We did some photo shoots with my girls. So in reality we actually we did bad for the environment today, as we had to drive into the country for a couple of these pictures.
These 1st two pictures are from Ashley. Actually they are all of Ashley. Humm I do have 3 daughters not just Ashley LOL.
As I had mentioned before the girls are doing Project 365. They take a picture a day. Ashley also journals a bit on her flicker, Heather Kristy't journal, but they do the photo's a day.

Ashley did these two photos. I was only suppose to put one on here but I couldn't decide which one I liked better. I like the way the sun's rays shine down on her.
This one is of Ashley but it was Heather's concept and she also took the picture. It was fun putting the bird nest on her head. And yes that is a real bird nest.As I was getting them ready for this, I said to the girls "How many adult kids get to say I played dress up with their mom and then we took some pictures". LOL. The thing is now I am obsessed with different photo shoots. I have some ideas on making some cool dresses and such for this. That is just what I need more creative things going through my mind. Now I know why creative people are so crazy, they have too many ideas in their heads and not enough time to do them. Don't worry I won't cut off my ear LOL.

My dad has a nasty cold. He phoned me at 8:30am to inform me of this. So I picked him up some stuff for that. The lady at the checkout asked if someone had a cold. I told her my dad. She then had to point out my cold sore I have under my nose, saying "Oh I thought it was you, you have like a cold sore there", as she points under her nose. Oh thanks lady I never knew that. Then took Ashley driving. See another bad move for the environment. Double Fail.
Don't worry she was at a red light, so I didn't distract her.
I had so many plans for today. I was going to paint the basement wall that we just did. I was going to organize my closet. I was going to clean the whole house (Thank you Heather for vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen while I was gone). I was going to tidy my scrap/craft room (as I want to video the this tiny room, to share as some of you have asked). I was going to make some food to take to my nephew and niece. WOW. I didn't do a lot, mind you I really don't think I would have had time to do it all. But when I am laying in bed at night with millions of thoughts going though my head, tomorrow is full of endless possibilities.

So what were your big plans for today.



  1. Beautiful photo's! Your girls are lovely. I drove my son to the bus stop (cold Calgary mornings) where he explained how wrong it was I was driving my Jeep (Rubicon) on Earth Day. I explained to him (he's 8) how although Mommy's Jeep is a piggy. We do other things that help the Earth.

    For every year we are vegetarians we save 1 acre of land and collectively as a family we have saved 72 acres. We uses earth friendly cleaning products, energy effient light bulbs and appliances. Geez, I could go on and on! Wait... I already have. Oops...

  2. What a beautiful photo shoot! I have no plans for today, just to try and get more crafting done and do the laundry. Kind of boring :(

  3. Eh. I remembered to take my cloth bags to the grocery store with me. That's gotta count for something, eh?

    Fantastic photos! (Though I'm not sure you'd ever convince me to put a bird's nest on my head).

    Please send Heather over to my place. PLEASE. :)

  4. Me again... I have sent you an award because I am soooo nice;) Go grab it...

  5. Thanks for the compliment on the printers tray name art I did. The printers tray is a product from 7 Gypsies.

  6. I can't wait to see your scrap room! Mine is in the basement/dungeon but it works. Hopefully I'll get outside with my kids since I cleaned a little (and I mean a little) and then scrap some mother's day cards while they play in the basement.

  7. we're planting trees in the next week...that's earthy. I love your daughters' pictures! and make sure you tell them that cuz they are amazing! thanks for taking time to read about my little life this week!

  8. It rained here, so I didn't get to do anything for Earth day. I even had to drive to the school because of the rain. Your dd's pictures are so beautiful.

  9. If it makes you feel better. I can't remember to take my reusable bags to the grocery store *even on earth day*

    I suck!

    Having said that, I LOVE the bird's nest pic and will probably totally steal that from you - if I can find someone willin to let me put a bird's nest in their hair.

  10. the photos on flickr are creative!!!! She should come down here and go to SCAD (art college here in Savh) :)
    I wish I were that good with photography!

  11. Tracy - LOL! When I found out about the blog award she only had the 5 blogs posted so I didn't know I had 10 things to list. Thanks for letting me know - I will be working on it. :)

  12. Fantastic photos Tracy, I love the sunshine in all of them and the birds nest is soooooo cool, and yes getting anything other than bills is awesome.


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