Monday, April 12, 2010

Please Tell Its Burnt

I love plain chips. I love them even more with dip. Well one of my favorite brands of chips lately has been Ms Vickie's Original. They have a harder texture to them, and sometimes, when I eat to many, the roof of my mouth gets sore. But that is fine, because then, hopefully I won't eat to much (Ya Right).

I am a picky eater. I (like my daughter Heather) like to saviour our food. We eat our stuff differently then others. We inspect our food. Like with a Kit Kat chocolate bar for example. We don't just eat it, no we eat it in layers. Every type of food we have we eat a certain way. I love to watch Heather eat. Mind you many people (my parents) hated this. I remember my GF said to me one time "Remember that girl that would eat her Persian from the bottom up? She drove me crazy at lunch." Well I didn't say anything because that girl was me. Ya she realized it as she then said "That was you wasn't it?"

Well because of the way I eat, I came across this chip as I was digging into the good stuff.

OK seriously now, please tell me that is a burnt part of the chip. Please don't tell me that it is a mouse dropping. I love these chips. I DID NOT eat this one. Actually I couldn't eat the rest of the bag. We have had a few rodents as pets in the past, and this sure as h3ll looks like mouse crap to me.

I have to see my cardiologist on Thursday. So I am eating as much junk and sugary stuff before I see him. Why you may ask? Because after I see him I am going to go all healthy and hopefully quit my Coke (pop) habit and really try to eat really healthy. I notice that I am slowing down and I am hoping a change in my eating and activity will help me here. As I don't want to go back on my heart meds.

Today Heather and I did some running around. 1st we went and dropped off a resume for Heather.

Then we had to bring some paper work to the hospital. Heather has an appointment to go and see a neurologist. Her fingers tremble sometimes so our doctor wants her to see one. I found it odd that one of the questions on the paper work was-What is your religion and which church do you attend- Seriously what does that have to do with seeing a doctor.

Went to the bank

Came home and did laundry.

Humm maybe tomorrow I will stop off and get me a persian. They are awesome after a day and then you slice them in have length ways and then put some margarine. in a pan and fry them. Oh ya I am getting one of these baby's tomorrow. Oh ya they originated here in my town, I have tried others but these ones are the best. I will leave you with a picture of some. Salivate while thinking of me eating one of these yummy chunks of sugary pastry.Hope your Monday was a good beginning to you week. House was new tonight oh nice.



  1. guess is gonna be mouse dropping....sorry! Just looks like it! Wait - is it crispy too? Ick.

    Those other goodies look yum yum!

    As someone who used to do some part-time work at a church, my guess would be that the hospital has that question for the convenience of the patient, only. Some patients like to have a visit from their clergy person, and listing the church you attend gives the hospital an "easy way" of contacting that clergy person should you request it. At least, that's been my experience. I usually leave those types of questions blank. (First, I'm no longer a church-goer, and second, the last person I want to see is a clergy person unless I'm dying...and even then, I'm not so sure he can do anything about THAT!) ;)

  2. It's probably just some skin that got baked in. When I first saw it, I thought it was a bug. But let's just say it's baked in skin! ;)

  3. Thanks for clearing that up for me Marllene. It is just a doctors visit, not a hospital stay so this did not make sense to me.

  4. I hate it when stuff has a funny color. It's probably just a result of the manufacturing somehow (skin, burn, whatever...) but it still makes you wonder! LOL!

  5. Ummm, Tracy you got me on that one. I think it looks like a mouse dropping, but it could be a skin (I suppose). At any rate, I am with you....I would not eat anymore. It is a psychological thing I suppose.

    I hope your doctor visit goes well. I am not a coffee or tea drinker my drink of choice is pop. It is a hard habit to kick. And dragging butt at the end of the day because of no caffeine is hard.

    I don't know why they ask those questions. Nosey I think.

    Have a great day.

  6. Hmm, I don't know but I would like to think it's just burnt. Hope you visit to the Doctor goes well. I have MVP and shouldn't have a lot of caffenine myself! Are you going to give up all Soda or just limit how much you have a day/week?

  7. I totally get the food thing. I was thinking maybe a lizard dropping. J/k

  8. It's just burnt. Yup!! Thats all it is! Burnt!

    I agree with Marlene it's prob a HIPPA (Health Information Privacy Act) When I worked at a church we had to have a hippa form on file before we could go and visit someone at the hospital. But...I think they had you fill one out incase you are hospitalized and if you wanted anyone else to know! It's a whole load of crap paper work bureaucratic crap if you ask me!

  9. Between my pizza yesterday and your chips, I'm slowly whittling down the junk food list that I'll eat!!! Gah!!

  10. Ew. I had something similar happen the other day. I was eating cheerios straight from the box (well, Kroger's knock off cheerios) and suddenly felt something squishy in my mouth. I yanked it out before I bit through it and am PRAYING that it was some sort of raisin that somehow made its way into the wrong box. Needless to say, I brushed my teeth about 8 times and used a ton of mouth wash seconds later. Ick.

    I also totally hear you about eating things in a special way. I can only eat one thing at a time and start with my least favorite so that I end up with my favorite. Which is terrible because it means I will always clean my plate.

    Good for you! I like your plan to live it up and then get as healthy as you can. Good luck!!

  11. Good luck at your appointment.

    I think you were wise not to eat the chip. It looks like a mouse turd to me as well.

  12. Um I would switch to kettle chips. YICK! I inspect my food although I don't eat in layers. My son smells all his food first. Drives my parents crazy. LOL

    So is that like a doughnut? I have never had one of them.
    Hope you can avoid the heart meds. I know I have to make some changes to diet and get some exercise. I am always tired and I know it is the junk I eat and my big butt. Got a treadmill just need to use it.
    Have fun tomorrow.


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