Friday, April 30, 2010

TV Dinners, I don't remember them tasting so bad

I haven't been on the computer much today, and I missed it. LOL
It did rain and thunder early this morning, but because I slept in (Kristy had a PD day) I missed it. I love thunder storms.

I had to do banking today. Property Taxes= BLAH, Visa=BLAH, Paycheck=GOOD, but it all went to bills=BLAH.
Then grocery shopping. The girls wanted to come with me. Bad mistake. I spend more when they are with me as I get things that they want which I normally wouldn't if I was by myself. For example. I bought TV dinners for supper. I would never buy them, to much salt and not really nutritious. I remember loving them when I was a kid. They were plain gross. I didn't even finish mine, I only ate the potatoes. That's probably why I am hungry right now.

I did work on the mini a bit today. I cut out the book/chipboard. The ugly orange letters are just a template, they are not part of the album. Don't get excited. LOL. I put them on with reposition able glue.
I am video taping as I go. So hopefully it will look good enough for me to share. LOL. I guess you can't really tell but each page is cut out around the one side of the letter.

I didn't finish my book. Actually I didn't have time to read at all today. I am so close to finishing it. I will just smudge the date when I write it down in my Reading Journal I made, you can see them in this post.

My SIL Sharon didn't come over for scrap booking tonight. But Wayne's cousin Myra did. She just started a couple months ago. Ya I think we got her addicted, LOL. She is working on her daughter's baby pictures. Her daughters are in there middle 20's.
I didn't scrap book at all. I helped her with her pages. Myra just got knee surgery about a month or so, and I didn't want her going down the stairs (that is where my scrap/craft room is). So we stayed upstairs in the dining room. I didn't want to lug all my stuff up, plus I enjoy helping others with their projects.

Ashley drove for a bit today. She is really nervous about backing up, so she pulls through in parking lots. She also parks way far away from the store. She says we need the exercise anyway.
So we get out of the store and there is a note on the windshield. The girls are like MOM what did you do. I was like I didn't do the parking.
After I read the note, I knew exactly who it was from.
Jacob. I laughed. Ashley always asks us to rate her after she is finished driving. LOL. Then who pulls up Jacob. Then he came to our house and him and Ashley went out for supper. Lucky she didn't have to eat a TV dinner. Bleech.

We were going to go to our camp/cottage tomorrow morning, but it is suppose to rain all day. So we will be staying home. I hope it does rain all day. We really need it, and I want to work on this album and I will have an excuse to stay in all day if it rains.

Hope you had a nice Friday and here is to the weekend



  1. What a great idea I have never tried to make my own!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Hi Tracy...sounds lke you ahd a full day. Your duaghter sound a sensible driver...I don't like it when my daughter drives me around...she is such a ditz god knows how she has managed to keep a clean license for so long! lol
    It raining here now but it's that clammy humid kinda rain.
    Gald to see you are progressing with your mini..cant wait for the next reveal.
    Debbie x

  3. My boy will start driver's ed next year. (Egad!!!!!) When I started driving, I had a fear of making left turns. I would take the long way around everywhere to avoid making a left turn. Weird, I know.

    I can't wait to see how you did the book. It looks great so far!

  4. Very funny on the post title AND the note!!!! But, you know, when I went to whatever that class is you go to to get out of a speeding ticket, the teacher told me that it is actually good to pull through, that anything that reduces the time you spend backing up makes you safer. So for whatever that's worth to her... :-)

  5. Ha ha ha!!! I LOVE the note!!!

    You know, I thought tv dinners tasted pretty good when I was a kid, too...and now - BLECCH. Either they've gone downhill in a big way, or our tastes have improved. (Maybe a bit of both).


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