Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A bit of my stamping area

I woke up so tired this morning. I got up with Kristy and sent her off to school and then dozed on the couch. The phone rang, guess who? Kristy, her and her friend Jennifer missed the bus and needed a ride to school. So much for a morning nap.

We didn't get any work done on the wall by the stairs today. Well, we did go to Canadian Tire for some supplies, that's about it.
We were going to Super Store for groceries but the parking lot was full, that meant the store was full. So didn't even go in. Tomorrow is another day.
My sister phoned me. I have been trying to get a hold of her for awhile, but her phone wasn't working. That girl just doesn't realize that people worry about her. Or she just doesn't care.

I did get to work on my stamping area for a bit today. I hung up my light. I wish I knew how to label my pictures that would be easier.
From left to heat gun, stamp cleaner and embossing pads are in the teal baskets. In the tin basket is mini ink pads, above that is my stamp blocks, the ink pads, and my sponges below that. In the right tin is my embossing powders (I put a pop dot on the lids and embossed with the matching powder on top so I know which is which at a glance). Left is my alcohol inks.

As you can see I have a problem with everything being symmetrical. For anyone else this would have taken what maybe an hour. I agonized over this for many hours, no wonder I get nothing done.
What I wanted to do with this area as well is to put my clear stamps there. I keep them in the original packaging and hang them like this.

I had the sweet cravings today. It all started when hubby and I went out this morning and I didn't eat breakfast. So I made him take me to McDonald's for a McGriddle and a chocolate milk. Then I picked up some donuts (for the record they were not that good, I only ate half of one). Then I got into these cookies. I don't think anyone else in the house likes them, so they are all mine BWAAHAAAHAAA. Ya I ate 1/4 of the whole bag of cookies. Can you say glutton. Just looking at these I want to go and grab another one...or two, teehee.
I will leave you with a picture of the beautiful sky from tonight.Red sky at night Shepard's delight, Red in the morning Shepard's warning.
I will let you know if that is the case tomorrow.
Hope you all had a good Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Married to a Modern Day Fred Flintstone

I am married to a modern day Fred Flintstone.
You think I'm joking but seriously I am not.

1. Fred works at a rock quarry. Hubby owns/works at one.
2. Fred runs a dinosaur loader. Hubby runs a modern day loader.
3. Fred walks in the door and yells "Wilma I'm Home". Hubby announces his presence by ringing the door bell numerous times...just as irritating.
4. Fred loves his ribs. Hubby could down those ribs in no time flat.
5. Fred thinks he is boss of his domain. Hubby.. well I let him think the same, but we all know the truth. LOL
6. Fred has a saber tooth tiger for a pet (yes he has Dino too). Hubby has our cute cat Rose.
7. Fred belonged to "The Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo". Hubby was a member of "Frags Ain't Skillz" gaming clan.
8. Fred could snore like its no body's business. Hubby has him beat. I think I may be going deaf because of it.
9. Fred's famous saying is "Yabba Dabba Doo". Hubby's is "Scooby Dooby Doo, Scooby Dooby Day"
10. Fred is so lovable in his goofy antics. Hubby has his days too, LOL.
See told you. Scary isn't it.

I thought that I would post some of my Spring crafts that I have done over the years, because I love pictures on blogs.
I made all these from start to finish. I cut out the wood on my scroll saw, then painted and added the embellishments.
I love my little bunny family. The dad's carrot and the mom's egg is also cut out of wood.
The nose on the Hop On In bunny is also a separate piece of wood that I cut out, so it has dimension to it.

My Welcome Bunny has the most painted details. I added depth by painting in the shadows. I notice she needs to be touched up. I hang her from the front door, so she has to endure the outdoor elements.

I worked on my organizing today. I want to make a wall with a tiny door against the downstairs steps. So I am hoping to get some of that done tomorrow. I also worked a bit on my stamping area.

Hope your Tuesday was a good one.


Monday, March 29, 2010

The big Freeze

Today was just your average day. Ran to Superstore for hubby's prescriptions. Then I dropped off a card to my girlfriend, we haven't seen each other for a few weeks, so I made a card for her and snuck it in her mailbox while she was at work.
Then Ashley needed some disks. Wayne wanted a small book case for his books, as his side of our room looks like a refuge pile.
I went looking for a tripod arm extender. But the camera store wasn't open today. I think I may come up with a home made one. My mind is churning.

We needed to thaw out our downstairs freezer. Someone (umm girls...) left the door open a bit and it thawed then refroze. It wasn't a pretty sight.
So we got out our coolers and put the good food in there. Then we got out a tiny space heater and propped it in front of the open freezer. I know your not suppose to touch the shelves because if it gets punctured the freon will come out. But I just couldn't leave it alone. I kept going downstairs to pry the ice off, it was like a scab, pick, pick,pick. I even used a tiny screwdriver..shhhh don't tell Wayne he would Freak LOL.

This was about 1/2 way through the thawing process. I put containers on the bottom so I wouldn't have as much sponging up to do. That is a ice pack frozen in the ice. That purple crud on the door is a melted popcycle (I think).
When we were done I made hubby move it to the laundry room. It used to be near the bottom of the stairs and was one of the first things you saw.
I want to move my sewing desk where the freezer was.
We had to get rid of quite a bit of food. Good thing my blueberries were fine. I did have to get rid of 4 bags though. That was a lot of picking.
Top shelf is moose/deer meat. Ya hubby hunts. I don't like wild game though. I tell him "You kill it, You clean it, You cook it." My mother in law (loved her so much) did it all.
Next shelf is beef. with a couple bags of blueberries.
Next Blueberries. Lots of blueberries. I need to make a blue berry cheesecake, Oh Yummy.
Next for Chicken, ya that is a bucket of blueberries.
Last is fish. Ya hubby likes to fish. Yup you guessed it. He catches it, he cleans it, he cooks it.

My house feels like the walls are closing in. I need to declutter. I do this a couple times a year. Hubby says that we should start on my craft/scrap room. WHAT, I need all that. So I will start on my decluttering tomorrow. I will show all the embarrassing pictures.

Hope your Monday was the beginning of an excellent week.


I just counted the bags of blueberries, I have 28 bags with 4 cups in each bag. I am a blueberry hoarder LOL.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Unaccomplished Day

Do you have one of those days that seemed like nothing was really accomplished.
Well that was my day today. I had such high hope of organizing my stamping area. Remember that, the stamping area that I was planning on doing ..oh I don't know about 2 MONTHS ago. Ya didn't get it started even.

Ashley's friend Michelle came over for a photo shoot. They love their photography. I did the hair and make up again. I love this 1st picture of Michelle, she is so pretty.

This second picture was a redo of David Bowie. I used some vinyl to cut out a template and stuck it on her face and then added the make up. Then we put on sparkles. I will be finding sparkles in our kitchen for a long time LOL.

This picture here shows how it really sparkles. This young lady giggles so much it was hard to get a serious picture of her. She is a lot of fun.

Lady GaGa anyone. Yes those are pop cans in her hair. Now that was fun to roller her hair in them. I was thinking of using glue dots but they would have been hard to get out of her hair lol. I love this picture.

Oh Ashley got contacted to take some pictures of a lady and her child. The funny thing is as soon as Ashley told her that she would charge her the lady replied. Oh I thought you would do them for free. Seriously. Ashley has never met this lady, lady contacted her by messaging her through facebook. She was wondering if Ashley did this for a hobby or a business. Actually she contacted Ashley twice. Ashley said mom I would have done them for nothing. But that is not the point. This lady wanted to take advantage of Ashley, not cool, just because she is young you just don't do that.

I made some muffins tonight, so Kristy will hopefully take them for her lunch. Now don't get to excited they are from a mix. They are carrot muffins and I added chocolate chips to them. I made a second batch which I added Craisins and chopped walnuts. Yummy.

I forgot to share a photo with you on Saturday. This is what we woke up to in the morning. Not nice eh. It did melt by late afternoon. But still come on, I need Spring. Actually I need summer, but I am not greedy I will take Spring.
My dad and Doreen phoned me from Florida. They went there for a month, Lucky. They drove down it took them 4 days, they are from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Oh I just realized, I probably just confused you. I talk about my dad so much and now I tell you he is from Winnipeg LOL. Ok let me explain. When I talk about my dad (the one I take to the docs and such) technically he is my step-dad. I have never used that term though. He has been my dad since I was the age of about 2.
My dad that lives in Winni. He is my birth dad, see now that sounds strange as well. I have never made a distinction between them. I have 2 dads.
My mom and dad divorced when I was about 2. My mom married Jim-dad. And Tom-dad married my step mom Doreen. Clear as mud.
Mom +Dad = Darrell (older brother) Me (Tracy), Darren (younger brother)
Mom + Jim, dad = Calum (younger brother, Julia (younger and only sister)
Dad +Doreen = David (younger brother)

That is my family.

Ok now looking at my day maybe I should change my post title. Because I guess I did do a bit today, now that I look at it.

Hope you had an eventful Sunday.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am a Beautiful Blogger

I was awarded this yesterday from She hasn't been blogging for long but you wouldn't know it. I feel so special that I was recognized again. And here I thought no one would be interested in my blog, who would want to read about my boring days. So Thank you so much.Now in order to except this award I have to do 2 things.

1. Share 10 things about me
2. Share this award with 10 other bloggers

10 things about me
1. I am told all the time that I look way younger then I am. (I think that it is because of my height)
2. I have been married to my hubby for 22 yrs. We eloped. (I made it clear when he asked me on a date that he could take me out but I didn't want a relationship)
3. I have 3 daughters that I absolutely adore. They are my life. Words can not express how much I love them.
4. I moved out on my own at the age of 16. It was hard but I was determined to make it on my own.
5. I think I need reading glasses, but I refuse to admit it as I know it is an age thing.
6. I love to organize and keep things in order.. I even make sure the napkins in the restaurant are lined up.
7. I love all types of music. (Country not so much) I sing all the time (much to my daughter's dislike, teehee). I even wake up with music in my head.
8. I love to create. It is one of the last things I think about when I go to sleep and one of the first things I think about when I wake up.
9. I love to laugh. And I laugh loud. Ya I really do LOL. LOL
10. I am a push over. Ya I really am.
So now that you know more about me you may think I am nuts and not follow my blog anymore LOL.
Ok now to share 10 of my favorite blogs. This was hard to only pick 10. OK here they are.

1. Marlene from I love this lady. She is funny and I get her humor. Her cards are so awesome.
2.Jen from She is such a cutie. She has a passion for her art.
3. Deb from She is such a sweetie. She like me has a pop addiction, but she is getting over hers.
4. Bella from She is eating more healthy. I love that she shares the recipes and she makes them seem easy. I even want to try them and I don't do healthy or cook for that matter.
5. Jill from This girl finds the oddest things in everyday life. She has a good sense of humor.
6. Rachael from She has a bit of everything on her blog.
7. Rozzy from This lady's cards are over the top. I love them.
8. Jillian from I love her Monday Multitude.
9. Jayne from Love her crafts with some recipes thrown in.
10. Jennifer from I really enjoy looking through her blog. I love her cards and sewing projects.
Today I got to stay home. I worked on the inside of the cards I made last night. I stamped sentiments inside them. I also used the recipe cards so I could write on them. I don't have the ticket punch from Stampn' Up. I want it though. So I took a flower punch and put the corner of the card on the round part of the petal and punched the corner off. It worked perfectly. I will probably still get the punch though.
Here are some more pictures of my oldest daughter Ashley. Her and her friend Lisa did another photo shoot. They want to work on the elements. They have done "Fire" so far.
This is my baby, my 1st born. I can not believe this is my baby.
She is a beautiful girl inside and out. I am so lucky to have 3 wonderful daughters that have not given my any grief...yet, LOL.
Ok off to bed for me. I am very tired. The sleep over girls pulled an all nighter. Well 2 of them went to bed at 6:00 am. The other 2 stayed up all night. Of course my daughter was in the all nighter group LOL.
Hope your Saturday was a creative one.
PS I asked my family how would they describe me.
1. Too lovable. aww how sweet
2. Passionate
3 Creative.
4 Old Bag Lady. Ya I dress in jammie pants at home, but I colour coordinate. They could have left out the Old though. Brats.
5. Dreamer

Friday, March 26, 2010

Loads of cards.

Today I had to take my dad to the fracture clinic to see how his hip is healing. First I have to get dad, his oxygen and his walker out of his apartment and down the stairs to my jeep. We go to the hospital and dad says why are we at St. Joes. Your appointment, I answer. Well it was at the Regional, which is close to his apartment. So we get to the right hospital and go to the waiting area. I see a sign that informs us we have to go to admitting. So off we head. They get the paper work so we head back to the fracture area. We sit for about 15 mins. Then they call his name. Wow I think this is going to be a quick one. Then I realize nope probably just X-Rays (which dad leaves his keys in his pocket, so his x ray looks like he has keys in his leg haha), bingo just X Rays. I over hear the nurse tell some one that it is a 2 our wait for his doctor.
So I take dad down to the cafeteria for lunch. He ate like a trucker LOL.
We go back to wait it out. Dad was getting antsy and wanted to leave. His arthritis has been really bad lately, plus he was worried he was going to run out of oxygen. Well I tell this to one of the nurses and he brings us to a room to hook him up to their oxygen. I get dad comfy on the bed. I tell him take a nap we will be awhile. Well about 5 mins later in comes the doctor. Nice.
As we leave dad whispers under his breath to the other patients "Have a nice wait". Cheeky bugger.

Here are some cards I made. The 1st one is Kristy BDay card. I was told she wanted black with some colour. This is my first time playing with Core-dination paper. Ya I am a late bloomer.

These cards are all made with the Free kit I got from Archiver's for spending X amount of dollars. I should have received way more than one kit with the hunk of change I dropped in that store on our trip LOL.

I used the Martha Stewart border punch on this card. Isn't this punch so pretty.

I tried to use only what was in the kits. I don't usually make cards or pages with kits. I like to do my own thing. But this was good for giving my creative side of my brain a rest LOL. Ya like that would ever happen.
I did ink around some of the edges and I also added some sparkle to some of the cards.Tonight Sharon and Myra came by for some scrap booking. We had to stay upstairs as Myra just had knee surgery. So I figured it was a good time to play with this kit. I didn't feel like running up and down the stairs to get my stuff, because I always end up doing that.Sorry for the shine on the cards. I didn't use my flash but I guess the over head light was to bright.I used a yellow flower as the sun on this card.
Last one.Tonight Kristy and 4 of her friends went to Applebees (by themselves) for supper. Kristy hasn't wanted her friends over for her birthday since she was about 8 yrs old. So I gave her money and we dropped them off. I was so proud of her, she even figured out the tip.
3 of these same friends are sleeping over. So I guess it will be an all nighter here. They are perked up on Soda and munchies.

Hope you all have a nice Friday, Oh Yeah. I will be up most of the night LOL


Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got needles in my head.

Today (like any other day) was busy. Ashley and I both had a dermatologist appt. Mine was at 11:35 and hers was at 3:35. So I thought what the heck I will phone and see if we could go at the same time. It would save time, and parking money. So I did and they let us both go on my appointment time.
Ashley and I both have a mild case of stress related alopecia. Hers is under control, she may never get it again. Mine not so much. My aunt had this same problem and hers has never came back. Keeping fingers crossed.
I noticed my hair was getting thinner a few years ago when they discovered I had a heart problem. I researched this and figured it was from my medication. Well I haven't been on medication for about 3 years now and it gets better then worse. So I went in today and he gave me 5 needles in the scalp where my hair is thinning. It is a type of steroid.
Hubby says "Maybe your brain will grow now" hahaha very funny, what an arse.

Then we went to Liquidation Warehouse as they were having a big sale on scrap booking supplies. I know, those of you that read my blog know that I don't need anything else after my trip LOL. But I just had to go. I got some good things to.

I finished the baby mini for my SIL Janice. I learned how to add captions to my videos but it won't let me, Urgg.

I am tired of my girls complaining about suppers (it is usually about what we are having). I am the first one to say that I hate cooking. But my suppers are tasty and no looks like they are starving here. I just don't care to cook. So what I have done is that each of them have to make one meal a night. They will tell me what they are making (it has to be a full meal, not crap) and I will guide them through it.
Tonight was Heather's day. She wanted to make Maimes noodles, (the old neighbour lady gave us the recipe so I named it after her, if you give me a recipe your name will be in it) and chicken' breast.
So I started walking Heather through it then told Wayne I needed to get this album done to take over.
Hubby called me to dinner. I knew he did the chicken. But they tried to trick me until I told them that the chicken was a bit salty. Hubby seemed insulted, ya he cooked them. Sucker.

Hope you have a creative Thursday. Yeah Friday tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy 15th Kristy

Today was Kristy's 15th Birthday. I can not believe that my baby is 15. This also means that I am getting older. That I really don't like.
This is the alphabet photography that Ashley did for Kristy's birthday. It is fun to drive around looking at everyday objects and see letters in them. The thing is now I am looking for letters in everything.

We brought Kristy a bagel with cream cheese and a monster for lunch. I normally wouldn't get her a monster drink as I don't think that they are good for you, but it was her birthday.
We also ran and got her helium balloons and tied them to her beverage. I thought that she would like that. But she was to embarrassed to bring it into the school. So her friend Brianna brought it in for her. They put them on her locker. Needless to say they went missing at the end of the day. The culprit could have been found by making the kids talk, because you know some one took them to inhale the helium to have Mickey's voice.
I always wanted to try this but was scared that my lungs would explode or something. Mind you that didn't stop me from smoking when I was a teen. LOL

Here is Kristy with her gifts she got from us. Rose just had to get into the picture.DQ ice cream cake. Need to say more?Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Kristy
Happy Birthday to you.

She had 7 candles left know what that means....I'm locking up my baby LOL.

So we had the family over to celebrate Kristy's B.Day. As usual the men congregate to the dinning room and the women to the living room. I like that though, how could we complain about our husbands with them in the same room. LOL.

I found out that my SIL Val (hi Val) has read my blog. I haven't shared it with family as I can't talk about them LOL. No, honestly I am not sure if it is good enough to share with family. I can show all of you as you are like me, and you read this because you either have the same interests as me or are just plain crazy. I was worried that friends and family would think that I am crazy. And I have been pretty good at hiding that for all these years.

Tomorrow Ashley and I have appointments and then I have to work on my SIL Janice's mini album for her friends DIL. She needs it by Friday.

Hope you had a nice over the hump day. It snowed tonight. Not to happy about that.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Moon..I should keep my opinion to myself

But I won't.
We watched New Moon tonight. I have to say that it was better then Twilight. I don't think that there is any chemistry between the two main characters (Bella and Edward). It looks like they are constipated and Bella can't stop playing with her hair and can't seem to make a complete sentence.
In New Moon I loved Jacob and the old guy from the Beachcombers.
I have to say that I really enjoyed the novels though. We read them about 3 years ago, before all the hoop la about them. We went to British Columbia on a family road trip. We were gone for 2 weeks and my daughters and I read the 1st book and stopped to get the second during our trip.

My girls enjoyed some of the books, but they thought Bella was weak and stupid LOL. Heather won't even read Breaking Dawn she is so disgusted with Bella, LOL. Ya my girls have strong opinions. Humm I wonder where they get that from?

I didn't work on any crafts today:( I ran around most of the day. I had to do my dad's banking and get him his groceries. Ashley and Heather wanted to find props for their next photo shoot. Kristy's Birthday is tomorrow so we ran around looking for the perfect frames for the alphabets photography Ashley did of Kristy's name.
We also made a soft box. I wanted a better way to take photo's of my crafts. Well I tried to take some pics and they seemed kind of yellowish to me. Guess we will work on the lighting for that later this week.

Here is a picture I took of the Sleeping Giant from the marina yesterday. Yup the ice is still thick out there. When is summer coming I can't wait.

Hope your Tuesday was a good one. Mine was busy, yet again.


Monday, March 22, 2010

My treats came today

I received my prize from
Thank you Shell, I really appreciate it. I did win some blog candy from another blog but I didn't receive it :(
I also finished my mini for Kate. It is in the mail as we speak. I won't post the finished project until she receives it. I am so nervous. I sure hope she likes it. My daughters love it, so thats something.
It took me many tries to make the video of this mini. I don't know how to edit so I had to stop and start many times LOL. I think I need to do a bloopers reel, I think its more entertaining then the actual video.

My SIL Janice wants me to make an album for a friend of theirs son who is having his 1st baby. Janice actually phoned me to see how she would go about making a mini album of some type for the son's baby pics that she had gathered. I was telling her a few things then of course got caught up in the creative process. She said that she would feel bad if she didn't help. I just told her I would take over anyway. I tend to do that. She didn't seem to be bothered by me taking over her project LOL. Actually I think she preferred it LOL. She wants it simple. I can't wait to start on it. She needs it by Friday.

We drove around today as Ashley wanted to make Kristy her name in Alphabet Photography. It is actually fun trying to find the letters in everyday objects.

How was your Monday? Mine was a full day.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pros and Cons of living in a Hotel

Now that we are home I have came to the conclusion that hotels are meant to be for a short stay only.
I don't know about you but as soon as I get to the room the first thing I do is check the bed for bed bugs...well actually the very first thing I do is jump on the bed teehee.
I am paranoid about bugs of any kind, bed bugs, lice. Tiny little bugs that like to live off your body, shiver.
There are pros and cons to staying in a hotel and here are some of mine.

You don't have to clean the toilet.
You can jump on the bed :)
You don't have a kitchen, so I can't cook, I think this is the best one.
We don't share a room with our girls (4 women, 1 man and 1 shower = not happy campers)
Internet access

I don't walk on the carpet bare foot.
I still make my bed every morning.
The water pressure is as strong as washing you hair in a spring shower.
Hubby had to fix the toilet as it ran for 1/2 hour.
Unsure of if the sheets were washed before you.
Have to pay for 2 rooms.
I have no where to go when hubby snores, so I have to turn on the air conditioner to drown him out, or smother him with a pillow.

So that is my hotel phobia's. Don't you feel better knowing this. LOL.

I know the 1st day of Spring was yesterday, so I thought that I would share a project I did a couple years ago. I also enjoy doing woodworking, and these little cuties were so easy to cut out.
The girls wanted to go to the mall today. Even though we spent most of our March Break in Mall of America. Ashley also wanted to make a indoor photo studio, inexpensively. She had read a post on how to make one for $20.00. Well we went to Walmart (as this is where this person went to) for the record I never go to Walmart. Well hardly ever lol. As it turned out she spent $73.45.
I know prices in Canada are more expensive but this is ridiculous.

Well I finished my or I should say Kate's mini today. I can't share it until she receives it.
Hope your Sunday was a relaxing one.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make up artist

I actually got to stay home all day today.
My plans...To Finish Kate's Mini Album. I know it was suppose to mailed out today, but Kate's mom has been ill and I am a procrastinator. We agreed to mail them out on Monday.
I will make a video on the mini, but I can't share it until she receives it, I don't' want to spoil the surprise.

Well as it turned out I didn't work on the mini all day. Ashley's friend Michelle wanted Ashley to take some pictures of her. Michelle isn't a girly girl. But she wanted make up on. For a girl that doesn't wear make up she sure had a lot.
Ashley wanted me to do the make up. They had a photo for me to go on. I love this photo of Michelle. Her expression makes me think of loving life. These were taken outside. The breeze was blowing and it was cold. My fingers were frozen helping hold the backdrop and the white board.
I told Ashley to look up how to make an inexpensive indoor studio. They are already thinking of their next photo shoot. Think Lady GaGa, LOL. I told them I have lots of Coke cans for her hair rollers.

I did get to work on my mini today. But I want to add more to it.

Saturday, I kept thinking today was Sunday. Glad I was wrong.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Relaxed most of the day

Today was a relaxing day.
I did manage to sleep in, only till about 9:30am but that was good.
I woke up to SNOW. It didn't stay on the ground but it was still snowing. I am sure we will get one more dump of snow before the end of the month. March came in like a lamb, so it will go out like a lion.
I checked up on my friendly blogs that I love so much. Then hubby and I went to get some groceries.
Sharon (my SIL) came by to scrap book tonight. But we ended up drooling over my new goodies and chatting most of the evening. I did play with a few of the dies that I purchased.
Sharon's hubby came by to pick her up and they stayed and visited for a bit.
Can you stand anymore pictures of my daughter, LOL. I have some more pictures that Ashley's friend took of her. These girls impress me with their photography skills.
This one I call the gangster. LOL Ya she looks tough LOL.
They really enjoy finding props to go with their pictures. Ashley even bought a dress on our trip specifically for one of her photo ideas.
Isn't she a beauty. Ya I'm bias. I just love this girl.
I wish Heather would let us take more pictures of her.
Hope your Friday was a enjoyable one. Yeah Saturday tomorrow.
Would you believe the girls want to go to the mall tomorrow? Crazy.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

We made it home. Without any body searches at the border LOL.
It is nice to go away, but it is sooo nice to come back home. I haven't even unpacked anything yet. We woke up at 6:30am. Ya the "Time Nazi" had a schedule. We then went to Duluth. Went to Menard's, Gander Mountain, Miller Hill Mall then I got to go to my Scrapbook store that I like. I only got a few things. Then to the Quilt Corner in I think Beaver Bay. I love quilt stores they seem so cozy.
When we got home, Ashley needed some more paper for her invitations. So I have been helping her put them all together as they need them by tomorrow.

Here is a book I read on the drive. It was about a teen who doesn't have goals for her future. So a teacher suggests that she start a blog and document her life. This poor girl has no sense of self worth. It was a fast, easy read. The end is a surprise.

OK I know you didn't come here looking for a book report, so on to the fun stuff. I went to True Colours, Opps Colors. I only got a few things as I seem to have everything else they had in stock, haha just kidding. They have a lot of supplies there. I love the vintage tags I got. I also love the dies. When you shop there you get points. I knew this but have never used them. Well they said that I had 800 points. They have merchandise that you can choose from with your points. I picked the stamps. I couldn't find anything else I wanted. The stamps were 100 points.
When I went to the Quilt Corner I picked up these patterns for some more purses and bags. I already want to alter the pattern. Ya I can't leave anything alone. I have to tweak it LOL. The Snap Happier purse, it closes tight and you pull on the handles and it opens. How does it do this? Well you put a piece of a metal tape measure in the casing. How cool it that. They had a change purse with this same closure. I couldn't stop playing with it. The pattern for the change purse was sold out, but I think I can figure out how it was made. So cute.
I am so tired I hope this post makes sense. I am going to sleep till at least noon tomorrow. Mind you that won't happen as I haven't talked to my dad since we left so he will be phoning me tomorrow morning.
I am hoping to totally finish my mini for Kate tomorrow. It will be in the mail by Monday. 100%.
Night all Hope you had a good Thursday.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I was cupped today

Only in America LOL.
I was cupped today while shopping. And no not cupped as in I got a new bra. Which while I did get a new bra, I got sized and everything. I have been getting the correct size bra just the cheap crap. I went to Victoria Secret and got a proper bra and these babies love it LOL.

Ok on to my groping story. Hubby and I were sitting on a bench waiting for my girls to finish in thier store. As we got up a guy walks right beside me and cups my boob. Seriously I thought it was hubby as he does things like this. He will just nonchalantly graze my boob or grab my @ss as we walk.Whatever. Well anyway I realize hubby is on the other side of me and I look down and see that it Isn't his hand, but another guys. I am like WTH.
The guy just keeps on walking away like nothing happened. I say to hubby and my girls...That guy just cupped my boob. They couldn't believe it. Ashley texts her friend to tell him what just happened. The other two are like which guy? Hubby was like "really I think you just cut him off and he didn't want to walk into you". WHAT are you frick'n serious. Nice to know that my family cares about me. Mind you the girls did come out and check on me while I gave some guy a boost (as in boosting his car, come on girls get your mind out of the gutter). They wanted to make sure I wasn't raped, Hubby well he was watching TV.
Ok I know "The Girls" still look awesome for being 42 and breastfeeding 3 babies, but come on.
Wow those Victoria Secret bras are really something. LOL.

We went to the Zoo today as well. See we do other things besides shop LOL.

I took more photos of the artwork, statues than I did of the actual animals. Here is a picture of Heather with one of the statues. My girls would rather take silly pictures then serious ones. But that is OK they are fun to be around.
We had a few episodes of "I am going to leave all f'n one of you and go by myself" times. But I couldn't as I get anxiety when I go somewhere that I am not familiar with. So hubby had to come. And I get paranoid if my girls are by themselves in a different country. So ya they all had to go with me.
I call Wayne and Ashley the diva's in the family...if they aren't happy, no one is happy. And they seemed to bicker today, but of course it is the others fault. GRRRRRRR.

I did get to go to the scrap booking stores that I wanted to (hence needing hubby). The first one was to a different Archiver's (sorry Jingle. You are going to have to share that story with me). I only bought sale items from there.

The second shop was Joann's. I wasn't sure if we were going to get there as Lola (our GPS) didn't want to tell us where to go. See she was a little b1tch today as well. Finally everyone calmed down and Lola did her job. Lastly we found the store Scrapbooks Too. The women were nice there. They just got in crates of new stuff. They were still in the boxes though. I found a few things there that I haven't been able to find anywhere. I have been looking for the Tim Holtz foam pads for the applicators for over a year now. I have been all around our town, Winnipeg and the States. They are the only ones that had them. I usually use make up sponges, so we will see how I like them.
I also picked up 2 Tim Holtz die cuts. It was buy one get one 1/2 price. Now I don't know if this was a good deal as I have never seen them before. They assured me that they will fit in my Cuttlebug.
I also picked up 2 holders for my inks. If you remember I am trying to make a stamping area in my scrap/craft room. How to store my inks was keeping me from starting this.

So stayed tuned for some incredible creations once I get home and get organized. I hope so anyway LOL.

So we are heading home tomorrow bright and early. We will be stopping in Duluth. We will hit up Miller Hill Mall quickly and then to True Colors scrap booking store just before heading home.

Hope your Wednesday was a good one. Beware of those Victoria Secret bra's ladies. LOL