Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to Work :)

Awwww that's right, the big guy had to go back to work today.
He said it was time. He was on holidays for over 2 months. What a hard knock life, lol.
Just for you curious ones (Becky), wondering what I made for supper. Well I made breaded chicken breasts, stuffing and cauliflower and carrots.
See I KNOW how to cook, I just don't care to ;)
Just a little tease, teehee.
Is this mean?
This is a corner piece of Heather's B. Day cake. Now who doesn't love the corner piece?
Remember Hubby bought a new TV to play his video games on? Well now that he is back to work, it is off the table.
Here is where he put it.
On his dresser.
I hate a TV in the bedroom. We have never had one in there for our 23 years of marriage. Now it is not hooked up. It is there in storage until we bring it up to our camp/cottage.
He wants me to make a quilted cover for it. Ya right. Onto My Day:
I went out for lunch with my friend Debbie. Then we went to Michael's, I had to exchange the punch I bought 2 of. I bought the punch with a coupon, and to exchange it, they don't do exchanges, you have to return it then repurchase the new one. I was ticked because she wouldn't give me the 25% off I had originally bought it for.
Then I realized that I had a 40% off coupon in my purse. So I got it even take the Michael's with your unfair policies.
Then we went to Walmart. I never go there. Maybe 3 times a year, and usually only with Debbie.

Wayne's brother's and their wives are away in Florida for their holidays, so I get the pleasure of doing their book work. So I had to go to the bank and do a deposit.
Then my neighbour and I went to Pilate's tonight. It was a beginner class. I used to do Precession Toning on tape a few years ago. So this seemed kind of slow for me. But it is best to start slow, right.
Then I came home and had some Pop Corn Twists ;) Ya that defeated the purpose of going, teehee.
So for the rest of the week I have to work. I have to do billing and balance month end.
Hope you had a creative Monday

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday Heather....that must be a mistake

What how could that be?!?
My middle daughter Heather is 20 years old today. What!!! Where did the time go?
When did this little bundle of joy grow up so fast.
And she was a joy as a baby.
I remember when we brought her home from the hospital, I had to keep checking on her, because she slept through the night. All night!
My mind liked it, but my boobs didn't, lol
Awww this doesn't seem so long ago. Heather and I enjoying the beautiful summer day.
She was so good. She never really did fuss, and if she did, then I knew something was wrong.
Even now as an adult...that's a hard one to say.....she still doesn't make a fuss.
Yup here is my baby all grown up. She is so Beautiful on the inside and out.
This is part of the gift her sister's bought her. She would love to go to England one day.
She loved the t-shirt I made her. Actually it wasn't until later when I told her I could make her another one in a different colour if she wanted. She was shocked. You made this?!?!
I did good :)
She even commented about the card. She said this is a cool card.
That means she really loved it. She isn't one to dish out compliments.
Here is the card I made her. I wanted to do a Manga type card, but I was fighting with some images (meaning I can't draw worth beans) so that didn't pan out.
Here is the inside.
On the opposite side I always write a little note about how much she means to us, and how lucky we are to have her in our lives. She just rolls her eyes and smirks.
Secretly I know they love these notes :) Or I know they will love them in the future. So for Heather's supper we went to her favourite restaurant "The Blue Parrot". I am so stuffed now. We are having family over for some DQ ice cream cake in a bit.
Hope your weekend was a creative one and you were able to enjoy it with your family.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Used my Cricut :)

I wanted to order this shirt for Heather's Birthday. But because I am such a procrastinator, I didn't get around to it. Plus I am not an Internet shopper.
So I came up with a way to make it myself.
I cut the letters out with my Cricut. Yeah me!
I used mac tac. Or that shelf liner stuff. You can get at the dollar store and it is sticky on the backside. Stuck it to the t-shirt.
I then painted the letters with white fabric paint.
Because it is a really dark shirt I did 5 coats.
I noticed it had bleed under the stencil so I went over that with black permanent marker. I did this after I took the picture, so you can see the bleeding in this picture.
I am really impressed with how this turned out. Now I know this is a commercial shirt. I hope I am not breaking any laws by doing this. But this is for my daughter and I am not selling it. So I hope this doesn't get me in trouble.
Do you know what this stands for. My daughter loves these guys. They are addicting to watch.
If you can tell me what this stands for I will give you a little somethin', somethin', teehee.
Onto My Day:
I slept like a baby. Well actually better, I didn't wake up wet and hungry, lol.
I felt like I got a lot done today.
Made Heather's shirt.
Caught up on my tickets (work).
All my Thank You's are ready to be mailed.
I am in a image swap and have them all stamped and ready to be mailed out.
I got Heather's BDay cake.
Oh great!!! I forgot to make Heather a Birthday card, craap I guess I have one more thing to do tonight.
Hubby and I watched a few war movies. We watched the rest of Band of Brothers (he watches them a few times while he is off, and he wanted me to watch it with him) Wyatt Earp, and now we are watching Saving Private Ryan.
My home is going to be so quiet when he goes back to work. It won't sound like a war zone that's for sure.
I never watch TV during the day, bet our hydro will go down, lol.
Hope you are having a good weekend, and was able to be creative today.
Off to make a card.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Video and rambling

I did a video today.
I use these recipe/index cards to do a lot of my journaling and thought I would share it with you all.

I seemed to drag my @ss today. I didn't get a good sleep last night. Thanks to hubby's snoring, I ended up on the couch....or I should say the love seat. The couch had my supplies on it and I was to tired to move them.
The love seat was fine until our cat Rose found me, knew that wasn't where I should be sleeping and meowed, like she was run over by a lawn mower.

We had the boys over tonight for supper. The boys are Ashley's boyfriend Tyler and Kristy's boyfriend Blake. Wayne made us chicken breasts with mashed potatoes and stuffing. Yumm. I am not looking forward to him going back to work on Monday...then I have to cook :(

I am working on my Project 365 right now. Hubby and Sharon are outside doing bad things. If you read me post from last Friday, you would know what I'm talking about. I think Marlene needs to visit, teehee.
So I thought I would sneak on here and do my post.
I am so proud of myself for still going strong on my Project 365. I know, I know its only the second month, but so far so good.

Tomorrow I am going to sleep in. I'm going to sleep until I can't sleep anymore, then I'm going to sleep some more ;)

Hope you had a creative Friday :)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where did the day go?!?

I have no idea what happened to the day today.
I did some year end work.
Made some more Thank You cards.
Went to the grocery store.
Picked up Kristy from school.
Drove Blake home.
Dropped off said year end work.
Took to a small nap ;)

Ohhhh that's where my day went, teehee.

When Ashley came home for lunch she was so happy. Her cover or sleeve for her IPhone came in. She even let me take a picture of her holding it, even though she said she looked like skid. I disagree, I think she is beautiful.
It matches her comforter. Can you see the phone. Its like a "Where is Waldo" but with a phone, teehee.
Daughter #2, Heather, made cookies this afternoon. She is so worried that they are going to burn, she always sits in front of the oven door to watch them. Usually she is staring into the oven window, but I missed that shot. She is the only one I have seen flip her cookies.
She said I was disrespecting her and her privacy for posting this picture. LOL.
I told her if I didn't take these sneaky pictures of her, when she get older she is going to think I didn't love her, as there wouldn't be any pictures of her. Now onto my food picture.
Funny how my pictures seem to be about food instead of crafts. Humm maybe that's why I have gained weight over the winter, teehee.
Hubby made waffles for supper. Under Kristy's orders.
Wayne and I kept calling them pancakes, boy that bugged her, teehee.
See those yummy blueberries? Picked by my loving hands last summer, and I hoard them. So besides making some Thank You cards that is all the creating I did today. I even addressed most of them. I think I have 24 to send out. I will hopefully stay on top of it this year.

Thank you for all nice comments about my sore butt. Actually my butt isn't that bad, my legs and back are sore though. Oh ya and Marlene, my butt is not hairy, wrinkly or dimpled, Hubby didn't call me Sweet Cheeks for nothing, lol.

Thankful Thursday:
1. I didn't hurt myself when I fell
2. Hubby cooked again. Days are numbered as he goes back to work on Monday.
3. Seeing the smiles on my daughter's face.
4. Telling Heather that I love her, and her saying I know, I love you too.

What are thankful for today?


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Impossible cravings

I was craving fried mushrooms this afternoon. Do you ever like, really crave something.
Last time I really, really craved something was when I was pregnant with daughter #3. I craved sand. Weird eh?
I would go to the pit (what we call Hubby's quarry) and imagine myself taking hand fulls of dirt/sand and chew it, I just wanted to feel it in between my teeth, lol. I didn't do it though.
I didn't tell anyone, because well...its just weird.
But later I find out when your pregnant and crave dirt, or ashes its a sign of low iron.

Well today, like I said, I wanted fried mushrooms.
Good thing too, these babies were on their last life. I shared them with Hubby :)
I picked Kristy, her boyfriend Blake and her friend Allison up from school. Drove Allison home, but when I went to back out of her driveway my brand new pretty red jeep wouldn't go in reverse. Now I didn't call it a pretty red jeep during this time, it was more like you stupid piece of sh1t. I think she understood, I was not happy.

So phoned CAA for a tow, then phoned Hubby to come and pick up the kids.
As I went to his truck to talk to him, I fell flat on my @ss, Yup. It was like something you would see in a comedy or a cartoon. I think my legs even flew up in the air....OK I won't feel bad if you laugh. It was funny....after the fact. Not sure about tomorrow though, when my butt is bruised.

So anyway Hubby comes back and tries the jeep. Oh ya he thinks he could do it eh? Big strong man. He has to come and help is little wife, because she is to weak to do it herself. Lets see who laughs now.
Well he did. He got it into reverse.

You see...he tells me... when you park on an incline sometimes its hard to get it back into gear. Ohhh my hero.... yes I am being sarcastic.
But I am happy that I didn't have to bring it in.

So for that I had to treat myself for my misfortunes.
So I made Impossible Pie.
Hard to believe that something soupy like this... Could bake into something like this......
I know you are going to ask me for the recipe, so here it is. This is so easy. you just mix everything in one big bowl and it separates as it cooks.
I don't soak the coconut. I did the first time and then I just forgot one time. I didn't find a difference in the pie. Oh ya on my recipes I put the name of the person who gave it to me and also the dish I use to cook it in.

That was my day in a nut shell. I should have been in a nut shell, then maybe that wouldn't have cracked my arse.

Oh ya and daughter #1 took the toothpaste to work as she had a dentist appointment. How nice of her eh?

Hope you had a creative day today :)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chocolate is in the House...well it was.

Today was a running around day.
I had a list of things to do.
I had trouble falling asleep last night. Due to my mind not stopping with everything I wanted to get done. Plus I guess I had to much pop to drink after supper ;)

So like I said, Hubby and I did a lot of driving around town.
And look what I found !!!!! :) :) :) I love Easter Candy.
The only thing wrong with these is that there are never enough in a bag, and I had to share them, teehee.
No seriously though, because they can just be popped into your mouth, you don't realize how many you have eaten.
Hubby and I just fought over these babies. I won the cream filled one. I may be tiny and hubby may be big, but NOTHING stands in the way of me and my chocolate, lol.

Proud Tuesday:
1. I did my walk this morning.
2. I mailed my parcel for my give away, congrats Do4x4.
3. I shared my chocolate ;)
4. I whipped solitaire's butt. What that is something to be proud of :)

What have you done today to make you feel Proud?


Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Shocked!!

The other day when I was on my laptop, I got shocked/zapped when my hand touched the side that the plugs go into.
Then last night I had it on my lap and I got shocked by the bottom of the laptop.
Today when I put in the ear plugs, my ear got a major shock/zap from the ear piece.
Has this ever happened to you before?
I have not backed up anything on my laptop (this is the only computer that I use). All my photo's, video's and such are on here.
I think tomorrow I will buy an external hard drive and the hubby to transfer my stuff onto it.

This is what our Family Day consisted of......
Video games and watching movies.
I didn't do anything to productive today. It was a very, very lazy day.
I did clean the dining room table off of all my scrap booking supplies.
I did a load of laundry.
Yup that's about it, lol.

Oh I did make a list of all the Thank You cards I need to send out. Oh my there are over 22 AND some of them are close to a year late.
I am the worst procrastinator in the world. If there was an award for this type of behaviour I would be the winner.

Here is for tomorrow being a more productive day.
I sooo need to start making my list tonight.
Hoping I get some of the things crossed off my list tomorrow.

Did you get to create today?


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Altered Gun ;)

I was asked to do a tutorial on how to load my ATG, which stands for Adhesive Transfer Gun. I need to check out the instructions each time myself, so I found an easy way to do this.
Also I had to alter my gun as I kind of made a mess of it, teehee.

Onto My Day:

Well I worked on altering my ATG. I really fought with the paper choice. As you can see I chose the grungy look.
The girls and I went and rented some movies today. When I went to pay for the movies they said I had a late fee. Last time I rented a movie from there was in July. They said that I had a $20.00 late fee. Are you serious ?!?!
She brought it down to $3.00.

Tomorrow is a holiday here. It is Family Day.
We were going to go to camp and go sliding, but the weather is so cold.
Everything is closed tomorrow, so we figured we would spend the day together watching TV and playing video games. Wayne and Kristy are trying to finish off a game together. So cute.

Hope you had a creative day.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

What!!! Slushies?!?!

What is wrong with this picture.
Slushies and snow, should not mix. Hot chocolate... yup, but not ice cold slushies.
Kristy and Heather wanted to go and get some slushies tonight. The jeep was still warm so I went with it, teehee.
Onto My Day:

I didn't get any creative time in today. Well if you call going shopping at Michael's creative time, then yup I did, teehee.
I was about to go in the shower when my SIL Sharon phoned. She was going to Michael's and wanted to know if I wanted to come. She said I could take my shower first.
I asked is you car warmed up. Yes it was. So I told her I would take my shower after.
Now you have to live in a cold climate to understand this. There is nothing worse then getting into a cold vehicle.
We did some more damage. I have to stay out of this store, lol. But in my defense, and I need one, there was 25% off the purchase and I had a 40% off coupon.

We went out to dinner at the Keg. We went for a company dinner again. To celebrate the good year they had and the guys talked business.
Ashley was also there having dinner with her boyfriend and his family for his dad's birthday. I have never met his family yet, so before we left I went to say hi.

That was my day today. I am working on something that I will hopefully share with you tomorrow. I am just trying to figure out if I should go grungy or pretty.

Hope your day was a creative one :)


Friday, February 18, 2011

It's better to Give than to Receive....Really?!?!?!?!

Today was the drawing for my one year give away on my YouTube channel. If you want to check it out Here It Is :)
I also received some happy mail from a fellow YouTube/Blogger, Marie-Claire if you want to check it out Here It Is :)

Onto My Day:

Hubby went and got his truck Rust Checked. He came by and picked me up as he didn't want to park it in the driveway right away. Oil drips off of it for a bit. So we went and got a hot chocolate and went to check out the deer.
But because it was so cold and crazy windy out, they were hiding.

Spend the rest of the day inside. Keeping warm.
It was so nice yesterday, and then it just turned on us. High winds and the temperature dropped. Our driveway looks like a skating rink.
Our neighbours garbage cans kept banging against their house last night, so it kept waking us up. Like couldn't they hear them. I should have phoned them.

Sharon came by for scrap booking tonight.
I worked on my Project 365 .
Sharon made some Christmas cards...I know crazy eh?
Here are a couple she worked on. I have her permission to share them. She really liked them so she said its OK, lol.
I inked the snow and got her to pop dot the layers. Aren't they cute?
She is running out of things to scrapbook, so she is working on her Christmas cards for next year. I told her to make some cards for Card Cupids. She doesn't think her cards are good enough to send out.
I disagree. I think she should. I will try again next Friday ;)
We also played around with our new Martha Stewart border punches. They are so pretty. I love these punches. At 9:00 we usually head out for coffee for Sharon, hot chocolate for me, and munchies and slushies for the girls. Not tonight, it was freezing outside.
But that didn't stop these die hard Northerner's from going outside for there Friday night cigarette, lol. Hubby only smokes when he is with his big sister here, or someone else who smokes, besides that he could go forever without having one. Thankfully.
Mind you in this photo, hubby looks like he has been smoking some wacky tobacky, lol. Watch he will read this post and I will be busted for posting this picture, lol.So that was my day today. It is suppose to be cold and windy all weekend, so I think we will be staying in. We were going to go to camp this weekend. But not in this weather.

Hope you all had a creative Friday.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy mail and a yummy photo

I opened some happy mail today from Pea :)

If you want to check out the treasures she sent me you can check it out on my YouTube channel here. TracysTreasures24 .
I got a card in the mail to pick up a parcel. I thought it was one thing, then when I went to the post office to pick it up, it was something else.
Ohhhh I love happy mail :)

Here is a photo that my daughter, Ashley took of the goodies she put inside her boyfriends Valentine's Tin.I love her photography. She hasn't had time to do it as much, which makes me sad. I love to look at her photo's. I believe its her passion.
If you want to see some of her work, go here for your viewing pleasure. Ashley's Photo's.

Onto My Day:

I went out with my SIL Sharon, Wayne's sister. We went for lunch at Applebees then to Michael's to use up our 50% off coupon. I think we did some damage there.
We both used our coupons on Martha Stewart's around the edge punches :)
That took up most of the day.
Funny last night when I told hubby that I was going out with Sharon to use the coupons. He said, I'd go to Michael's with you. Then he said... what am I going to do all day while you are gone. Teehee, he can be so cute.

Also last night I received 2 emails about posting a giveaway on my blog. It is something big!! And by a reputable company.
This is a personal blog. I have never done give aways (besides my own), or posted give aways by others.
If there is a give away I will enter it, but I don't jump through hoops to enter.
Those that do that are fine, I am not dissing them. My blog is just a personal one.
So I was really thinking about this last night, if you know me, then you know I over think everything.
For one thing, this give away is awesome....if you win. It is only open to Canadians which is one in a million.
So what do think? Should I post it.
I did ask for more information.

Thankful Thursday:
1. Happy Mail :)
2. Spending time with a friend
3. Lunch out
4. Shopping
5. All of my blog followers

What are you Thankful for today.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That Kind of a Day with an Award

I received an award. The special thing is I received this award from 3 special blogs :)
Karey from Creative Craft Corner , Peg from Pegcraftalot and also Lisa from Lisa E Designs sent me this award.
Now in order to accept this award I need to share 8 things about me and pass this on to 8 other bloggers. So here it goes....
8 Things about me:
1. I love to organize. I seem to let things go, just so I can re-organize. Check my post from yesterday :)
2. Creating is my Passion. My mind doesn't stop.
3. I used to love to walk and jog/run for miles. Now, not so much, still love to walk (fast paced) but not jog.
4. I am addicted to Coke a Cola.
5. I enjoy watching hubby play video games.
6. I need to have my bed sheets flat and smooth when I sleep. I can't sleep with wrinkles.
7. I have note pads all over the house. And I make multiple lists.
8. A perfect evening for me would be spending it with my family, watching movie marathons, preferably horror.

Now I have to pass this along to 8 other bloggers. I am going to pass this onto blogs I don't think I have shared an award with before.
1. Pea at Whimsical Endeavors
2. Becky at Fourth House on the Right
3. Kim at mrsmorrisart
4. Schell at Schell's Craft Corner
5. Beth at Under a Pile of Scrap
6. CanadianWynn
7. Sharla at This thing called Life
8. Mary Pat Siehled with a Kiss
I hope I linked these blogs correctly.

Onto My Day:
Today was one of those days that a lot of little things just didn't go right.
First I had a funeral to go to. My daughter Kristy's friends mom passed away. I just can't imagine the pain this girl is going through and will so in the future.
So we went to get her friend some flowers and a Sympathy card.
The store door wouldn't open, then I forgot to grab an envelope, then had to go back as I forgot a pick for the flower card.
Brought Kristy to her friends, as her girlfriend wanted her to be with her during this time.
Then I had to run to the dentist to get my tooth filled.
I broke a piece of my tooth and filling off Christmas Eve.
Well the dentist was running 15 minutes behind.
Then I find out I needed freezing. I hate needles.
Was only suppose to take 1/2 hour, I think it was more like 45 minutes to one hour.
When I went to the funeral, there was only 4 vehicles there. So I of course thought that I went to the wrong one as started to panic. As it turned out there was parking on the other side of the building.
Came home and hubby told me to look into the back yard.
Our patio gazebo collapsed. NICE. This is the first year I didn't take it down.
Yup, had to laugh at this one.
Took a nap before supper, I needed it.
Kristy spent the whole day and evening with her friend. Her friend wanted to be around her friends today. I love that Kristy is so caring and can be there for her.

On a good note. I got some happy mail today:)
I will share it with you tomorrow :)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A bit of organizing.

I have a problem.
I love to organize.
In order to keep organizing I have to mess things up, so in time I can re-organize them.
Yup its a illness.
Here is my drawer that I keep all my office supplies in.
What a mess eh?
Here it is all nice and tidy.
So pretty.
This just makes me happy and puts a smile on my face :)
Tomorrow the tiny vacuum closet ;) Onto My Day:

Today was errand day. Hubby and I did our banking, renewed our CAA membership and then went grocery shopping.
What is it about grocery shopping that I hate.
Besides the price.
Hubby pushes the cart. That's fine. But when I go to get a grocery product he walks away.
Hello I want to put this in the cart that your pushing away from me.

Hubby cooked up some more meatballs. We are going to freeze them. I have to get him to do a lot of cooking that could be frozen. You know he has to go back to work at the end of this month, and we need some I don't have to cook, shhhhhh, teehee.

Proud Tuesday:
1. I didn't drink as much pop (Coke) today. The darn coke machine only had diet left :(
2. Re-organized my office supply drawer
3. Shoveled the steps and walkway.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

My daughter Ashley wanted some help in making something for her boyfriend Tyler.
Now you can't get to girly and frilly with a boy, so here is what we came up with.
We ran to Michael's last night (yup she is a great procrastinator like me ;) and picked up this white tin, and this pretty polka dot ribbon. She loves polka dots.
We wrapped the ribbon around the tin twice as it was shear.
I made this bow for it, I liked it better with the tails, that she cut off.
She put some cookies and sprinkled heart shaped candies inside.
I cut the heart out with my Cricut (see I'm using that sucker for more than just letters, teehee).
Punched the border with a heart border punch. I was thinking of inking around the border, but liked the clean look of this.
Adhered the ribbon behind the cut out heart and then backed it with red card stock. Like I said the ribbon was shear. Here is the inside of the card. Stamped and then heat embossed the sentiment. Punched the corners and backed it with red card stock.
Ashley said the inside was pretty enough to have that as the front of the card. Onto My Day:

Hubby and I went out for lunch at Montana's. We aren't into the whole crazy Valentines day dinner thing. To busy for us.
I was so bad I didn't do any crafty things for my girls for this day. I did buy some chocolates and candy though ;)
I have been spending a lot of the day on the laptop replying to everyone who has entered my YouTube give away.
Spending the rest of the evening watching my shows. House is in the house tonight :)

Here is a double page layout I did in 2004. Wow that was a long time ago. My girls are so young. This is when I still did 8.5 x 11 sized layouts.I remember a local craft store had a compitition on the best layout. I won 1st place on this baby :)

Hope you and your significant other enjoyed your Valentines day today. If you don't have a significant other then I hope you did something special for yourself today.

Hope your Monday was a creative one.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

I need my own room

Hey, I am doing a give away on my YouTube channel. I have been doing video's on there for a year now. Wow where does the time go?
Thanks Ashley for encouraging me to put myself out there on YouTube.
Here is a video for the give away. But if you want to have a chance to win you have to comment on my YouTube channel.

OK I am totally frustrated here. Whenever I post a video on here, it says Internet explorer has stopped working...blah, blah, blah. Well I figured a way to trick them by saving the post quickly. That seems to be working.
Well now I am trying to post some pictures of a card that I made and it is doing the same thing but for my pictures. It is sooooo frustrating. I'll try again tomorrow. If anyone has any suggestions for this computer challenged blogger I would love to hear it.
Do I need to upgrade something?

Onto my Day:
I had like the worst night ever.
Hubby snored. Not only did he snore LOUDLY, but he faced me and snored into my ear, and breathed on me. Don't you hate when someone breaths on you?
So I went on the couch.
Get a text from daughter #1, saying that she forgot her house keys (won't say what time it was, but she received a not so nice text back, as it was way past her curfew). My phone was recharging (as I never use it until it runs out of juice) so I had it plugged in, close by.
Fall back asleep, and I can still hear hubby snoring, through the wall.
Fine...I go downstairs on the couch. All is quiet and I fall into a nice sleep.
Only to hear the cat beside me meowing like it is possessed by the devil. She doesn't like when anyone is out of place at night.
Well one nice thing though, Daughter #1 and Daughter #3 went and picked the family up some breakfast from McD's. So I woke up to breakfast anyway.

I had to run to Michael's to pick up some card stock.
About an hour after I get home Ashley wants to go to the dollar store for a few things, which is right beside Michael's. The Dollar store is closing, so they won't let us in. So we end up going to Michael's again.
I didn't get anything the second time around though. ;)

Hope you had a creative Sunday.
I did, if you call putting this give away together creative ;)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

P 365 video

Drum roll please......
Here is my version of Project 365.

Onto My Day:
We all slept in this morning. I mean we ALL SLEPT IN. We woke up to the phone ringing at 10:30 am. Now remember we all love to stay up late on the weekends in this household, plus I have teens, need I say more. And Hubby and I are teens at heart, teehee.
The day goes by pretty quickly when you get up late. Would you believe I even took a tiny nap as well. Yup a teen mind a seniors body, lol.

So I worked on and finished my Project 365.
Taped the video. And cleaned up my scrap/craft room. Sounds like a full day to me.
Hubby and the girls played video games on and off all day. Told you kids at heart :)

We are watching a few movies tonight, Superbad being one of them. It just makes me laugh so loud, its hysterical. And that's about it. Love these types of days :)

Hope you had a Creative day.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Behind... again

Do you ever feel like you are so far behind, you are never going to catch up?
That is how I feel today. I had so many plans and things I wanted to get done but just haven't been able to get them accomplished. Not only for today, but for the last year.

I wanted to do a video of my Project 365 but I wanted to finish the title page. Well today I just finished February and some hidden journal. So that didn't get done.
So I will share a few pictures of what I have been doing.
Here is the 1st page from January.
Here is the 1st page for February's. It has been a year since I started my YouTube channel. So I thought I would do a give away today.
Well my first question is what to give away. I did one not to long ago, and I don't want to give away the same things. I thought of a real cool mini album kit. But I need to cut the thick chipboard with my scroll saw. My workshop isn't heated. As much as I love you followers on YouTube, I really don't want to go out in -31C to do some cutting.
I guess I will have to put that off until tomorrow as well.

Onto my Day:
Worked on my P365.
Lynne (one of the ladies I went to the crop with) and I made the sign for the Scrap for Heart. She wouldn't take the poster home when we left the crop. So I took it, telling her she would get it back. When we picked Kristy up from school, I stuck it in her front yard. Not long after I get a call from her, asking me if I left something for her. We laughed, then she said "Its on lady".
My reply was "Oh its on, its on like Donkey Kong", lol.
She came by for scrap booking tonight. I didn't see a sign with her though, teehee.

That's about all from me today. Hope you all had a creative Friday.

PS. Can you still send a Thank You card if you are a year late?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Temporary Craft Space

Here is my improved work space. Thanks Pea it saves on the back and hips :)
Funny that I have my own scrap/craft space, but I like to be near Hubby and he like me to be with him. So this is the new and improved work area while Hubby is on holidays. Or until I finish catching up on my Project 365. Oh ya and that potatoe chip bag is for scraps ;)
Here I am hard at work. Yup that is my blog on the computer. No I don't leave it up so I can read the comments as they come in, teehee. Because I am working on P365, my blog has my daily activities so I just record them from there.
This is the reason I started my blog.
Ya I am wearing jammy pants. I love these things. I never wear them outside, but as soon as I walk in the house I put them on. I don't wear them to bed, just around the house.
I need to get a black pair, maybe they could be mistaken for pants then, teehee. Every year we go out for supper with my FIL and his wife. We all got married in the month of February (crazy, we should have picked a warmer month). So to celebrate we go to Wayne's and his dad's favourite restaurant, The Prospector.

Now I am not a big meat eater, so I love their salad bar. They have the best beef barley soup. And the best dinner buns I have ever tasted. Like I said I am not a big meat eater, but I like ribs and T-bond steak. So I got the steak :) That is not blood on the plate, I would vomit if it was. It is just the juices. I can't eat any meat that looks like it was alive, I need to cook it almost to a crisp. So I am working on P365 and will for sure have a video of it tomorrow. I am finished January and working on February and the front cover page.

Thankful Thursday:

1. I got to create today.

2. Going out to dinner

3. Not having to cook again. Boy I'm getting spoiled.

4. Laughing with my family

Till tomorrow have a creative day.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hubby in the kitchen again :)

Today was a pretty laid back day.
Hubby and I went out this afternoon and got some groceries.
When we got home, Hubby went straight to work making some meat balls. He makes the best meat balls.
OK, maybe the picture doesn't look the tastiest, but believe me they are really good.
Then he made us a nice dinner of pasta, meatballs and sauce. I am not a fan of this type of food, but it was really good.
Here is the difference in portion. Mine is the tiny plate. Like I said this wouldn't be my 1st choice of dinners, plus I filled up on meatballs as he was cooking them :) It was delish.
Hubby finally received his Christmas gift from the girls. They ordered the gift in plenty of time for Christmas. But for some reason it just came in today. The girls are still waiting for the other movie they bought him.
I finally figured out my Project 365!!! I know it took me long enough.
Because Hubby took over the living room table as his gaming space. I had to make my own space, lol. We watched movies as I worked on my Project 365.
Video coming soon :) Hope your Wednesday was a creative one.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Its a War Zone in here

We are the type of family that lives in our living room. It is not for show. We watch TV, play games and when company comes this is where we congregate.
We love our living room.
But this is ridiculous. Yop your not seeing double, that is 2 televisions.

Remember when I said Hubby bought a new TV to play video games on?
Well here it is, set up beside the everyday TV. The everyday TV is a 58" plasma. Apparently (according to Hubby) you are not to play games on this type of TV as an image may be burned into the screen.
So he had to go out and buy a 40" LCD, to play his games on.

And playing his games is what he has been doing.
If he isn't watching WW2 documentaries, then he is playing this game, "Call of Duty 2".
It sounds like a bloody war zone in this house, lol.
But it is his holidays, it is winter, and I really don't mind.
Mind you our downstairs bathroom could still use a ceiling ;)

Onto My Day:

I had to go and bring in that firearm of my dad's to get deactivated. The men at the gun smith were a little sad. They said it just wasn't right.
I guess that would be the same as taking the guts out of our Cricuts and using it just for show....oh wait a minute, that's what I do with mine, teehee.
I was also on the phone taking care of some other guns my dad had, and getting them registered to the ones who want them. What a pain.

I also had my teeth cleaned at the dentists today.
One of my teeth was a bit sensitive when she touched it with the metal tool. I told her that and asked why. She said something about the gum may have receded, or something like that.
I asked her if this was an age tired of this age thing I'll tell ya.
She laughed and said, you are so funny, every time you come in here you look younger and younger and YOU mention age.
Well she got extra points in my book, lol.
The receptionist at the dentist is also a scrapbooker. Mind you she says she never gets to do it. She loves to see what I am working on. She loved the mini's I brought for show and tell ;)

Nothing much else happened today. I got to catch up on some YouTube video's that I wanted to comment on. If someone (same as my blog) comments on one of my vid's/posts, I like to check out their channel and comment back. Sharing the love :)

Proud Tuesday:
1. Hopefully got my dads business dealt with.
2. I have all my own teeth
3. The hygienist said that my teeth and gums are very nice and healthy, see pop isn't that bad for me.
4. Didn't take a nap today

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?


Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm a celebrity

I'm a celebrity. lol

When we were at the Scrapbook for Heart crop. We were interviewed and got our photo's taken.
This picture was on the front page. I tried to hide behind Lynne, but the photographer told me to move and to smile. So here I am like it or not. Yup I'm the one at the back. Here is the write up. Pretty big layout. This was our table.
Here is a video on how I store or organize my sketches, layout ideas and quotes.
This is actually my 31 day video, but I didn't include my introduction video in my numbers. So technically this is day 30 out of 31 days of video's.

The last 3 times I have tried to upload one of my video's on my blog it keeps cutting out my blog. Boy this drives me crazy.

Onto my day:

I had to go to the police station today. Oh I know what you are thinking, but nooooo I'm a good girl :)
I had to go there to pick up one of my dad's guns. It is a prohibited firearm. So I had to go and pick it up to get it deactivated. The funny thing is, I have no papers to carry or buy firearms. I have not taken any classes, I know nothing about guns.
My brother on the other hand, collects guns, shoots firearms, has all the proper papers to buy and use firearms, but he couldn't get it.

But because I am the executor to my dad's estate and the gun is a prohibited firearm, only I can pick it up. Now that makes sense doesn't it...I am being sarcastic here. Once it is deactivated, anyone can own it, because it won't be able to be fired.

The rest of my day was spent at home. Besides sounding like I was in a war zone, no I wasn't shooting the gun, teehee. Hubby was playing video games, "Left for Dead" and "Call of Duty". So lots of shooting going on. I was so low on iron today, I just had to laz around and take a nice long nap. I did get some book work done today, but just didn't have any energy for too much.

Hope your Monday was a creative one.