Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm a celebrity

I'm a celebrity. lol

When we were at the Scrapbook for Heart crop. We were interviewed and got our photo's taken.
This picture was on the front page. I tried to hide behind Lynne, but the photographer told me to move and to smile. So here I am like it or not. Yup I'm the one at the back. Here is the write up. Pretty big layout. This was our table.
Here is a video on how I store or organize my sketches, layout ideas and quotes.
This is actually my 31 day video, but I didn't include my introduction video in my numbers. So technically this is day 30 out of 31 days of video's.

The last 3 times I have tried to upload one of my video's on my blog it keeps cutting out my blog. Boy this drives me crazy.

Onto my day:

I had to go to the police station today. Oh I know what you are thinking, but nooooo I'm a good girl :)
I had to go there to pick up one of my dad's guns. It is a prohibited firearm. So I had to go and pick it up to get it deactivated. The funny thing is, I have no papers to carry or buy firearms. I have not taken any classes, I know nothing about guns.
My brother on the other hand, collects guns, shoots firearms, has all the proper papers to buy and use firearms, but he couldn't get it.

But because I am the executor to my dad's estate and the gun is a prohibited firearm, only I can pick it up. Now that makes sense doesn't it...I am being sarcastic here. Once it is deactivated, anyone can own it, because it won't be able to be fired.

The rest of my day was spent at home. Besides sounding like I was in a war zone, no I wasn't shooting the gun, teehee. Hubby was playing video games, "Left for Dead" and "Call of Duty". So lots of shooting going on. I was so low on iron today, I just had to laz around and take a nice long nap. I did get some book work done today, but just didn't have any energy for too much.

Hope your Monday was a creative one.



  1. You're a celebrity now with your photo in the paper.
    I worked all day. Like we had a revolving door at work--babies in, babies out. And it is snowing like crazy---all day. I had quite the pile to sweep off the car when I came out after 12 hours.
    My daughter Kirsten was with the law today also. She had to show up for jury duty from 9-5 and she was sick and they wouldn't let her come home. She went to immediate care and has strep throat. What a day for her.
    Glad someone got to be lazy tomorrow.
    Go with Curtis to the ortho surgeon tomorrow. My day in a nut shell.

  2. I tried really hard to read that article but these over 50 eyes couldn't do it. LOL.

    You asked about my post it notes covers... They came out wonderful. But of course you should know that. I will photograph and add them to my blog later this week.

    Just wanted to say that I really loved your video's. I absolutely loved, loved, loved your steampunk album. Great job. I hope that you don't stop when you reach 31 days of video's. Please keep going.

    Pam Davis

  3. Tracy
    I can officially say I know a celebrity :)
    You look great in the pic and it seems like it was a great article.
    Way to go

  4. Very cool to be featured in that article...whoo hooo!!! Love your video, I have a quote and sketch havin all the ideas in one place!!

  5. Yay you're famous!
    I like how you store your inspiration. You're too organized. Come do mine! I clip them out then never look at them again.. but then I feel bad throwing away magazines. Lol

  6. Oh Famous Tracy,

    Well congrats to you all. That is neat. What a thing for you to scrap about.
    I LOVE your idea for the sketches and quotes. My Mom is the quote queen so I must do this. Sketches I have kept on disks but this would be even better.
    I will have to share a studio/craft room storage idea here this week. I love it anyway.
    Have a great day and just for the record, I will be very sad when there are no more videos. I have enjoyed them so. How about one or two a week? LOL ya can't just cut us off cold turkey.

  7. Enjoy your time in the spotlight! :)

  8. Great that you got to the papers, I haven't scrapbooked yet but would love to now I know what you have to collect to get going, I didn't realise there was so much collecting to do though, have a great day x

  9. can i have your autograph! congrats on being in the paper! glad you had so much fun at the crop!

    great video ---again!!!!!

  10. That's fun about the article. I'm sure you'll save it and document it appropriately! :) I loved that you showed how you save your sketches and layout ideas. I did something similar for years - as you flipped through the layouts the firs thing I thought was "Wow, I remember that layout and it's been in my book for 6 years!" Yes, I've been around that long too. LOL

  11. Love the ideas from your video. I have created a couple of quote books, but I really like the idea of a book with photos of layout ideas. I could get rid of a lot of my scrap magazines. Thanks for the tip!

  12. love this idea, i have tons of magazines and i have been trying to decide what to do with them to save what I like but then get rid of the bulky magazine.

  13. What a great idea! Looks like a great article.

  14. So you were in the newspaper and at the police station in the same day and neither one involved breaking the law? Lol! How you store your sketches is exactly what I have in mind for my idea journal! I really like those books you have!

  15. Congrats on the article! It is good to see scrapbookers featured for doing good instead of being mocked.

  16. I really enjoyed your video as I just finished organizing my sketches. I love sketches and have a number of them so I just put them in a three ring binder, divided by source (PageMaps, Valerie Salmon Sketches, Allison Davis, etc.) and then chronologically in each section. I especially liked what you did with layouts, I have been slowly downsizing my magazine collection and I feel exactly the same way about Canadian Scrapbooker!

  17. I really enjoyed your video today Tracy, I have similar folders/books for my sketches too.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  18. sweet! You're a celebrity! Love it!

    Pssst.....freebie sentiment on my blog tomorrow - but you didn't hear it from me...heehee.

  19. I already knew you were a celebrity darling! :-) Cool that you guys got such a big write up!

  20. I'm with Mary Pat! Can I have your autograph?? LOL...That's a nice sized article!! I loved the video! Your books are great! I'm trying to do something like that with my mag collection, but I might have to get a special shelf to hold them all...they go back QUITE a few years, lol.


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