Saturday, February 19, 2011

What!!! Slushies?!?!

What is wrong with this picture.
Slushies and snow, should not mix. Hot chocolate... yup, but not ice cold slushies.
Kristy and Heather wanted to go and get some slushies tonight. The jeep was still warm so I went with it, teehee.
Onto My Day:

I didn't get any creative time in today. Well if you call going shopping at Michael's creative time, then yup I did, teehee.
I was about to go in the shower when my SIL Sharon phoned. She was going to Michael's and wanted to know if I wanted to come. She said I could take my shower first.
I asked is you car warmed up. Yes it was. So I told her I would take my shower after.
Now you have to live in a cold climate to understand this. There is nothing worse then getting into a cold vehicle.
We did some more damage. I have to stay out of this store, lol. But in my defense, and I need one, there was 25% off the purchase and I had a 40% off coupon.

We went out to dinner at the Keg. We went for a company dinner again. To celebrate the good year they had and the guys talked business.
Ashley was also there having dinner with her boyfriend and his family for his dad's birthday. I have never met his family yet, so before we left I went to say hi.

That was my day today. I am working on something that I will hopefully share with you tomorrow. I am just trying to figure out if I should go grungy or pretty.

Hope your day was a creative one :)



  1. Well, shopping is creative in it's own way :0) I didn't get anything done today except grocery shopping, yuck! Then we came home and after putting everything away Jeremy washed my van, desperately needed it. Then we decided to go to Old Chicago for my birthday dinner with all of the boys, it was fun. We rented Takers and watched that when we got home from dinner. It was pretty good :0) creating for me but I had a good day! Glad you did too :0)

  2. Good grief, that picture makes me cold just to look at it! Since our new Michael's opened I've done my fair share of damage. It makes it really hard that it's five minutes away!

  3. pretty can be grunged.. why not? I am behind again but will post tomorrow.B.U.S.Y.!!!

  4. Umm, I want to hang out at your house for a week or so. You do fun things, eat at great restaurants, shop at Michaels, and create something (at least you do most days).

    I may be making a trip to the Portland airport post office later today, which is open 7 days a week and is right across the river in Oregon. There is a Michaels just off the highway and the best part is no sales tax in Oregon. Aren't you glad I shared that story?

  5. i think i am going to go to michaels today! i really dont need anything--maybe more adhesive--you cant have to much of that can you?

    love the slushies in the snow! my son jack loves his slushies. he gets one as a special treat!

  6. Tracy,
    I love slushies, here we call them slurpies. Sure hope it warms up for you soon.

  7. Slushies, yum makes me think of summer. Sounds like you had a great day. I am glad I live an hour away from Michaels, makes it easier to resist the coupons.

  8. It was 83 here in Texas today.....I like the colder
    Love your slushies.....cute picture. I went shopping today as well and my husband is going to kill me when he knows what I
    Not sure if you have heard of a store called Archiever's but I spent $70 bucks and walked out with only 5 items....ugh that just makes me
    There coupons are only 30% off and that stinks... :)
    Sounds like you had a fun day. Have a super Sunday.

  9. Good Sunday morning. I totally can relate about getting in the cold car thing. We are having more snow--it has practically been non stop since Wed. night. Just after it had all melted at the beginning of the week--there has been quite a dump.

    I did get to create yesterday. Didn't leave the house yesterday, except to go out and feed the birds. Curtis took our movies back for me.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you are posting next. I like both pretty and grungy.

    The slushies look yummy. We have a Sonic here that serves good slushies. Cait worked there last summer.

    Hope you get to create today.

  10. slushies when its -40C are the best things ever!

  11. looks cold where you are! Ok, so it's cold here today, too. (Probably "cool" by your stanards). Almost all our snow is gone. YAY! All we have left are some small piles where it was heaped.

    I'm the kind of girl who would do a slushie over a hot chocolate on any day...including the bitter cold days!

  12. Yep we love slushies only we call them Slush puppies, can't wait to see if you have gone pretty or grungy!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  13. Yummy I love the Keg :) and slushies too... but its not warm enough for me yet! lol!

  14. You are right about the slushies, With 10 inches of new snow on the ground, those do not tempt me.

  15. Hi Tracy, just wanted to say thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. It's great to have new visitors drop by :).

    Sounds like anytime is a good time for slushies! Brrrr..... :D


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