Saturday, February 12, 2011

P 365 video

Drum roll please......
Here is my version of Project 365.

Onto My Day:
We all slept in this morning. I mean we ALL SLEPT IN. We woke up to the phone ringing at 10:30 am. Now remember we all love to stay up late on the weekends in this household, plus I have teens, need I say more. And Hubby and I are teens at heart, teehee.
The day goes by pretty quickly when you get up late. Would you believe I even took a tiny nap as well. Yup a teen mind a seniors body, lol.

So I worked on and finished my Project 365.
Taped the video. And cleaned up my scrap/craft room. Sounds like a full day to me.
Hubby and the girls played video games on and off all day. Told you kids at heart :)

We are watching a few movies tonight, Superbad being one of them. It just makes me laugh so loud, its hysterical. And that's about it. Love these types of days :)

Hope you had a Creative day.



  1. love your little movie!
    Have a great sunday!!

  2. HI Tracy, am not sure why you can't se emy pics of my very messy craft room. Can you check for me please and see if you can see the engagement cards I just posted. We checked here on other compters and my husband can see them so not sure why, also had a friend check, hate that my messy room is not out in the ether lol. Have a great day Wendy/Alphabotts

  3. Tracy,
    This is such a cute idea. I may consider trying this, but I am so bad at taking pics.
    I love your video and I think your book is beautiful so far.
    Thanks so much for explaing how the P365 works

  4. Wow, this is quite a project - love how you organized it. Great video!

  5. Loving how you made your album work and didn't have to buy the kit. I'm ALL about that! Sounds like you guys had the perfect day :)

  6. What a great accomplishment. Not sure I would have the patience to finish such a large undertaking. You should be so proud of this project.

  7. Oh you are a funny girl.
    This is tab worthy.

    The day goes by pretty quickly when you get up late. Would you believe I even took a tiny nap as well. Yup a teen mind a seniors body, lol.

    I love the project Tracy but I have a hard time taking a picture every other day and blog posting for that. Now why would I attempt to do this? LOL nope, not this year. maybe next. Not enough hours as it is.
    Thank you for your extra kind words. They mean a lot to me. M
    Maybe you should bribe the postal man with some cookies? I know ya hate to cook, make it a chore for one of the girls. LOL
    Have a wonderful Sunday. I will be doing some painting. Did I tell you how much I hate to paint. Would rather clean the toilet.:( LOL

  8. ooops, forgot. The album is wonderful. I am with you, I like things to go well together.

  9. Great job on making it work without the kit. And good job on having a restful slack fun day!

  10. the latest i sleep in is sometimes 10, though i hate sleeping in that late.. but i also think its the winter.. come spring time ill be up at 7am ready to go.

  11. great video!

    i also slept in today--6:15!! i was so happy with this. Jack is an early riser so he was getting me up. One day I can only hope that he will sleep in. Michael on the other hand will stay in bed forever.

    have a great sunday!

  12. I would LOVE to sleep until 10:30. I tried hard & stayed in bed until 7:30 this morning.

  13. Take it easy days are the best kind of days!

  14. Very cool, Tracy! Glad it was a good day!

  15. What a great and fantastic start to your project, I love your design Tracy. I love watching your videos too.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  16. Days where you can sleep in are the best!! I don't get to enjoy as many of them as I used to...sigh. Your video was great! I loved how you've put the album together, and you're off to a great start! It's going to be a fabulous project to look back on at the end of the year!

  17. I love days that you can lay around and be lazy with no guilt. Good for you! Love your Project 365. Turning out very nice!

  18. Oh sleep in days are the best! While I like structure and having a full day to do things, I admit those lovely sleepy days aren't too shabby!

  19. I usually wake up with the sun - so in the winter I "sleep in" until 7AM and in the summer I'm up too early, like before 6AM. But when I'm up early, I'm usually super productive so it's not so bad. Loved your video. So glad that you figured your system out. I've been playing around with mine too and will post what I'm up to tomorrow. No video though. I keep telling myself I'll figure it out at some point but never quite get around to it. It's on the list! :)

  20. Wow, what a great project. You are very inspiring, more than you know!

  21. hi Tracy
    I just found you blog hopping!! I didn't have a successful 365 this yr as scrapping was my problem!!! got to April and fizzled!!lol
    love your idea and think it will be more achievable for me in 2012. I love to scrap the everyday things!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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