Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review those resolutions and a charms tutorial.

I know the 31 day challenge is over, but I want to finish this. So I am going to finish it, but on my time. I started late as I heard about it late. So really I am only late by one video.
I was asked how I made these gear charms for my Steampunk coin envelope mini.
So here is # 27 out of 31 days of video's.

On to my Day:
Hubby and I had to do our errands today. One of them was our banking.
When I asked the teller last week for the coin envelopes and why I wanted them. She was skeptical, and told me she wanted to see it when I was finished.
So I brought it with me. I was sure glad that the bank wasn't busy, as all the tellers were surrounded around my book, asking questions and I think they really loved it. I had to explain a couple times how they were made with the coin envelopes, they couldn't believe it.
They told me I should sell them.
Not in your life.
I want this to be my passion, not my work. Plus we all know you would never make your wages with the time you spend on these.
So that was a good part of my day ;)

Being the 1st of the month I thought that I would review my years resolutions.
My Resolutions for 2011 are:
Scrap booking:
Do a double page layout once a month (passed this month)
Try my hand at some sketches -(not yet, fail)
Try some challenges -(passed)
Finish my Camp/cottage journal-(not yet, fail )
Make more mini albums, even if they don't have a purpose. -(passed)

Other Crafts:
Make my Christmas quilt that I bought for this year -(not yet,fail)
Sew my purses that I bought patterns for -(not yet, fail)
Continue to enjoy my paper crafts -(passed)
Make the projects that I wanted to make last year-( passed )
Tweak my blog and YouTube channel. -(not yet- fail)
Life Goals:

Get more active, I need this for my health, not an option-(fail)
Loose 10 lbs these two go hand in hand (fail)
I would love to end the soda but not doable...so cut down.-(fail)
Eat more healthy -(fail)
Be creative everyday. This does not mean making a project everyday, but being creative in one way or the other. (Major Pass)
Put myself first. This is going to be the hardest of all. I put my family and friends first-(semi pass)
Read more.-(fail)

I worked all day.
I did take a few breaks and tried to catch up on my blog and YouTube followers. I don't think I replied to 1/4 of them.
Sorry I haven't forgot about you. I will try and get to you tomorrow.

Proud Tuesday:
1. That the tellers loved my mini. I think they truly did, they weren't just trying to be nice.
2. That I finished the rest of the bag of Caramel Puff corn, so I can't eat any tomorrow ;)
3.That I accomplished some of my yearly goals
4. Tomorrow is Hubby's Birthday and I already bought his gift :)

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. yeah! I am happy dancing with another video!Thank you so much for sharing Tracy. Pass or failing all your goals you do know that this is only February and you still have 10 months. trying is never a failure.

    Loved this and yes,

    Michael's has the actual Shrinky Dinks in the stamping/ink section at least here.
    what I did to make me proud, lets see got up @ 9.00 am on time this morning even though it was 5 am before I fell asleep.
    Got ready and made it to the post office with time to spare for the car appointment.
    Got my car fixed, washed and vacuumed out.
    Posted to my blog and made my card for cancer for the week.
    semi passing that challenge.
    So i challenge you to make a mini album out of unmatching papers. LOL can ya do it? Sure you can.

  2. love your tutorials soooo much!!

  3. How fabulous that you got to show the tellers in the bank your mini, it is a fantastic One though your best yet, (in my opinion) I think your passes out way your fails and it is only february as PEA says..... off to watch your video now and make some notes on how you did the cogs, thanks for doing the video x

  4. another great one tracy! you have done an awesome job!

    dont stress about what you didn't get to-- my philosophy in my hobby is that there is always tomorrow. i only scrap or stamp when i want and what i want.

  5. I wouldn't mark all those things "fail", but "deferred", a much nicer term, don't you think? Because you really did accomplish quite a bit in January!

  6. Tracy,
    Love the video and happy the tellers liked your mini.

  7. Those charms are soooooo cool! I remember them being called shrinky dinks too. That's a much catchier term than shrink it anyway :) I would say you've made a significant dent in your resolution list, it is only February 1! It's nice when non-crafters appreciate your work, isn't it?

  8. Good for you for taking stock, I'm not that brave. And thanks for all the video tutorials this past month. You're fab!

  9. Yeah! I saw those charms in the earlier videos. They're awesome!

  10. Wow, talk about keeping yourself accountable, great list! Did you buy the Caramel Puffcorn on the Canadian side or stateside? Your videos are great, I've really enjoyed them.

  11. you still have 11 more months to go!!! :P

  12. You must have nice bank tellers, to give you coin envelopes knowing you are using them for a craft. Around here, they'd probably have you thrown in jail for it...heehee.

  13. I have been so MIA lately. I know. I just saw your post on my blog. I'm neglecting myself again. Just yesterday I did 7 loads of laundry. Maybe I shouldn't let it pile up so much LOL.

    Your mini is nothing less than amazing by the way. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I don't think I could part with it either. You are so innovative and creative, you never cease to amaze me.

    I'm so sorry I've been missing out on your blog. I have a lot of catching up to do. Between all of snow and ice days and illness being stuck in the house and taking care of everyone else I haven't had me time. I need to change that!

  14. You are so creative! And the picture with the "teeth" made me laugh!

  15. Great tutorial Tracy, I have shrink plastic and don't use it enough, you got my mind going now and thinking of ideas.

    You have done well to have fulfilled some of your resolutions, so many people including me don't complete any.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x


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