Thursday, February 10, 2011

Temporary Craft Space

Here is my improved work space. Thanks Pea it saves on the back and hips :)
Funny that I have my own scrap/craft space, but I like to be near Hubby and he like me to be with him. So this is the new and improved work area while Hubby is on holidays. Or until I finish catching up on my Project 365. Oh ya and that potatoe chip bag is for scraps ;)
Here I am hard at work. Yup that is my blog on the computer. No I don't leave it up so I can read the comments as they come in, teehee. Because I am working on P365, my blog has my daily activities so I just record them from there.
This is the reason I started my blog.
Ya I am wearing jammy pants. I love these things. I never wear them outside, but as soon as I walk in the house I put them on. I don't wear them to bed, just around the house.
I need to get a black pair, maybe they could be mistaken for pants then, teehee. Every year we go out for supper with my FIL and his wife. We all got married in the month of February (crazy, we should have picked a warmer month). So to celebrate we go to Wayne's and his dad's favourite restaurant, The Prospector.

Now I am not a big meat eater, so I love their salad bar. They have the best beef barley soup. And the best dinner buns I have ever tasted. Like I said I am not a big meat eater, but I like ribs and T-bond steak. So I got the steak :) That is not blood on the plate, I would vomit if it was. It is just the juices. I can't eat any meat that looks like it was alive, I need to cook it almost to a crisp. So I am working on P365 and will for sure have a video of it tomorrow. I am finished January and working on February and the front cover page.

Thankful Thursday:

1. I got to create today.

2. Going out to dinner

3. Not having to cook again. Boy I'm getting spoiled.

4. Laughing with my family

Till tomorrow have a creative day.



  1. You are so much like me!!! I love to be near my hubby too...and he loves to be near me. (Of course, that doesn't apply when he's in the dog house....then all bets are off. Ha ha ha.)

    Your dinner looks tastier than mine was. We went to this steak house and I had all you can eat crab legs. They were the worst crab legs ever!!! They were skinny enough to be mistaken for legs from a spider!!! No meat, man!!! Where's the meat?!!! UGH. I was so disappointed. Still, I ate FOUR buckets worth...because in reality, there was NOT ENOUGH FRIGGIN MEAT! Did I mention how terrible my crab dinner was?

  2. Love your little scrap spot!! I miss being near family too, as my scrap room is in the back of the house. And I am the SAME way with jammie pants!! They are the first thing I change into when I walk in the door!! Too funny!

  3. I also worked a lot downstairs to be with my hubby. But I must admit I didn't want to walk upstairs all the time to get my specific flowers, buttons or whatever.
    So we moved my hubby's computer now we are both

  4. Great work space but it would drive me mad not having everything to hand but you are at least where you want to be.

    by the way I have left you a little award on my blog x

  5. Tracy,
    I love your little area. A dedicated crafter will craft just about anywhere. Your dinner looks great. I am the same way as you. My meat has to be very well done for me to even touch it
    Thanks for sharing

  6. I love your "revamped" area! I will pack a little bag and bring something upstairs to work on or Mike will come downstairs to workout so we can be together. I LOVE THAT!!!! As for the PJ pants, I too change into them when I walk in the house! Got to be comfy, right? Your meal looks yummy! I for sure don't want my steak to moo back at me when I cut into it. I want that sucker cooked!

  7. so cute that you and your hubby like to be close! your new craft space looks great!

    glad you had a great dinner--

    have fun at your crop tonight!

  8. Sounds like a great day! Cant wait to see your project 365

  9. Sounds like you had a great day and your dinner looks delicious!

  10. I am glad you had a nice dinner! It looks yummy and good company makes everything better. :)

  11. I like you more every day! So glad someone else shares my love of jammy pants. I like that my scrap space is in the very open family room downstairs, I like being where the action is. Glad you got to celebrate, the soup sounds great, but the real question is this: where is the picture of dessert??

  12. Another charred meat eater! My husband will actually ask a resuraunt to butterfly a fillet to get it grey and dead! Me, I am a still mooing and slightly suntanned kind of girl! Congrats on finishing your project 365! Love the improvised scrap space!

  13. Glad to see you got up off the floor :0) I can not sit down there very long without my back and legs getting all kinked up. Salad looks great! Not so sure about the steak. If I eat meat it's chicken, I love pasta though and pizza! Have a great weekend Tracy!!! :0)

  14. My scrap space is in the basement so I can create while Phil watches TV and we can be near each other, so I get what you mean.

  15. Tracy
    Thanks for the smile. It is so amazing when you share a little bit of yourself how many others are so like you.

  16. Glad you got yourself a chair and table to work on so you could be comfortable too. You are so ambitious to be working on Project 365. Good for you.
    Dinner looks yummy.
    Hope you are having a creative evening. I am trying to.

  17. Now that is much better:) I hated the thought of you on the floor. I know my butt couldn't handle it. I meant back. LOL

    I moved my room right across from hubby's so that we can be close enough to chat. I have a baby gate up though to keep the dogs out of kitty food and what I may drop on the floor. I have been known to drop wire and dizzy would be dumb enough to eat it.:(
    Now on to that dinner. I love meat but I don't want it dead and brought back from the grave. I want it to bounce just a little when I stab it. A slight pink fits me perfectly.
    I know you are going BLAH~ LOL
    You need to hound that postal guy. Geesh!
    have a great one. Oh by the way I got my cricket lesson today :)

  18. Happy anniversary! That salad plate looks yummier but I do like a little rare when I do eat meat.


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