Thursday, May 31, 2012

Layout display

So many of you really liked the way I display some of my scrapbook pages.
It is very simple to do.
Just pretend my chicken light isn't hanging above the layouts okay, lol.
I have a OTT light bulb in the chicken light and love the light it gives me.
Okay onto the deets ;)

 I just used eye hooks and screwed them into the wall then ran the dowel through them.
I don't even think I screwed them into a stud. The layouts and doweling are so light I don't think they need to be. I may have one of each end into a stud...I can't remember it has been so long since I hung these.

It is no secret that I am thrifty and like to re-purpose things.
 The dowels and end knobs came from this shelf unit. The two bottom shelves had the dowels in them for ribbon storage. I didn't like how they worked with my ribbon spools as some of them didn't fit in there as the spools were to big. Plus I also like to bring all my ribbon colours to my project to better colour match.
So I took them out and then came up with a way to use them to hang my layouts.

I just use page protectors to put the layouts in.
I then hook them up with "S" hooks.

Here are the "S" hooks I use. I use these babies for so many things.....I will share other uses for them another day :)

One last look ;)
These are some of my favourite layouts. I have my babies up here, when they were still my babies :)
I also have a layout of my SIL and I doing one of our favourite things to do for crafty supplies ;)

Onto My Day:
I had some errands to do today.
Kristy didn't go to school for lunch so I took her and Heather for lunch at Kangas Sauna.
They had Finn pancakes and strawberry sauce. I ordered a BLT. But for the rest of the day I have been wanting those Finn pancakes, lol.  
I did a bit of crafty shopping, but only bought a recipe box I want to alter to put in some addresses.

I hope you had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whats on My Work Desk Wednesday 2

I thought I would do another WOYWW.
To check out other great creative desks check out Julia's blog :)
My desk hasn't changed to much since the last time I posted, which was 2 weeks ago.
You know that means I haven't been creating sad.
I did get down to my room and somewhat organized my flowers that I was working on 2 weeks ago.

So you want to take a closer look?????
Sure you do :)
I am getting some goodies ready to mail out. I am in a swap with a friend in the UK and this grey basket of goodies have to be packaged and sent out.
I have some flowers in my red basket that need to find a home in my room.
The 3 containers stacked to the left are all my vintage trinkets.
Behind that is my one container of 6x6 paper packs. Yes I have more then one.
My bucket is full of paper bits and packaging that need to be recycled.
The small drawers hold my tiny ink pads and such.

You know looking at my desk right now, makes me want to go down there and clean it up. So much stuff without a home :(
I am thinking after I get the swap parcel out in the mail, it is time for some heavy duty tidying up here and then to play with my supplies.
Don't you just love a clean desk. It makes me want to mess it up, lol.

Thank you for all your well wishes for my city and what we are going through right now. The situation is getting better everyday, and we haven't had any rain today. So the water is receding.
Thank you again for your kind words.

I hope you all have had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chocolate Craving.

Do you ever have a craving of something and nothing you do can satisfy it?
Well I am craving chocolate.
I don't have ANY.
I even checked out all my hiding places...yes that is plural, lol.
So I thought maybe I just need something sweet. So I grabbed some crackers with honey.
Good, great even but it didn't hit the spot.
Oh I found some pudding in the cupboard. Butterscotch :)
This was delish...but even the second one didn't take my craving for chocolate away, lol.
Tomorrow is going to be stocking up day.
Chocolate here I come, lol.

Onto My Day:
We still have to limit our water output.
They have the treatment center up and running, but so far it is only running to 1/2 of its capacity.
So that still means no showers, dishes, limiting the flushing of the toilet and no doing laundry.
We can't complain at least we are dry, and no damage to our home.

Here is a video that a local resident put together. As beautiful as this video is, it doesn't really show the destruction to the city.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday:)

Tracy :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

In a state of Emergency

Remember me mentioning about all the rain we have been getting lately?
Well we received a lot last night again.
Here are some of the effects from it.
Our city has issued a state of emergency. The Red Cross has set up a temporary shelter for those who can't make to it their homes or are in need of any help.
These are NOT my photos, I got them off of Magic 99.9 Facebook page. They have been posting photos from residents around town.

This one looks like the street was made to drive through a river. These residents are probably cut off from the city due to the flooded roads.

 Now this one is scary. Imagine driving into this! I hope no one was hurt.

I wouldn't want to explain this to my boss, teehee.
I know, not funny, but you have to keep a bit of your humour.

Just so you know, my family hasn't been affected by what has been happening. Our basement isn't flooded, we still have our power and none of the roads near me have been destroyed by the rains.
We are doing our part by not using unnecessary amounts of water.
Didn't get to the dishes tonight and limiting our flushing habits.
You know, if its yellow then its mellow, but if its brown flush it down, lol.
Here is an updated notice.

When Wayne and I were looking for a home, this was one of our concerns. So we looked for a home that we thought would be high enough above the water levels. I am not saying that we may not ever be affected by this, but right now we are good.
Here is more of the story from earlier

Hope you all had a creative Monday.

Tracy :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am in love with 6x6 's

I forgot to share that I went to my LSS (local scrapbooking store) yesterday. It was the last day for the paper packs to be on sale. So you know I had to check them out ;)
I picked up some 6x6 paper packs.
I need more paper like I need another hole in my head.
I am in a swap and I wanted to add something extra in her package.
So that is why there is 2 dots and stripes paper packs. You know I can't send someone something that I don't have as well, lol.

Onto My Rainy Day:
We have received over 24mm of rain today. Wednesday we had 46mm of rain.
That may not seem like a lot, but for 7 days of drab weather, I am about over it.
It hasn't been a constant rain, but when it does rain it is a downpour.
So today was a stay inside, catch up on some paper work and watch movies kind of day.
I didn't even get pathetic is that, lol.

One of the shows we watched was Death at a Funeral. That show is hilarious. We prefer the original 2007 British version. The old uncle Alfie is one of our favourite characters.
The first time we had watched it, the girls had to come upstairs as I was laughing so hard, I think I scared them. lol.

Hope you had a creative Sunday.
Here is hoping I have a creative Monday tomorrow :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Hearts are a Bleeding :)

Just a quick post to say Hi :)
My bleeding hearts have bloomed. Aren't they pretty :)
Ashley took this photo of them:)
It didn't rain today :)  We were suppose to get rain today and tomorrow. It seems like all it has done since Sunday is rain. I'm not complaining as I do love to hear the rain. But we do need some sun soon.

Onto My Day:
Heather went to work early this morning. I woke up as I heard her getting ready. So I sat and chatted with her before she had to leave. Then I went back to sleep ;)
Wayne tied some lures for fishing this summer. Then Kristy sat with him and started to tie some as well.
See my hubby does crafts as well, he even has his own craft container, teehee.

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Criss Cross card and a Boo boo

Remember the Zentangles I did the other week?
Well I decided to put it on a card.
Not only that, but I tried my hand at a new type of card.
It is called a criss cross card.
It was very simple and I am sure to make a few more of these.

The message fits into the envelope type pocket.
Pretty fun eh?
I will do a tutorial the next time I make one.
I am giving this to a gentleman on a site I visit. He seemed to really like the zentangle I did, so I hope he likes it on a card :)

Onto My Day:
First I want to thank you for all the concern about my cold.
But that is all it is, just a cold. I'm feeling a bit better today....besides this gorgeous cold sore in my nose, lol.
The sun actually came out for a bit today. Funny how a bit of sunshine can brighten my day :)  That and a couple of phone calls from some friends :)

We were planning on going to camp this weekend. We needed to pile some wood and turn the water on to get ready for summer :)
But sadly I am still not up to doing any hard work, plus it is suppose to rain all weekend. So we will have to wait for the next weekend :(

Poor Kristy burnt herself at her Co-op yesterday.
She was taking muffins out of the oven and her hand slipped off of the pot holder.
Don't worry mommy is taking good care of her and she is feeling much better today.
I kept the photo tiny so it wouldn't gross you out to much.

I hope you all had a creative Friday and an even more creative weekend :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last of the layouts

Lets see if I can write this up and post this before we lose power.
We have had rain for the last 3 days. It is pouring rain and thundering right now.

Well here is the last set of layouts I did last weekend at the Girls May Long weekend.
Keeping with the theme of getting my pictures on paper and not over-thinking things, I am happy with the results.
This was on a girls get away when we went to Duluth a few years ago.
The girls wanted to photograph this beautiful old building. Turns out its their local high school.

I just turned the sketch on its side, easy peasy :)

Here are Kristy's layouts. She took the photos and printed them out right then.

Beautiful photographs.

 Onto My Day:
I still have this cold and it is kickin' my arse.
My girlfriend Debbie invited me for supper last night. With the intentions of colouring and making some cards afterwards. Sadly, very sadly I had to cancel. I couldn't even breath and was blowing my honker every 5 minutes.
Today was my walking day with my friend Kelly. Again I had to cancel.
Today my cold has gone to my chest. So lets hope its working its way out, lol.

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my tag from yesterday. Also for commenting on my layouts.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday.
I keep thinking it is Friday, but I think it is because of all the naps that I have been taking, lol.

Tracy :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Everyone Loves to Read..DT Project

Well its that time again :)
My Design Team spot on Redonkulous Designs.
I used this sweet image called Mother and Son. I think it could be used in so many more ways, Little brother Big sister, Babysitter, even teacher.

I see you look a little shocked...its not a card.
I was going to make a book mark, but as you see it turned into more of a tag then a book mark.

Here is a close up of the image.
I coloured this image up with my Copics and my Stampin Up markers :)
The ruler is a stamp that I used, I cut it out and added some distress ink.

I have never claimed to be a photographer of any kind. I get what I get and hope for the best.
But I did notice that my last few cards the photography seem to look a little washed out, so I thought I would again, try to back the project with a white background.
Not sure if it makes a difference.
I do prefer the dark background on my blog though.

A close up of a few of my paper embellishments.

Another close up of the image on the white background.

To check out the other DT's click on their names and I will take you right to them ;)
And Kim, who has the whole shebang.

Onto My Day:
Because this post is going up incredibly early for my taste, my day hasn't even started yet ;)
I am planning on relaxing and taking care of this cold.
But if I am feeling better, I will be doing some book work.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Layouts, layouts rah rah rah

Are you getting tired of my scrapbook pages yet?
As you can see we do enjoy our food when we go away for a girls trip, lol
I love how the girls like to ham up for their photos, lol.
For the journaling (remember I wanted to get these pages done quick and no pressure) I taped the sides up and then drew on the lines. Then I pulled off the tape to have a nice clean edge. First put the tape on you pants to take away some of the adhesive so you don't rip up your paper.

Yup someone got me in the pictures as well, lol.
I was thinking that I was going to put something on that large pretty piece of pattern paper in the middle. Then I thought I was going to add something to those square blocks.
But I had to keep reminding myself to KISS (keep it simple silly,lol).

Here are Kristy's layouts.
She used such pretty papers and her photos are gorgeous.

Well except for the dirty ashtray of Sharon's. We tried to convince her to take that photo out, but she wouldn't, lol.

Onto My Day:
I kept waking up all night chocking with this cold of mine.
I had a sore throat yesterday, but thought it was maybe from the wood stove that heats up Sharon's camp. But nope, Kristy and Heather shared their cold with me, how sweet of them to share ;)
My hair and teeth are even sore. So I am thinking of jumping in a hot bath and relaxing tonight.

If you haven't checked out my last few days of posts, I had posted with my layouts from this weekend.
Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Goodbye House :(

Sticking with my theme of the same paper stack and same photo stack, I was whipping out these layouts....well not really, lol.
But I do like the layouts that I put together.
I showcased the photos.

And journaled as I so love to do.
If you can't tell my journaling is on the paper with the stripes

 Here is Kristy's layouts.
They took these photos this weekend as well.
I love how the girls see things through the camera.

 I love this photo of the lantern at night.

Onto My Day:
We had to leave earlier then we wanted to as Heather had to work today. I know it is a holiday today, but because the trucks aren't in use, she can grease them all with out waiting.
So while everyone was still sleeping I packed up most of the truck.
Heather and Kristy went home with Ashley.
Ashley wanted to leave first so they could unpack their vehicle of their stuff, then help me when I got home. What a sweetie she is.

So Wayne and I took Heather to work. I brought some book work with me so I could work on that, and Wayne went and bulldozed while Heather worked.
I would take walks around the pit in between doing my book work.

Just finished watching the very last episode of House. I am sad to see it ending.
Not only did I love this show, but my dad would phone me to remind me that it was going to be on, and if he didn't, I would phone him. Then the next day we would spend a few of our phone calls chatting about the show.
Now both are gone, but I still have all those wonderful memories.

Hope you had a creative Monday, and enjoyed your May Long weekend :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

More layouts....Shocking :-O

I rained all day and most of the night.
So it was an inside, create all day type of  day today :)

I did 8, 12x12 layouts, which works out to 4, 2 page layouts. I am a 2 page spread kind of girl.
I thought I did great for these 2 days, until I realized Kristy did the same amount in one day, lol.
Here is my first 2 pages. I am also going to show you Kristy's layouts.

 My plan this weekend was to get as many photos on a page for each layout and try not to over think it.
So I used the same paper pack for all of my layouts and also used the photos from the same trip. I also used some sketches to make it even easier on me.
As you know I have only done 2 layouts in the last 2 years, so I tried to channel Mary Pat this weekend ;)

This is one of Kristy's 2 page spreads from this weekend.
The girls actually took these photos this weekend.

Yup, I used my Cricut again. So proud of myself ;)
I love the softness of this page and the photography is beautiful.

Onto My Day:
Sharon brought her Kodak Picture Mate photo printer. We have been using it for years.
But this time it would only show 4 out of my 18 photos on my jump drive. It wouldn't read Kristy's, Ashley's or my camera cards. But it read Sharon's.

So Kristy pleaded with Wayne to bring up my Selphy photo printer. He told her he wouldn't, but texted me that he was going to bring it, but wanted to surprise her.
She was so happy and excited when she saw her daddy show up :)
Oddly enough my photo printer showed all 18 of my photos and everyone's camera card worked except Sharons. 

I packed up the scrapbooking supplies as Heather has to work and we have to leave early :(

Hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I will start with our Friday Night.
Every girls May Long Weekend, I don't seem to get started until around midnight.
I have to first unpack the food, then all the crafting supplies.
We also have to re-organize the whole camp for our main purpose for being there. The lighting is way better in the living room so we move the kitchen table in there. Move around other small tables beside me, as I seem to take over the whole table if I don't have them, teehee.
Then I have to organize all the crafting supplies.
You know, Cricut and cutting tools go on the long table. Stickers and tags in a container, papers on another table. Area all organized and ready to create.
Then I have to check out a few magazines, lol.

So this year I vowed to start before midnight.
I brought this little album with me. I purchased it at a dollar store years ago. It has 10 pages, so it can fit 20 layouts and fits 6x6 pages.
I had 9 layouts already done in it.
I can't show you those layouts as I didn't ask permission to show those friends photos on here.
But here is the cover page.
Cut out with my cricut....are you proud of me Schell ;)

 I had the background papers precut and in the page protectors. I think they were from CTMH or Stampin' up.
This is Sharon and I from a few years ago on our girls May Long Weekend scrapin it up ;)

The first page here is from a day crop that my friend Lynne invited me to.
The second page is when I was at Scrap for Heart in 2011. I am still planning on doing a 12x12 page spread on this crop, but still wanted it to be in this mini, mini.
I also have some hidden journaling behind the photo.

I was so happy that I got started way before midnight ;)
These next two pages are also for this 6x6 book. But I did them on Saturday.
This is also from Girls May Long weekend a couple of years ago. Wayne had bought Sharon and I these scrapbooking t-shirts and we are modeling them.
We are trying to be all gangsta, lol. Epic fail. Hard to look tough when you are almost pissin' yourself laughing.
The second page is of my girls and what they love to do on these weekends :)

Onto My Day:
It was a beautiful day. The girls brought lots of props for their photo shoots.
Ashley went for a walk, then I went to catch up. But went the opposite way she did, lol.
So they ended up finding me.
We had hot dogs for lunch.
I was impressed by Kristy's ketchup application.
Ashley brought it to our attention that it was because of all that cake decorating Kristy does.
Funny thing was Kristy didn't even realize it until we brought it to her attention.

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)
Tracy :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Packin' Up

To the uneducated eye, this may look like I am going on a trip.
But to the scrapbooker, you know I am going to a crop, lol

 Every year on the May long weekend, my 3 daughters and I go to my SIL, Sharon's camp and create all weekend long. Girls Weekend!!!!
We have a blast.
It is this weekend!!!
We look forward to this all year long.
Everything here is scrapbook related, even the suitcase is full of scrapbooking supplies.
My clothes are in a tiny tote bags, lol. But seriously what do I need but some jammy pants, t-shirt and a sweater for the evenings, lol. Don't worry I fit my toothbrush in as well, lol.

We stay up late into the next morning with plans to sleep in, but that doesn't usually happen, as we are excited to get up and do it all over again.
Our meals consist of things we can microwave or cook quickly. I should have taken a photo of those bags, lol.
My girls bring many video games, movies and of course their cameras,
When they were younger they would scrap with us, but not anymore :(

I will post all  the fun we had when we get back.
And I will visit you all on Monday :)

Hope you have a creative Friday and weekend.
Wayne I hope you enjoy your quiet weekend with Rose :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fortunes from the past

Last night we had Chinese food for supper.
Here are the fortunes that we had in our fortune cookies :)
 Onto My Day:
I went for another hike with my friend Kelly. We didn't get lost this time :)
I really love these hikes. I figured, by my pedometer, that we walked about 4 miles.
So far today I have taken 14,104 steps :)

Here are a couple of photo's Kelly took during our walk. She took them with her phone.
I thought this was cool. A lily of the valley growing out of this old stump.

I love this photo.
It is Kelly and my reflection in the water.
I call it Ghosts of our Past.
Kelly and I have known each other since about 3rd grade. We have the same birthday, year and day. We also share the same middle name. Both of us only have daughters, she has 2, I have 3.
We have lost contact here and there over the years, but when we get together again, its like we have never been apart.
Oh if your wondering, I'm the shorter one, teehee.

I hope you all have had a creative Thursday.
It is a long weekend here this weekend and I am going to be creating my buns off ;)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Whats on my work desk Wednesday

I have never posted a whats on my work desk post before.
Wow, challenges last week and posting a WOYWW this week. What will next week bring ;)
To see other crafter's desks check out Julia's blog

So here it is all in it glory.
Such a mess eh?

Oh you say you want a closer look?
Oh why the heck not, you have seen it worse. Yes Becky, it has been worse, lol.
I am trying to find a good way to organize my flowers.
My containers have shrunk over the years and the flowers are overflowing.
My goal was to use them up on projects before they got this bad. Ya, that didn't happen, lol.
So I have been separating them by colour to see what containers I could store them in.
I make most of my flowers, so I sometimes I wonder why I even buy embellishments.
So there you have it, my desk for this week.

Onto My Day:
Heather and I went for a morning walk. It was a bit chilly but it was so nice to walk with my Heather bear.
Kristy was feeling a bit better today, so she went to both Co-Op and school.
Enjoyed a nice chat with a friend. My week has been so full of friends, I am so so lucky.
And like every afternoon, I enjoyed having Ashley come home from work to have lunch with me. Or should I say for me to make her lunch ;)

I hope everyone had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)