Friday, May 11, 2012

Defunkifying my Life..part 5 Bedroom Closet

I am still at it...Defunkifying my life.
Today I worked on my bedroom closet.
This is the organized, almost completed closet clean up.
No one wants to see the messy photo right.
LOL, I know everyone wants to see the messy photos, it makes all your closets look not as bad as mine, lol.

Here is the before, scary isn't it. And this isn't the worst part of my home either :O
I couldn't even shut the closet door....crazy eh.
I blame it on hubby.....its my blog so I can. When he gets his own blog he can blame me ;)
Okay.. what to start with.
From the top is the best way I guess.
DVDs, yup we are avid movie watchers in this home. We have watched every movie here at least twice, some probably over 10 times....can you guess which types we watched over and over, lol.
The movies were only suppose to be on the top shelf of the closet, but as you see they did not get put back where they belonged.
My excuse, I am under 5' and its to high. Some of my daughters can make that same excuse.....Wayne, he doesn't have an excuse, lol.
I almost always colour upstairs so that is why my Copics are in here.
I have no explanation on why all that sh1t is on the floor. Dumping Ground :(

I made this whole shelf organizer from scratch about 10+ years ago.
A friend of ours gave me 2 huge sheets of this melamine shelving. I drew out my plans to make these. Wayne didn't want anything to do with it.
So if you know me, I said a few choice words and did them myself.
They aren't perfect but they work perfectly for us.
Of course all the boxes are labeled. I have one for income tax stubs (prescriptions, dental, tax receipts), my Stampin Up markers, cameras, music, candles and my label maker :)

Again here it is all clean and organized. I still have to go through our clothes though.
Top shelf is our movies.....ummmm there are almost 3 full stacks of movies.
Then I have a couple of books I wanted to fill out for the girls.
My summer hat, and a purse.
Then the cubes, I explained them above.
The skinny shelf holds my purses. It used to hold my shoes, but I have more purses then shoes. When I get a new purse I have to get rid of one of these, so I better pick wisely ;)
When I made this cubby shelving unit, I made it so the laundry basket could fit underneath here.
See my copics peeking out on the floor on the right ;)

 Some tips to organizing your closet.
1. Remove-Take everything out of your closet
2. Clean- use some cleaner and wipe the shelves down.
3. Sort- Put all like items together.
4. Purge- Get rid of anything you no longer love, or need. Even if that skirt still fits you from 1985, donate it, you deserve something new ;)
5. Organize- Put away and organize the remaining items.
Tip...when putting other items away, don't dwell on that new area, keep focused on your task at hand.
I had to file some papers that were in here. When I went to the file cabinet I thought, I should re organize these...DON'T, that will be for another day...just stay focused.

Now go and clean out your closet.

I hope you all enjoyed a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That's a lot movies! It's also a great closet organization! Mine could stand some work done to it too. I don't make the most of the top shelf like I should, I'm 5'2".

  2. Great looking closet, after :o) You are doing an awesome job Tracy! I know exactly what you mean about putting something where it is suppose to go and getting distracted with that area before finishing the one you are working on. This is what takes me foooreeever to get done :o) I will take your advise and STAY FOCUSED :o) Hugs!

  3. Great tip to stay focused and not get sidetracked by "sub- organizing" (is that a word? Lol). That is my problem!

  4. Cleaning my closet is something I really need to do. The last time was two years ago when I first retired. Time slips away and things pile up. I guess I need to plan a day for it . . . and stay focused. Thank you for following my blog; I truly appreciate it, Happy Mother's day, Connie :)

  5. Tracy, you are a "Tool Belt Diva"! Fantastic job you did on the closet organizer. Bet you feel good each time you open the closet door, let alone the big grin you have at seeing the closet door closed :D

    Great post with tips on staying focused while organizing.


  6. Fantastic storage well done you are so well organised Tracy Hugs Elaine

  7. You are staying so focused on getting organized. I am a great one for starting on one thing and getting easily distracted. Like the organizer you built yourself.

  8. Awesome job!!! The organizer looks great. Soon all your closets will be clean hehe.. =)

  9. Looks great!! Good for you for keeping up with your defunkying!

  10. Your closet looks fantastic! I bet all the zombie movies have been watched more than 10 times. Lol! We cleaned up the basement today, in preparation for next weekends garage sale. Organizing is exhausting, isn't it?

  11. I love how your closet is organized! And I'm very impressed that you made those shelves! Your before picture looks like mine, especially the floor. We've got tons of stuff on the floor in front of our closet too!

  12. I love the closet! I LOVE organizing closets. I like building shelving and find ways to make them more usable. I will have to keep that shelving unit you made in mind. Do you think that you will be done the first week in June so you can help me organize my new house? I was at a communion and party and after party yesterday that turned into a HUGE drama fest somehow with me being the referee and psychiatrist and marriage councilor. What a mess! People really need to have some common sense about themselves so they can fix their own problems. Sheesh. Today I'm ignoring my family :D but my husband is slacking a little on me being left alone. Happy Mother's Day Tracy to a most awesome Mom!


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