Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween and Octobers Tim Holtz Challenge tag

Happy Halloween.....aren't I pretty ;)
Yes that is me ;)

Ok, be prepared for a long, picture heavy post.

I have finally finished the Tim Holtz challenge tag for October.
I was so excited to do this tag, as I love everything to do with Halloween.
I had even made a sketch for this tag on October 1st. But if you know me, I am such a procrastinator, to the extent that I forget to do something.
That is what happened with October's Tag.

Do you like the zombie...that was an after thought, lol.

Here is the actual tag.

I was pretty excited as Tim's focus this month was using his Distress Glitter.
When I was on my last creative shopping trip, I made sure I picked up some black distress glitter, with this project in mind :)
I painted the chipboard, added glossy accent to adhere the Glitter.
It wasn't until I completed all this, that I realized I had Distress embossing powder....NOT distress glitter. I was pretty upset...but I think I made it work anyway.

The first tree and fence, I forgot to ink the chipboard with distress ink, before adding the glitter...or should I say embossing powder, as I bought the wrong stuff ;(
The second set I added the black distress ink before adding the embossing powder.
I like the second set more.

I used the Distress paint to colour the background of the tag.
I am still not getting the correct technique as Tim Holtz does...but I'm still figuring it out.
I do like how this did turn out though ;)

I wanted to make a moon for this tag.
So what I did was ink up some white paper with a distress ink that I thought would work.
Then I punched out a circle (which I discarded), then punched another circle, but only punched part of the paper, to get this half moon shape.

I wanted to use this piece of ribbon for the tag, as it has bats on it, but it was too bright. So I used a dark brown distress stain to darken the ribbon.

As I mentioned above, I purchased a distress embossing powder instead of the distress glitter.
Even though I did like look of the embossing powder, I wanted the glitter. So I added some black glitter glue onto the embossing powder to the fence.

I also stamped script writing to the background.
Those tiny bats were punched and then cut out of the Martha Stewart's fence punch.
Here is my tag...all done and finished.

But what kind of a zombie lover would I be not to add one to the October's tag, lol.
So what do you think...tag with or without the zombie?
Here is Kristy's pumpkin all carved out.
It is a tiger if you can't tell.
It was a very intricate design.

Here is Wayne's carved pumpkin.
It is a zombie hand coming out of the ground. The ground didn't show up in the photo that well.

I hope you all had a safe, warm and wonderful Halloween.
If you were lucky to get a bit creative as well ;)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Burning Bridges

Sadly last night the James St swing bridge was on fire.
The city still is unsure of how it started.
Wayne was actually heading for the other side of the bridge last night, I opted to stay at home, and couldn't cross it as it was on fire...the firetrucks showed up when Wayne was heading back home.
There are also train tracks that travel in the centre of this bridge.
Some in the city wonder if someone had set it on fire as it was old and getting unsafe.
This is not our photo.

Today Heather, Kristy and I had to run some errands. One of them being to pick up some Pumpkins. Then we decided to visit the Halloween House.
Every year the owners of this house decorate for Halloween like no one I have ever seen.
They transform their whole house.
They even board up the windows, add fencing and park a hearse in the driveway.

Of course this is one of my favourite parts of their display...zombie ;)

If you are familiar with Return of the Living Dead then you all know this is the "Brains" zombie ;)

I just wonder where they store all this cool stuff after Halloween?

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yup...a layout

Hang on to your seats....Tracy has a layout to share ;)

When I was at Crop and Create the other weekend, I bought a kit that Vickie Boutin put together.
The kit is jammed packed, you have all the supplies, plus more, to make 2- 2page layouts.
On Friday Night Scrapbooking my friend Debbie and I cut all the papers to made all 4 pages. 
Today I completed 2 of my layouts and I am so happy with how they turned out.
Considering I haven't done a 12x12 layout in a year and a half ;)
If you know me then you know I only do 2 page spreads....when I actually scrap that is ;)

I can never follow instructions, I always have to add my touch/style to everything.
One thing I almost always do is ink my edges.
We were supplied flower die cuts, but the completed photo in the instructions showed hearts.
So I found some coloured chipboard hearts in my stash. Because they were coloured and had a glossy finish, I alcohol inked them to a colour that went better with the papers supplied in the kit.
I then used brown Staz-On ink to ink the script onto the front of the hearts.

I also added the flag on the photo frame. The chipboard flag was also supplied in the kit.

I switched up a few of the embellishments to go more with the theme of this page.

I didn't use as many butterflies as used in the sketch. I also inked up the butterflies as well.
The letters were not supplied in the kit, these are from my sticker stash ;)

I had fun layering the chipboard pieces :)

Here are the completed pages side by side.
The colours are a bit washed out in the photos.... I need to work on my layout photos....I guess that means I need to make some more layouts to practice on ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful and creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

A little bit of Decor.

Funny how buying a new chandelier can bring on a chain reaction to changing other decor in the home :)
Picture is crooked not the sconce ;)

See what I'm talking about?
Our old chandelier had gold in it, so the candle sconces went well with them.
They now stand out like a sore thumb.
Every time I looked in the dining room they just screamed at me.."I don't belong here"!!!

Heather, Kristy and I had quite a few errands to do today and ran into a few stores.... these candle holder sconces caught my eye.
I really love heart shapes, I always have.
And these, on either side of this drawing of my 3 beautiful daughters, went perfect.

The girls were all going to Ashley's tonight, so I texted Wayne that we should go out for dinner.
So we went to Montana's for supper.

We thought we were being cleaver and got a booth on the bar side to avoid kids....we love kids, believe me we really do...had 3 of them ourselves.....but lately we have noticed in restaurants, they are loud and obnoxious and parents just seem to ignore them instead of using "going out" as a teaching tool on how to have table manners and how to act in public.
Enough of my rant.
Well anyway, there was a young boy behind us playing a video game during dinner.
Not something I would  allow....but whatever....every family is different.
But, I was ready to ask the parents if there was a volume or mute button on that thing.
Guess I'm getting old, lol.

I finally know which pictures I am going to use on my scrapbook pages :)
I printed some photos off on my Selfie and went to Black's to get a 5x7 photo printed up.
I AM going to complete this 2 page layout tomorrow, and share it with you all.

I hope you all had a wonderful and creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

This is my type of Sunday Night

Its Sunday Night....what are you up to?
You all know what I'm up to tonight....watching the Walking Dead :)
Kristy's friend bought her this poster.
Who doesn't love Daryl Dixon...that wasn't a question by the way, teehee.

Today I didn't do too much besides clean up a bit.
I was planning on working on my layout kit, but didn't know which photos to use, so I was stumped. But I think I know which ones I will be using now, so hoping tomorrow I will get it done.

Yesterday, after the flat tire and the chandelier getting fried, I was wondering what else could go wrong as "they" say everything happens in 3's.
Then I remembered, I stepped on my closet shelf and came tumbling down.
So that is number 3, right?
But then I remembered I walked into the wall and cracked my head, when I was on my trip.
So that is number 4.
Now did I just get an extra one for good luck,....or do I have to have 2 more mishaps to make it an even 6.....
Oh the things this mind of mine contemplates over, lol.

I hope you had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Someone Help Me, I have a flat tire ;)

Wayne and I wanted to go out early this morning and pick up a new chandelier for the dining room as ours got fried yesterday.
And woke up to this......
Wayne asked me to help him change the tire.
My response "Screw that, I'll phone CAA", lol.
Being the man that he is, he was going to change it himself...whatever, Mr. Man...I'm going inside, lol.

As it turned out he couldn't get the rim off as the aluminium rims oxidized against the steal....or something like that.
We didn't have anything to get it off with.
So I called in the Big Guns...CAA ;)
The CAA guy used a 4x4 to pound the tire off as he said the rim could shatter if a sledge hammer was used.
We brought the tire in to get repaired. Hopefully it will be done on Monday.
Everyone in the city is getting their winter tires on, so all the tire places are pretty busy.

When I saw that our tire was flat I couldn't help but tease Wayne by saying (in a Australian accent)  "Someone Help me, I have a flat tire"  I was amused by myself, not sure if he was, lol.
If you are unfamiliar with why I did that watch this commercial :)
Geico Gecko Commercial

After dropping the tire off, Wayne wanted to visit Ashley and Sebastien as he hasn't met him yet.
As you can see, Ashley has covered up her new beautiful couch since getting Sebastien.

Then we went shopping for lights.
One thing I hate about light shopping, is I usually get a migraine and feel nauseous from looking at all the lights.

Here is our new chandelier :)
I have to say putting this up was NOT a bonding experience for Wayne and I, lol.
Not only did we change the light, but we also changed the light switch.
I think it blew as well when the light popped.
Wayne just said to me....I think your scrapping friends will like gives off a nice bright light ;)

I hope you enjoyed my day in photos and hope you got to create today.
I was hoping to finish my layouts from yesterday....but ran out of time.
They say everything happens in 3' I wonder what my 3rd mishap will be?

Tracy :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

FNS, blown bulbs and marking my space

Tonight is FNS (Friday Night Scrapbooking).

I am having 5-7 women coming over. I love having all my friends near me.
I noticed the light was burnt out in the centre of my chandelier.
I also noticed that the bulb seemed loose.
So I went to tighten the bulb and it popped and a spark or two came floating down from the bulb.
After my heart settled down, I took out the bulb and replaced it.
Only to find out that the whole chandelier won't light up.
Went downstairs to check the breaker and all was good.
The chandelier is fried :(

I thought I would share with you some of the goodies I purchased during my crop last weekend.
I love this Some Odd Girl stamp and these Prima tags :)

I was working on my travel Smashbook during the crop, so picked up a few travel themed chipboard pieces and this fun stamp.

I also found some nice papers and some thin tapes.
The photos are not the clearest, as they were taken with my phone at the crop that weekend.

I hope my friends have good eyesight. I had to bring up my chicken light hanging from my chandelier and my pole light at the end of the table, as we needed to light up our work space.

I also taped up the table.
I have a friend that loves to take over her neighbours space, I have to admit I have done this a time or two myself.
But at every crop we go to, I keep teasing her that I am going to bring painters tape and tape off her area.
I am sure she will get a kick out of this when she sees it ;)

I hope you all have a creative Friday...I know I will :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sebastian, such a pretty boy

Today was the day that Ashley picked up her new kitty cat :)

She adopted Sebastian through an organization called Kitty Care.
They rescue cats from the Humane Society that only have a limited time there before they are sadly euthanized because of lack of space.
Kitty Care is run by volunteers who take in these abandon cats until they can be placed in a loving home.
They ask for a donation and also that you sign a paper agreeing to get the cat spayed or nurtured.
Such a wonderful organization.

Isn't he beautiful :)

I took so many photos of him with my cell phone. But none of them turned out, as he was so busy running here and there, playing with his new toys that Ashley bought him.
 Such an active little guy.
I have to say from this profile and and how his fur is by his side of his head, reminds me of our beloved Rose.

Here is a picture showing his eyes.
They are a yellowy/orange colour.
Such a pretty kitty.

Many of you had asked, how did we kitty proof her home.

I had to think like a cat, lol.
There were a few odd jobs that needed to be done to Ashley's house.
Not all the grates were on the vents, as the previous owners only put a couple of screws in each vent as I guess they had lost them. We needed to pick up more bolts to cover up the vents as we didn't want Sebastian to crawl through them.
Ashley's sump pump is exposed. Because it is an older house, we couldn't find a cover to fit the hole. So I had to find a way to cover them up.
There is a electrical box on the inside of a hall closet. I had painted the doors, but didn't put the doors back on. So I had to do that, as we didn't want Sebastian to get in there.
I hope we took care of everything so this little guy stays safe.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Messy Desk for WOYWW

Today I thought I would join in on the Stamping Grounds, Whats on your work desk Wednesday (WOYWW)
I should be ashamed to be sharing my desk actually, lol.
1st the chocolate bars, teehee.

But look.....Its all nice and clean now ;)
I have the urge to create some scrapbooking layouts, I haven't done a layout in forever.
In order to do that I needed to clean my desk.
Isn't all nice and pretty ;)

Now to tackle the rest of the room.
I just came back from a 2 day crop...and if you are like have to take all your supplies out in order to figure out what you want to least thats my story, and I'm stickin' to it, lol.

See my "Creat" letters on the wall. It is suppose to say "Create" but that darn "E" keeps falling off, no matter how much adhesive I add to it.

But lets get back to this picture...oh so nice and calming.
Makes me want to create :)

I hope you all have a wonderful, creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Basket battle

Thought I would entice you with some greasy, fatty foods....yummm.
Heather and I went to Ashley's as we had to kitty proof her house, as Ashley is getting a kitty cat.
On our way to Home Depot to pick up some supplies....we needed lunch, so stopped off at New York Fries for some Poutine ;)
See I had some veggies and that is ice water in my cup ;)

I thought this was a cute Halloween display at the mall :)

Ashley got her new doors today as well.
She had a meeting at noon, so Heather and I stayed as they put the doors up.
Sadly the manufacturer put the hinges on the wrong side of the front door, so she has to wait another 4 weeks for that one.
But here is her back door :)

My plans for tonight got cancelled, so Ashley told me I night as well go shopping with her.
We went to Home Sense and she found these baskets she liked.
She thought one would be great for her flip flops and the other one for her mitts and hats.
I thought if she needed a basket this big for just her flip flops....then she has way to many, lol.
As you can see, Heather and Ashley had a bit of trouble getting the two apart.
I thought someone might end up flying into a shelf.
Luckily that didn't happen...even though I was ready with my phone on record ;)

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)