Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sebastian, such a pretty boy

Today was the day that Ashley picked up her new kitty cat :)

She adopted Sebastian through an organization called Kitty Care.
They rescue cats from the Humane Society that only have a limited time there before they are sadly euthanized because of lack of space.
Kitty Care is run by volunteers who take in these abandon cats until they can be placed in a loving home.
They ask for a donation and also that you sign a paper agreeing to get the cat spayed or nurtured.
Such a wonderful organization.

Isn't he beautiful :)

I took so many photos of him with my cell phone. But none of them turned out, as he was so busy running here and there, playing with his new toys that Ashley bought him.
 Such an active little guy.
I have to say from this profile and and how his fur is by his side of his head, reminds me of our beloved Rose.

Here is a picture showing his eyes.
They are a yellowy/orange colour.
Such a pretty kitty.

Many of you had asked, how did we kitty proof her home.

I had to think like a cat, lol.
There were a few odd jobs that needed to be done to Ashley's house.
Not all the grates were on the vents, as the previous owners only put a couple of screws in each vent as I guess they had lost them. We needed to pick up more bolts to cover up the vents as we didn't want Sebastian to crawl through them.
Ashley's sump pump is exposed. Because it is an older house, we couldn't find a cover to fit the hole. So I had to find a way to cover them up.
There is a electrical box on the inside of a hall closet. I had painted the doors, but didn't put the doors back on. So I had to do that, as we didn't want Sebastian to get in there.
I hope we took care of everything so this little guy stays safe.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. He is a pretty kitty! We can't do cats as we are allergic. Curtis especially. His eyes swell up and he can't see!

  2. He's beautiful! Hope he keeps out of trouble and stays safe.

  3. It sounds like you covered all bases or all the hiding spots anyway. He is a gorgeous boy and Ashley is going to enjoy him they are very good company (on their terms). You managed to get great pictures too,

  4. Sebastian is so sweet! I'm sure he will be great company for her and endless fun as he discovers his new home. Thanks for explaining what you meant by cat proof. You were right that he would have found ways into the areas you mentioned. Cats just love to go exactly where you don't want them to :-)

  5. I can picture you crawling around the house on all fours, like a cat, trying to figure out what he might get into. Lol! He is beautiful! Congratulations Ashley!

  6. i should have called in 'sick' today!!!!!!

  7. OMG he is the cutest! Great organization too. I wish I could adopt all the kitty's but I don't want to be the crazy cat lady. We tried almost 18 years ago to adopt our kitty. But happily there were no kittens at any of the shelters. We had an older ornery cat so we needed a kitten. We ended up buying our Cheyenne. She's still with us for now. She's our old girl and was here before any kids.

  8. Well Sebastian is certainly an adorable little cat. I am sure he will bring you lots of joy and smiles.

    Hugs Diane

  9. Gorgeous colouring!! Fabulous cat - how old is he ? Beautiful kitty :-)

  10. He is adorable! Congratulations Ashley!

  11. Congrats to Ashley on her pretty kitty (I can say pretty for a boy, right?)

  12. He sure is handsome. Hard to photograph darker kitties. Good job! He's darling.

  13. Sebastian is a cutie. I think I may have to contact you about cat proofing a home if, and when, I am finally off the road. Crapazoid!

    Sorry to blow up your email as I am doing. I have the chance to catch up on your blog now that I'm home for a day or two.

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie


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