Sunday, February 28, 2010

Returning the Love.

I was give an award on Marlene's blog the other day, Thank you Marlene (even though you spelled my name wrong LOL)I am suppose to share the love with 7 of my favorite blogs.
The first one is of course She is like my sister from another mister, well actually she would be from another mother as well as we are not related. Oh ya and she enforces her free speech more than I do, LOL. Plus she rocks at making cards. Copics bow to her awesomeness when she enters. She makes me laugh and I look forward to her comments everyday. Jingle has a passion for her craft. I love that she thinks outside the box. Plus she is so darn cute. When I go to her blog I just have to look at her picture and it puts a smile on my face. I would love to just hang out with her and play in her studio. Just say'n. Tanya is a sweetie. I love her video's and if I have a question she is always happy to help me. At least I think she is happy to help me. Her mini albums are awesome. Tanya also encouraged me to do a mini swap that she organized on her blog. Kate is my mini album swap partner. She just started her blog. She is a sweetie. Plus like me she can't make decisions LOL. I think it took a week for us to figure what type of album we were going to do. Actually we were still trying to figure this out last night. I admire Rachel as she scraps about herself. I have been meaning to scrap about myself for years. But they say it's like therapy and do I really want to open that can of worms. Bonnie is the card set Queen. This lady can whip up a card set like its no body's business. I love her creations. Debbie goes the extra mile on her cards. They are pieces of art. The colours are so bright. I would frame her cards, if I ever received one ;)

Honestly these women keep me wanting to do my blog because of the nice and sometimes funny comments they leave on my blog. I would have never dreamed that my blog would be a passion of mine.
I have a confession to make, I check my blog a few times a day to see who has posted comments. Ok seriously I am sure you do the same thing. Come on admit it, Please admit it, LOL. Ok now I sound pathetic. See why I don't journal about myself.

Hope your Sunday was a good one. I worked and watched the Olympic hockey game.

Proud day for Canada we kicked ass, just by a hair.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 19th Birthday Heather.

Today is my daughter Heather's 19th Birthday. 19 years ago I was in the hospital giving birth to this lovely, artistic, quiet girl. 4 hours of labour, easy peasy double squeezy. I was in labour for 34 hours with Ashley and 36 with Kristy. Heather is my middle daughter (the forgotten child). She is like me as she would rather let things go then rock the boat. She doesn't complain (to much) and enjoys spending time reading or writing her books. She wants to be an author. She is an artist, her drawings are phenomenal. Her art teacher even wanted to buy one of her pieces, but she knew I wanted it so she brought it home for me. See what a sweetie.

Well whenever it is someones Birthday it is their day to choose what they want to do. So Heather wanted to go and see Shutter Island. Loved that movie, but then Leo was in it so whats not to love.
Hubby decided that Heather didn't get enough for her BDay so we went to Chapters. We all love Chapters. I think she picked out 4 books. We are all big readers here and my girls and I all love the same type of books. Hubby not so much, he reads history. Blah.
Then she got to pick the restaurant. Which we knew would be the Blue Parrot. She says they have the best Chicken Caesar Salad. They have a great hot turkey as well.
After an early supper we went to rent some movies. I think they picked all horror movies (not surprising). Then we came home and Heather opened all her gifts.
Here is Heather and I. I had just got up from taking a nap, as I didn't sleep in like I had planned. Isn't she so pretty.
Ok don't look at my pants. Yes they are jammie pants, or what I like to call them, my lounging pants, as I don't sleep in them. My family was teasing me as they said I look like a redneck as I had a plaid shirt and pants. It really bugged them that I wouldn't change haha. Sharon and her husband Jim were coming over for cake and I teased them that I was going to keep the plaids. LOL. Don't worry I changed.
Here she is with her Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake. All the girls love their ice cream cake.
How many people does it take to light 19 candles. Apparently in this family 3.So that was pretty much my day.
How was your Saturday?

Friday, February 26, 2010

I got an Award

I feel so honored. Marlene over at Gave me an award for my blog. Thank you Marlene I really do feel honored. You made my day.
I am suppose to spread the blog love and pick 5 blogs that I like and give them an award. The sad thing is I don't know how to post links on here. I am a copy and paste kind of person. I know eh how sad it that. You're probably are wondering how I eat with utensils.
Ok let me try something. Yeah it worked. This is the award Marlene gave me. I saved it to my pictures.
Now I need to figure out to post a link on here. One step at a time. Don't rush me! I get flustered easily. And then the cursing starts. And I can curse like a trucker (as my hubby likes to say).

Ok so now onto my day. Ashley and I went and did some banking today. Then we went and got the rest of Heather's Birthday gifts. Sharon came by for scrapbooking tonight. I haven't made a page in like forever. But I did make Heather a card. I haven't made cards in awhile.

Heather loved this owl. She wanted me to buy it. I was like what would I do with an owl stamp. So I made sure I put it on a card for her. The black part of the owl is embossed. The rest is paper pieced. I usually don't like to paper piece because I don't like to fussy cut.
My LSS told me I won't be taking any of her card classes as I don't like to do this. My girlfriend wasn't to happy with her for that comment. Like I need one of her classes anyway. LOL.
I was so tired today. Probably because hubby was snoring like Fred Flintstone last night. I swear the dresser drawers were opening and closing. HAHAHA. Remember that. Boy I crack myself up. Well I didn't get my nap in. I tried, believe me I tried. The phone rang, it was long distance, my step mom (that sounds weird I never refer to her as my step mom), then Ashley and Kristy decided to wrap Heather's gift in my room, then my dad phoned, then it was close to supper. Lastly I snuck for a short one before Sharon came by, but Ashley came in and turned on the light to borrow my shirt.
Friday Yeah, sleeping in tomorrow that's for sure.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Promise is a Promise

Here you go. I promised you yesterday that I would finish and post my mini, mini paper bag album and here it is. It took me 3 tries to tape it. I am still not happy with it.
1. It is to bright so you can't see all the details.
2. I went down to my craft/scrap room as to not be interrupted. Ya right.
3. I forgot to show a tag.
There are other flaws but I won't bore you with my perfectionistic tendencies.

I wanted to show you a close up of the album. So you can see the album isn't white it is pink.

I also wanted to show you a close up of the flowers. I just love how they turned out.

This is the journal tag that I forgot to take out of the album.

Now here is the video

Hope you had a good Thursday.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It finally uploaded

Wow just watching some of the Olympic Games. Canada won both Gold and Silver in the bob sledding. My heart skipped a beat when that woman from Germany fell out of her sled.

I finally got my video down loaded (or uploaded) on to YouTube. Seriously. I posted it 3 times and only got audio. Each time I posted it, it took almost 2 hours, for a 3 minute video. My girls were like "Just retape it." I used sticky strip that sucker is stuck for life. Well I (when I say I, I mean Kristy) just reloaded it to Media Player and it worked. I had never used Media player but had to splice together part of it. This is how I bound my mini, mini book.

Tomorrow I will show you my mini, mini album. I promise. Oh crap now I have to do it. I never break a promise.

Ashley and I went out to look for Heather's Birthday present. She will be 19 on Saturday. I'm to young to have adult children. At least I feel to young to have adult children.

Hope your Wednesday was a good one.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video gone wrong

Today I looked after a friend's (hi Crystal) little boy (hi Matthew). He is such a cutie. We were looking out the window at tracks in the snow. He asked what they were from. I replied maybe a bird or a squirrel. He tried to convince me they were dinosaur tracks. Then laughed at me when I pretended to be scared. Oh to be so young and imaginative.

I made a video on how I bound my mini, mini album. A couple of people have asked me how I did it. And since I am a visual person, plus I can't explain myself to save my life. I thought it would be easier to show you. Well I uploaded it to Youtube and I have audio but not visual. So much for that. Then I tried to upload it again and it was over an hour into it and I clicked the back arrow and it got canceled, Urggg. I will try again tomorrow. I need sleep.

I had to get my dad groceries today. So when I got there I made him about 8 sandwiches so he wouldn't have to make them and when he is sore he can just take one out of the fridge. He is really sore again. It just breaks my heart.

I did work on my mini today. I just have to finish the cover and then I will share it. I also cleaned up my dining room, we could eat at that table if we wanted to LOL.

Lets hope you had a wonderful Tuesday.


Monday, February 22, 2010

So excited

I am so excited. Tanya of Time for Scrappin. is having a mini album swap. She invited me to join, which I was very surprised as I have only made 2 minis. I have my swap partner "Kate" hi Kate. We are trying to figure out what type of mini we should do. Both of us are newbies, we have never done a mini swap before.
If you have any ideas for us we would really appreciate it.

Now on to my day. Went out 1st thing. Ashley wanted to get a pair of skates. You sure can tell this is a hockey town. We only found 2 pairs of figure skates. The 1st pair they only had in children's sizes. We ended up going to Canadian Tire for her skates. They only had one pair. But there were walls and walls of hockey skates. There are coloured hockey skates for girls. When my niece played hockey she just wore the boys skates.This is the pair that Ashley got. Just your average white women's skates.I loved skating when I was young. I was good to, I could do tricks. I'm surprised I never broke my neck LOL.
Our neighbours across the road made a rink and put lights up so we could use it. Or else we would just skate down the icy road. Oh the memories. Here is a pic of me coming in from skating. I would spend all night on that rink. I should get Ashley to touch up this photo. It looks older than it really is, really I'm not lying. I worked on my mini again today, well at least tried to. I bought some xyron refills on Friday when Deb and I went out. It wasn't until today when I went to put the new one in that I realized I bought permanent laminating refills. So tonight I went and exchanged it for the adhesive. Seriously I'm surprised I get anything accomplished.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I will finish it tomorrow. Sounding like Annie again LOL. I won't guarantee that I will get photo's or a video posted though.

I just watched Canada skate in the dancing. Boy they were so good, they were so on.

Hope your Monday was more organized then mine.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Down the Hill

We had a good time at our cottage this weekend. The skies were clear, the weather was beautiful and the girls had lots of laughs. The temperature was about zero degrees Celsius.
Here is Kristy, my baby. Sorry Kristy but you will always be my baby. Isn't she cute.
Here is Ashley and Heather making their way down the hill.
Now here is my hubby. Ya you see correctly he is wearing his shorts in the middle of the winter. He always wears shorts. Hardy Northerner or a Crazy Canuck? Not sure which.
Heather just finished making the trail to slide down. Hubby had to snow blow some snow on the trail as you could see the concrete retaining wall. We didn't nearly get as much snow as we usually do.
Ashley taking the trail. Look at that form.I didn't go down the hill this time. During the down time we sat in the cottage, enjoyed the fireplace and relaxed. I read 3 scrap booking magazines. I brought my journal but I didn't work on it.
We are watching the Canada/US hockey game and it doesn't look good for Canada.
We didn't get to watch any of the Olympics at camp as the satellite was down.
I have so much I want to get done this week. I better make some lists and get my butt in gear.
Hope your Sunday was relaxing.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

off to our cottage

We are off to our cottage this morning. It is a little less then a 2 hour drive, but well worth it.
I will be sleeping on the way there. As that is what usually happens when you put me in a vehicle for a long drive. Just like a baby.
Hopefully there is more snow up there then we got in town as the girls want to go sliding down the hill.
Hope you have an excellent weekend.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Friend Day

I had a really good day today.

My girlfriend Debbie had the day off today. I suggested that we scrapbook all day and night. But she had to take her dad to the doctor. So Debbie picked me up at 2:30 and we went to Dat's (our local scrapbooking store). Then to Staples (for some ideas I had for journal blocks). Then to Zellers (as they had scrapbooking supplies for 1/2 price off the sale price). Then to Michaels (was there any question that we would stop there). Then we went to Applebees for supper. YUMMY.
Lastly we came back to my house and scrapbooked. My SIL Sharon then came by to join in on the fun. I did work on my mini mini album. But is still isn't done. Seriously these babies take on a life of their own. Debbie is trying to take ownership of it.

Ashley had to go to the Canadian Institute for the Blind today and take pictures of a little boy. She enjoyed that. And he seemed to like her as she said he would sit on her knee and play with her hair.

We are going to our camp/cottage tomorrow. We are only spending one night as the water is turned off for the winter months. And lets face it, I like modern comforts, such as running water and toilets that flush. Mind you our outhouse is decked out we had a heater and a toilet seat that keeps the tush warm. Here are a few winter pictures of our little piece of paradise.
The first picture is off our dock.
The second picture if from our front deck.Here is to the beginning of the weekend. Happy Friday.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Out and About

I woke up with a cold this morning...Isn't that a rectalgia (see Marlene I told you I would use your word today lol).
I ran around most of the day. Ashley and Heather wanted to go shopping today. And yes I did remember to get my copy paper. I wanted to go to my local scrap booking store and get some card stock. When the girls and I went to A&W drive thru, we had to park and wait for the meal. Guess what I could see my LSS from the parking lot. Then I remembered that I wanted card stock, but I didn't want cold food so ...I guess I will go tomorrow.

Ashley bought herself a new duvet with bedding. It is really nice. She wanted a more elegant room. Pretty isn't it.

Here is another picture. I told her I wanted to put a picture of her bedding on my blog. So she took my camera and took some pics. I told her that I was only going to post one picture. But she was adamant that I post them all. Just to show you how anal I am. These pillows are driving me crazy because one of them is upside down. I really want to retake this picture.

Oh ya and she also wanted me to show you a close up of the pattern.

Heather also did some shopping. She wanted a new winter jacket. Good time to get one as it was 50% off. This jacket has a nice lining or inner jacket in there. It is really nice. I asked her if she could model it for me but no luck. Oh and here is a picture of Rose, Heather's cat. She was willing to model for me. Well actually she didn't want to move.Unfortunately I didn't get any scrapbooking done today. Tomorrow I will get lots done as it is Friday Night Scrapbooking night at my house. Oh ya.

Hope your Thursday was more creative then mine.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glad my head is attached

Have you ever had one of those days where you can't find anything and when you do was right in front of your face the whole time. Well that has been my day all day today.
For example I made some embossed tabs for my mini mini paper bag album and I wanted to run them through my xyron. Well I was missing one. I searched for it for like 5 -10 minutes. I knew if I made another one I would find it when I cleaned up. So I made another as I knew cleaning up my stuff wouldn't be happening anytime soon. After I made it I brought it back into the living room and guess what was on the table right in front of me. You guessed it The Embossed Tag. Urrggg.
Now you don't think this could be the problem could it? I just wanted to share my living room table. Ya we use this room.

This here is the couch. I actually cleaned it up a tad as Ashley wanted to sit by me. I think she just wanted me to clean up a bit. She has only been asking me to clean up for 3 days now. Pay backs a b1tch isn't it girly. LOL.

Well to show that there is a reason for all that messiness here are some embellishments I made for my mini mini. You can't tell but there is a lot of shiny "bling" (as some crafters call it) on these little beauty's. Actually I think every one of these has some sparkle on it.
Kristy's school got out early today. So after school I drove her and her 2 friends to the mall. I was suppose to pick up copy paper and a book from the bookstore when I went, but guess what I Forgot. So out tomorrow again. I will make a list and take it with me this time.

Hope your Wednesday was a good one.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just another Tuesday.

Nothing special happened today. I had to do my dad's banking and get him groceries.
When I got to his apartment he looked so lost. So I asked him whats the matter dad.
He tells me that he lost his remote for the TV. And you know like most men, it is an extension of their hand. So I searched his recliner, checked down the sides, down the back and underneath the chair. Couldn't find it anywhere.
So I searched the whole apartment, which isn't that big by the way. Nope nowhere. I jokingly asked him if he took it to bed with him, like a kid takes their blankie. He just rolled his eyes at me.
So I went to the kitchen and made him 4 sandwiches (so he wouldn't have to during the week as he is still sore). Then I cleaned the kitchen.
He disappeared into his bedroom so I thought he was going for a nap. About 5 minutes I hear "I found it".
"Where was it". I ask. He quietly answers "In my bed." LOL. "I guess you wanted to change the channel in your dreams eh?" I joked. The funny thing is he doesn't even have a TV in his bedroom.

Well I will post some of my scrap/craft organizing. Here is some of my tiny embellishments that I organized. I keep them in this pull out drawer.

I dumped out all the lovely pretties and took them out of the packaging. There sure is a lot of packaging on these little things.

I bought these tiny cups with lids from the dollar store. I think you got 6 in a package, and it was 2 packages for $1.00. I separated the embellishments by colour. I then put them in my pull out drawer upside down as the lids are not as clear. Ohhh look at all that pretty eye candy.

This is my second drawer. I have some stuff in packaging as I haven't totally finished. Oh ya and I decorated the outside of the drawer like my other ones.

Hope your Tuesday was more exciting then mine. As in good exciting.


Monday, February 15, 2010

A tutorial

Hello my friendly bloggers. Today was Family Day so everything was closed. So I got to work on my paper bag mini mini album. I worked on the tags. My living room looks like another craft tornado went through it. My coffee table is full of treasures. I only have a 6x6 area that I can work in. I have punches on the floor to my right and stamps to my left and paper all over the couch. My kids just come in here and shake their heads. Ya Ya I'll clean it up. LOL.
Hubby and I watched the Olympics.

I showed my paper bag mini album on 2 peas and a couple of ladies asked me how I made the double slider that I have in there. So I made a tutorial on it. I have to apologise about the blurriness in a couple places the camera didn't want to focus.
I wanted to redo it but Ashley didn't want to for the forth time.
1st time as I was taping, something didn't go right (we won't get into that LOL).
2nd time Kristy decided to vacuum her room. Like that ever happens.
3rd time it was a wasn't as clear. The perfectionist in me wanted to redo it. I need my tripod.
Ok enough chatting here is the video.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I'll be glad to help you. I love to tell people what to do, teehee.

Hope you had a nice Monday, I know I did.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Now we know there is alot of hype about Valentines Day. Me not so much. I like to make chocolates for the family and neighbours. But the malls are to crowded, if you wanted to go out for dinner the restaurants are full. I would rather stay at home. Which I did.
Hubby and I vegged at home and watched the Olympics and horror movies. Perfect date night for us LOL.
I made some chocolate suckers. Yummy. Ashley wants me to make some with rice Krispies in them. Those are good too.

I bought these tiny bags at the dollar store. There were 4 different patterns in there. One of the patterns wasn't a bag. I guess the machine didn't attach the two sides together so I have a sheet of the pink hearts not bags. Can't expect perfection for a dollar. Humm wonder what I could make out of them, the gears are turning.Here are the twist boxes I made earlier in the year. I put hard heart candies and sweethearts (the candies with sayings on them) in a Valentines themed baggies and put them in the boxes. The neighbour girls got these. Kristy's friend also got one as it was her BDay.I made these nugget holders. They are so cute and so easy to make. I just bought these 2 tag punches from my Stampin' Up order so of course I had to play. I wanted to make more but ran out of chocolate nuggets. Here are the ones I made. Everyone got these.For every occasion I give the two little girls across the street treats. For Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentines Day I make goodies put them in a clear plastic bag and hang it to their outside door. It used to be a surprise as I would wait until they left and would sneak over there. But the mom figured out who it was as she knew it was someone who scrapbooked and I was the only one besides her that did.

I am actually working on my paper bag mini mini album. I am having so much fun making all my embellishments. Like I said I received my huge Stampin' Up order on Thursday, so I am having fun today since my energy is better today. I took a nap this afternoon though. Well I did stay up til 4:00am last night as I was reading and couldn't put down my book.
Tomorrow is a holiday here in Canada, it is Family Day. So everything is closed. We will probably watch some movies and I will work on my album.

Here is to a creative Sunday, hope yours was too.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Home Town Pride.

There has been a video going around facebook. It is a local teen that wrote a song about his home town, which happens to be my hometown. I was really impressed with the lyrics, music and the video.

My oldest daughter went to school with his homey. Ya I know I'm with it ah ite, that means "alright" for my peeps out there that ain't with it.LOL
But seriously when I saw this video my heart swelled with pride. The bridge in the video is the one I took pictures of last week and shared on here.

Today we were suppose to take hubby out for his B Day dinner. He wasn't feeling to well. He thought it was allergies buy nope he has a cold. The girls were disappointed. But then I explained to them that daddy will be dripping snot in his food. Then they were a bit compassionate. So I went to Applebees and brought home our dinner. So it was a win, win situation. We all got to eat Applebees and Wayne could leave the table to blow his nose whenever he wanted. Ya just thought that I would share.

I think I may have a touch of his cold as well. I have been so tired. I have been on the couch most of the day. I was going to work on my mini mini album but I didn't have the energy. I ran out of tape and was to lazy to go downstairs and get some more. I know that is so pathetic.

Hope you were more ambitious than I was on this Saturday.


Proud to be Canadian

I just finished watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.
I didn't get to see the beginning as I was scrapbooking with my GF Debbie. Oh come on you would have too.
What I did see was awesome. The stage was really cool.
Even Debbie stayed after midnight to watch the Openings. It was way past her bedtime.

Today I did the company banking, as well as mine. Took Ashley and Heather to the "Blue Parrot" for lunch. Went grocery shopping for the family and my dad.
Went and brought my dad his groceries. When I got there he was sleeping in his recliner. He has been so sore lately that I didn't want to wake him up. So I put away his groceries, cleaned his kitchen, and turned down his TV. He is not deaf but damn his tv was loud.
He was still asleep when I was ready to go, so I wrote him a note, put it on his lap and left.
He phoned me later to ask if I was going to be able to bring him his groceries tomorrow. I laughted and told him about the note. He then found it. He said, "Oh you like to tease old people don't you?" "You were probably laughing at me and making faces while I was asleep."
Funny guy.

I started another paper bag mini. When I bought the paper bags last week I bought 2 different sizes. The size that I used for the last one and smaller ones. This one is so cute.
My GF Debbie loves it. Even Kristy's friends were here and loved it.
Kristy's friends were very interested in what Debbie and I were making. They wanted us to show them how to make a card or something. Deb says to me "Well you wanted to teach."
These girls were so hyper tonight I don't think they would have learned to much besides who could have inked each other the most. LOL

I should go to bed now. But I think I will be crafting for awhile yet tonight. I can sleep in tomorrow.

Here is to a wonderful Friday. And a better Saturday.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My 1st Video

Woohoo I know how to upload a video. Now don't expect to much as this is my first one. We forgot our tripod at camp so I had Ashley standing on my chair behind me taping. That may have been a better video LOL. I also don't have the new fan dangled video recorders, but Kristy's camera can video tape, so we will see how good the quality is. We only did 2 takes. I would have done more to get it perfect, but I don't think Ashley was up for it.

Hope you enjoyed it. The vinyl that I used for the binding isn't the same that you would use for your cricut. It is upholstery vinyl, just to clarify. If anyone has any ideas on a better closure I would love to hear it. Wow I first tried to to upload my video on here and it took like 6 hours. So I then asked Tayna (thank you Tayna from Time for Scrappin), and she suggested posting it to YouTube. Which I did with the help from Ashley and onto here.

Oh a new Survivor is on tonight. Hero's vs Villains. Oh can't wait. I am also going to Michael's with my GF Debbie tonight. That is always fun.

Oh ya and I got the best mom award today. I made Rice Krispie squares. Sometimes children are so easy to please LOL.I got my Stmapin' Up order tonight. I can't wait to play with all my goodies. I also got an extra punch. Phoned the Demonstrator but she hasn't got back to me.

Hope your Thursday was just as good or better then mine.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lazy Wednesday ya right

Today was a rest day, sort of.

After Kristy went to school I went back to bed for a bit. Then I did Jillian Michael's "30 day shred". I will feel that tomorrow.
Then I had to go and pick up some papers from the accountant. I promised the girls bagels. Every Wednesday the Bagel Place has a bakers dozen for $5.00. So went and picked them up. Was going to go to Michael's but was to tired. Can you believe to tired to go to Michael's. Lastly went to the grocery store to pick up cream cheese.

Then went home for a nap.

I finished the paper bag album that I was making. It was fun I want to make some more. Here is the front cover. I am not happy with the closure. I used one of Tim Holtz grunge board hinges. I painted it and then attached a flower to it. I think that it is to tight. The Velcro seems to pull.
I am hoping that my daughter can use her camera tomorrow to video the inside, as there would be too many pictures.
Here is some more organizing. This cart has 4 drawers. All full of papers, I think I may have too much paper. Is that possible?
This is how I label all my drawers as I think it is pretty. I use Stampin' Ups scallop punch then 2 smaller punches. I use my label maker to make the tag and then use the corner rounder. It gives it a nicer image. Ya I know a little OCD.
Here is this bottom drawer is where I store my paper kits. I don't normally buy kits, but I get them for gifts. Aren't I special?
These are my pull out containers. I got them from Michael's and they are perfect for projects on the go or work in progress pages.
This one here I keep all my camp/cottage journal stuff in. I have my journal, some outdoor stamps and photos. I bring this to camp it is all together so I don't have to think about what I need to take as it is all there.
This one I have pages in progress. I am working on my youngest daughter Kristy's grade 8 grad. I just can't seem to get the colours right. I should work on it this Friday.
Well that was my lazy Wednesday. How was yours.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I need a nap

I woke up this morning with what I think is another bladder infection. Usually I wake up at like 2:00am thinking that my urine is shredded glass. Anyone that has had one of these knows exactly what I am taking about. If you haven't had one be thankful.
So after Kristy went to school, I got ready to go to the walk in clinic. First I went to the one closest to me and the line up was crazy and every chair was taken. So I decided to go to the Port Arthur Clinic, which also has a walk in.
I drive into the parking lot. Excellent hardly any cars. I go inside only a few people and they could all have appointments. This is looking real good, not to much of a wait time.
Go up to the desk, tell the receptionist that I want to see the doctor on call. She tells me "the doctor comes in at 1:00."
Oh well you can't win them all. I did bring a book, so at least I got to relax and read a book, plus there was a bathroom close by.

So after that I went to the fabric store to get something for the spine of my paper bag album. Ran to the grocery store to get a couple of things. Then Ashley had to go to the Boys Girls Club to take pictures of the kids climbing the new rock wall for her placement. We go there and they tell her the guy gave her the wrong time. We didn't have to be there for another 40 mins.
Well that gave me enough time to finish my dad's meatloaf I was making him, so he could have a hot homemade meal.
I brought dad his dinner, brought Ashley to the Boys/Girls club, ran to McD's to get supper for hubby and girls, picked Ashley up we ran to Arby's for our supper then came home.
Ok I'm tired again. LOL
I did work on my paper bag album, hopefully it will be done tomorrow so I can share it.

Here is some of my organizing from the Wookiemouse challenge. It is my magazine/Idea's.
Here are all my magazines. I am keeping all my Canadian Scrapbooking mags. I love them, the quality is the best and I like that they showcase artists from Canada and talk about the provinces. The black books are my idea books.

Here I organized all my magazines. Why when I am only going to rip out pages? Well because I am anal like that. They have to be neat before I get rid of them.
After I ripped out the articles that I wanted or layouts I stacked them and labeled them.
This is the inside of my idea books. I have one for layouts, sketches and quotes. I just cut out what I like and then with a cheap dollar store tape runner glue them in my book. I also draw my layouts in my layout book.
Here are all that is left of my magazines. Canadian Scrapbooking mags. and a couple of Idea books. The magazine holders I made years ago. I just cut them out of big cereal boxes and covered them with mactac. But since my scrap/craft/studio is in reds I covered them with paper. Here is my Quote, Layouts and Sketches notebooks. I labeled them with simple letters as the large scallops wouldn't fit. Ya I have to organize those baskets yet.
These two binders I keep my pages that couldn't be cut down. They are full magazine pages.
Well hopefully I will finish my mini album so I can show it. I am ready to move on to my next creation. My purse is still waiting for me to complete it. By the time I finish it, it will be time to make me a spring purse.

Hope your Tuesday was a good one.