Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glad my head is attached

Have you ever had one of those days where you can't find anything and when you do was right in front of your face the whole time. Well that has been my day all day today.
For example I made some embossed tabs for my mini mini paper bag album and I wanted to run them through my xyron. Well I was missing one. I searched for it for like 5 -10 minutes. I knew if I made another one I would find it when I cleaned up. So I made another as I knew cleaning up my stuff wouldn't be happening anytime soon. After I made it I brought it back into the living room and guess what was on the table right in front of me. You guessed it The Embossed Tag. Urrggg.
Now you don't think this could be the problem could it? I just wanted to share my living room table. Ya we use this room.

This here is the couch. I actually cleaned it up a tad as Ashley wanted to sit by me. I think she just wanted me to clean up a bit. She has only been asking me to clean up for 3 days now. Pay backs a b1tch isn't it girly. LOL.

Well to show that there is a reason for all that messiness here are some embellishments I made for my mini mini. You can't tell but there is a lot of shiny "bling" (as some crafters call it) on these little beauty's. Actually I think every one of these has some sparkle on it.
Kristy's school got out early today. So after school I drove her and her 2 friends to the mall. I was suppose to pick up copy paper and a book from the bookstore when I went, but guess what I Forgot. So out tomorrow again. I will make a list and take it with me this time.

Hope your Wednesday was a good one.



  1. Remember this: You will find whatever it is you're looking for in the last place you look. :)

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  2. Hey, chica! I'm back! I just got totally behind on my blog reading because I had some days off from work...HA! Let's not spread that around, huh? LOL! I must say...that is the PRETTIEST mess ever! LOL! Those embellishments look great!

  3. Sometimes when I scrap, my mess gets bigger and bigger. My parents tell me there's nowhere for their other guests to sit and my boyfriend says that he wants to sit closer, but there is a ton of scrapbook stuff between us. I've stopped taking my scrap stuff when I go see my boyfriend so that we can actually sit close on the couch.
    Beautiful embellishments!!!!

  4. I think the best scrapbookers make the biggest mess ;)

  5. Hey Tracy thanks for the comment on my blog. You are very COOL, been reading your posts. Love your blog, now following. I have a mess that I am trying to organize, problem with organizing is when I think I'm done and want to sit down and do something I can never find anything, LOL. Great Blog!!! I will be spending a lot of time here...Trini

  6. Hey - nobody said scrapbooking was supposed to be clean. LOL - at least your mess is a pretty mess! sometimes mine gets so bad I could lose a person in there! I love your tags for your mini! can't wait to see it all completed! :)

  7. Just found your blog. Really nice! Love those embellies! Beautiful work!

  8. I could have wrote this post, I am constantly losing stuff in my mess. I can't believe how much clutter I accumulate when I'm scrapbooking! Love what your working on, be sure to share the finished project!


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