Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I need a nap

I woke up this morning with what I think is another bladder infection. Usually I wake up at like 2:00am thinking that my urine is shredded glass. Anyone that has had one of these knows exactly what I am taking about. If you haven't had one be thankful.
So after Kristy went to school, I got ready to go to the walk in clinic. First I went to the one closest to me and the line up was crazy and every chair was taken. So I decided to go to the Port Arthur Clinic, which also has a walk in.
I drive into the parking lot. Excellent hardly any cars. I go inside only a few people and they could all have appointments. This is looking real good, not to much of a wait time.
Go up to the desk, tell the receptionist that I want to see the doctor on call. She tells me "the doctor comes in at 1:00."
Oh well you can't win them all. I did bring a book, so at least I got to relax and read a book, plus there was a bathroom close by.

So after that I went to the fabric store to get something for the spine of my paper bag album. Ran to the grocery store to get a couple of things. Then Ashley had to go to the Boys Girls Club to take pictures of the kids climbing the new rock wall for her placement. We go there and they tell her the guy gave her the wrong time. We didn't have to be there for another 40 mins.
Well that gave me enough time to finish my dad's meatloaf I was making him, so he could have a hot homemade meal.
I brought dad his dinner, brought Ashley to the Boys/Girls club, ran to McD's to get supper for hubby and girls, picked Ashley up we ran to Arby's for our supper then came home.
Ok I'm tired again. LOL
I did work on my paper bag album, hopefully it will be done tomorrow so I can share it.

Here is some of my organizing from the Wookiemouse challenge. It is my magazine/Idea's.
Here are all my magazines. I am keeping all my Canadian Scrapbooking mags. I love them, the quality is the best and I like that they showcase artists from Canada and talk about the provinces. The black books are my idea books.

Here I organized all my magazines. Why when I am only going to rip out pages? Well because I am anal like that. They have to be neat before I get rid of them.
After I ripped out the articles that I wanted or layouts I stacked them and labeled them.
This is the inside of my idea books. I have one for layouts, sketches and quotes. I just cut out what I like and then with a cheap dollar store tape runner glue them in my book. I also draw my layouts in my layout book.
Here are all that is left of my magazines. Canadian Scrapbooking mags. and a couple of Idea books. The magazine holders I made years ago. I just cut them out of big cereal boxes and covered them with mactac. But since my scrap/craft/studio is in reds I covered them with paper. Here is my Quote, Layouts and Sketches notebooks. I labeled them with simple letters as the large scallops wouldn't fit. Ya I have to organize those baskets yet.
These two binders I keep my pages that couldn't be cut down. They are full magazine pages.
Well hopefully I will finish my mini album so I can show it. I am ready to move on to my next creation. My purse is still waiting for me to complete it. By the time I finish it, it will be time to make me a spring purse.

Hope your Tuesday was a good one.



  1. I LOVE Canadian Scrapbooking magazines. Whenever I'm back home, I always pick up the latest edition. They're expensive, but they're FULL of ideas (and not quite so much advertising). I finally purged through my stash of mags about a month ago. The articles/layout ideas I wanted to save are stored in page protectors in 3 ring binders. (Funny, I didn't cut up any of my Canadian Scrapbook mags, either!)

    Hope you feel better soon. I haven't had a UTI in years (thank goodness), but I remember the pain all too well.

  2. wow gf.. u have been so busy.. my studio needs a do over.. wanna come over?/ I'm so serious... my stamps are taking over!! LOL
    Great ideas!!!


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