Monday, February 22, 2010

So excited

I am so excited. Tanya of Time for Scrappin. is having a mini album swap. She invited me to join, which I was very surprised as I have only made 2 minis. I have my swap partner "Kate" hi Kate. We are trying to figure out what type of mini we should do. Both of us are newbies, we have never done a mini swap before.
If you have any ideas for us we would really appreciate it.

Now on to my day. Went out 1st thing. Ashley wanted to get a pair of skates. You sure can tell this is a hockey town. We only found 2 pairs of figure skates. The 1st pair they only had in children's sizes. We ended up going to Canadian Tire for her skates. They only had one pair. But there were walls and walls of hockey skates. There are coloured hockey skates for girls. When my niece played hockey she just wore the boys skates.This is the pair that Ashley got. Just your average white women's skates.I loved skating when I was young. I was good to, I could do tricks. I'm surprised I never broke my neck LOL.
Our neighbours across the road made a rink and put lights up so we could use it. Or else we would just skate down the icy road. Oh the memories. Here is a pic of me coming in from skating. I would spend all night on that rink. I should get Ashley to touch up this photo. It looks older than it really is, really I'm not lying. I worked on my mini again today, well at least tried to. I bought some xyron refills on Friday when Deb and I went out. It wasn't until today when I went to put the new one in that I realized I bought permanent laminating refills. So tonight I went and exchanged it for the adhesive. Seriously I'm surprised I get anything accomplished.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I will finish it tomorrow. Sounding like Annie again LOL. I won't guarantee that I will get photo's or a video posted though.

I just watched Canada skate in the dancing. Boy they were so good, they were so on.

Hope your Monday was more organized then mine.



  1. OH,I used to spend Hours and HOURS skating in the winter when I was a kid! I took lessons and everything! We had a res just down the street where I could go close to home.

  2. Oooh...I watched the Canadian ice dancers last night, too. They're from my former neck of the woods. :)

    Oh, your post brought back memories. How I miss Canadian Tire. (We used to call it Crappy Tire).

    As for skating, my dad used to make a rink for us in the back yard every winter. Those were the days.

    Roller skating became my thing, though...and I don't think I've been on a pair of ice skates now since I was about 17.

  3. Oh how I would have loved to ice skate (or play hockey) growing up. My boyfriend and I have talked about moving north, and I love that idea so that my someday children could have the opportunity to skate!
    Thank you for the sweetness you left on my blog!

  4. Love the photo! I agree the Canadian ice dancers were wonderful!

  5. Loved watching the Canadian skaters last night, they were wonderful! My friends and I used to head to the skating rink on Friday nights/weekends, the height of the disco era, it was just great :)


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