Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It finally uploaded

Wow just watching some of the Olympic Games. Canada won both Gold and Silver in the bob sledding. My heart skipped a beat when that woman from Germany fell out of her sled.

I finally got my video down loaded (or uploaded) on to YouTube. Seriously. I posted it 3 times and only got audio. Each time I posted it, it took almost 2 hours, for a 3 minute video. My girls were like "Just retape it." I used sticky strip that sucker is stuck for life. Well I (when I say I, I mean Kristy) just reloaded it to Media Player and it worked. I had never used Media player but had to splice together part of it. This is how I bound my mini, mini book.

Tomorrow I will show you my mini, mini album. I promise. Oh crap now I have to do it. I never break a promise.

Ashley and I went out to look for Heather's Birthday present. She will be 19 on Saturday. I'm to young to have adult children. At least I feel to young to have adult children.

Hope your Wednesday was a good one.



  1. I just sent you an email back. On size, I said 6x6 but maybe a 4x5 or 4x6 would be better? What size is the one in the video? Thanks for sharing your technique - I usually do a variation on that. I hadn't thought to use vinyl before though. I'll have to give it a try.

  2. glad your video thingy worked for you.

    I was watching some of the hockey game. How cool is it to watch Canada hand Russia it's ass, eh? ;)

    Happy birthday to your daughter!! My youngest turned 19 a few months ago. I so hear you on "we're not old enough to have adult children"...LOL. I'll keep saying this until I'm 85.

  3. That is such a great idea! I love that! My only question are the pages attached to each other because obviously that binding isn't the one holding them in? I really love this! I'm going to pull out some fun vinyl from my stash!

  4. great idea thanks for sharing.. i might have to try that ...

  5. What a creative and economical idea! Thanks for sharing.


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