Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 19th Birthday Heather.

Today is my daughter Heather's 19th Birthday. 19 years ago I was in the hospital giving birth to this lovely, artistic, quiet girl. 4 hours of labour, easy peasy double squeezy. I was in labour for 34 hours with Ashley and 36 with Kristy. Heather is my middle daughter (the forgotten child). She is like me as she would rather let things go then rock the boat. She doesn't complain (to much) and enjoys spending time reading or writing her books. She wants to be an author. She is an artist, her drawings are phenomenal. Her art teacher even wanted to buy one of her pieces, but she knew I wanted it so she brought it home for me. See what a sweetie.

Well whenever it is someones Birthday it is their day to choose what they want to do. So Heather wanted to go and see Shutter Island. Loved that movie, but then Leo was in it so whats not to love.
Hubby decided that Heather didn't get enough for her BDay so we went to Chapters. We all love Chapters. I think she picked out 4 books. We are all big readers here and my girls and I all love the same type of books. Hubby not so much, he reads history. Blah.
Then she got to pick the restaurant. Which we knew would be the Blue Parrot. She says they have the best Chicken Caesar Salad. They have a great hot turkey as well.
After an early supper we went to rent some movies. I think they picked all horror movies (not surprising). Then we came home and Heather opened all her gifts.
Here is Heather and I. I had just got up from taking a nap, as I didn't sleep in like I had planned. Isn't she so pretty.
Ok don't look at my pants. Yes they are jammie pants, or what I like to call them, my lounging pants, as I don't sleep in them. My family was teasing me as they said I look like a redneck as I had a plaid shirt and pants. It really bugged them that I wouldn't change haha. Sharon and her husband Jim were coming over for cake and I teased them that I was going to keep the plaids. LOL. Don't worry I changed.
Here she is with her Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake. All the girls love their ice cream cake.
How many people does it take to light 19 candles. Apparently in this family 3.So that was pretty much my day.
How was your Saturday?


  1. Sounds like it was a good day. Tell Heather Happy belated Bday.

  2. What a nice way to celebrate another year! I hoep that Heather has a very happy birthday and that you have a great rest of the weekend....

  3. Happy Birthday, Heather! Your daughter is the same age as my youngest. They grow so fast. *sigh*

    Sister, you are so like me...lounging around in those redneck pants. LOL. Comfort is always a priority in the house.

    Cake looks yummy, and that restaurant looks like a fun one.

  4. Happy Birthday to Heather! She is such a lovely young woman.

    MMMMMM! Dairy Queen cake. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  5. Sounds like Heather had the PERFECT Birthday! Made some happy Memories and now you have more pictures to scarp ;)

    Dairy Queen birthday cake, YUM. Happy Belated Birthday to Heather. My oldest is only 14...but boy, do they grow fast!



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