Thursday, February 11, 2010

My 1st Video

Woohoo I know how to upload a video. Now don't expect to much as this is my first one. We forgot our tripod at camp so I had Ashley standing on my chair behind me taping. That may have been a better video LOL. I also don't have the new fan dangled video recorders, but Kristy's camera can video tape, so we will see how good the quality is. We only did 2 takes. I would have done more to get it perfect, but I don't think Ashley was up for it.

Hope you enjoyed it. The vinyl that I used for the binding isn't the same that you would use for your cricut. It is upholstery vinyl, just to clarify. If anyone has any ideas on a better closure I would love to hear it. Wow I first tried to to upload my video on here and it took like 6 hours. So I then asked Tayna (thank you Tayna from Time for Scrappin), and she suggested posting it to YouTube. Which I did with the help from Ashley and onto here.

Oh a new Survivor is on tonight. Hero's vs Villains. Oh can't wait. I am also going to Michael's with my GF Debbie tonight. That is always fun.

Oh ya and I got the best mom award today. I made Rice Krispie squares. Sometimes children are so easy to please LOL.I got my Stmapin' Up order tonight. I can't wait to play with all my goodies. I also got an extra punch. Phoned the Demonstrator but she hasn't got back to me.

Hope your Thursday was just as good or better then mine.



  1. Your video turned out great....and that little paper bag album is adorable! Wow, you put a lot of work into that. Love, love, love the tag that extends in both directions when you pull on it!

    I watched Survivor, too! I haven't watched during the regular season in a few years...but it was neat seeing a lot of the old familiar faces (Tom, Boston Rob, etc.)

  2. That is a wonderful little book! I'm impressed at your daughter's steady hand! I didn't get sea sick at all! LOL!

  3. You did a great job Tracy! I LOVE the tissue paper flowers on the cover and all the stamping. I will be waiting for the next video to come out!

  4. very cute album. love all of the pockets!!

  5. Wonderful job...I wish my first mini-album looked so nice! Heck, I wish my most recent mini looked so nice! Keep it up!


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