Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Now we know there is alot of hype about Valentines Day. Me not so much. I like to make chocolates for the family and neighbours. But the malls are to crowded, if you wanted to go out for dinner the restaurants are full. I would rather stay at home. Which I did.
Hubby and I vegged at home and watched the Olympics and horror movies. Perfect date night for us LOL.
I made some chocolate suckers. Yummy. Ashley wants me to make some with rice Krispies in them. Those are good too.

I bought these tiny bags at the dollar store. There were 4 different patterns in there. One of the patterns wasn't a bag. I guess the machine didn't attach the two sides together so I have a sheet of the pink hearts not bags. Can't expect perfection for a dollar. Humm wonder what I could make out of them, the gears are turning.Here are the twist boxes I made earlier in the year. I put hard heart candies and sweethearts (the candies with sayings on them) in a Valentines themed baggies and put them in the boxes. The neighbour girls got these. Kristy's friend also got one as it was her BDay.I made these nugget holders. They are so cute and so easy to make. I just bought these 2 tag punches from my Stampin' Up order so of course I had to play. I wanted to make more but ran out of chocolate nuggets. Here are the ones I made. Everyone got these.For every occasion I give the two little girls across the street treats. For Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentines Day I make goodies put them in a clear plastic bag and hang it to their outside door. It used to be a surprise as I would wait until they left and would sneak over there. But the mom figured out who it was as she knew it was someone who scrapbooked and I was the only one besides her that did.

I am actually working on my paper bag mini mini album. I am having so much fun making all my embellishments. Like I said I received my huge Stampin' Up order on Thursday, so I am having fun today since my energy is better today. I took a nap this afternoon though. Well I did stay up til 4:00am last night as I was reading and couldn't put down my book.
Tomorrow is a holiday here in Canada, it is Family Day. So everything is closed. We will probably watch some movies and I will work on my album.

Here is to a creative Sunday, hope yours was too.



  1. Wow - you've been busy! Those heart shaped chocolates look yummy!!

    I'm with you - hate going out on Valentine's's crazy out there. Hubby and I went out the day before, and stayed home yesterday. (We watched the Olympics, too.)

    It's getting much we have in common...LOL.

  2. Those treat projects are so cute!

  3. Such cute treats - you did a lot of work! Family Day sounds like a nice holiday, it's President's Day here in the USA.

  4. Those are super cute!! What a great idea.


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