Monday, February 1, 2010

Not for the faint of heart

Today I worked all day and most of the evening.
I almost got to stay home all day.......almost.
Kristy went to a friends house after school, so I had to pick her up. Damn.
Her friends came over after supper and wanted to go to Dairy Queen or the corner store.
I needed some apples and bread for Wayne's lunch (he is back at work). I didn't want to go in a store.
Remember big ugly nose cold sore. Ashley even commented on nice.
So anyway, I told the girls I'll make you a deal. I said I don't want to go anywhere because of this cold sore.
One of them said "We have to put cream on your cold sore?" Oh MY I laughed so hard.
No I want you to go in the store to get the apples and bread. They are so funny.

Well as it turned out I took them to DQ. I have 3 daughters so I know they can get giggly and loud. But these girls were loud. They had me laughing the whole ride. But I am not sure they knew why LOL.

House was on tonight Ya hoo. My dad also loves House. Actually he is the one who got me hooked. Well I phoned him to remind him that it was on. During the commercial my phone rings, Private # so I knew it was him.....well I yell (jokingly) in the phone. LEAVE ME ALONE I AM WATCHING HOUSE. Guess what it wasn't my dad.
Wrong number. The guy on the other end kept apologising. I felt so bad, not really LOL.

As I worked all day I didn't work on my purse, or any other crafty things.
Boy work interferes with more important things doesn't it.

I don't have any crafty pictures to post. But I have some pictures that my daughter Ashley took. She had an assignment in collage to recreate a B Rated movie. So she did hers in photos. From the movie Dawn of the Dead. This is one of our favourite movies. I know, I know we are not your typical family.
So what we did was I put the make up on Heather and her and Kristy acted out scenes from the movie as per Ashley's directions. Wayne and I drove them around for the perfect spots. This is Heather biting my arm.
This picture is cool as you can see Heather in the reflection of the grave stone. This is Kristy the female victim.
Kristy got her zombie.

Hope your Monday was more fun then mine. LOL



  1. Those photos are gross, but really well done! I'm impressed! She did a great job with them! The phone call thing is down right hilarious! LOL!

  2. Those photos are awesome! I say she deserves an A!!!

  3. Those were great! So funny and icky at the same time.

  4. Those are really good, horror movies are my favorite!

  5. The photos are amazing! Oh, and I get cold sores too - and hate going out in public when one of them pops up! I feel your pain.


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