Sunday, January 31, 2010

To a better day

Did you ever have one of those days that nothing seems to go in your favour.
Well that was my day today.

I woke up to a big ol' cold sore in my nose. I never get them on my lip like a normal person. No I get them in my nose. I have a bit of a cold and man those babies hurt when you have to blow your nose.
I didn't want to leave the house but hubby didn't either, so I had to go out and pick Kristy up from her sleep over at her friends house.
I wanted a big huge yummy glass of coke and ice. The coke was warm and not one ice cube in the freezer. Thanks Kristy hope you enjoyed you slushie.

I did sew a bit tonight. But my brand new Pfaff sewing machine thought differently. The thread was looping up, it was making a clanky noise. I was ready to through it out the window, until I remember how much I paid for it. I was thinking of taking my old singer out to finish the job. But I fiddled around until it worked again. Guess I'll be making a service call tomorrow.
I will show you what I am working on. This is a purse I made in the fall.

I didn't like how the pockets turned out. It looks like a house. I changed it up and made a double pocket. I wanted the brown to be framed.
You can't tell by the picture but the whole purse is stippled. This was my first project using free motion quilting.
This is the inside of the purse. I love all the inside pockets all around the lining.
It helps keep things organized.
That is my wallet in the middle, and then this and that in the pockets.
I wanted t a smaller purse this time so I altered the pattern.
My new purse will be black.
Well I hope you have a better Sunday then I did.
Oh yeah and I get to work this week. So I guess the purse will have to wait until I am done with work.


  1. This is great!!! I can't sew with a machine to save my life! I need to learn, but now it's become a fear thing.

  2. Good luck with your week! Maybe it's starting off badly so it will end great?

  3. I'm sorry your week starting off poorly- it can only get better from here though! Right?!
    I love the purse! I really should practice sewing...but there's just not enough time!

  4. The purse is adorable. I used to sew...a long long time ago. Sometimes I get the urge to start again...but then I end up sitting my butt in front of the computer and I waste too much time. Bah!


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