Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hubby back at work

Well Hubby had to go back to work today. He has been on holidays for about 3 weeks. He will probably take the month of March off as well. Winter is their slow time so this is the only time he gets holidays. No summer holidays for us.
I love watching reality shows like Amazing Race, Biggest Loser and of course Survivor. I have noticed other reality shows dealing with family run business'. Such as Dog Bounty Hunter, Orange County Choppers, Operation Repo. And wait for it....."Pawn Shops. They make reality shows for every thing. These shows probably make more money on one series then they would with a couple years profit for their business.
So I figured since Hubby and his brothers own their own family run sand and gravel business that they should have their own reality show. They could even take their dad out of retirement and put him in it for some excitement.
They could call it ..Wait for it...."The Pit".....Or "Rock Stars". What do you think? Good idea eh?
Ya Hubby didn't think so either.

So I tweaked the card I made last night. I felt it was missing something. So I punched these cute butterflies from the Martha Stewart punch. I think this was something that I thought it was missing.

Well what did I do today you ask....Well I picked my dad up some groceries. Visited for a bit. Then dropped Kristy's homework off to school for her as she forgot it. Then Heather, Ashley and I went to Chapters. You know don't know which I like better, between a bookstore, a scrapbook store and a quilting store, I feel comfort in being inall of them.

I went out with my Girl Friend Debbie tonight. We went to Michael's and then to the mall for a bit. Sat down in the food court (I had a muffin and a pop) and just chatted the evening away. Oh aren't friends awesome.

Hubby and I just finished watching Doc. Hollywood, with Michael J.Fox. I love shows with small towns in them. I would love to live in a quaint small town.

Ok so I guess I rambled long enough for this post.
Hope you all had an awesome Wednesday.


  1. LOL! never knos... 'The Pit' could be a hit! HA!!! The butterflies really add a lot to your card!

  2. Love the butterflies. OMGosh, I love that show Pawn Stars! It's freaking hilarious....and the dad in that show cracks me up, as does the "dumb" one, "Chumlee". :)


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