Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Perfect, unperfect day

Today was not a perfect day, but it wasn't an unperfect day either.
First let me share my card for today.
I stamped this cute CC Designs image and coloured her with guessed it, Copic markers ;)

I then fussy cut her out and placed her on the fence, which I also coloured with my copics and fussy cut.
I really like how the flowers turned out....but then again you know I am loving the pink and burgundy colour combination right now.
I also added my sparkle pen to her wings.

I just punched these flowers out of card stock and formed them in the palm of my hand and added a sparkle gem to the center.

I love these flags or banners I cut out of this paper.
My idea for using these, was that I was going to make a card and put a banner on the front with the recipients  birth date. Until I realized that the numbers only go from "1 - 6". Kind of hard to make one for anyone born in the 1900's or the even the 2000's for that matter.

Onto My Day:
Remember my rash?
Well, its gone, but when I first got it, my girlfriend teased me that it was from the measles or something. I laughed it off telling her my immunizations were up to date.
Then I thought I'd check as I thought I am due to get one this year or next year.
I was suppose to get it done in 2007!!!
The last one I received was in 1997. Holy crapola!!
So that is what I did today. I got immunized. Now my arm is tender :(

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cute little fairy card.

Yup another one ;)
I just love this burgundy/pink colour combination.
Plus there is just something so pretty about that pattern paper that makes me smile.
Yes paper makes me happy :)

I used a mini Magnolia image.
I coloured her with my Copics. Can you tell I was playing around with how to shade the folds in her dress?
You know when I first purchased these mini stamps I thought I would just use them inside the card, as I thought they were way to tiny to put on the front of my cards.
But I have used both images on the front of two my cards :)
Here is the other card I made with one of these mini stamps.

This is how I thought I would only use these stamps.
Doesn't it make you happy to get more uses out of your products :)

Onto My Day:
Besides driving Kristy to co-op, picking her up and bringing her home for lunch, then driving her to school, then picking Blake and her up after school. My day was pretty much uneventful.
Which would be a good thing. Except I am suppose to be making Heather's mini album that she was to receive yesterday as part of her Birthday gift!
We did watch Disney's Alice in Wonderland to get some inspiration though. So that has to count for something :)

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful Birthday wishes you sent to Heather.
You are all so sweet and I cherish each one of you.
You not only put a smile on my face everyday with your sweet thoughtful comments, but you also put a smile on my daughters face yesterday.
Thank you.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday Heather

Today is my middle daughter Heather's 21st Birthday.
I am too young to have adult children...well I feel to young to have adult children.

Heather told me the best birthday card she ever received was the one I made her last year.
You can see it here.
So this year I had I try and do as good as last year ;)
She loves Alice in Wonderland, so I knew I wanted to use this paper again.
But I had to make it different then last year.
I added the pocket watch and the pen nib. She loved it :)

I also do calligraphy and use these types of nibs that I dip in the ink.
I also loved writing with nibbed pens with the ink cartridges inside the barrel.
So I love these embellishments :)
I used the back of the paper pack for the background of this card.

 I also love these pocket watch embellishments.
Alice is attached with a TH hitch fastener so she can be flipped up to see the pocket watch better.

The inside of the card before I added the mushy letter I wrote to Heather.

Onto My Day:
In our family when its your birthday, you get to choose where you want the family to go out for your for birthday dinner.
Heather wants to go to Olive Garden. We have only been there once as we don't have one here.
She decided to wait to go for her birthday dinner when we go to Minneapolis.
So I wanted to take her out for lunch.
She wanted to share her birthday lunch with her sisters :)
Here are my beautiful daughters Ashley, Kristy and Heather.
These girls are my heart.

After lunch I was exhausted, so when I got home I took a little nap :)  I guess I am old enough for adult daughters, lol.
Plus I have a sore back from shoveling snow last night. Hubby doesn't understand that shoveling is a man's my opinion ;)
Tonight Sharon and her hubby Jim came by to enjoy some ice cream cake.
We teased Heather that we forgot to get her a birthday cake. She wanted to try an Oreo Blizzard ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. We got it yesterday, but she didn't know that.

My rash is almost gone :)
The doctor's receptionist phoned me today to ask me if I could make it in to see the doctor at 4:00. My rash is almost gone so I didn't need to see him. When I got off the phone I noticed the time was 4:15. Ummm does anyone have a time machine, I would have had to go back in time to make that one.

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Butterfly card, you won't find any butterflies in this weather.

Another card :)
Are you tired of these yet?
I still have a few more to share from my girls creative get away.
I love that paper in the center. The colours are so pretty.

I tried to match the butterfly and the flowers to the colours in the paper.

The inside of the card.
Used my recipe (index) cards again and stamped the image.

Onto My Day:
We went out to pick up Blake, Kristy's boyfriend.
We picked up Heather's Birthday Cake for tomorrow.
It was just starting to snow. By the time we drove back home it was white out conditions.
I was happy Wayne was driving. I don't really care to drive in bad weather.

I made a big turkey dinner for supper tonight.
Wayne has to go back to work tomorrow, so I wanted to make a nice meal to say goodbye to his holidays :(
So I also invited the boyfriends over for supper.

We did get a lot of snow today.
Here is the front of our house.

This is the visibility out of our dinning room window.
We have a few spots to look out of.

 And lastly here are our vehicles.
The snow drifts are up to the doors.
When is spring going to get here. I am so tired of ice and snow. I want summer, I want flowers and I want warm sunshine.
You can see that by looking at my Pinterest. My biggest board is creative outdoors, lol.

I enjoyed Walking Dead tonight, boy Lori is getting to me.
I did not work on Heather's mini album at all today :(
I just am not motivated to work on it. I am excited on what I want to do with it, but just can't get off my arse to do anything.
I think tomorrow, I will fill up my glass with Coca-Cola and get down to the scrap/craft room and get down to business.

I hope my BIL's and SIL's got out of town yesterday. They are all driving to South for their yearly vacation. They were going to leave this morning, but I think everyone encouraged them to leave yesterday. Hope the weather on the way isn't as bad as it is here. 

Hope you all had a great weekend, and a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

1st Birthday card

I shared this card on my YouTube channel, but not on here yet.
It is a card I made for my great nephew's 1st birthday :)
I saw this card sketch at one of the scrapbook stores on our trip.
I used this same banner die on his baby card, so thought it was fitting to use it on his 1st birthday card.

I even used some of my new papers from my 6x6 paper pads ;)
See I use my new stuff......or at least I am trying to.

I took this photo before I added the number "1" on the banner.

Onto My Day:
We went to celebrate our great-nephew's 1st birthday.
I love getting together with family :)
It was an afternoon party. They had so much food out.
I was still full at dinner, so didn't eat supper.
Here is his cute cake. It is a cupcake cake.

I spent the rest of the day on the computer and working on my mini album.
Funny (or sad) thing is, it took me forever to do just one element in the mini.
One thing!!!!!
It is NOT going to be completed by Monday.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dream card

Here is a simple card to share.
Even though I call this a simple card, it still took me a while to get it done.
I am so slow, lol.

Lots of layers to this card, as I backed everything with black card stock.
I like the way the black makes the other colours pop :)

I just finished the inside with a simple sentiment and backed the recipe card with the same papers that I used on the front of the card.

Onto My Day:
I went to the doctor on call and he gave me some cream for my rash.
I didn't feel like he was really listening to what I was saying.
I talked to the pharmacist about the situation and the medicine the doctor prescribed. Sometimes I think they know more then the doctors.
He told me that if it is an irritant from the chemicals then this cream should do the trick. But if it is fungal, then this cream will make it worse.
Well the verdict is still out, as I haven't noticed a difference yet. 

Sharon, Wayne's sister came over for scrapbooking tonight.
I started on a mini, that has to be completed by 27th (Heather's Birthday gift)....ya, its not going to be done by then.
Sharon made 6 Christmas cards tonight....for 2013, yup that is how far ahead she is, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Classy girl card

I am so happy with this card.
I really like the bright colours, it just makes me smile.
I just wish that the colours showed up better.
I never claimed to be a photographer. 

I paper pieced the girl's hat and her coat.
Coloured the rest of the image with my Copics.
I added some black rhinestones to her coat buttons to match the ones on the card.
I drew the sidewalk in.

I just wanted to show you the ribbon I used.
Tricked you.......This is black card stock, not ribbon.
I added dash lines with my white gel pen on the black card stock strip.
I have seen ribbon that looks like this, and wanted it for my card.
So I came up with a way I can get the look without the cost :)
Can you tell I am pretty proud of myself, teehee.

I made sure to finish the inside of the card.

Onto My Day:
After bringing Kristy to her placement, Wayne wanted to go to Canadian Tire...I, did not.
So I got him to drop me off at the dollar store, then I ran to Michael's.
I came out of there with 4 things from the $1.50 bin, and only one is for me.
But I did come out of the dollar store with a few goodies ;)

I went to check out the walk in my rash is a bit worse today.
The first walk-in was very busy and the second one I would have had to wait 45 minutes before the doctor even arrived.
I did make an appointment to see my doctor, but I can't get in until Wednesday.
So I will go tomorrow to the walk-in, and I will go earlier.
I talked with my friend who was at the getaway with me, but she didn't get a rash from the hot tub. So we will see if that is what it is from.
My doctor's receptionist thinks it is.

Kristy had another good day at her placement.
She came home covered in icing, lol. She loved it.

Poor Ashley fell down our front steps.
The way our roof is, and the eves are full of ice, so the melting snow is dripping on our front steps.
It is still cold enough, so it is freezing on our steps. It is like an ice rink.
We put down salted sand and it is still icing up.
So I put something in front of the steps so no one will walk up them.
We may not be getting any mail for the next few days, lol.

That is about all from me today.
I hope you all had a very creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A simple card, snow, a rash and some goodies

I thought I would share a more simpler card with you today.
I used some very old paper. Punched the bird out and stamped the sentiment.
Pretty easy wouldn't you say :)

I just backed my recipe card with some of the pattern paper and added a sticker to the corner.
I think this could be used for either a man or a woman.
What do you think?

I woke up to this beautiful site.
Well it would have been beautiful if it was DECEMBER!
As pretty as it is, I am tired of snow. I want summer, I want warmth, I want to go to our cottage.

Oh ya, I also woke up to this.
A rash. I have never had a rash...ever.
I don't have allergies or sensitivities to anything.
It is on my chest, back and partially on my arms.
Wayne told me to take a Reactine.
I can't even take an aspirin without falling asleep.
Well I have been like a zombie today.
It still hasn't gone away, and I can't figure out how I got it.
This is a couple of hours after I took the pill.

Wayne and I went out to do a bit of running around and I figured I should treat myself, you know since I have this rash and all ;)
So I went to our LSS and picked up a the new Canadian Scrapbooker magazine.
They had their paper packs on for 40% off so I grabbed a couple. 

I was looking through the stamps when the owners asked me if I had seen the new stamps on the island.
I have no idea how I had missed them, but so happy that they brought it to my attention :)
I can't wait to colour these cuties up.

Onto my day:
Besides everything I have shared with you today. Kristy really enjoyed her day in the bakery today.
She was so happy that she got to put icing on some cupcakes :)
I went to the doctor with Ashley. She has had this cyst on one of her toes and wants to get it removed. It isn't bothering her, but she doesn't like it.
Wayne said he could remove it for her.....he was serious.
No she didn't go for it, lol.

Speaking of Wayne, he lost HIS wedding ring in the snow.
He called me outside to help him look for it.
I did find it. I held it up to him and told him "See this isn't the ring for you." If you are a follower of my blog you will know what I am talking about, lol.
I guess he isn't tired of cooking as he made some meatballs and home made pasta sauce for supper tonight ;)

Off to take some Benadryl, this rash is getting itchy....I will be asleep in 1/2 an hour, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yup another card ;) My little flower girl.

Another card :)
Are you bored of them yet?
I hope not as I have a lot more to share over the next few days....or weeks :)

The funny thing about this card is that as I was laying in bed at 2:15 in the morning, during my creative get away, I thought of this layout.
I sooo wanted to get up and make it, but I didn't want to wake Debbie up.
So I made it in the morning.
Then later in the evening I was looking through some sketches and saw a pencil sketch like this. So now I'm thinking I wasn't so creative, this may have been hidden in my subconscious, lol.
I really like this background paper and wanted to use it.

Isn't this image so cute.
It reminds me of my friends daughter, Kaitlyn, when she was a little girl.
I paper pieced her hat, and coloured the underside of it.

Another angle of this image.

The inside of the card.
Of course I used my recipe card. Is it even a surprise, lol.

This stamp set came with a mini version of the little girl. So cute.

Onto My Day:
Kristy had a good day for her 1st day in her placement.
She thinks she may have made a mistake packaging the different types of bread, teehee.
Hope she has a better day tomorrow.

I was chatting on the phone for almost 2 hours to one of my blogging friends. I need to multitask. If I am not walking around the house while talking on the phone, I am cleaning. So I unpacked my scrapbooking supplies from my weekend get away.
Feels so good to be unpacked and everything in its place.

I think Wayne may be a bit tired of cooking suppers as he seemed a tad crabby as he was making dinner. Either that or he misses work.
He has been on holidays since before Christmas. He goes back next week. Boy am I going to miss him....and his cooking, lol.

Hope you had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day and girly card.

 Today, here in Canada, is Family Day.
A day to spend with your family. All the stores are closed.....even Walmart, lol.
So my day was spent with my family. Wayne, Heather and I watched Fringe, then House, and now Bones.
While Kristy and Ashley baked muffins and brownies.
A perfect day in my book :)

Here is a card I made at my creative get away.
I love the colour combination of pink and burgundy.
A simple card. I wanted the image to be the main focal point of this card.
I didn't put on a sentiment as I want to be able to use it for any occasion. 

Isn't she so cute.
I paper pieced her hat and dress.
I coloured the ribbon on her hat and the ribbon on the flowers, as it was easier then fussy cutting them out.
As much as I don't care to fussy cut, I love the look and that I can match parts of the image to the background paper I am using.

I just punched these flowers out, shaped them in the cup of my palm and added some sparkle.

Being that it is Family Day, I was surprised to get a parcel today.
I had won some YouTube candy from Yvonne, she also has a blog.
Now look at all this yumminess.
I noticed that my package was opened and resealed, Customs can't be to careful. But I am happy to report that everything was re-packed nice and neat :)

My day was spent relaxing with the family.
I was going to colour some images, but seriously just didn't want to get off my butt, lol.
But I did have to hem some pants for Kristy as she is going to her placement tomorrow, and needed black pants. I am so excited and nervous for her. I know she will be fine. Hope she enjoys her placement in the bakery for her careers class.

Hope you all had a more creative Monday than I did ;)

Tracy :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My not so favourite, favourite card.

Remember yesterday when I said Debbie and I challenged ourselves to use papers that weren't our favourites.
Well here is my card.
I really think it turned out great.
Orange is not my first choice in colour. Funny that I have made 2 orange cards in the last year and both are one of my favourites :) 
I guess this is more of a peach colour then orange.
Don't you hate when you take a perfect photo, then upload it to the computer and its crooked. 

I used one of the mini Magnolia images and coloured he up with my Copics.
I added a bit of sparkle with a clear Spica pen.

I finished all of the inside of my cards as well.
Most of the time I am so excited to move on to the next card, I forget to do the inside.
But one of my goals is to totally complete my cards. That way when I need one, I just have to grab one, write a note inside and send it on its way :) 

So my girlfriend  and I are going back to Mink Mountain in August as we always do.
We have tried out all the cottages that fit our needs, so the problem we have now is to try and decide which one we want.
What a problem to have, lol.

I really hope you had even one ounce of fun and creativity that I did this weekend.

Tracy :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fortunes, cards and some cold tootsies.

We are staying at Peregrine Point Cottage at Mink Mountain Resort.
We have never stayed in this cottage before. It was a really cute cottage.
Lots of windows and a nice big dinning table. Those are the two main criteria on where we will stay. We need good lighting and a nice size table for scrap booking on....oh ya and a hot tub ;)

On the way to the cabin, Debbie and I picked up Chinese food to eat for supper.
Here is what my fortune said:

 Debbie seemed impressed with my fortune message.
I encouraged her to open hers:

She was like, well that's crap, lol. 

We enjoyed the hot tub.
It was pretty flipping cold outside. Even though it was on the deck, walking out in -15C with bare feet in a swim suit was crazy. Yes that is frost in the deck and snow on the ground.
Saturday night the temp was -20C, even colder, but once you get in the warm water, its heaven :)
Unless your friend dares you to run through the snow, then its really flipping cold.  I am a sucker for a dare ;)

So Friday and Saturday was an all day/night card making, creative, inspirational, loved every second of it paradise.
We made 26 cards between the both of us. Which I think is awesome, as at our last weekend retreat, I think I made the same amount of cards, but it was a 3 day getaway, plus a lot of my images were coloured already. This time I coloured as I went.
Here are our finished cards

Over the next few days or so, I will share with you my cards in more detail.
Some are simple (even though they still took a long time to make), and others more detailed.
We both challenged ourselves to use papers that we didn't really care for, and those cards are two of my favourite cards that we did.

I hope your Saturday was as creative and as enjoyable as mine was :)

Tracy :)