Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A simple card, snow, a rash and some goodies

I thought I would share a more simpler card with you today.
I used some very old paper. Punched the bird out and stamped the sentiment.
Pretty easy wouldn't you say :)

I just backed my recipe card with some of the pattern paper and added a sticker to the corner.
I think this could be used for either a man or a woman.
What do you think?

I woke up to this beautiful site.
Well it would have been beautiful if it was DECEMBER!
As pretty as it is, I am tired of snow. I want summer, I want warmth, I want to go to our cottage.

Oh ya, I also woke up to this.
A rash. I have never had a rash...ever.
I don't have allergies or sensitivities to anything.
It is on my chest, back and partially on my arms.
Wayne told me to take a Reactine.
I can't even take an aspirin without falling asleep.
Well I have been like a zombie today.
It still hasn't gone away, and I can't figure out how I got it.
This is a couple of hours after I took the pill.

Wayne and I went out to do a bit of running around and I figured I should treat myself, you know since I have this rash and all ;)
So I went to our LSS and picked up a the new Canadian Scrapbooker magazine.
They had their paper packs on for 40% off so I grabbed a couple. 

I was looking through the stamps when the owners asked me if I had seen the new stamps on the island.
I have no idea how I had missed them, but so happy that they brought it to my attention :)
I can't wait to colour these cuties up.

Onto my day:
Besides everything I have shared with you today. Kristy really enjoyed her day in the bakery today.
She was so happy that she got to put icing on some cupcakes :)
I went to the doctor with Ashley. She has had this cyst on one of her toes and wants to get it removed. It isn't bothering her, but she doesn't like it.
Wayne said he could remove it for her.....he was serious.
No she didn't go for it, lol.

Speaking of Wayne, he lost HIS wedding ring in the snow.
He called me outside to help him look for it.
I did find it. I held it up to him and told him "See this isn't the ring for you." If you are a follower of my blog you will know what I am talking about, lol.
I guess he isn't tired of cooking as he made some meatballs and home made pasta sauce for supper tonight ;)

Off to take some Benadryl, this rash is getting itchy....I will be asleep in 1/2 an hour, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. My goodness you had yourself one busy day. First off love the card, I have been making cards like crazy today before we move everything out of my craft room to paint. I used my bird punch as well. You should have yelled out "my precious" when you found the ring and then thrown it into the fire pit or barbecue! LOL Love all the scrap goodies you got at your store, I want to see the paper pads up close and personal please! :) Take care of that rash, get some Benedryl or go to the doctor, it looks like it would itch or hurt.

  2. Cute card! Just wanted to tell you that a couple of friends of mine had the same kind of rash and reaction after spending time in a hot tub on vacation. Just a thought. Hope it gets better soon! *hugs*

  3. Your card is so sweet. Love the little bird. Wow, what a snowy landscape! It looks pretty but I am enjoying nice, balmy 70 degree temps here in the South!

  4. Ouch! What the heck? Hope you have relief (meaning it goes away!) soon!
    Love the card! I think I need to pull out my bird stamp now!

  5. Tracey...get thee to the doctor...That looks like hot tub itis...I don't know the technical term but I have had it once. It is an infection of the hair folicles, i believe. You will need a perscription to get rid of it.

    That looks like a lovely haul!

  6. hope you are feeling better!

    cute card and i love those new stamps

  7. Love the cute stamps! Hope the rash has gone away now or at least stopped itching :( Nice shopping basket you have there! lol and really cute card :) Thank you for following my blog Tracey,I love your tutorials on youtube! TFS! X

  8. Cute Card! Awful rash--Hope it goes away soon.
    A doctor's visit probably is good advice.
    Great goodies from your LSS. Boo to the snow-we got some too.

  9. I really really like the papers you used on that card and the bird is really sweet looking! I really need to start copying your cards more. I need to have more on hand than I do.

    What a strange rash! Hope it goes away and soon! But I'm glad to see that you took in some retail therapy for it! I'm surprised it didn't work. Maybe you need more??? LOL!

  10. Nice card -- love that bird! Seeing your snow photo reminded me of growing up and raising our boys in New England. I do miss the snow every now and again! Supposed to be 77 degrees here today!

  11. Great card, yucky rash, super cute new stamps and Wayne totally sounds like Jeremy when it comes to medical things and wanting to "remove" whatever is bothering us :0) Too funny! Hugs!

  12. I love your card, I think it definitely could be for a man or a woman!

    That is very frustrating about the rash. I hate when I can't figure out where it came from! I hope the shopping helped!

    I can't believe Wayne lost his ring in the snow, I totally agree that it was a sign about the ring!

  13. I had a rash recently, it was terrible. I looked like I had a sunburn! I went to the doctor and got some medicine for it.

    I like the simplicity of the card!

  14. Oh I love your card! Simplicity is best in my book. Boo to the snow! I wanted it this year. Got it and now I'm ready for Spring. :)

    Hope your rash gets better!

  15. That snow is gorgeous! I wish we had weather like that here.

  16. I love that bird, is it the Tim Holtz bird? Your rash doesn't look so great, I hope it's gone today! :) Tatting yourself was the best idea! Nothing makes you feel better than a new magazine! Is Wayne going to let you pick out a ring now? Lol So glad Kristy's day went good and I think Ashley made a wise choice :)

  17. Great use of your old stash on the card. I really hope your rash starts to feel better soon.

  18. OMG, I was thinking NO!!! not the ring but I was glad you found it. I am sorry about your rash and hope it feels better soon. Your cards are super cute and I think I picked up one of the same paper packs as you today. I wish I picked up some of those stamps, super cute! tfs

  19. I love the card! Very nice for male or female. I hope your rash goes away real soon! Yikes! Be sure to milk it for all it's worth! lol! (Seriously!)

  20. Rash bad! But those new goodies- so good ;P

  21. tisk, tisk wayne!!! Glad you found it Tracy, butttt...
    I LOVE those stamps. OMG too stinking cute. who are they buy? I have never seen them. Hope the rash stays away.

  22. Each card you post is cuter than the last! I love birds, my daughter hates them all! Ha Ha! Too bad about the rash! Benedryl zonks me right out too!


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