Friday, February 24, 2012

Dream card

Here is a simple card to share.
Even though I call this a simple card, it still took me a while to get it done.
I am so slow, lol.

Lots of layers to this card, as I backed everything with black card stock.
I like the way the black makes the other colours pop :)

I just finished the inside with a simple sentiment and backed the recipe card with the same papers that I used on the front of the card.

Onto My Day:
I went to the doctor on call and he gave me some cream for my rash.
I didn't feel like he was really listening to what I was saying.
I talked to the pharmacist about the situation and the medicine the doctor prescribed. Sometimes I think they know more then the doctors.
He told me that if it is an irritant from the chemicals then this cream should do the trick. But if it is fungal, then this cream will make it worse.
Well the verdict is still out, as I haven't noticed a difference yet. 

Sharon, Wayne's sister came over for scrapbooking tonight.
I started on a mini, that has to be completed by 27th (Heather's Birthday gift)....ya, its not going to be done by then.
Sharon made 6 Christmas cards tonight....for 2013, yup that is how far ahead she is, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Christmas cards for 2013, you mean she already has her 2012 cards made?! Wow, that is amazing.
    Hope that rash goes away, can't stand to pay doctors the big bucks when they don't listen or appear not to care. :(
    Have a great weekend Tracy!!

  2. I agree; the pharmacist is a wealth of info! Esp. if you have one that you get to know! Hope that it does the trick!
    I like that stan stamp! ;0)

  3. Hope your rash responds to treatment. Great card...the black really does make it pop!

  4. Christmas cards! Oh my, I can't get going on those yet. Hope the cream works soon!

  5. 2013! I thought I was doing so well! :P I find it hardest to put the more "simple" cards together too. This looks great!

  6. Sometimes simple cards are the hardest for me. I love the little black rhinestones! Thank goodness for the pharmacist! I hope the cream takes care of the rash! The 27th huh? You can do it :)

  7. Very pretty card.
    Hope the cream is doing the trick for you and that the rash has abated some today.
    Sharon is sure on top of things for next Christmas--good for her.

  8. Hope your rash goes away soon....I was going to card make too... Didnt work out that way..trying again tonight. I know have no scrap booking room for about 2weeks! Arggh. I will probably be attending the walk in behind you.... I have a lump in my lymph in my neck since thurs night!

  9. Love the "Hello." Sentiment. Hope the rash just an irritant and not fugal!

  10. Cute cards!
    I hope you're feeling better.

  11. Hope that the cream does help and gets rid of that rash! Love your card,I think the clean once always turn up so nice! I can not stop adding things to my cards, sometimes I need to make them a new envelope to fit in! lol
    I can't wait to see your mini when you finnish it, Im sure Heather wouldn't mind waiting for one of your beautiful minis (Do you need my DOB and address BTW? lol JK ) X

  12. Very cute card, I love the matting on the black also. Too bad you are still suffering from that rash and hopefully they figure out a solution soon. I wish I was as organized as your sil and working on Christmas cards for 2012....he he

  13. I hope that cream starts kicking that rashes butt soon! Wow, to be all the way into 2013 for Christmas cards is definitely amazing. I just make them as I think of people to send them to, not everyone I know gets one :0) Plus I'm not very consistent on sending them every year. Hope you are having a great weekend! Hugs!

  14. Thank God for pharmacists. I agree in that it seems like they know more than the Dr. at times. Hope the cream takes care of the rash. Love the card, as usual! :-) Look forward to seeing the mini. I know Heather will love it!

  15. Hope the lotion works! And this card is lovely in its "simplicity" :)

  16. OK, first I have to chuckle over how far ahead your SIL is with her Christmas cards. I'm doing good to get enough made for any year, especially IF I decide to make them at all! I wish I had the dedication you and your friends/family have to doing projects. However, I have come up with the design for my cards this year already! :) I just feel like I need to get other stuff finished first before starting on them.

    I certainly hope the cream works for your rash. I do seem to get more worthwhile information from the pharmacist sometimes.

  17. Yeah, my daughter is a pharmacist, and I totally agree with you! Doctors are too busy to listen most times! I need to find a better one! I bend my daughter's ear a lot! I started a mini album of my granddaughter a while ago....yeah she just turned one! Oh well, sooner or later I will finish it!


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