Thursday, May 14, 2020

"Love" file folder mini

I love mini albums!!!
I love to make them, I love to look through them and I especially love if they are interactive!
I really love this one as it is made with file folders...yup regular ol' office file folders!
Can you tell how much I love this little mini!!

This one I used a lot of my Heidi Swapp papers from one of her older collection.

Here is the inside of the first page.
I put a tuck spot and a pocket on the inside cover page.
The "enjoy Every day" card is actually a flip!

The first page is an accordion flip much fun!
I added a corner pocket in the center flip and a long tag to the pocket on the last flip.
The banner on the inside of the back cover is punched out with a tiny punch.
I added a tuck pocket to the bottom of the page.

Ohhh but just wait!!!!!
There is another side to that accordion fold.
I added another bottom tuck pocket to the accordion fold and also a flip up with a journal card.

See how fun this mini album is!

I also made a flip through video on this mini.
Check it out on my YouTube Channel.

I also made a flip through video on this mini.
Check it out on my YouTube Channel.

I have to give credit to Virginia Nebel as I got the inspiration from her and here is her instructions.

File Folder Mini Album 

I hope you all have a very safe and creative day

Tracy ❤️❤️❤️

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Solo Crop & Create Day 3

It was the last day of my Solo Crop.
I t was a shorter day so I grabbed a quick kit so I could complete it....but look I actually have photos on them!!!

Again my friend Deborah stayed with me for the whole day and we created together.

Guess who else visited me adorable grandsons ❤️
I miss them so so much ❤️❤️❤️

I so enjoyed my Solo Crop.
Not the same as the real deal...but making the best out of this situation.

I hope you are all safe and making the best of your days spend at home ❤️

Tracy 💕💕

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Solo Crop & Create Day 2 continued.....

Day 2 was a full day of creating and virtually visiting friends.
I completed another kit after dinner!
Don't you just love this grid cut!
This layout I followed pretty close to the kit.

I made this layout with some pattern card stock I had in my stash and this leftover dandelion fluff pattern paper that was in the kit.
There were so many die cuts in this kit!

I really need to put some photos on these layouts.

With so many die cuts and pattern paper left over in this kit, I decided to use the leftovers for cards!

I love that I added flowers to the truck beds and the milk and jug die cuts.

I am so happy to report that I killed another kit!!!!
I hope you are all safe and making the most out of your days at home.

Tracy 💕💕

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Crop & Create Solo Day 2

Day 2 of my Solo crop!

I didn't get up at 8:00am.....I am not a morning person. You know if I was at the event, I would be the first one at our table though, lol.

This kit was designed by Shimelle Laine.
I did switch up some papers and also added a coca-cola bottle to the cluster at the bottom left of the page....well the page is about me ;)
I also made my own page with some of the left over papers from her kit.
The black cardstock, flower and sparkle letters were from my stash.
And look I actually have a photo on this one!!!

I also made a card with the left over papers and die cuts.

I am giving the rest of the ephemera away to a friend.
It is such a great feeling to totally kill a kit!!

And then it was time for the dessert buffet...which I had a toasted persian...yummy.
Then it was time to socialize again.....
Sharon, Lesli and I did a 3 person chat.

Debbie and I Face Time on a regular basis.
I love that she created along with me for most of the weekend 💕

It was a late crafty night for me and I loved it!!!
I completed a whole other kit, but I will share that one tomorrow :)

Stay Safe, stay at home and create.

Tracy ❤️❤️❤️

Friday, March 27, 2020

Crop & Create Solo Day 1

Yesterday I was suppose to be travelling to Winnipeg for a 3 Day scrapbooking crop/event with my friends Sharon, Lesli, Lynne and Donna.
Sadly the event had to be cancelled because of this Covid 19 Virus.
Today was to be the first day of the crop.

I wasn't going to let the Virus ruin all of my ruin my fun, so I decided to have my own Crop & Create Solo crop.
I am going to follow the events schedule, do some layouts and FaceTime my friends!

Here I am at the photo booth!!

With no socializing or shopping, I got more done then usual, lol.
Notice the change to a more comfy attire, teehee.

4 Layouts completed (except photos)...go me!!!

And for the dessert buffet, I enjoyed a chocolate fudge mini egg cake with some french vanilla daughter's left over Birthday Cake 😉

And what is a crop with out friends?!?!
I chatted with Sharon, until her husband burned her dinner 😂.

I chatted with Debbie more than once.

Also Lynne and I crafted a bit together while chatting.
It sure isn't the same as being with these amazing ladies....but I sure enjoy seeing them even if it is through a screen.

I completed this kit and even made a few cards with the left overs.
I love when I kill a kit!!

That was Day 1 of my Crop and Create Solo Event.
Tomorrow is an early start.....but we will see how that goes, lol.

I hope you are all safe and making the most out of your days at home.
Tracy 💕💕

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Pyramid Mini Album Tutorial

I have been having fun making these Pyramid Mini Albums.
They are quick and so much fun. 

Every Friday Night, I have my friends over for Scrapbooking.
With Social Distancing we have been posting a lot on our private FaceBook group (we started our own group a while ago, as not everyone gets our humour, lol). 
Because we couldn't get together, I decided to make a video tutorial on how I made these Pyramid Mini Albums. This way we could all craft on the same project, even though we can't create together.

I am so happy and excited that some of my friends have made them!!

I am going to share the tutorial here as well, so you can make them too.

If you do I would love to see them.
Post them on your blog and then let me know on here or on my YouTube channel, so I can see what you did!

I hope you all are safe and have a creative day 💕

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Heathers Gorjuss Birthday Card 2020

Its me!!
Really its me!!
So much for my goal to blog once a week!
And here I used to blog everyday....what?!!?

Every year for my daughter Heather's birthday I make her a card with a Gorjuss girl on it.
She actually loved these images before I even knew about them.
After ordering some of the Gorjuss Girl stamps I noticed that she had an image on her computer screen. So every year since then I made her a card with one of these images.

This year I kind of cheated...
I usually colour my images on her card, but this year I ran out of time, so I photocopied my stamp package cover.
I felt like I slacked...but it still is a cute card, right?!
I just adore these images so so much.

I hope everyone is staying safe with this virus
I'm going to try and be a little more creative with most places being closed and having to stay at home.
I hope you all have a very creative day 💗💗💗