Friday, August 31, 2012

Redonkulous Blog Hop :)

Hey everyone, I’m glad you all could Hop along to CELEBRATE with us Redonkulous Style. As some of you may know, Sheryl the owner, creator, and artist of Redonkulous Designs recently gave birth to her second child. A Sweet Baby Girl named Serina. Even thought Mom & Dad must be dogged tired they are all healthy and happy. Congratulations to you both and MOM make sure you enjoy every minute.
We would love to invite you to join us in this celebration. We will be running a challenge for your chance to win some of your very own Redonkulous images. More details at the end of the post..

So here is my card for the blog hop.
I used the "Mother & Son" image.
Here I used it as a teacher/student. I like that this image can be used in different ways.
I used the "Hall Pass" paper pack from We R Memory Keepers. I think they went perfectly with this image.
I also used a Library card and a chalkboard embellishment. I wrote on the chalkboard with a white gel pen.

I coloured this image up with my Copic markers. I just love these markers.
I am hoping to get a lot of playing time in with these this winter. I want to work on some colour combinations and work at my shading.

Here is the inside of my card.
Are you getting tired of seeing my recipe/index cards.
I like that I have plenty of room to write a message (I am long winded:) and that I have straight lines to write on.

As usual we have some great inspiration for you all from our fantastic design team. I love how everyone interprets these images differently…Here is the list of Design Team members so you can visit all their great creations. Please visit their blogs and leave some love for extra chances at the SWAG!! Many thanks to our special guest designer, we welcome you...

To get the whole list of the Design team members and their awesome projects visit Kim at
she will keep you on track :)
What’s a blog hop of celebrations without some SWAG eh??? Well we have a few prizes for some lucky hoppers…
One set of stamps from JUSTWORDZ... your choice

Now how can you get your name in on these prizes…. All you have to do is comment on this blog post for your chance. No need to become a follower unless you just love my style. It would be great to see ya…but please check back to see if you’re a winner on Tuesday Sept 4 of Sept. If you don’t claim your prize by Friday 7 of Sept Kim will redraw.
I will try and get a hold of you, so please leave a way for me to do that :)
For extra entries…we all could use extra luck right???
1 - Visit all the blogs and leave each a comment (small hop you can do it!) and come back here and tell me you did…Kim will be checking, he he
2 – Follow REDONKULOUS DESIGNS blog here and let me know you did
3 – Like REDONKULOUS FACEBOOK here and let me know you did
Enter our Challenge for you chance at winning REDONKULOUS Images
Our first Challenge…are you ready?
Theme - Celebration
Challenge ends Sept 15, 2012

1) Winner will be chosen by random number generator for 16000 points towards REDONKULOUS Images
2) If you use a REDONKULOUS image you get a second chance to win 8000 points towards REDONKULUS images and this project will be handpicked by Sheryl herself, so let's see your Redonkulous images...for two chances at winning
3) You may enter 3 times
4) No back linking please
5) Please make sure you have a link to REDONKULOUS Store on your post.
Good luck all, and I just can’t wait to see what you can create…Now go have some fun and visit the ladies...thanks for joining us :)
I hope you enjoy our blog hop and I hope you are inspired by these talented can you not be :)
Hope you have a creative Friday :)
Tracy :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hope to put a smile on their face.

We are at the cottage right now enjoying the beautiful weather. Heather also came up with us.
I am sitting here in the motel's breakfast room using the internet, enjoying the fresh scent off the lake and listening and watching the humming birds compete for the nectar in the feeder.
I live a life that I could never have dreamed of. I am such a lucky, lucky lady.

Now last weekend my FIL and his wife had a bad weekend.
They had a pet that turned on them and it broke their hearts.
So I made them a card and put it on their kitchen counter here at their cottage, so as soon as the come into the camp they will see it.
I hope it sets the mood for a better weekend for them.

I coloured this cutie up with my Copics. Yes I bring them to the cottage every weekend.
I also bring a few other bags of creative goodness. Hubby calls me a bag lady, but I am pretty sure he is used to it by now, lol
I didn't realize there was a speck above her eye. I hope it is just something on the card and not a marker....but if it is, I guess she has a birthmark, lol.

I wrote a nice little message in here for them.
I used some left over papers and a sticker I had planned on using in my cottage journal.
But it went well with the message I was sending to them.

 Yesterday, Heather and I went to see ParaNorman. Oh this was such a fun movie.
Heather and I love to watch these cartoon movies. They are such works of art really, the animation and such is outstanding.
I have to tell you, there were more adults in the theater then children. There were a couple little girls sitting a few rows behind us, and to hear them laugh, just made my heart sing.

Onto My Day:
I have an early 8:45am doctor appointment with my gastroenterologist and he was happy to report that my innards are doing well ;)
He is planning on retiring, which makes me sad as he has been my specialist since I was 19 or so.
But he said he loves what he does and isn't sure what he will do if/when he retires.
So I was wondering, if you loved what you did for a living would you consider retiring?
Not to many people (besides my hubby) loves what they do every day.
Most retire so they can do the things that they love. But what if you love what you do, would you retire?
But then again you have the freedom to do more of what you love, and more time to spend with family. And the freedom to sleep in every single day.....yup that would be the kicker for me, lol.

I hope you all have a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wedding Couple Redonkulous Card

Today is Redonkulous Design team day :)
Now before I share my project I want to congratulate  Sheryl on the birth of her beautiful baby girl.
I couldn't be more happy for her. Ohhh to hold and the smell of a newborn baby, there isn't anything more peaceful or special then snuggling a baby. Enjoy your time with her, Sheryl, they grow up way, way to fast.

Onto our project.
Whenever I say something to my hubby that he thinks is silly (which is quite often actually) he always says "well thats redonkulous". LOL.
For my card today, I used this gorgeous digital stamp called the Wedding Couple.
I kept it pretty simple as I wanted to showcase this beautiful image.

I actually printed this out to be a 1/2 page then fussy cut the image out.
I wanted to have the image take over the card and have her dress flow off the edge to give the illusion of a long train.
I actually highlighted the folds of the dress with a light blue. But I took the photo in full sun, it was so bright that it has lost the effect  :(

Here is the inside of the card. I picked up these pretty lacy, velum strips and cut them down to add some elegance to the inside of the card. Cause seriously how elegant is a recipe/index card, lol.

I just want to let you know that on August 31, Redonkulous Designs is having a blog hop.
So come on back ya hear and join the party :)

But while you are waiting for that, why don't you check out my fellow Design team girls to see what gorgeous projects they have to share with you all.
And of course our fearless leader Kim

I hope you have a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st Pedicure

Today I got my first pedicure.
I still have some packages left on my spa gift certificate that my girls bought me for my birthday.
If you remember, Ashley also purchased herself a package as well.
So tonight we went together for our 1st pedicure.
It was nice.

See how pretty my toes are :)
Can you tell I wear flip flops during the summer, lol.
I just went with the boring french manicure.
Sadly I noticed both of my big toes are marked up.
Funny as mine were complete before Ashley's, so they had plenty of time to dry. So I will give them a call tomorrow and they can fix them up.
I find it odd, because when I do plain polish on my toes they never get marked up and I walk around while they are still wet, lol.
Seriously, can I be any whiter, lol. Even when I am tanned I still glow in the dark, lol.

Onto My Day:
It was so nice to stay home all day.....well most of the day ;)
It seems like I am never here, so it was so nice to clean up this sh1thole home of ours.
I'll tell you the house sure get messy fast, we seem to only be home to do some laundry, pack up some food and head back out to the cottage.
Cleaning the house... isn't one of my girls' strong points, lol.

Hope you all have a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cute as a Bunny

Don't you just love these Gorjuss girl stamps. I think they are so cute.
They remind me of my middle daughter Heather.
I coloured this image with Copics :)
Then I paper pieced her dress with the same paper pack as I used for the card.
I cut some squares and backed them with papers from the pack.
I am trying to use the papers from the same paper pack to make my cards. I usually mix them up, which I enjoy doing, but staying with the same paper pack is just easier as the designers have already done the colour matching for you.

A close up of the coloured image.
I also punched out some flowers and formed them (which I love to do) and then put a black jewel in the center.
Punched out a couple of swirls and my flower cluster is complete :)

The inside of the card.
I used my index/recipe cards for the message.
I also stamped the cute bunny and flower on the card.

Onto My Day:
We came home from camp this afternoon to having to clean up the mess that the siding guys made.
Oh sure they cleaned up the old siding, but they never put anything else away. Wayne and I put the gazebo back, all my lawn furniture and decorations away. Plus we had to replace the door bell as it broke when they took it their defense it was old and brittle. 
Oh yes and we also had to tie up the cables for the satellite and Internet. There was so much extra cable outside of the walls, which means they had to pull it from the house.
Not impressed.

We are just watching the Hunger Games tonight, then off to bed for an early night.

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some more cuties and some yummies

So here are the rest of the stamps that I had ordered and picked up from the other side of the border :)
There are a few different ones here.
Pure Innocence, Whimsy stamps, Greeting Farms and Sarah Kay.
I also picked up a re-inker for my one Copic marker as it ran dry. Seriously it had nothing left in it. Now to figure out the easiest way to re-fill it. 

Doesn't this photo look a little wonky?
It was our supper from last night.
Baked potatoe on the BBQ. Hubby slices them puts in butter, onions and something new ... tomatoe slices. Boy was it good.
We each had a half of a cob of corn.
I had another turkey wrapped in bacon, he had steak wrapped in bacon.
Boy my man knows how to cook ;)

We stayed in last night, it was raining off and on, so we didn't have a camp fire.
So we decided to watch a movie and I put together a late night snack for us.
I took a cracker, thinly spread some herb and garlic cream cheese on it, then put a very tiny drop of this Red Chili jelly on it.
Oh My goodness this was delish.
It is a bit spicy, but cool at the same time. Believe me I am not one for spicy food, I just can't eat it, but this is like sweet/spicy.
Sooo yummy.

Onto My Day:
We are still at the cottage. We are planning on going home tomorrow.
Today was a beautiful day, a bit windy, but I think that is what kept it from being to hot.
Wayne took a swim, while I sat on the dock reading a book.
I am getting a cold :(  I am hoping its one of those that doesn't stay long and gets flushed out of my system quickly.
I took an afternoon nap today, so lets hope it got board and leaves my body soon ;)

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)
I made a card and coloured 2 images today :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Rubber and a bit of this and that

When I went to the states, do you remember me saying that I had a package at the border with some stamps I had ordered waiting for me?
Well today I am finally going to show you them....well the first part of the package anyway :0
Yes I got a bit carried away, but hey you only live once right, lol.
Here are the CC Designs, Swiss Pixie and Sugar Plum stamps...I am not sure if they are all part of the same company or designer, but they sure are all cute ;)

Since I have shared so many of the meals I have ate on our recent mini vacations, I thought I would share what we eat when we are at the cottage.
This is turkey wrapped in bacon. I buy at our local M&M meats shop. I love it. It comes frozen and we just add a bit of BBQ sauce on them and pop them on the barbe.
The salad is a bagged salad that we like to add to. On this one, we added a bit of sliced grape tomatoes and some croutons.  The corn on the cob came from a neighbour out here. He lives in Wisconsin and has a family farm. They had a bad year for their crops as the rain just didn't come. So we are extra grateful that he brought some up for us.
Even though we are at the cottage we eat good, and even though we eat well, we still enjoy the convenience of easy meals....and paper plates, lol.

I always keep my sunglasses on Mr Bear. He is our cookie jar, minus the cookies, lol. Well I noticed that Kristy tried to steal my spot. That is a no no, lol.

So I put her sunglasses on Mr Bobble head bear, lol.

Onto My Day:
We had a tornado warning around this area last night. I wasn't worried, and I didn't need be either as we had some lightening and thunder in the distance, but really nothing to worry about.
My girlfriend Debbie on the other hand, hates storms and her camp is about 45 minutes away from us and they got the storm and lost power. They still didn't have power today :(
Poor Debbie, a storm and no coffee this morning.

We did get a down pour this afternoon, but it cooled things off here.
Wayne still went for his swim though.

I have been informed that the siding guys came by and cleaned up the old siding.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)