Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You Don't Need a Million Dollars to Create, but it sure would be nice ;)

Remember that card I had to make in the hotel room?
Well for the record, I didn't have any tape adhesive, no paper trimmer, no scissors, no Copics and no recipe cards.
I am a firm believer that anyone can create.
I have had so many people tell me that they don't have that much money or as many supplies as I do.
Here is proof that you can create where ever and when ever you want, and you don't need a lot of money or supplies.
This is what I did.
I folded my paper to make a heavy score than then ripped the paper instead of cutting it.
I did buy some foam tape from the dollar store to adhere all my papers.
This particular paper pad was from the Micheal's dollar bin, and I only used 2 and a half sheets, including the inside piece.
I also purchased the dimensional flowers from the same dollar bin, and there were 4 of these flowers in this pack.
I did happen to have one distress ink in my bag (I never leave home without one, lol), so I inked the edges to make the torn cuts look even more distressed.

Here is the inside of the card.
See no recipe cards, teehee.
I am happy with how this card turned out.
See not much money and not any tools.
Everyone can be creative.
Actually I think less supplies makes me more creative as it gives me an opportunity to think outside of the norm.
Mind you buying the supplies is just to fun for me, lol. As you can tell from my last few posts ;)

 This is something you don't see everyday.
A train in the mall.
The little kids really enjoyed it. But I can see the shoppers getting annoyed having to move out of the way, especially if it was busy.

Heather wanted to go to Cold Stone, or Stone Cold as I call it, lol.
I found this to be ironic. Ice-cream shop in the same building as Weight Watchers, lol.
I hope the Weight Watcher participants have strong will power ;)

Onto My Day:
Lots of driving.
But we are home safe and sound.
I came home to new siding on our house and a mess in my yard.
They finished the job early this afternoon, I was told. But they haven't cleaned up the old siding. And am not to happy with them throwing it on all my lawn decor ;(

I hope you all have a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful card. That train looks so cool! I think I'd like to ride on it. :D

  2. The card came out beautifully! So fun! And I would so ride that train - my kids would think it ws heaven too :)

  3. glad your back safe and sound - the only creativity I had was in my flower beds.. :) Your card ( as usual) is beautiful :)

  4. Wow, great job with no stuff! ;0) lovely paper! Is cold stone like marble slab?

  5. Only you could make a card on the fly like that! My brain freezes with no supplies just like when I go to stone cold! LOL
    Glad you made it home okay. Sorry ya came home to a mess :( You will get them boys into shape tomorrow. LOl

  6. super card!!!!! i agree you don't need a lot of $$ to paper craft but it is nice! HEHEHE

  7. I love your card! Maybe we should all challenge ourselves like that sometime, might get things moving again :) We have a train like that in our mall and what I find annoying about it is that Landry always wants to ride it ;) I bet your house looks fantastic! Please tell me they're coming back today to clean up...

  8. Your card looks fantastic! You'd never know you didn't have your favorite tools on hand when it was created. Funny about the creamery next to weight watchers. Though I bet it isn't funny to those trying to lose weight.

  9. Great card using minimal supplies. My little Nic would have loved that train. I bet your house looks nice-we did ours earlier this summer. Thankfully our guys cleaned up real well.

  10. Great job making it work! Funny that you don't leave home without distress ink!

  11. Oh wow, this is an awesome card! I love how you made it all work!

    I love that Cold Stone was near Weight Watchers. Where I grew up there was always a pizza place next to Weight Watchers. Like every Weight Watchers in the area. I still just assume there is pizza whenever I see a Weight Watchers (probably an unhealthy assumption!)

  12. Glad you arrived home safely and had a fantastic trip. Wow what an awesome card you created especially without being able to use all of your goodies!



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