Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hope to put a smile on their face.

We are at the cottage right now enjoying the beautiful weather. Heather also came up with us.
I am sitting here in the motel's breakfast room using the internet, enjoying the fresh scent off the lake and listening and watching the humming birds compete for the nectar in the feeder.
I live a life that I could never have dreamed of. I am such a lucky, lucky lady.

Now last weekend my FIL and his wife had a bad weekend.
They had a pet that turned on them and it broke their hearts.
So I made them a card and put it on their kitchen counter here at their cottage, so as soon as the come into the camp they will see it.
I hope it sets the mood for a better weekend for them.

I coloured this cutie up with my Copics. Yes I bring them to the cottage every weekend.
I also bring a few other bags of creative goodness. Hubby calls me a bag lady, but I am pretty sure he is used to it by now, lol
I didn't realize there was a speck above her eye. I hope it is just something on the card and not a marker....but if it is, I guess she has a birthmark, lol.

I wrote a nice little message in here for them.
I used some left over papers and a sticker I had planned on using in my cottage journal.
But it went well with the message I was sending to them.

 Yesterday, Heather and I went to see ParaNorman. Oh this was such a fun movie.
Heather and I love to watch these cartoon movies. They are such works of art really, the animation and such is outstanding.
I have to tell you, there were more adults in the theater then children. There were a couple little girls sitting a few rows behind us, and to hear them laugh, just made my heart sing.

Onto My Day:
I have an early 8:45am doctor appointment with my gastroenterologist and he was happy to report that my innards are doing well ;)
He is planning on retiring, which makes me sad as he has been my specialist since I was 19 or so.
But he said he loves what he does and isn't sure what he will do if/when he retires.
So I was wondering, if you loved what you did for a living would you consider retiring?
Not to many people (besides my hubby) loves what they do every day.
Most retire so they can do the things that they love. But what if you love what you do, would you retire?
But then again you have the freedom to do more of what you love, and more time to spend with family. And the freedom to sleep in every single day.....yup that would be the kicker for me, lol.

I hope you all have a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Lovely card with a gorgeous image:):)

    You are lucky to have a cottage,wish you a lovely weekend:):)


  2. What a lovely card to help cheer them up.

    I giggled at the bag lady comments. i look rather like one too, when we go up to the lake.

    But it really is the easiest way to take a few things! teehee

  3. Such a beautiful card and image. TFS. I was thinking of taking the kids to see ParaNorman on the weekend:-)

  4. Glad to hear the good news about your innards. Sorry to hear about your inlaws' troubles though. :( Love the card-it's beautiful.

  5. What a sweet expression on her face! The speck looks like an eyebrow to me!

  6. Yes, I love what I do just loafs don't get paid enough to sit around and eat bon bons all day! LMAO!!! Retiring is something a mom/wife never gets to do.
    Sweet card my friend I hope it brings them a smile.

  7. this is just tooooo cute!!! super card

  8. I really really want to see that movie!

    The card is very cute, I hope it brings a smile to their faces too!

    I think I would retire, just so I could sleep in! I really hate waking up early!

  9. Sorry about your FIL, that is rough. So sweet of you to make a card for them! Glad you're doing ok with your innards. I love what I do but that doesn't mean I love all the paperwork, the going to work, and not sleeping in. I'd retire in a minute (although I think I'd be very bored!)

  10. What a sweet card for them, so sorry about their pet :( I love those cartoon movies too. I'm SO excited about Hotel Translyvania. Lol! Glad your innerds are okay. I love what I do, but I'm not sure about the retiring thing. I still have a few years to go. Ha!

  11. I'm sure your in-laws will just adore this sweet and thoughtful card! I loved my job so much that I got the hell out as soon as was financially possible (hospital administrator who had to deal one too many times with trauma surgeons). Though I admit I loved it for the first 15 years and the last 3 yrs I was daily thinking (sometimes outloud) how the hell did these physicians get through medical school without an ounce of common sense (or manners)?



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