Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some more cuties and some yummies

So here are the rest of the stamps that I had ordered and picked up from the other side of the border :)
There are a few different ones here.
Pure Innocence, Whimsy stamps, Greeting Farms and Sarah Kay.
I also picked up a re-inker for my one Copic marker as it ran dry. Seriously it had nothing left in it. Now to figure out the easiest way to re-fill it. 

Doesn't this photo look a little wonky?
It was our supper from last night.
Baked potatoe on the BBQ. Hubby slices them puts in butter, onions and something new ... tomatoe slices. Boy was it good.
We each had a half of a cob of corn.
I had another turkey wrapped in bacon, he had steak wrapped in bacon.
Boy my man knows how to cook ;)

We stayed in last night, it was raining off and on, so we didn't have a camp fire.
So we decided to watch a movie and I put together a late night snack for us.
I took a cracker, thinly spread some herb and garlic cream cheese on it, then put a very tiny drop of this Red Chili jelly on it.
Oh My goodness this was delish.
It is a bit spicy, but cool at the same time. Believe me I am not one for spicy food, I just can't eat it, but this is like sweet/spicy.
Sooo yummy.

Onto My Day:
We are still at the cottage. We are planning on going home tomorrow.
Today was a beautiful day, a bit windy, but I think that is what kept it from being to hot.
Wayne took a swim, while I sat on the dock reading a book.
I am getting a cold :(  I am hoping its one of those that doesn't stay long and gets flushed out of my system quickly.
I took an afternoon nap today, so lets hope it got board and leaves my body soon ;)

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)
I made a card and coloured 2 images today :)

Tracy :)


  1. Cutie stamps! How do you refill a copic? Dip it?

  2. Good looking stamps. Awesome , yummy looking dinner.

  3. Boy I think you definitely stimulated the crappy US economy!! Delicious looking meal. The easiest, least messy way to refill a copic is to drip into into the broad nib. I always take off both caps so the pressure is equalized. To fill a completely dry marker it will take about 50-55 drops. HTH


  4. Ain't nothin' better than a hubby who can throw down! Mine does well in the kitchen too. I have tried for years to get him to cook while wearing an apron and a pair of pink pumps. So far, no luck. Stubborn man! You are seriously making me hungry with these camp cuisine pictures. I pray your cold does not win the battle.

  5. oh what fun fun stamps! i can't wait to see all your cards with these!!

    what a great dinner and snack!!

  6. I really like those little fairies and your dinner looks delish! Be safe heading back home.

  7. Looks like some fun stamp sets! :)
    Hope you feel better soon!
    I know my allergies have been acting up so I have been feeling crummy as well.

  8. That dinner looks great! You lucked out in the hubby dept! Hope you feel better quickly!

  9. I'll say your man can cook! That meal makes me hungry and I just had dinner! I'm getting over a nasty cold and the cough seems to be lingering. Hopefully yours won't leave you with a cough like I've been dealing with.

    I don't know how you keep track of all your stamps, but you sure do find some darling ones!

  10. Your dinner looks fabulous, and so does that snack :) I have a little appetizer similar to that I make and it's SO yummy!


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