Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year :)

Good Bye 2011....Hello 2012

My Resolutions for 2011 were:
Scrap booking:

Do a double page layout once a month..... Epic Fail, I did 1 double page layout this whole year.

Try my hand at some sketches...... Fail, I think I may have done 1

Try some challenges....... Yeah...I did and complete my He-Art journal :)

Finish my Camp/cottage journal........ Fail I think I am still a year behind

Make more mini albums, even if they don't have a purpose...i love those..... Yeah...I really surpassed this goal. 

Other Crafts:

Make my Christmas quilt that I bought for this year...Oops totally forgot about this one. 

Sew my purses that I bought patterns for..... I think I did this one, can't remember which pattern it was, lol.

Continue to enjoy my paper crafts..... Well this was a no brainer, teehee.

Make the projects that I wanted to make last year...... I did this :)

Tweak my blog and YouTube channel...... Still to scared to touch anything on here in fear of erasing my blog ;)

Life Goals:

Get more active, I need this for my health, not an option.... Embarrassed to say, I didn't do to good in this area.

Loose 10 lbs these.... Did I say loose, oops

I would love to end the soda but not cut down........this one was a big fail as well. 

Eat more healthy...Can't say that I succeeded in this area either :( 

Be creative everyday. This does not mean making a project everyday, but being creative in one way or the other....I did this one :)

Put myself first. This is going to be the hardest of all. I put my family and friends first....Yup failed yet again.
Now I feel like a failure, lol.
For this year I want to work on the goals I had last year.
But my big thing is to stop my Procrastination.
I am so bad for this. I have always said that I am the best procrastinator. If there was a prize for this, I would win it hands down.
But this year I am really going to work on "Just do it", and do it now.

Had my SIL, Sharon, her hubby Jim, and Kristy's boyfriend Blake over for dinner and enjoyed some laughs.
When the clock stuck midnight, I opened the front and back door of our home to let the old year out and to welcome the new year in.
So here is to 2012!
Looking forward to the great experiences, and new friends that this New Year will bring to my life.

Hope your New year is one full of Happiness.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Quading in the snow and an evening with friends.

Today was a fun, busy day.
First Wayne woke up early to pick up our new quad :)
Then we went to camp, where I had a blast driving our Quad as Wayne plowed the roads.
I have never driven my quad in the snow before, it was fun. But I couldn't go as far with all the snow banks...thanks Wayne.
For all you worried about me doing something silly on it and hurting myself. I have been driving dirt bikes since I was about 13 yrs old and know how to be safe. So no worries :)
I was surprised to see that we didn't get much snow up at camp.
I am wearing Wayne's helmet. It is to be used only in the summer as the cold air comes in the mouth vents.
I had to get a mouth warmer to keep my face from freezing.

When we got home we had to hurry up and get ready to leave again as my girlfriend Debbie invited us over for supper :)
We had such a nice evening.
Debbie and I checked out her stamps and looked at cards on the Internet.
We also planned our next girls get away :)
I love our get aways. We hike and create the whole time. And in the evening we soak in the hot tub under the stars.  Ohhhhh I so wish it was summer.
Wayne and her husband Gerry talked about fishing, hunting, guns. Not my choice of topics.
I think Debbie and I were much more interesting then the men were, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Week of my He-Art challenge.

WEEK 23 - A Letter to Myself
Assignment: Create a spread or a page that is dedicated to you. It may be a note to yourself, a summary of your accomplishments this year, etc.

I cannot believe this is the last day of the challenge. Thank you Becky and Steph for encouraging me to play along with you guys....even though you both bailed on me, lol. Just kidding, not.
Here are my pages for this weeks challenge.
I took this challenge to write a note to myself at different stages of my life.

 One thing with doing this challenge is I seem to do my journaling at night.
For some reason at night my mind seems to be more free or truthful.
Then I read what I wrote in the morning and that a bit to personal?
Some times I change some wording and other times not.

 I inked the background with distress ink.
Then stamped some stamps that I really like.
Did the journal blocks with recipe cards (no surprises there :)
Then inked them in other distress colours.

Onto My Day:
Wayne and I were going to go to camp to bring the quad up.
But it snowed all night and all day. It is about a 2 hour drive and all highway driving, so we decided to wait until tomorrow. I'm bringing my ski pants, cause I'm going quading, teehee.
Never drove in the snow before. It is sure to be fun :)

Went to Future's to exchange some gifts.
Went to get some groceries.
Ashley and Kristy went shopping (Ashley bought a nice coat). Then Ashley brought Kristy to her boyfriends house.
Ashley went to her boyfriends uncles house for supper.
Heather played video games and watched some of her seasons she got for Christmas. She was happy to get all television all to herself all day.

I am still plugging away on my Project 365...I am on the month of May now.
And you thought you were behind Katie, teehee.

Hope you had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Look what Hubby and I bought ourselves :)
We were planning on waiting until closer to the summer, but the price was real good.
This was cheaper then what our BIL paid for his, 12 yrs ago.
Nothing is ever gets cheaper in price!?!
Doesn't it look like a transformer :)
Wayne wanted the yellow one, as it looked like bumble bee. Plus his motorcross bike was yellow and black.
But they only had the red one in favourite colour :)
We have one up at camp already (its about 12 yrs old). And it is also red. I love to drive it :)
When Wayne and I go out, he drives and I am on the back (our other one has a back seat). So if there is ever a problem we have a long hike back for help.
Actually I was the one who suggested we get another one. Surprised eh...since I am the thirfty one in the family ;)

Onto My Day:
I stayed in all day :)
I worked on my Project 365. I am embarrased to say how far back I am. Put it this way, I will not be caught up before the New Year :(
Kristy said I should just scrap it and start from where I ended for the New Year.
I told her I should write Epic Fail on the last page.
She said I could put each letter in a pocket, lol.
But I need to finish it...It is just something I have to do.

Hubby and I watched Trapped, while the girls played their new video games that they got for Christmas.
Ashley is out with Tyler tonight and probably watching the hockey game...if she likes it or not, lol.

Hope you had a creative Wednesday.

Tracy :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Is there such a thing as Giving to much?

I know Christmas is about giving.
Giving to the ones you love,
Giving to the less fortunate,
Giving of yourself and and of your time.

 I have been asked to share what I received for Christmas.
So here are a few of my gifts my family gave to me.
I really loved this print.
So Ashley, Heather and Kristy ordered it and put it in a frame.
It is just so inspiring to me to make your life what you want it to be.

 My hubby takes the "Giving" of the season to a whole new level.
I had no idea what I wanted for a gift this year as I have everything and more in my life.
So when he doesn't know what to get me, he always goes to jewelery.
I have a special meaning to all my jewelery and always wear the same ones.
But I guess he figured I needed some special earrings.
For those that know anything about diamonds ( which I honestly don't) these are 1/2 crt each.
Honestly if they were cut glass I wouldn't know the difference.

 He also bought me this pretty gold chain.

So did you get something special for Christmas?

Because everyone in my family is off work until the New Year, we are still in holiday mode.
We have been watching our favourite Christmas movies. But I needed a bit of a zombie fix.
So hubby and I are watching 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. I know technically not a zombie movie.
Not very festive, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)


Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day...Put on your gloves

I was surprised the other day when I was chatting with one of my American friends about our plans for Boxing day. She had never heard of this holiday.So I thought maybe a few of you may not know what it is either.
So I looked up the proper definition of the day and thought I would share it with you all.

Oh this photo has nothing to do with boxing day. Its just that Oscar  De la Hoya is such a cutie and he is wearing boxing gloves and my kids thought boxing day had something to do with boxing when they were little ;)

Boxing Day is traditionally a day following Christmas when wealthy people in the United Kingdom would give a box containing a gift to their servants.[1] Today, Boxing Day is better known as a bank or public holiday that occurs on December 26, or the first or second weekday after Christmas Day, depending on national or regional laws. It is observed in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and some other Commonwealth nations.
In Canada, Boxing Day takes place on December 26th and is a federal public holiday.[3] In Ontario, Boxing Day is a statutory holiday where all full-time workers receive time off with pay.[4]
In the United States, where the day is often known simply as "the day after Christmas", business owners give gifts to people who make deliveries. Although the traditional gift is a fifth of Scotch, because fewer people drink these days the trend is towards non-alcoholic gifts.[5][6] It was formerly more widely observed in the United States, and was more widely known as Boxing Day.

I am one of the few that do not hit the stores.
Mind you I remembered my local scrapbooking store was having a sale today :)
They are usually closed on Mondays.
So I checked her email she sent me and the store was open from 10:00- 3:00....that was at 3:05, lol.
Guess I wasn't meant to shopping after all.

I did get a visit from my friend Debbie and her hubby Gerry :)
Then we went to my SIL, Sharon's house for an awesome turkey dinner with all the fixins :)
My daughters call her the "Hostess with the Mostess" as she not only prepares a delishious meal, but all put out, all kinds of goodies :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday :)
Our holiday lasts all week as everyone is off work for the rest of this week :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas...not your traditional dinner

We woke up at about 7:30am. Well actually Kristy woke us up.
For the last few years, Wayne and I have had to wake up the girls.
I think, no I know, we spoiled our girls this year.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

I received a phone call from my SIL late last night that she was cancelling her Christmas dinner.
We go to her house for Christmas dinner every year. I have Thanksgiving she has Christmas.
It is usually my family of 5 and my sister with her 2 not a big group.

I still wanted to see my sister and her 2 kids so I told them to come here.
The problem was I didn't get any groceries.
We have Christmas eve dinner at my Father In Laws house.
Christmas dinner at my brothers.
And boxing day dinner at Sharon's my other SIL
So I knew I didn't need to cook dinners for the next 3 days.
And everything was closed today.

I even tried to order Chinese food, but everything is closed.

I told my sister even if we have grilled cheese sandwiches we are going to be together for Christmas, LOL.
Well we didn't have grilled cheese sandwiches. I made spaghetti, pasta sauce, garlic bread and some wild rice casserole I had left over from when I made it for dinner at my FIL's.

I hope you enjoyed your day with your family and friends, no matter what you had to eat  :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Jammies :)

Tonight is Christmas Eve :)
We went to my FIL's house for supper.
Everyone brings a dish, and we enjoy family and food :)
When my girls were young, we would stay late and they would crash on the couch
Hubby and I would come home and stay up until 3:00am wrapping gifts.
Tonight we were home by 10:00, and we were one of the last ones to leave.

We always buy Christmas jammies for the girls, and we let them open them up Christmas Eve. I am a real stickler for NOT opening gifts before Christmas.
But when hubby was growing up his family always opened gifts Christmas Eve.
So I had to compromise and this is what we came up with.
This year they found these jammies and I so love them.
I would have bought myself a pair, but there was only 3 sets left.

 Heather, Ashley and Kristy.
My treasures :)

Our vacuum died last night.
So Hubby ran to Sears early in the morning to get a new one.
He saw a friend of ours there and she asked Wayne....."Your not buying that for Tracy for Christmas are you?"
A guy says to Wayne "If you are, it better be wrapped in a mink coat."
Wayne replies " No I am not getting her a vacuum for her Christmas present....I got her a chain saw."
I thought that was so funny :)
He bought a red made me smile :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas morning.

Tracy :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Music in my He-Art ... week 22

WEEK 22 - Music to my Heart
Assignment: Create a spread or a page that is based on music and your favorite tune/song. Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!
Here is my Challenge pages for this week.
Only one week to go and that is the end of the challenge.
Because I don't have one favourite song or one favourite band I figured I would document some of my favourite artists.
I love all types of music.
I love that when you listen to a song, it can take you back in time, and fill your thoughts with memories.
I love that music has so much feeling. That you can listen to a song and cry when hearing the lyrics, or feel warmth in your heart, or just rock out to the beat.

 Here is my first page.
The Police was what my hubby and I listened to when we would go for our drives when we were dating. Our song of choice was "Every Breath You Take".

 Here is my second page.
I have to admit the closest I have to country music is Shania Twain. Not that I don't like country, just not my first choice of music.

When I was younger we would drive to Dryden as my dad worked there, it was a 4 hour drive.
The only music we had, besides the radio, was my mom's ABBA 8 track, lol.
Imagine my dads surprise when we begged him to put in his Luciano Pavarotti 8 track, lol.
I knew every ABBA song top to bottom, left to right.

Onto My Day:
Today was the last day of school for Kristy before the holidays.
Being the bad mom that I am, I let her stay home. I picked up her boyfriend so they could exchange gifts and spend the day together. They won't be seeing to much of each other due to the holidays. They are both great kids and take school seriously, so I figured what the hey.

I also picked up some toilet paper. If you are a reader of my blog you know we are always running low on this stuff. And I sure didn't want to run out during the holidays

Kristy, Ashley and Tyler did some baking tonight. They are planning on bringing some to their grandpa's house tomorrow.

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift card holders and lord of his ring

Getting the last of the gifts wrapped and checking my list. Wouldn't want to miss anyone ;)
We have quite a few gift card that we are giving as gifts this year.
I am always on the look out for new, fun ways to send out gift cards.

Funny thing is I had this gift box kit for a few years and have been hoarding it, lol.
Well I have a few New Years Resolutions in the works and one of them is to use my supplies instead of hoarding them.....figured now is as good a time as any :)

Yesterday Hubby took the girls out to pick up a gift for me.
Besides my gifts he bought himself a new wedding ring.
We have been married for over 23 years and his band was getting thin. He wears it everyday all day.
He came home all proud that he bought himself his new band.
I on the other hand was so upset.
Not only was I going to buy him one for our anniversary, but thought "who buys them self their own wedding ring".
I had to go into my craft/scrap room have a little cry and pull myself together.

My girls knew I was upset and came down...even though I didn't want them to know how upset I was.
Then hubby came down after the girls gave him sh1t, lol.
He said he was sorry and gave me a hug and told me he didn't know I would get upset.
In his defense, when I lost one of my diamonds years ago he told me I had to buy the new one....which I did.
So when he told me that he needed a new ring, I told him he had to buy it.

I know men don't have the emotional attachment to jewelry as women do (or maybe its just me).
To them it is a piece of gold.
Here he thought he was doing something good, so I wouldn't have to buy a new one for him.
I am feeling a bit better about it today.

Hope you all had a creative Thursday. I did :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Be better Not bitter

I thought I would share something I found on Pinterest.
I love looking at this site.
I keep thinking I want to open a Pinterest account, but I spend enough time on the computer, I know I would be on here all day if I had one.
I know I would have so much fun organizing the categories and looking for ideas :)

Now onto my find.
I have a few people in my life that could benefit to this quote.
I don't believe anyone (well anyone I know of anyway ) has or had a perfect life....but I figure once you hit a certain age, its time to stop your whining and get on with making you life your own.

Onto My Day:
Hubby and I went and finished our Christmas shopping.
I have my baby nephew Matthew for the children's gift exchange. Ashley wanted to come with me to pick out an outfit for him.
We picked out 2 and couldn't decide which one we liked I bought both of them, teehee.
I love to shop for the little ones :)
He is going to be one smart looking toddler ;)

Working on my challenge pages for my He-Art Journal tonight.

Tracy :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A couple more Christmas Cards :)

Here are a couple other Christmas Cards I made this year.
I was running out of time, so these are the assembly style cards.
Pretty quick to do.

I just backed the Bingo tag with card stock, then backed my pattern paper with card stock, added a sentiment and was good to go :)
Well actually it took a tad longer then that to make them :) 
I forgot to take a photo of the inside, but it is similar to the others.

 Another thing I forgot to do was take photos of my other cards....and now that they are mailed away its to late :(

Short post for me today as tonight Wayne and I are watching a couple of Christmas movies (just finished watching Christmas Vacation) and I am hoping to finish the tea light candle holder/Christmas cards for the ladies Ashley works she is out enjoying a wonderful dinner with her boyfriend. Can you see something wrong with this picture ?
Oh here is the site where I got the measurements for the tea light holders.
I changed the measurements a bit on the ones I am doing.

Hope you had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tea Light Card

Sharing a project today :)
Ashley wanted to make some real cool gifts for her female co-workers.
She saw them at Chapters....Check out her blog to see them .
But we couldn't find the right type of bubble bath. So she changed her plans.
She is still bummed about the bubble bath project though.

So onto her second choice.
With the help of her mom ;)   (yes that would be me)
We (I) made this.
Actually I only made one to make sure that they worked. I will get to the others tomorrow.
They are tea light candle containers :)
Here is the front, with the recipients initial.

Here is the inside.
Everything is made with paper.
I saw this idea on a blog.
The measurements were in centimeters.... Yes us Canadians do follow the metric system, but I still haven't completely converted, lol.
I blame it on wood working, lol.

The pocket on the left holds a tag to write or stamp a sentiment on.
The bottom and the top of the tea light box both open up, so the ribbon is only there so they don't open during transport :)
If I added a piece of acetate on the open area, I could add candy in there or something else yummy :)

I still have to make 3 more for her.
I also want to make a Christmas one as well :)
Ashley didn't want hers to have a Christmas theme.

Onto My Day:
Wayne is on holidays for the rest of the year. So today we did some running around and went Christmas shopping.
I am hoping to get the rest competed tomorrow :)
Then we can veg. and I can made some extra gifts for Christmas. I seem to do this every year.
When I think I have extra time, I made something for someone ;)
Went out to mail some out of town parcels. There was only 2 people in front of us...nice.
Looking forward to getting everything completed tomorrow ;)

Hope you had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Becky's Christmas Ornament Mini Album

I thought I would share the mini album that Becky won for my appreciation give away.

Here is the video on how I made the mini and some of the elements in this mini :)

Short post for me as I am watching the last Survivor tonight :)
I want Ozzy to win.
I didn't want to at first, but if you are following the show, then you know this guy is kicking butt on every challenge.

Hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quick Card Assembly

Here are some of my assembly line Christmas Cards.
These stamped images are a set of 4 from Tim Holtz.
What I did was put them all on one large stamp block (I think it is a Fiskars placement block).
Inked and stamped them at the same time, then cut out the images and backed them with the burgundy card stock.

I made the card bases out of white card stock...all of them.
Then adhered the burgundy card stock down then the pattern paper.
Lastly adhered the image.
It still took a few hours, but I did make 16 of them :)

When I bought these stamps, I wanted to use a chocolate brown ink on Kraft card stock.
But I had to let my perfectionist in me go and worked with what I had.

I did use the Tim Holtz aged Mahogany distress ink to stamp these images.

Used a bit of sparkle on the card to break it up.
I am going to give these cards to our friends and family that throw the Christmas cards away after the holidays. I know of some friends and family members that save my they get the good ones, teehee.

Onto My Day:
I spent most of the day uploading video's to my YouTube channel.
I have a few more to do yet.
Either You Tube is uploading real slow, or our Internet is slow, because it seems to be taking a longer time then usual.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, and got to create :)

Tracy :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

I Had a Card Making Marathon Today :)

I finished my Christmas Cards :)
I think this is one of my favourites.
Not only do I think this image is adorable (thanks Debbie ). But I love my colouring on this one and the pattern paper is perfect for this image.  Wow did I just pat myself on the back, lol.
See I used my sparkle twine again :)

 The money shot :)
Wonder when I get the money, lol.

 Here is the inside of this card.
I stamped the snowflakes with my new Tim Holtz ink.

I had to do quite a few cards, assembly line style.
I like how they all turned out, its just that I had such high hopes for my cards this year.
But I ran out of time :(    
I was hoping to colour more images.
I will share my assembly line style card making tomorrow :)

Hope you all had a creative Friday.
As you can see I did :)   
I even fit in some banking and a short nap in today.....its winter, time for my hibernation :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

He-Art Journal Challenge week 22..Love

Only a couple weeks left of the Challenge and then I don't know what I am going to do with my Thursdays.

WEEK 21 - I 'Heart'

Assignment: Create a spread or a page that is based on something or someone you love. Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!

I have been wanting to try my hand at doodling ever since this challenge began. So I thought I had better try it now as the challenges are coming to an end

I had so much fun playing with colours on this one.
I have my hubby and my daughters in the big hearts as they are my most loved. And then in the smaller hearts other things I love.
I wish I wouldn't have started this one so late, as I would have loved to do a lot more flowers
I bet next week the challenge will be to doodle, lol.

Can you tell I did this page first?
There are more flowers and detail on this one.
Then it was getting late, and needed to go to sleep, so the other page isn't as prettied up .

Onto My Day:
Had some business calls and worked most of the morning.
I sooo needed a nap.
Thought I woke up to the back door open and thought someone was in the house while I slept...funny thing is it was a dream. LOL

Wayne woke me up by ringing the door bell over and over again. He came into town to pick up parts and came home to see me and have lunch.
I sat with him as he ate and he said to me.....You really look really tired.
I was like in a state of that a word?
It took me an hour to really wake up :)

I made a few cards tonight.
Not nearly enough that I need to send out mind you.
I think I need about 30 cards and I have 13....I really don't think I can make17 tomorrow.
And I was making them assembly line style. Which I don't usually do.

Hope you all had a creative Thursday :)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Milk and Turtles now that sounds just about right

Today was a turtle day :)
Myra and I made 312 chocolate turtles.
Yes we could have just bought them, but honestly our turtles are so much better then the bought ones.
Plus we have been making these for about 17 yrs now.
Here is the post on how I make them from last year. Click here --- Turtles

Yes the milk is in a Coca-Cola glass.....told you I love my coke, lol.

Onto My Day:
Spent most of the day making these goodies and also some Pecan bark :)
Watched Survivor and working on my He-art Journal Challenge.
Now Hubby and I are watching The Lincoln Lawyer.

Hope you had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A beautiful Surprise and some Christmas cards

Well my day didn't go as planned....but then again it never does.
If you remember my plan, it was to have a Christmas Card making Marathon all day.
Sadly that didn't happen :(

But I did get a few cards completed :)
It takes me forever to make a card.
I had these images coloured already and used some pre-made card bases from Michael's from the cheapy bins.

I usually don't make cute cards for Christmas....but this one turned out cute (well at least I think so ).
I thought this paper was a fun one to use, especially since little reindeer here was stringing some lights :) This paper is probably at least 10 years old :0

Here is the inside of the card.
I got this idea to stamp the inside from Kim of Prairiepaperandink...another crafty Canadian girl :)
I embossed the sentiment.

Here is the inside of the second card.
I added sparkle to the lights and again embossed the sentiment.

Now this card was easy as I had this front done from last year, lol.
It may have been easy, but still not fast....what is wrong with me?
I embossed the angel in gold embossing powder.
Masked the moon off and inked the paper in blue.
I just had to add something, so I added the sparkle twine. I am loving this twine.

Look what I got in the mail today. It came in a huge box.
It didn't have a return address on the box, or a card inside it.
So after I admired this beautiful wreath, I checked the postage label.
It came from Whitehorse, Yukon.
I have a high school friend that lives there. I remember on Face book, we were going to do the hand made Pay It Forward that was going around on there. So I am thinking that is who made it.
I tried to contact her but haven't been able to yet.
Isn't it so pretty :)  So sparkly.

Onto My Day:
I received a few business calls this morning, so I worked all morning.
At lunch I picked up Kristy and her boyfriend Blake. I needed Kristy to help me with a gift for her daddy :)   Then I treated them for lunch.
Ashley came home for lunch. So as we chatted as I wrapped gifts.
I was in the swing of it, so I didn't stop until I was finished.
I didn't get to making cards until after supper.

Proud Tuesday:
Made a young girl happy with some goodies I sent her :)
Spending time with my daughters.
Completed wrapping the gifts that I have so far.
Made 3 cards, I guess I am proud of that ;)

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Tracy :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

He-Art Journal Challenge week 20, and a run for the border.

I forgot to post my Challenge pages for the Greeting Farms He-Art Challenge

WEEK 20 - I Have a Dream

Assignment: Create a spread or a page that is based on a dream, goals, wish, etc. Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!

I am really happy with how these pages turned out

I wanted to do something "pretty" as I have been doing a lot of projects in grungy or vintage and needed to do something different.
I used glimmer mists for the background paper.
I wanted them to look dreamy, and I think I accomplished that

 I had used some of my older stamps...some never even touched an ink pad before, tsk, tsk.

 I was thinking of doing one page about my nightmares and the second about my dreams.
But I thought everyone might be getting tired of my zombies, teehee.

Onto My Day:
My SIL, Sharon, Heather and I all went across the border. I had some packages to pick up...and...some to mail away. When we go over the border we always go for lunch :)
It was pretty nice out today and was able to kick the pumpkins free of our steps, teehee.

I also found out today that Marlene from Disgused as a GrownUp ( see yesterdays post on the card I made with her image) is retiring from the blogging world. I am so sad. I love Marlene! Her humour always puts a smile on my face....guess I will just have to stalk her by email ;)

I started wrapping Christmas gifts. Boy I got my daughters a lot of gifts ;)
I still need to work on my Christmas cards.
Tomorrow is going to be an all day Christmas Card Making Marathon :)  Wish me luck.

I sent my daughters out to grocery shop while I was wrapping gifts. I think they made wise choices....I haven't checked.
Come to think of it, I haven't got my change back...I am sure they didn't buy $200.00 worth of groceries, lol.

Hope you had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cutie Kid Christmas Card and teasing the girls....but whats new ;)

Here is card #4.
This image is Marlene's from Disguised as a Grownup.
I coloured the image with my Copics on Cryogen paper. It has a slight sparkle in the paper, so I thought it was fitting for a Christmas card :)

I know Marlene drew the image, but I kind of think of this one as mine ;)

The reason why is because Marlene was taking requests and I asked her to make one of her cutesy kids (she calls them her nerdy kids) into a Christmas theme.
So in all honesty she really did make it for me, teehee.

I used some puffy paint on the white parts of her hat. You can't really tell on these photos, but it really puffed up nicely :)

Onto My Day:
We put up our Christmas Tree today :)
I put it up and Kristy decorated it :)
Kristy was the only one who helped so when I hung up the stockings these are the ones I put out.
The huge one, that I could fit in, is Kristy's.
The next 2 are Wayne's and mine.
The last two, just big enough to fit a gift card, are Heather's and Ashley's. LOL
Oh ya and Rose's is on the corner ;)

Missing Walking Dead, but we are watching "Bag of Bones" tonight.
I read this book years ago, as I love Stephen King's writing. He has a way of sucking you into his stories and not putting them down until you are done :)

Hope you all had a great weekend, and were all able to create.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Snowman Soup Confusion

I thought I should clear up the "snowman soup" confusion.
It is not soup, but hot chocolate :)
So they could be considered one of the same...
They are both hot,
both taste delish
and both comforting ;)

This is how I put them together this year.
I give them to everyone who visits us during the holiday's :)
Plus I add them to the gifts I give.

Very easy to put together.
I put the powder of the hot chocolate mix in the disposable icing bag.
Then add some chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.
Tie it up with a ribbon and add a candy cane and the verse.

Here is how I put them together last Christmas

Onto My Day:
I didn't make one card today :(
I ended up doing a video on Becky's mini album that I made for my Appreciation Draw.
I will post it once she receives the mini album.
Chatted on the phone with a friend for a couple of hours :)
Reviewed my Christmas list :)
Put together the parcels I want to mail out on Monday.

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)