Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A couple more Christmas Cards :)

Here are a couple other Christmas Cards I made this year.
I was running out of time, so these are the assembly style cards.
Pretty quick to do.

I just backed the Bingo tag with card stock, then backed my pattern paper with card stock, added a sentiment and was good to go :)
Well actually it took a tad longer then that to make them :) 
I forgot to take a photo of the inside, but it is similar to the others.

 Another thing I forgot to do was take photos of my other cards....and now that they are mailed away its to late :(

Short post for me today as tonight Wayne and I are watching a couple of Christmas movies (just finished watching Christmas Vacation) and I am hoping to finish the tea light candle holder/Christmas cards for the ladies Ashley works for...as she is out enjoying a wonderful dinner with her boyfriend. Can you see something wrong with this picture ?
Oh here is the site where I got the measurements for the tea light holders.
I changed the measurements a bit on the ones I am doing.

Hope you had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh! Thanks for the link! I have it bookmarked now! I am reminded that I have these and have not used them and would like to make a few more cards yet....I have a couple more to post yet...I like Christmas Vacation!

  2. You are such a good mama finishing up Ashley's gifts. Sounds like around here.
    Liking your card very much.
    Enjoy watching movies with your hubby. I am watching TV with Cait, as Curtis is on the road working.

  3. Cute cards :)
    It's tradition to watch Christmas Vacation :)
    Have a lovely Christmas with your family. My kids and families are about to arrive tomorrow and I may not have much computer time for a few days. Thanks for coming to visit my blog :)

  4. Love the cards! Hey, we watched Christmas Vacation last night, too! Love that movie! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Another great card. I really love the bingo card on this one! It's very fun.

  6. Love these Bingo cards and what a great way to use them in your cards!!

  7. I love the bingo cards! I love Christmas Vacation, AJ and I must have watched it five times already! Its one of the few we agree on (that and Home Alone) because I am an "Its a Wonderful Life Girl" and he likes "A Christmas Story"...

    Ashley is very lucky to have such a nice mom :)

  8. I love the Christmas bingo cards, so fun! Christmas Vacation is a classic at our house, and watched every year!

  9. Good idea using the Bingo cards this way!

  10. Very entertaining subject, I will bookmark your website to check out if you publish more in the future. Thanks!


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